Hacking Dating, Attraction, and Badass Seduction Techniques
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Hacking Dating, Attraction, and Badass Seduction Techniques

Transform your dating life from average Joe, to complete badass almost overnight with these easy to follow principles.
4.1 (8 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
549 students enrolled
Created by Sheldon Hylton
Last updated 6/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • Understand what attraction really is, supported by many years of research from the best experts in the field.
  • Be able to create LOVE with any women and build lasting bonds with anyone.
  • Be given the ability to seduce women powerfully in interactions.
  • Be blessed with applicable techniques to be able to create desired outcomes from interactions.
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  • Have an open mind and be prepared to apply this info into your life until you begin to gain consistent results.

In this course, I am going to introduce you to several PROVEN steps to take your success with women to a new, un-dreamed of level… but first, let me ask you a few questions:

Are you frustrated with the results of your dating life?

Do you find it difficult attracting and keeping the hot girls you desire?

Are you interested in learning more about human attraction on a primal level?

Well lucky for you, you are not alone. There are many men looking for women seduction techniques that want to become truly badass with hot women. But, the issue is that there are very few resources that can provide attraction and seduction techniques that are easily applicable with practical life on the market.

Bottom line is… NOT knowing how to attract women effectively feels bad. It actually sucks. It leaves you feeling like you have no power in your life and it creates an underlying “distraction" that overwhelms everything else....

But on the other hand… KNOWING how to attract women feels GOOD. It feels good to not have to constantly buy her things to keep her interested, simply because we have been taught to do so for women over the years… and it feels good not have to lie to her in hopes that she'll like you in return….

By taking this course, you will be able to flirt with, attract, date, and hookup with any girl you want to. Yes, ANY girl. You will develop the skills of some of the best gurus in the industry that I have mastered over the years also with an edge of my own PROVEN results. I have successfully used these skills on thousands of women around the world with consistent results.

What Are The Requirements?

  • Be open minded to new ideas and techniques
  • Study and Implement the methods being Introduced
  • Take physical notes at least once to improve comprehension
What Am I Going To Get From This Course?
  • Over xx lectures and over xx hours of content!
  • A detailed breakdown of what attraction actually is
  • The truth about attracting anyone
  • Flirting secrets, the competition dosen't want you to know
  • How to become the guy that every girl wants
  • Methods that will eliminate approach anxiety PERMANENTLY
  • How to POWERFULLY connect with anyone, building lasting relationships
  • Learn tested methods of naturally Creating Love
  • Understanding Proper Methods of escalating
  • Gain perspective on attracting women by being yourself
  • Understanding confidence, its purpose, and how to obtain it naturally
  • A deep understanding of the psychology behind attraction(desire)
  • Cut your learning curve in half!
  • Guaranteed kiss close techniques
  • Stealthy methods of seducing women POWERFULLY
  • eye contact and body language tweaks for becoming attractive
  • How to "Blow Her Mind"
  • Plus much much more...
What Is The Target Audience?
  • Single men interested in a more dynamic and interesting dating life
  • Individuals who have been "out of the game" for a while
  • Men who are socially awkward and want to instantly change their results
  • People interested in becoming more interesting to everyone
  • Those interested in improving skills, making it easier to attract someone you like
Who is the target audience?
  • Take this course if you struggle with social dynamics with the opposite sex.
  • Take this course if you want to further improve your skill level to have a competitive edge over other guys.
  • Take this course if you want to better understand why we fall in love and develop strong feeling for others.
  • DO NOT take this course if you feel you already know everything there is to know about dating and interacting with women.
  • Do NOT take this course if you hope to harm anyone in any way using these techniques, PLEASE stay away from this course, its not for you.
  • DO NOT take this course if you don't believe in creating perfect relationships for both of your happiness.
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Curriculum For This Course
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Bio: Hey! My name is Sheldon and welcome to my course Hacking Dating, Attraction, and Badass Seduction Techniques. S a little bit about me, I am from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and I came across dating, because as a child, for whatever God given reason, I never really understood dating. All of my friends were able to pickup and attract women moderately, except for except for myself. In college, after being horribly rejected from some girl who I felt I really had love for, I made a commitment to myself to master this area of my life. I seeked out some of the best dating coaches in the industry until I started gaining consistent results. And one day, I used one of the techniques that I learned along my journey, almost unconsciously, on a girl at a local club and she literally ripped the buttons from my shirt out of admiration of actually finding a guy who "gets it". In the distance, one of my guy friends noticed and wondered how I was able to consistently get these results from women. I use to teach him a few tricks here and there for Chipotle burritos. And one day, he mentioned that he would pay for the information he learned if he had to, and then it came to me that I could make a little cash on the side aside from my business, teaching clients. I started doing one on one training's with Fraternity boys, all the way down to foreigners who spoke next to no English. I eventually was able to travel to places like Vegas, Kuwait, and all over Europe training clients. This is an amazing opportunity to be able to give back to you all because I understand that we all, naturally and instinctively desire love.This course is aimed towards anyone who would like to learn systems and techniques on dating and overall improve their skills. At the end of this course, students will have the ability to understand, attract, and seduce just about any girl. We will go in depth on attraction, the natural stages of an interaction, plus many other topics. Thank you for listening guys and I will see you in the next section.

