Hack Your Life - Step by Step Guide to Unleashing a New You
4.6 (53 ratings)
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1,941 students enrolled
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Hack Your Life - Step by Step Guide to Unleashing a New You

A world explorer's secrets to designing, financing and surviving a life of rewarding travel, languages and relationships
4.6 (53 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,941 students enrolled
Created by Samantha Alvarez
Last updated 12/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • Captain your own life by understanding key mindset principles for leading a supercharged life… and putting them into practice
  • Travel the world for free or nearly free using time-tested travel hacking strategies
  • Speak languages in months instead of years by taking advantage of one key precept
  • Accomplish high productivity and achieve goals over the short- and long-term
  • Survive and thrive encounters with social bullies
  • Reduce the effects of stress, anxiety and strong emotions by employing mindfulness techniques
  • Imagine and give life to your personal roadmap to success
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  • Dreams of where you want to go, what you want to do and who you want to be are helpful, but I will also help you develop these in the first few modules
  • No particular software, app, supplement or prior knowledge is assumed or required for this course.
  • No prior travel or language learning experience is assumed or required
  • You are not required to be interested in all areas of the course - you are completely free to hop around the sections to watch whatever speaks most to you in the order of your choice.

Feeling stuck in life, and not knowing what to do next sucks. Especially if you are successful by society’s standards, but feel unfulfilled and unhappy on the inside.

If you yearn to travel the world, learn new languages, meet new people and go on amazing adventures, you have to learn how to set personally meaningful goals, and go after them with a laser like focus.

You need to learn how to plan your travel, manage your finances, deal with stress and anxiety when you put yourself in unusual situations, and do all this without going insane.

This course is your guide to accomplishing these personally meaningful goals, and not worry about what other people think. It took me 5 years in the school of hard knocks to learn all these lessons. But you don’t have to go through the same. I hope this course will help unleash a new you the moment you start applying the lessons I teach within.

What are the requirements?

  • A strong desire to start living a life that is meaningful to you
  • Dreams of traveling the world, learning new languages, and meeting new people
  • Discipline to follow through on the personally meaningful goals you will set for yourself

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Clarity on the top 3 goals to focus on and how to prioritize them
  • Step by step roadmap on how to break down these goals into achievable chunks
  • Financial planning and travel hacking to make the most of your travel budget
  • Rapid language learning hacks and the best resources available for it
  • Mindfulness practices and self care tips to deal with the stress of this new energetic lifestyle

What is the target audience?

  • People who feel overwhelmed, overworked, and not living up to their full potential
  • Aspiring world travelers and digital nomads
  • People who want to learn new languages (and not just for work)
  • People who want to live life on their own terms and not conform to society’s expectations
Who is the target audience?
  • You SHOULD take this course if you want to:
  • realize great accomplishments but can’t find the time, energy or money
  • access the secret mindset of successful people, but also actionable strategies for how to get there
  • GO places, SEE sights, and DO things you’ve only dreamed of up until now
  • You SHOULD NOT take this course if you are:
  • satisfied with your life the way it is and do not desire any changes
  • not ready to take advantage of the opportunity to grow into your full potential
  • not willing to put in the work to apply the concepts to your life. I can give you the map, but I can’t make you walk the road.
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Curriculum For This Course
121 Lectures
3 Lectures 27:54

Welcome and introduction to the course as a whole

Preview 03:30

A brief discussion of the major points that will be discussed in each module of the course

Preview 10:14

A description of how I went from always-overwhelmed and stressed and not sure what I wanted to laser-focused and (usually) calm and working toward my greatest and highest good.

Preview 14:10
Knowing What You Want
24 Lectures 01:19:25

A short video introduction to the first module

Welcome to Knowing What You Want

Here is your chance to introduce yourself to other students in the course and let me know how I can best help you reach your dreams and goals.

Introduce Yourself!

Introduction to the module as well as what a personal roadmap is and why you need one.

Preview 01:07

Shows the "creating a personal roadmap" document and describes it in detail in a line-by-line fashion.

Preview 11:45

My personal roadmap for 2015 - I go through it line by line to show you what an actual roadmap looks like after creation, and how I use it.

