Habit Alchemy: How I Use TASC for Business, Dating, Fitness
4.3 (37 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
2,133 students enrolled
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Habit Alchemy: How I Use TASC for Business, Dating, Fitness

The A to Z blueprint to building powerful habits for business, relationships & health and breaking negative habits.
4.3 (37 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
2,133 students enrolled
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What Will I Learn?
  • The ability to build or break any habit of your choice without needing motivation, hard work or even lots of time.
  • How to attain instant focus by exploiting your brain and using the 20 habit building biases.
  • How to activate all 20 habit building biases to make any habit stick for a lifetime.
  • How to create habits such as consistent Udemy & Software Product Launches that build 6-figure and 7-figure businesses
  • How to improve your dating & create passionate relationships leveraging the power of habits.
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  • Nothing - This course will teach you everything that you will need to know to build or break any habit.

Building multiple 6-figure & 7-figure businesses, having passionate relationships & living with peak energy levels is impossible with "normal habit building."

Over the past few years we've been fortunate to do all of the above by engineering our habit formation with secret techniques based on real science combined with real world experiences.

Welcome to Habit Alchemy where we'll show you how to use the power of habits and the little known but extremely powerful TASC Method to live at levels of peak performance.

Why should you take this course?

"Loved this course. This is a science-based approach to building winning habits to drive you to success. Easy steps to get you on the right path. Definitely worth investing in." - Billy Williams (student)

Studies have shown that you're 8 out of 10 times more likely to stick to your old habits than new ones. It's crushing to fail a habit such as shedding some pounds but we're going to show you a breakthrough process that builds habits without requiring 100% motivation, gruelling hard-work OR even lots of time.

The secret is to work with your brain's psychology and to activate the 20 "Habit Building Biases" which will break bad habits such as procrastination and overeating and build positive ones like consistently publishing online products to escape the 9 to 5 and build a 6-figure online business.

"I love courses that help you think about the human nature and patterns of behaviour in a fresh manner. This course will have you reflecting deeply into habits you have and habits you want to lock in. It also has plenty of actions you can take to reach those goals. Great actionable information, thanks!" - Alex Rodriguez (student)

Guarantee: By the end of this course you will be able to build or break any habit of your choice and lay the foundation to build a 6-figure business, have a vibrant relationship & healthy lifestyle.

"I enroled in this course to improve my productivity at all levels. The insights that I got are pretty useful so far! I particularly enjoyed the 5 first habits that give you a rock solid foundation to create a succesful starting point in any field of your life! Thank you guys!" - Elena Seranova (student)

In this course you will learn the Secret Habit-Building "TASC Method" including:

-The 7 simple steps to build or break any habit

-How to get instant focus by exploiting your brain

-The Super TASC Method which will allow you to build up to 10 habits simultaneously

-Real World Case Studies of how habits were used to build 6-figure & 7-figure relationships, improve dating, create vibrant relationships & perform at peak energy levels

Yes, all of this is possible if you activate the power of the TASC Method because it is the only habit building method out there that activates all 20 of the "Habit Building Biases".

We believe in immediate application so you will build your own habits as you go through this course. This course has been specifically designed to help you build powerful habits and break negative habits.

"Great course on how to build good habits that will have a positive impact to help you reach your goals. I really like the action steps and resource provided to help achieve your desired goal and build a solid foundation for success" - Jerry Raphael (student)

In addition, you will receive 3 bonuses:

-Bonus #1: The Habit Activation Quick Start, which will allow you to immediately activate 5 of the "Habit Building Biases" so that you can quickly get started with your habit

-Bonus #2: Our "Fill-in-the-Blank" TASC Method Template, which will give you a step-by-step blueprint on how to build your habits in 7 quick steps

-Bonus #3: Our exclusive VIP resource list containing all the important resources that we personally use to build habits even faster

"Benjamin is a dynamo. He is so inspirational and is a true leader and motivator. I have been practicing and teaching personal development since 1986 and this was one of the best courses I have taken, and I have seen and heard quite a bit. The content has great flow, and is easy to follow and implement. The action steps were/are thought provoking and empowered me to define a plan for a few projects I am working on. I highly recommend this course if you are looking to achieve success in any area of your life and or career." - Tom Perkins (student)

The Better Than Money Back Guarantee

Of course there is a money back guarantee and we are so confident in the TASC Method that if you are not able to build a habit after implementing everything in this course then we will personally give you double your money back out of our own pockets. It is our mission in life to help people grow and develop themselves and we know without a shadow of doubt that the TASC Method will work for you.

"I went in this course quite skeptical as I have read many books and taken many courses on building habits but they have all been lackluster. But I thought about giving this course a try and wow. These habit building biases have completely change my life. It is the first time that everything made sense." - Chole Adams (student)

**Special Udemy Bonus - 15 Minute Strategic TASC Method Consultation (Limit 50)**

For the first 50 people that fully complete this course we will gift them a 15 minute TASC Method consultation so that you can personally ask us any questions that you may have. In addition we will mastermind the next steps for your personal transformation. We believe in your success with this course and this will ensure it!