© 2015 Sheldon Hylton. All rights reserved.

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What Is Attraction
7 Lectures 36:53

Hello.. Welcome future badass, welcome to my course. It is actually veterans day over here in the United States. So if you're a veteran or if you know any veterans, happy veterans day to them, we really do respect our military men. In this section, we are going to go over attraction. If you have any questions or concerns, please do feel free to leave them in the discussion below and I will get back to those as soon as possible. Also guys, I will be tagging on some bonuses to a lot of these lectures. So please, do check those out guys, it is very valuable materials. And lets hop into the content guys.

After years of study and research, I've come to the discovery that attraction is simply curiosity. Nothing more and nothing less. And in saying this guys, women want men to approach them and talk to them. The more makeup she is wearing and the hotter she appears, the more she wants to impress others.

Attraction is more often than not, created before words are even exchanged. Girls can judge attractiveness initially, based on posture, body language, eye contact, and value. More in depth on each of these later guys.

Attraction has 3 initial phases and those phases would be: Introduction, Demonstrating High Value, and Qualifying. Understanding these phases really well, will almost give you a superpower with attracting women.

Attraction is NOT sexual in any way or form. It is simply interest in another individual. And in saying this guys, that means that a guy could be attracted to another guy or a woman to another woman, but in that case it would just be considered a friendship.

Attraction is NOT a choice. It occurs naturally. But, you could learn to powerfully generate attraction so that is what I am going to teach you guys how to do in this section.

I would also like to add in that women won't touch guys unless they are attracted to them in some form. So keep this in mind guys.

© 2015 Sheldon Hylton. All rights reserved.

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Attraction is an involuntary response, that could happen between any two individuals. Quick and easy proven ways to understand the FACT that attraction is not a choice. Enjoy!

© 2015 Sheldon Hylton. All rights reserved.

Attraction Is NOT A Choice + Downloadable Content

Alright guys, in this lesson, I am going to give you more depth on the stages of attraction. So, lets get started. Here are the stages below:

Introduction- Most guys think that the first stage is the approach, but the reality is that the first stage is essentially when you become a blip on the radar for the woman. Generally happens, before the interaction even begins. Usually occurs due to word of mouth from a peer, from family, familiarity, facebook, or any other from of social interaction.

Demonstrating High Value- This is the stage where the spark is lit and intensified. This is most often accomplished through light playful banter. Most men make the mistake by skipping this stage which prevents the attraction from building, which could risk you falling in the friend zone.

Qualifying- One of the most crucial stages of attraction, skip this and you run the risk of flaking. Once you begin to understand and use this stage to your advantage. You will have a weapon in your back pocket, allowing you t become almost like a drug to women. Later on I will teach you some techniques on how to be able to keep woman after you spike their attention to this level. Through qualifying in itself, you will be able to gain levels of interest from girls that you probably only dream of.The probability of dates, returned texts, and calls dramatically increase using this to your advantage.

Now, lets go more in depth on the stages:


-Not much to be said on this stage, but first impressions DO COUNT. So whenever you are initially presenting yourself in public, you would always want to, of course, make the best impression on everyone, because every single person in the room is judging you, based on your confidence and dominance. This all happens subconsciously, everyone scans the room and their brain puts you in a category. You're either a dominant male or a submissive male. Even if you're a submissive male, its okay, because you can become a dominant male if you choose to do so.

