Bad Habits Hacks for Success and Great Habits that Stick
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Bad Habits Hacks for Success and Great Habits that Stick

Practical ways to annihilating any bad habit or implementing any great habit and making them stick
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Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
7 students enrolled
Last updated 3/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • Learn the exact cycle of habit creation so they can change the habits that they live by
  • Successfully replace a bad habit with a good habit
  • Master the most effective habit-building and life-changing strategy the world has ever seen
  • Cut out the bad habits that cost hours in the day for no reason
  • Proven Scientifically methods to changing any bad habit
  • Successfully instal any good habit and make it STICK!
  • Awareness of how important habits really are in our lives and success
  • Annihilate the common myths and trouble shooting points we all face when we want to change our lives
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  • Something to write on and to write with: electronic or old school (notebook, journal, pen, pencil, phone notes...)
  • An open mind for learning
  • Desire for actual change
  • Most important huge amounts of ACTION

This course is a complete practical and actionable blueprint to changing any bad habit or implementing any great habit. You'll be learning and using scientific proven methods to make the changes, and most important make them STICK!

Master your Bad Habits Instead of them Mastering you, and Build Great Habits that will be your Success Cathedrals Foundations.

  • Learn the Essential Theory behind habits
  • Annihilate any limiting belief
  • Using Awareness to drastically analyze and understand your bad habit
  • Destroy any bad habit and changing it with a greater habit
  • Much More!

Just in case your wondering and have this question: why are habits so important?

Well this could be answered with a great quote:" We are what we repeatedly do, excellence,then is not an act but a habit" -Aristotle. Habits seem to be the foundation for everything. You see success has always been in the grasp of the minority ever since ancient times, its something that all people want, but not all get. In this course I want to share with you the core foundation to success which is... Obviously the daily behaviors you do everyday i.e. your habits. Think about a goal or a dream as a Ferrari, we all want one, but if that Ferrari did not have wheels well i think it would be pointless to want it. The goal is the Ferrari and the habits are the wheels. They are what make the Ferrari run in the first place.

Why are habits so important? They are the daily things and foundations, meaning that without a solid foundation a skyscraper falls, a cathedral never holds and probably the 7 wonders of the world wouldn't be standing right now. Success isn't about the big things once in a while rather the small consisten things you do that determine to make you or brake you in this chosen path. You can chose success and engineer the path to it by just strategically using great habits to your favor and annihilating does bad ones that hinder you.

We all have are bad habits but as the great peter Druker would say in Managing Oneself: "you must remedy your bad habits"

Know that you know and have decided to change your life I would like to invite you to embark on this journey with us together. Go ahead and enroll, we are very excited to seeing you on the other side!

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is suited for anyone who wants to form healthy habits and bring about positive changes into their life
  • It's not for you if you're just looking quick fix to solve everything. It's going to take a little hard work and perseverance, but it's all worth it in the end!
  • People interested in self-improvement and/or habit change
  • Life coaches looking for a winning change strategy for their clients
  • People who want to improve and get better results i their lives
  • It's not for people who will not put into action what is taught
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Curriculum For This Course
46 Lectures
A Clear Path: Introduction and the BIG WHY
6 Lectures 13:13

Bienvenidos! Welcome! To Habit Mastery: Actionable Ways to Change any Bad Habit. I'm really excited to have you on board with all of us on our journey for lasting change.

Preview 04:26

Welcome! I'm really exited to have you here!


Becoming aware of anything is always the first step for change.

The Awareness

Why are habits so important? Remember more than 40% of our daily behaviors are do to habits...

Why are Habits Important?

"Man's nature is alike, it is there habit's that separate them". I haven't you ever wondered why some people are successful in life and why others aren't? Its not because luck separetes them rather something more tangible and practical, their daily behaviors.

Habits are what Differentiate us from One another

They say that knowledge is power, but is it really? I believe and many of the high achievers I've learned this from that knowledge is potential power. Now knowledge mixed with ACTION is power. In this lecture we'll cover some reasons of why this program is right for you.

Why you must pass through this program?
II: What You will need to know before we start
9 Lectures 19:35

Welcome to Section two! In this lecture we'll go over the most basic concepts of habit formation.

What is a Habit?

Can you really get rid of a bad habit?

How do you get rid of a bad habit?

In this lecture, we'll be covering the cycle every habit passes by, in its formation stages and once its become a habit.

Preview 03:14

In this lecture we'll be covering the simple tecnique to replacing any bad habit.

How to replace a bad habit with a good one?

In this lecture we'll be covering one of the most limiting beliefs and myths that prevents most of us to change and make any real progress in our lives.

Preview 01:23

Will Power? Really that is your strategy? After this lecture you will understand why will power is not a practical strategy to changing/implementing any habit.

Myth#2 Is Will Power really always on Will Call?

How long does it take? Well that's exactly what we are going to be answering in this lecture so stay tune!

How Long does it take to replace/form a habit?

I challenge you to not stay at level two and raise above to level three!

One Final thing before we begin

RECAP! In this lecture we'll go back to the main concepts we covered earlier.

III: Step One: Becoming Aware and Conscious of the Bad Habit
2 Lectures 06:54

In this lecture we'll be covering the types of bad habits. Also be sure to download the pdf and try to categorize some by what we learned here.

Identifying The bad types of habits

What are your bad habits? In this lecture we will be answering that specifically and be sure to take action on the exercise!

Exercise: What are your Bad habits
IV: Step two: Analyzing and Uncovering every single detail of the Bad Habit
5 Lectures 07:06

Before we ever make a change in our lives its very important that we firts get clear on why we want it in the first place, that way when we start it actually sticks.