(If this hasn't been taken down then the special bonus is still available)

"This is a really well though out and valuable course! It really shows how being consistent leads to tangible results." - Christopher Chu (student)

Special Introductory Price - Rising Soon

We normally charge $697 and $997 for courses like this but we like to reward people who take the initiative and take action towards changing their habits. Therefore, we shall keep this special price for the Udemy community.

"Thanks for a great course Eric and Benjamin. It will definitely improve my habits. The presentation is enthusiastic and I learned a lot." - Thrandur Arnthorsson (student)

Make The Choice & Enroll Today

Enroll now and finally take control of your life & your habits. Check out the preview videos to see what you will be getting and how Habit Alchemy & the TASC Method will revolutionize your life.

See you inside the course,

Benjamin Hero & Eric Weiss

Who is the target audience?
  • If you are tired of pseudo-science habit techniques that do not work.
  • If you are looking to change or break any habit.
  • If you want to know the 20 habit forming biases which rule your brain.
  • If you desire to use habits to take your business to the 6-figure or 7-figure level.
  • If you desire passion in your relationship & are committed to living life at an ultra-high standard.
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Curriculum For This Course
76 Lectures
Introduction - Habits for $100,000 Businesses, Dating, Relationships & Health
7 Lectures 17:07

1. Welcoming to the course.
2. Learn about the special assistant.

Preview 01:08

1. Learn about how Eric is a TASC master.

Case Study: The Digital Marketing Illusionist - Eric Weiss

1. How to access the Benjamin Hero Inner Circle.

Inner Circle Secret Facebook Community

1. What Habit Alchemy is all about and what you need to know.

2. What the structure of this course will be.

3. How to make the most out of this course.

Welcome - Starting Habit Alchemy

1. How to access the secret Facebook group.

2. How to access the Digistrats YouTube page.

3. How to access the Digistrats blog.

Black Art Secret Facebook Community, Bonus Videos & Webinars

1. Undeniable proof of what the power of habits can do for you.

Preview 02:12

1. Quick overview of the TASC Method.

2. Overview of the TASC case studies.

Preview 02:39
The Undisputable Science Behind The TASC Method
5 Lectures 17:06

1. Why normal habit building does not work.
2. The power of the reference point.
3. How to make habits last a lifetime.

Preview 10:26

1. How to activate all 20 habit forming biases.
2. What the four letters of the TASC Method stand for.

Activating The 20 Habit Forming Cognitive Biases To Master Any Habit

1. What you will learn in this course.

The TASC Method Course Overview

1. The limiting beliefs that destroy your ability to build habits.
2. How to overcome these limiting beliefs.

"I have tried building habits before, does this really work?"

1. Chose your first habit that you want to build.

Action Step: Choose Your Habit!
Part 1: Thoughts - The Science Of Influencing Your Thoughts To Build Habits
9 Lectures 25:34

1. What you will learn in the 'Thought' section of this course.

Overview - The T In TASC

1. Why first impressions are everything.
2. Why we cannot focus on what is truly important.
3. How we can use the power of anchoring for habit building.

(1/5) Anchoring - Why You Focus On Irrelevant Detail

1.The power of negative thinking.
2. Why you have a natural disposition for all things negative.
3. How to harness your negative energy to build habits.

(2/5) Framing - Why Positive Thinking Is Overrated

1. Why flattery will get you anything in life.
2. Why we cannot resit being talked up.
3. How our delusion can be good for habit building.

(3/5) Delusion - Why You Love Liars

1. Why over-optimism leads to many mistakes in life.
2. How hope can be incredible dangerous.
3. How to harness hope and over-optimism to build lasting habits.

Preview 03:05

1. Why a rhyme adds instant credibility to any statement.
2. How we can use the power of rhyme to add credibility to our habits.

(5/5) Power Of Rhyme - Why Rhyming Adds Instant Credibility

1. How to create your very own Thought Statement.
2. How the Thought Statement evokes 5 of the habit building biases.

Thought Statement - The Secret Shortcut For Powerful Results

1. The Thought Statement Template to quickly activate the habit forming biases.

Physical Deliverable: Habit Activation Quick Start - Thought Statement Template
2 pages

1. Now create your very own Thought Statement.

Action Step: Create Your Own Thought Statement
Part 2: Actions - The Things You Need To Do To Master Any Habit
14 Lectures 39:31

1. The importance of the "A" in the TASC Method.

Overview - The A In TASC

1. Why ambiguity is the ultimate killer for your habits.
2. How to use this habit forming bias to build even stronger habits.

Preview 04:08

1. Why your brain only cares about what it can see.
2. Why your attention is incredibly important.
3. How to use attentional focus to build habits.