-Although the impressions can be changed, there might be some resistance from the people around you that are trying to categorize you in a previous category still. In a way, it could seem that they are trying to stop your grown, but it is not deliberately so try not to hold it against them. When you are trying to actually grow and become a more powerful and confident person, when you start to change your body language, the people that have been around you for a while which could be old friends, parents, or even family. They will start to see that you changed and they WILL probably call it out. But your job as a man is to hold your ground, and as long as you remain grounded, then you will be able to create a strong belief within yourself which is powerful. This is where a lot of power is gained (more on beliefs in another lecture). "Once you believe, then you become".

-The introduction stage could work to your favor, if you utalize body language, dominance, and eye contact to your favor. Basically, you want to adopt all the qualities of an attractive male, to become an attractive male in the near future.

Demonstrating High Value

-During this stage, you are given the opportunity to really show that you are a valuable guy. This quality makes others want to be around you.

-Banter is the best, most effective way to demonstrate that you are a valuable guy. Banter is simply, content free conversation, that initially sets her up for the interaction.

-Generally, quick funny lines that evokes a laugh, learned from either movie references or the people around you. Basically, banter lines can be learned from almost anywhere. Im sure that you have a few banter lines that you already know, that you could use to your advantage, but in the bonus section, I will leave you guys a list of my hand picked most entertaining banter lines that work phenomenally in interactions. Check them out, they are seriously great. You're welcome :). If you guys need another lecture or more lines then I will take requests, with enough requests, I won't mind adding more content.

-If you banter, while turning your lower body away slightly, with your feet facing a diagonal angle from the girl, then it shows that you don't need the interaction. Which in turn creates some attraction inside of her (**Check out body language section for demonstrations**). Using banter and this type of negative body language together, is one of the most powerful techniques during the demonstrating high value stage. When you slightly turn your body away from someone in an interaction, it shows that your attention is not completely on them at that moment. And in an interaction with a women, she will naturally start to desire your attention (especially if she is hot!), which is attraction. Chemicals will go off in her brain and she will begin to appreciate the attention that you choose to give her more. I would NO DOUBT consider using this for your approach, because this alone will be a game changer for you (**check out body language section before you try this out**). This alone has helped thousands of people. I've heard success stories, helped clients, and this right here is priceless.


-This stage lets her chase you. As she begins to chase your attention, she will convince herself that she gradually becoming more and more attracted to you.

-This stage is like a drug to women. Buy understanding how to naturally qualify her to you, you will be able to gain her investment in all future interactions. This process only needs to be done once, then its effects are continuous and automated.

-Try not to qualify yourself, because then you run the risk of coming off as needy. Selling yourself to women is a very ineffective technique that will scare them off 9 out of 10 times. Neediness is counterproductive to your end result on gaining her attention. Your goal is to get her to qualify herself to you. This is one of the vital keys to becoming the boss, I secretly know you are with women.

-Women WANT you to like them, always accept her qualities that she shares with you through qualifying herself. It will make her feel appreciated and as if she has gained your trust. She will begin to really like you a lot. *Please do not use any of these techniques to harm women in any way, respect all the women that you encounter because they really will be opening themselves up to you far more and it is only fair to them*

How To Qualify Correctly

There are a few methods of qualifying, check these techniques out:

-Questions Qualifiers- This technique involves asking an open ended question about her, then accepting her for whatever positive qualities she provides you as feedback.

Here are a few examples:

"If you had to name your three most positive dominant qualities what would you say that they are?"

"What is the most exciting adventurous thing you have ever done?"

"What is one thing you could see yourself doing for the rest of your life, if you had to?"

"If you could change one bad thing in the world, what would you choose to do? Why would you choose to do it?"

The purpose of this qualifier is to ask any open ended question, that will extract some type of data from her about herself, that she might find valuable and accept it. If you reject or even joke about her qualifier response, then she may feel rejected, almost as if you don't appreciate her. She will most likely either ruin the interaction in its entirety or never answer your text messages again and you will probably be wondering why after that seemingly perfect interaction.

-Self Fulfilling Qualifier- This technique is also fairly simple. In this qualifier, you could qualify her for any quality, whether she demonstrated it to you or not, and if she agrees on this quality, then she will start to show this quality around you more.

This is a very brilliant way of qualifying, because if you want her to have a quality that she has not shown outwardly yet, then this could elicit that side of her personality out of her, which is simply, badass.