Real-Life Example: Sam's 2015 Roadmap

Bonus: Sam 's 2016 Roadmap

Visualization exercise for what you want to get out of this course, what to do if you're not sure what you want, and an introduction to belly breathing

Figuring Out What You Want

This exercise is intended to be interactive - follow along with the prompts and practice the foundational mindfulness skill of belly breathing

Mindfulness Exercise: Belly Breathing

Figuring out what you love, and introduction to the muscle tension mindfulness exercise

Figuring Out What You Love

Follow along with the prompts to practice the foundational mindfulness skill of muscle tension awareness

Mindfulness Exercise: Muscle Tension

"What you Love" part 2, and an introduction to the "treasure hunt" mindfulness exercise

Finding Your Flow

Follow along with the prompts to help make each day more meaningful

Mindfulness Exercise: Treasure Hunt

The importance of leaving some time in your day as unstructured, and how to best make use of it to rest and rejuvenate, and an introduction to the mindful date night

Unstructured Time

A description of the mindful date night - it might not be quite what you're thinking of

Mindfulness Exercise: Date Night

How to deal with the times when you have to do things you don't love, and an introduction to saying "NO"

Doing Things You Don't Love

I had to practice saying "NO" in the mirror numerous times... this is an example of that.

How to Say "NO!!!"

An introduction to foundational mindfulness practice of thought deflection and how to go about it

Thought Deflection Explanation

Follow along with the prompts to practice the foundational mindfulness skill of thought deflection

Mindfulness Exercise: Thought Deflection

How to put the law of attraction to work for you and visualizing your ideal life

Visualize Your Ideal Life

How to manage your finances in such a way as to make you happy

Money Can Buy Happiness - Here's How

Follow along with the prompts to help determine what kinds of ways of spending money would make you happiest, and how to use that information

Mindfulness Exercise: Money Mindset

My actual 2014 budget explained in detail, as an example of how to keep a simple budget via spreadsheet

Real-Life Example: My Budget

The wrap-up lecture of this module, also has the Action Guide attached for download and use

Conclusion to Knowing What You Want
Knowing What You're Good For
10 Lectures 32:06

Short video welcome to the module

Welcome to Knowing What You're Good For

Introduction to the module and discussion of your uniqueness and how to capitalize on it

Preview 03:13

Introduction to the "voice of doom" that many of us carry around, telling us at length about all the things we can't possibly do/accomplish and how to shush that voice.

Preview 01:22

Follow along with the prompts to replace the "Voice of Doom" with a healthier response

Preview 04:17

Always do your best - and when you have done your best, don't judge yourself.

Always Do Your Best

Adapt everything around you and in your life so that it makes the most sense to you, including this course and the information it contains

Adapt Everything

How to set yourself up for success when starting new projects, as well as a discussion of your ideal "challenge zone" and how to use it effectively.

Starting New Projects

Always leave a little extra time/energy for the problems or issues that will inevitably come up

Bad Stuff Will Happen

Final lecture in this module, also includes the Action Guide as a download

Conclusion to Knowing What You're Good For

I hope you are enjoying the course thus far, learning a ton, applying it to your life and seeing amazing results!

Congratulations on Finishing the First 2 Modules!
Getting Stuff Done
13 Lectures 50:03

Short video welcome to this first "nitty gritty" module of the course

Welcome to Getting Stuff Done

General welcome to the module

Preview 01:04

A description and discussion of key elements of self-care, which underlies your ability to be productive

Stellar Self-Care

How to do the right things at the right times to be most productive throughout the day

Time Quality

A discussion of various time management concepts and tools, including the dry-erase board for to-do list, doing the big scary thing first, the pomodoro method, task batching, and a screenshare demonstrating how I manage time within gmail.

