Computer and Network Hacking Mastery: Practical Techniques

Exclusively on Udemy! Learn hacking! How to Get to Know Proven Hacking Techniques... Fast
28 reviews
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Computer and Network Hacking Mastery: Practical Techniques

Exclusively on Udemy! Learn hacking! How to Get to Know Proven Hacking Techniques... Fast
28 reviews


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Do you want to learn real-world hacking techniques but don’t know where to start? This is your chance. This course covers security loopholes and techniques to broaden your knowledge of security systems. Anyone who’s interested in hacking or security systems can benefit from this welcoming hacking community and in-depth course.

Learn To Implement Security Hacking Techniques from The Pros

  • Intercept Information in a Network with SSL Encryption
  • Find the Vulnerable Spots of a Website or an Application
  • Secure Your Passwords
  • Recognize a Remote Operating System Using Fingerprinting Methods

IT Security Experts Teach You How to be an Ethical Hacker
Certified hackers are given free reign when it comes to identifying and getting rid of security threats. They are encouraged by clients to use all known malicious hacking techniques, so that the computer or computer network in question can be best protected against criminal hacking attempts.

Content and Overview

In 11 hours of content, this course will cover the ins-and-outs of hacking. To get the most out of this course, you should be familiar with programming and scripting language.

Most videos are accompanied by documents, so you’ll walk away with a hacking textbook to accompany your studies. You’ll learn how to protect your network and system against major hacker threats:

  • Recover lost passwords and intercept information.
  • Obstruct encrypted data and attack SSL sessions as well as how to hide files using kernel modules.
  • How to handle overflow attacks and recognize remote attacks.
  • Identify application attacks, like string attacks and overwriting.
  • Build network security and exploiting the ICMP protocol.
  • Identify the operating system, netfilter and security systems.
  • Secure your own system with scanners, detection and patches.
  • Prepare for attacks on operating systems: Entering via back door stealth attacks, kernel-level errors, and shellcodes.

After taking this course, you will have the required information, training materials and professional practice environment to implement proven hacking techniques. You’ll possess the tools necessary to test the security and vulnerability of your own computer or computer system, and you will have the required information, training materials, community, and professional practice environment to implement proven hacking techniques.

If you are a beginner, don't worry. You will understand all the techniques during your training.

Ready to join us?

We heartily invite you to join our community. You are welcome here. We will teach you the proven hacking techniques and we will provide you with all the required information, training materials and professional practice environment.

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    • Over 46 lectures and 11 hours of content!
    • various ethical hacking techniques
    • IT security essentials
    • both *nix and MS Windows systems
    • every student interested in hacking
    • app / web developers
    • IT security professionals
    • hackers and hacker wannabes


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  • SECTION 1:
    Hacking School Training - Getting started
  • 1
    2 pages
  • 2
    Table of contents
    7 pages
  • 3
    Who are hackers? Introduction to Hacking School training
    8 pages
  • 4
    Legal information
    6 pages
  • SECTION 2:
    Training Operation System
  • 5
    Get the Hacking School Training Operating System
  • SECTION 3:
    Passwords recovering
  • 6
    Recovering lost passwords
    10 pages
  • SECTION 4:
    Interception of data and information
  • 7
    Interception of information
    13 pages
  • 8
    Interception of information - Training Video
  • 9
    Interception of encrypted data, attacks on SSL sessions
    6 pages
  • 10
    Interception of encrypted data, attacks on SSL sessions - Training Video
  • 11
    Hiding files using kernel modules
    22 pages
  • 12
    Hiding files using kernel modules - Training Video
  • SECTION 5:
    Overflow attacks
  • 13
    Buffer overflow attacks
    26 pages
  • 14
    Buffer overflow attacks - Training Video
  • 15
    Practical examples of remote attacks
    20 pages
  • 16
    Practical examples of remote attacks - Training Video
  • 17
    Heap overflow attacks
    14 pages
  • 18
    Heap overflow attacks - Training Video
  • SECTION 6:
    Attacks on applications
  • 19
    Format string attacks
    26 pages
  • 20
    Format string attacks - Training Video
  • 21
    Practical examples of format string attacks
    18 pages
  • 22
    Practical examples of format string attacks - Training Video
  • 23
    File stream pointer overwrite attacks
    22 pages
  • 24
    File stream pointer overwrite attacks - Training Video
  • SECTION 7:
    Network security & attacks
  • 25
    Exploiting the ICMP protocol
    30 pages
  • 26
    Exploiting the ICMP protocol - Training Video
  • 27
    Remote identification of the operating system
    20 pages
  • 28
    Remote identification of the operating system - Training Video
  • 29
    Netfilter and system security services
    22 pages
  • 30
    Netfilter and system security services - Training Video
  • SECTION 8:
    Secure your system & network
  • 31
    Securing the system step by step
    12 pages
  • 32
    Securing the system step by step - Training Video
  • 33
    Security scanners
    26 pages
  • 34
    Security scanners - Training Video
  • 35
    Improving security with patches
    30 pages
  • 36
    Improving security with patches - Training Video
  • 37
    Intrusion detection systems
    16 pages
  • 38
    Intrusion detection systems - Training Video
  • SECTION 9:
    Attacks on Operating Systems
  • 39
    Errors on the system kernel level
    26 pages
  • 40
    Errors on the system kernel level - Training Video
  • 41
    Entering the system by the backdoor
    8 pages
  • 42
    Entering the system by the backdoor - Training Video
  • 43
    Creating shellcodes in the Win32 environment
    34 pages
  • SECTION 10:
    Attacks on web applications and servers
  • 44
    Attacking a web server
    22 pages
  • 45
    Attacking a web server - Training Video
  • SECTION 11:
    Thank you for your attention
  • 46
    1 page