Your Big Why To Change

In this exercise you guys will be answering a few questions to help you clarify your reasons for change in the first place.

Exercise: BIG WHY

In this lecture we are going to be collecting intell about our enemies whereabouts to use it againts him when we begin the conquering process.

Tracking the Bad Habit

In this exercise you gives will have the step by step process to tracking the bad habit, all you guys have to do is take action!

Preview 00:49

Have a quick look, it just takes a couple of seconds too...

Have a quick look
V: Step Three: Hacking the Habit and Figuring Out the New Code
2 Lectures 03:45

Like any web developer we are going to be replacing the old piece of code we had installed within us (bad habit) and update it with a newer and much better code (the new great habit). Pay attention and be sure to do the exercise.

Preview 03:13

Don't you love taking action? Yes, perfect that's exactly what you will be doing on this assigment.

VI: What You'll need to know before actually taking Action
4 Lectures 10:34

These three musketeers are very important to understand and act on before we start the change.

R D B: Responsibility, Decision, and Beliving

The key to any change and any dream practically, every great person in the face of the earth has had to have that in order to be great.

Persistence and Consistency

Many people get overwhemed when it comes to big things because they forget about the power of chuks and simplicity.

Start Small and Keep it simple

Finally last notes, after this we may begin the good stuff. Also be sure to download the supplemental material too.

Other Notes
VII: Step Four: Creating a Winning Plan and sticking with the new behavior
14 Lectures 34:09

In this lecture you guys will be creating your on timelien to tracking your progress for a new changed life!

Awareness: Timeline

We all like to think that we will never fall, but that wouldn't be a realistic plan, therefore the firts thing we do is plan ahaed of time in order to beat it or get back on track fast when we fall.

Awareness: Plan for Failure

"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail" -Benjamin Franklin. Wise and true words from our friend in the hundred dollar bill. This exercise is to plan for the inevitable.

Exercise: Plan for Failure

Its one of the most powerful influence triggers there is: environment. If we channel it and make it wok for us unbelievable changes can happen in a very short period of time

Awareness: Shaping the Path Environment

What will you do to shape your own path to success? This actiuon step is specifically for answering this question.

Exercise: Shaping the Path

Hers we are going to be learning how social pressure can help us achieving any resolution or goal we set for ourselves.

CBT: Accountibility

We all love rewards right? Guess what, so does our brain, therefore lets levarege that and use it for conquering our enemy.

CBT: Reward

Bad dog! Wheneevr we do a bad behavior lets punish ourselves with some negative re-enforcement.

CBT: Negative Re-enforcement

In this lecture we will learn what is a implementation attention and how to create your very own.

Hypnosis: Implementation Attention

In this lecture we'll learn how to use affirmations to help us replace the bad habit with the good habit.

Hypnosis: Affirmations

In this lecture we'll be going to do a very powerful and simple technique called future projection which will help drastically to change the image and feelings of the bad habit in you.

Preview 11:25

Language! What a powerful, and even more powerful when we use it for changing our lives. This assigment is on using the word BUT to kill negative self talk.

NLP: The word-BUT-

In this lecture we'll use a very simple tool, yet effective for weighing down the bad habit.

NLP: Pros and Cons

BELIEVE! They say that faith moves mountains and I truly believe that 100%. Therefore in this action step we are going to get you conjure up your own faith to move that bad habit mountain.

NLP: Believe
VIII: What If...
1 Lecture 03:48

We all have these doubts and questions, and really that's just your mind playing tricks on you because it does not want you to change and make real progress. In this lecture I'll give you some food for thought in order to keep going and persist.

What if...
IX: Action
1 Lecture 01:41

CONGRATULATIONS!! You guys made it, but there is still once last thing I want to leave you guys with...

Take Action and the Challenge
X: Summary and Gratitude for taking this course
1 Lecture 02:48


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About the Instructor
Hector I. Mercado Colon
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7 Students
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Personal Development and Success Student since 17

Hector Mercado, better known as Ivan is a life long student of personal development since the age of 17. Over the last two years he's dedicated full on learning the science of success and achievement for seven days a week. " If you wish to be successful, just do what successful people do" is one of his favorite sayings. Working on hard labor jobs since the age of 10 have made him obsess with the thought of progress and freedom for himself, his family, and every person he comes in contact with.

Been bored of the traditional formal education he dropped out of college in his first three weeks and took on the auto didactic and entrepreneur rode. Ever since then its been a enormous compounded growth that has taken place and that will continue to do so more and more as time passes by.

He's mission in life is taken from one of his favorite songs called "the nights" by avicii, which is basically this: "Live a life you will remember", but it just doesn't stop there he also wants to take as many people as he can to do the same with their lives. One of his favorite quotes comes from Seneca who says: "Many people pass through life, but only a few actually live it". These have been big influences in his life to have made the decision of actually living life to the fullest and not letting it pass by like many people do, unfortunately.

Moreover he's influences currently have all been virtually, but their lessons and wisdom have formed a deep part of him and continue to do so. People like Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, Tai Lopez, Harvey Mackay, Jason Capital, Steffan Plyonaries, Brian Tracy... and a lot more. Also he loves to read the emminant dead, and the greatest thinkers of our time like, Emerson, Marcus Aurelius, Gandhi... and more.

Just in case you think of him to be a little young just remember that Alexander the Great started conquering the world at age 18, and we all know what he did. Also biological age just measures who long you've been out of your mothers womb, not your intellect nor wisdom.