Here are a few examples:

"You know, I really like that you are _______. I don't know why im receiving this feeling from you, but this is what I'm getting. Thank you for being so ________ around me."

Any quality could be filled into the blank, here are a few: Open, Adventurous, Flirty, Sexual, Caring, etc.

She simply has to nod to this statement, and if she does, then she is basically accepting the fact that she does indeed have that quality, she will begin to subconsciously demonstrate hints towards this quality while around you, even if she dosen't do so around anyone else. This is a neat quality to have under your tool belt while trying to attract women into your life.

-Most times, if enough attraction is built quickly, then she will naturally qualify herself to you. This is essentially her making the sale! This qualifier would come up in conversation as something impressive about her, just accept whatever quality she throws at you and move on. Basically, if you're speaking to her and she says "So by the way, you do know that I graduated from Florida State University, right?" She is essentially trying to tell you that she is smart, don't treat her like she is stupid. Just accept her and move on to the next stage, rapport. But first, lets go over a few things to give you guys a better understanding on attraction.

© 2015 Sheldon Hylton. All rights reserved.

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I get this question a lot "What Are Women Naturally Attracted To". This is a very interesting question. I have realized in all of my studies that there are a select few qualities, that if you have them, then your skills with women get exponentially better. I would strongly suggest you really put the effort into developing each of these traits, so here they are for you guys:

1. Confidence- Confidence is certainty. The more sure of yourself and self worth that you develop, the higher your confidence level will become an end result. Ultimately, I believe that if you know what you want from an interaction, then you could approach and respond to the situation and obstacles as they come forthe from a position of power. If you believe that you are important, then you will become a more confident person (**check out the next lecture on beliefs**). The more confidence you can demonstrate in the interaction, then the more strategic of a position you will be attracting her from.

2. Leadership- Women are naturally followers, "from the rib of a man, women were created" according to the bible. Nothing against women leading in today's society, but they are naturally followers. Women want to be led, especially in a relationship, they don't want to have to babysit or make all of the decisions for the relationship. Most women respect a man who could confidently guide her, while at the same time NOT being domineering. It is important for women to see the leadership quality in a guy, especially one who she is attracted to. Guys are responsible for escalating the interaction. Majority of the time, girls don't approach and pick up a guy.

3.Humor- Not a must have quality, but if you incorporate this into your game, you will phenominal results. BUT I do know plenty of guys, who pickup women very effectively without utilizing this skill. But in my opinion, honestly, who doesn't like humor.

4. Dominance- Posture plays a major role in the dominance that you present outwardly. Alpha body language takes up space and is very relaxed, check out the demonstrations for an example. Acting dominant until you develop the body language tweak naturally will make you more confident, which will gain you more positive first impressions from women, but don't channel this newfound confidence into arrogance, there is a major difference. Dominance is really important if you want to be perceived as an Alpha male (Beta males are fine too), and attract women playing the female gender role. We will go more on gender roles in the bonus section but women playing the female gender role are usually more feminine and submissive in interactions with guys they are attracted to.

5. GIVING VALUE- This here is the most attractive quality a guy could learn. This is a crucial quality to adopt because it stands higher than appearance, money, or even background. Think about it, why do you thing people attend concerts? If you just look around, everywhere you will see people screaming and going hysterical. Why? Because they are receiving value from the concert. This is why celebrities are so widely popular amongst the public, because they give so much value to everyone. And this is the exact reason why Celebs could pretty much attract any women, it is because they give so much value to society. But lucky for us both, you don't have to be a celebrity in order to attract beautiful women. You can learn to banter and still have phenomenal results. I have been using this technique ever since I learned it and now my social life is amazing and interesting, my love life is perfect, I have a partner that we both mutually respect greatly, and I have been able to make some excellent connections with people of great influence. If you learn this skill, and really understand and master banter your life will change, you will be able to attract almost anybody. Learning this quality will change your life almost instantly. Check out my banter cheat sheet in the bonuses! Thank you all, keep being great.

© 2015 Sheldon Hylton. All rights reserved.

Natural Attraction Triggers

You will learn how to powerfully change your beliefs and create the results you desire out of your own life. Read everything, it is great knowledge!

© 2015 Sheldon Hylton. All rights reserved.

How To Evolve Into A Badass + Downloadable Content

Alright fellas, so if you have any hopes and dreams on attracting women, you will run into tests. This is a very natural thing. All women test men as a protective mechanism.