Hours of video content
Course Enrollments


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  • Michael
    Not the best value course in this subject

    I bought this course when it was on offer. Thankfully! Basically, the videos are not lectures but user sessions watching the presenter unpack and compile the modules using the code in the accompanying PDF documents. While the documentation runs to 400 pages, I think that almost $100 for a book on this subject is expensive. There are many other Udemy courses with better presentation (maybe with less documentation) but I found them more fulfilling than this course.

  • Lord Bubba
    Don't waste your time.

    Course is mostly text, with a few token videos (which are really poor quality). You can purchase decent books that are up to date, and more instructive than this course. Applied for a refund.

  • Richard Montalvo
    Just what I wanted!

    So I'm someone who has been interested in computer security and white hat hacking for a while. I believe this course is doing a very excellent job at feeding that desire to learn. There are three parts of the course: a hacker's handbook of sorts, a bunch of video tutorials, and then the Training OS. The Training OS seems to function well and, of course, looks just like the one in the videos. Of course, a few of the steps seem to be ones you can skip (i.e. apparently most of the programs used in the tutorials are pre-installed), and if you're running it on actual hardware you may need to change a few things (in my scenario so far, I had to change the default network interfaces for everything to wlan0 instead of eth0 due to the fact I was using wifi instead of ethernet) but other than that it's fine. :P The videos, as far as I've seen, are more on the "how to do it" side more than the "how it works" one - it'll show someone typing all of the commands and getting everything to happen. The handbook, in my opinion, is the star of this ensemble. It explains, in enough detail, a lot of potential vulnerabilities and how you too could easily exploit them. You'll probably start seeing things differently from the very beginning, as it opens your eyes to just how weak our stuff is. One wrong click could give a bad person access to your data, and sometimes it doesn't even require that. One mistake in programming a line of code could give an attacker access to high-security areas and places they shouldn't be in. It's honestly a bit scary, the things that are possible. But, the handbook helps create a good base, the videos help build upon that base with a visual walk-through, and the experience on the training OS solidify it with actual, first-hand experience in the world of (hopefully) white-hat hacking. Also, DO keep in mind that it's a very good idea to be someone who can be considered tech-savvy before trying this course out. It can involve some complex topics that, if you don't know much about computers and try, you'll probably find yourself scratching your head and wondering "what did it just say?" Anyways, so far I am a big fan of this course. I think, so far, it was definitely worth what I paid for it and perhaps then some. I haven't actually finished it yet, though, so when I finish it I'll try to update this review. But things are looking good so far, and I don't really see a way for that to change any :P

  • George Meehan

    This course sucked. The majority of the lessons were text and they would not display. Not worth the money I paid.

  • Karl Ben_Jedi
    Learn Practicle Hacking Techniques Hacking Hands On Course

    Looking to learn about Ethical Hacking and computers in general,look no further! Theory,examples,video's and hand on VM lab access!! Your can also build on the course with other modules from Certified Hacker exams all the way to a Professional IT Security Tester! Learn from home work or on the move! Rated 5***** on udemy