Time Management

Demonstration of exactly how and why I use a dry-erase board for my to-do list

Real-Life Example: Dry Erase Board To-Do List

Demonstration of how I use the pomodoro method to achieve high productivity

Real-Life Example: Pomodoro Method for Productivity

How to structure and unstructure your days/times to stay at peak efficiency and still feel human at the end of the day

Treat Yourself Every Day

How to use (and not use) social media and smart phones related to productivity

Smartphones & Social Media

I walk you through the 100% electronic method I use for personal organization, and also show you how I use google calendar

Preview 05:22

How to set yourself up for success when planning and executing big projects and achieving big goals

Big Projects & Goals

Key concepts for the long-term for avoiding burnout when practicing high productivity

Avoiding Burnout

Wrap-up lecture for the module, which includes the Action Guide for applying the concepts to your life to see results on your own terms

Conclusion to Getting Stuff Done
Stress & Anxiety Management
9 Lectures 21:01

Short video welcome to the module

Welcome to Stress & Anxiety Management

Introduction to the module and concepts

Preview 00:53

How to figure out your stress type, and how to use that knowledge to respond in the most healthy way possible to stressors

Preview 06:07

The importance of laughing at yourself in maintaining psychological health, and how to practice it effectively

Laughing At Yourself

Keeping yourself in the "yellow zone" with respect to your challenges, where you are learning but not feeling overwhelmed or bored

Loving (The Right) Challenge

How regular practice of gratitude, kindness and love can help you maintain your sanity and a more positive outlook on life

Gratitude, Kindness & Love

The importance of play and potential uses of unstructured time to keep yourself from getting too serious or down on yourself

Life is Short: Play More

Final lecture of this module, includes an Action Guide to allow you to apply the concepts to your life

Conclusion to Stress & Anxiety Management

A request for a favor now that you have made it almost halfway through the course and hopefully learned a ton of great material and applied it to your life

I Hope You Are Enjoying the Course and Learning A Ton!
Language Hacking
13 Lectures 52:11

Short welcome video to the module

Welcome to Language Hacking

A description of language hacking and my focus when learning languages (communication/conversation)

Preview 01:50

The benefits of learning languages, and how much of a difference passion can make in your learning curve

Why Learn A Language?

The one key concept to apply to learn languages in months instead of years

The 100 Mistake a Day Rule

An example of me early in my Chinese-learning, when I only knew two words/phrases, but used them constantly, all day long, to get better at the language and make interactions smoother

Using Your Two Words/Phrases

Despite all the sales pitches, there is no "best" program or method to learn a language. The real "best" way is whatever works for you, and it is much more important to get started than it is to pick the "right" method

The "Best" Way to Learn Any Language

I show various free resources that really can help you learn just about any language.

Real-Life Example: Free Language Learning Resources

The key to making progress is showing up every single day, even if it's only for a few minutes

Learn a Little Every Day

If you're bored when learning languages then you're doing something wrong. Boredom kills creativity and interest, and destroys your ability to learn.

How to Handle Boredom

One of the most powerful techniques for learning and memorizing vocabulary and other language concepts.

Preview 02:56

How I used the imaginative memory technique while studying Japanese Kanji (pictographs/logographs)

Preview 07:26

Language and culture are intertwined and are best learned in tandem to enrich your experience, make it more interesting and make it "stick" in your head.

Culture Hacking

The wrap-up lecture for this module contains the Action Guide to allow you to apply the material to your life and whatever language you are learning or planning to start learning.

Conclusion to Language Hacking
Emotion Hacking
12 Lectures 43:12

Short video intro to the module

Welcome to Emotion Hacking

Intro to the module as well as a discussion of the foundational emotion-hacking concept I call "Mind the Gap"

Preview 02:42

How to manage fear


How to manage anger (with real life examples)


How to contain your worry into a manageable amount/state


Work honestly with your sadness


Come to grips with your inner cynic, and send him/her on a vacation


How to manage guilt that you lay on yourself, as well as that other people lay on you


How to leverage gratitude and self-love

Gratitude & Self Love

Recognize and appreciate fleeting and lasting moments of hope & joy

Hope & Joy

Discussion of the importance of emotional health in your overall well-being

Overall Emotional Health & Well-Being

The final lecture in this module includes the Action Guide to allow you to apply the concepts to your life and reap the rewards

Conclusion to Emotion Hacking
Travel Hacking
14 Lectures 01:00:40

Brief video welcome to the module

Welcome to Travel Hacking

Description of travel hacking the perspectives it demands/provides/encourages

Preview 02:37

How to allow for and leverage flexibility in your travel plans to make sure you are experiencing what is most important to you and will bring you the most happiness

Flexibility & Fluidity

General recommendations for making the most of your travel, whether for 2 days or 2 years

On the Road: General How-To

Problems or concerns commonly experienced on the road, such as safety, homesickness and language barrier

On the Road: Problems

Money and budgeting for travel, a word on making money while on the road and the app I use to keep a travel budget.