-Women naturally have filter mechanisms, while guys typically have approach mechanisms. Women must be able to filter out the bad eggs so she could mate with her best option.

-So essentially you will always receive tests once she realizes she is developing attraction for you, this is her way of being able to have quality relationships in her life. Tests effectively protect her from getting into another bad relationship.

-Tests could come in the form of a challenge, callot for something random, her acting disinterested, her asking for a favor that she could easily complete on her own with little effort, or any other form of neg that doesn't necessarily flow with the conversation naturally. Tests were created in order to see if you will loose your head, if she acts or shows emotion. If a woman is talking to you and she suddenly flips faces and begins to almost insult you in a way, then it is not that she is mean, but this simply be a test so she could analyze your reaction, which tells her a lot. Micro Expressions on the face, although very small, can be used to observe someone's core beliefs, especially in a situation while being challenged.

-To pass a test, it is important that as a man, you are non-reactive and non-needy. Then she will feel far more comfortable trusting you emotionally. Tests NEVER go away, but they dramatically decrease after you date her or hookup with her. The key to passing tests are to recognize them.

There are two types of tests:

Congruence Tests- These tests are generally used to show if you really think you are attractive. these tests generally are presented in conversation in the form of rude comments directed towards you or even a slick comment about a physical feature on you or something you do. Her goal here is to seek a reaction, if you react with any emotion other than groundedness, then you run the risk of failing these tests. Grounded humor is one way of conquering these tests easily.

-Be Congruent with Who You Are. If she says something mean about your hairstyle, you have to demonstrate confidence within yourself, that what she says doesn't indeed affect you in any way or form and you will pass.

Compliance Tests- These type of tests are when she asks you to complete and type of challenge or task that she could just as easily complete herself, merely to see if you will do anything for her simply because you like her. She may ask you to go get her something from across the room, watch her stuff, or any variation of compliance. If you comply, then you could run the risk of failing these tests. But in saying this, if there is a logical reason for why she is asking you to do something, then it is most likely NOT a test. For example, if she asks for you to watch her purse while she goes to the bathroom because she is on her period, this would be a situation where you should help her out willingly in order to prevent her purse from getting stolen.

-Trading Compliance is an excellent way of complying while also giving her an opportunity to comply to you as well, which would nullify the test, hence you passed. Here are a few examples of trading compliance:

*She asks you to buy her a drink* "Sure, I'll buy you a drink, but you have to beat me in ________(insert any random game), but if I win, then you have to buy the first round of drinks".

*She tells you to hold her phone* "Sure, I will hold your phone, but I will be over there. You have to come find me whenever you are done with ________ (whatever task she is doing)."

-She will gladly accept the challenge or request, but keep in mind that its not a matter of whether you win or lose, but the power comes by stating your own terms on top of her request. Its similar to bartering in a way.

© 2015 Sheldon Hylton. All rights reserved.

Congruence and Compliance Tests

The common trait of every valuable man!

Today, we are going to learn a little bit more about pre- selection.

-Basically preselections core all falls down to non neediness.

- By acting non needy, it shows that other women are attracted to you so you are not outcome dependent on this reaction. She will naturally become more attracted to you and respect the interaction far more.

-Pre-selection will be determined by her due to good body posture before the approach, dominance overall, eye contact, and confidence.

-We all know and understand, that women want what other women want, making this the key to becoming the badass, we both know you will become.

-If you are not naturally attracting initial attention in your interactions, then you probably are not pre-selected. But lucky for you, you can actually fake it till you make it and soon you will become preselected and not have to consciously focus on appearing that way outwardly.

-Fun Fact- Your life experiences reflect on your body language. Whether you have slept with a bunch of women, been through a lot of experiences (confidence), or are going through a lot of stress. This all becomes outwardly apperant to everyone you encounter on your body language. Of all things people will trust your body language over what you are saying ANYDAY.

© 2015 Sheldon Hylton. All rights reserved.

Pre- Selection

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Importance Of Body Language
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Body Language

Demonstration #1- Dominant Body Language

Demonstration #2- Positive and Negative Body Language
Creating Love And Appreciation
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Creating The Drug Connection
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The System Overview

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Understanding The Roles of Both Parties In A Relationship

Gender Roles

Banter Cheat Sheet + Downloadable Content

How To Keep Conversations Going
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