On the Road: Money

Foundational travel hacking concepts for scoring free and cheap travel

Preview 03:51

How to leverage the win-win-win of loyalty programs to score free and cheap travel

Free Travel: Loyalty Programs

The exact spreadsheet I use to keep track of my points & miles program

Real Life Example: Keeping Track of Points & Miles

How to utilize travel credit cards to score free travel

Free Travel: Credit Cards

The exact spreadsheet I use to monitor my credit score to make sure I am not damaging my credit with too many credit card applications

Real-Life Example: Credit Score Tracking

The exact spreadsheet I use to monitor the various credit cards I have at any given time

Real-Life Example: Keeping Track of Credit Cards

This final lecture of the module includes the Action Guide to apply the travel hacking concepts to your life and start scoring some free travel

Conclusion to Travel Hacking

How to access my personal blog and email list to see how I use the concepts from this course to travel around the world, meet people and accomplish great things.

Want to Learn More About Sam's Adventures?
Social Skill Hacking
9 Lectures 33:46

Brief video welcome to the module

Welcome to Social Skill Hacking

Foundational Social Skill Hacking concept: we don't see things as they are... we see them as we are.

Preview 01:57

A step beyond active listening... to creative listening.

Creative Listening

The importance of giving and receiving support in different ways from different people at different times to create and take advantage of your social support network

Giving AND Receiving

Specific skills on how to handle social bullies, as well as introduction to social mindfulness

Dealing with Social Bullies

Surprisingly effective but simple self-protection visualization to help you manage social bullies instead of letting them manage you and your time/energy.

Mindfulness Exercise: Dealing with Social Bullies

How to allow your social network to ebb and flow so that everyone gets the support they need when they need it (yourself included!)

Social Ebb & Flow

Concepts and encouragement for making and maintaining new friendships

Making New Friends

Wrap-up lecture for this module includes the Action Guide to allow you to apply the concepts to your life and see results on your terms

Conclusion to Social Skill Hacking
Coping with Chaos
10 Lectures 32:46

Short video welcome to the module

Welcome to Coping with Chaos

Module introduction and foundational concept of calling things as they are.

Preview 03:53

Mindfulness application: being in the present.

Living in the Now

Discussion of what boundary rituals are and how to use them, preparation for boundary ritual exercise

Boundary Rituals

Follow the prompts to experience a healing boundary ritual

Mindfulness Exercise: Boundary Ritual

How to focus only on what absolutely must happen right this second, and successfully ignore everything else... until its turn in the spotlight of your attention and intention.

Developing Your Blinders

How to recognize when you are experiencing a high level of chaos, and healthy responses.

Recognizing & Responding to Chaos

How to avoid allowing everything building up to a "freak out" moment where you feel completely overwhelmed and like "I have no idea where this feeling came from!"

How to Not Freak Out

Changing your perspective to allow obstacles and challenges to be opportunities for growth (as long as they are in your yellow zone)


This final lecture of the module includes the last Action Guide, to allow you to apply the concepts to your life on your terms.

Conclusion to Coping with Chaos
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I have lived in 8 countries over the last 5 years, and learned to speak 6 different languages. I am able to sustain this nomadic lifestyle through my location independent positions - one as a sales expert for a medical recruitment company, Trialfacts, and the other as a clinical professor for nurse practitioner students at Walden University.

I left my well paying, but energy-draining job as a nurse practitioner in the US to live this nomadic lifestyle, because it makes me happy. I may no longer be a nurse, but I am still a helper at heart. That is why I have created these Udemy courses.

If you dream of exploring the world, learning new languages, and meeting new people, I invite you to join one of my courses and take the first step toward making your dreams come true.