(7/20) Attentional Focus - Your Attention Is Everything

1. Why humans are naturally loss averse.
2. What you can do about this loss aversion.
3. How to conquer the fear of loss to build habits.

(8/20) Fear Of Loss - Losing Is Much More Important Than Winning

1. Why a step-by-step approach is always better than a big leap.
2. Why your brain detests big leaps.
3. How to use incremental improvement when you are building habits.

(9/20) Incremental Improvement - Never Underestimate Measured Improvement

1. Why your brain is incredibly lazy yet efficient.
2. Why you over value recent events in your memory.
3. How you can use the availability bias to build even better habits.

(10/20) Availability - If You Don’t See It, It Does Not Exist

1. Why going for reward is an instinctual primal need.
2. How to harness this instinc to build habits.

(11/20) Reward - The Primal Human Instinct For Pleasure

1. Why pain is the strongest of all habit forming biases.
2. How to harness pain to build habits.

(12/20) Pain - The Strongest Of All Biases *Dangerous*

1. Why conditioning is fundamental to habit building.
2. How we can use conditioning to build habits.

(13/20) Pavlovian Response - Humans In The End Are Just Animals

1. How consistency is the greatest ally when it comes to building lasting habits.
2. How to harness and mold the commitment consitency bias to build habits.

(14/20) Commitment Consistency - Our Greatest Strength And Unforgiving Weakness

1. Why you probably underestimated the importance of tracking.
2. How tracking is used to activate 5 of the habit building biases.
3. The different kinds of tracking software you can use.
4. How to use tracking in conjunction with your habits.

The Unbelievable Power Of Tracking - It's Obvious, But Damn Powerful!

1. How to get instant focus by leveraging the habit forming biases.
2. The step by step way to build instant focus.

How To Get Focus Without Trying - The Power Of Availability And Attention

1. The exclusive VIP resource list of all the tools and websites I personally use myself.

Physical Deliverable: VIP Resource List
2 pages

1. Your call to action to start tracking now!

Action Step: Start Tracking Now!
Part 3: Social - Stopping Other From Sabotaging Your Habit
5 Lectures 08:10

1. What you will learn in the Social section of the TASC Method.

Overview - The S In TASC

1. Why you should always prioritize your habits.
2. How to make sure that your habits always stay on track.

(15/20) Extreme Importance - If You Make It Important It Will Be Important

1. Why you must ALWAYS make your habits urgent.
2. The power of ugency when it comes to habit building.

(16/20) Urgency - Why You Consistently Make Poor Choices In Life

1. Why the more your talk about something the more real it is to you.
2. How to harness the power of availabilty speaking when building habits.

(17/20) Availability Speaking - Speaking It To Existence

1. Take action to defend and justify your habit!

Action Step: Non-Stop Talking - Prepare Your Mouth
Part 4: Community - The Unshakable Power Of Your Environment!
7 Lectures 11:46

1. What you will learn in the Community section of the TASC Method.

Overview - The C In TASC

1. Why humans at the core are social animals.
2. How social can be used to build habits even more effectively.

(18/20) Social Proof - Seeking Approval In The Core Of Human Nature

1. What the power of the hivemind thinking is.
2. How you can use groupthink to build habits even better.

(19/20) Groupthink - The Power Of The Hivemind

1. Why we hate information that contradicts our current held belief.
2. Why ignorance is strength.
3. What you can do to use the confirmation bias to build habits.

(20/20) Confirmation - The Strength Of Human Ignorance

1. How to find the perfect community for your habit.
2. The different types of online communities avaialble to you.

How To Find The Perfect Community For Your Habit


1. Take action and find your community!

Action Step: Find Your Community!
The Different Styles Of The TASC Method
4 Lectures 11:03

1. How the TASC Method works.
2. The 7 step process to build or break any habit you want.

Habit TASC - Master Any 1 Habit

1. How to build up to 10 habits at once.
2. What you need to know about Super TASC.

Super TASC - Master 10 Habits, At Once!

1. Take action and officially begin the TASC Method!

Action Step: Begin Your TASC!

1. The "Done For You Template" of the TASC Method.

Physical Deliverable: The TASC Method Template
4 pages
Habit Case Studies for $100,000 Businesses, Dating, Relationships & Health
9 Lectures 41:59

1. What you will learn from the case studies.

Overview Case Studies

1. How the TASC Method can lead to a consitetn 6-Figure Business.

Business Case Study: 6-Figure Udemy Habits

1. How effective habit building leads to successful software launches.

Preview 06:50

1. How to use the habit building biases to lose weight, fast!

Dieting Case Study: Losing 5 Pounds in 2 Days Habits

1. What biases lead to peak performance and how you can activate them.

Exercise Case Study: The Dirty Thirty for Peak Physical & Mental Performance

1. Yes, dating is all about the habit building biases, learn how to use them.

Dating Case Study: Dating 5x per Week

1. How to use the habit building biases to build and sustain long lasting relationships.

Relationship Case Study: 1 Exotic Surprise Date a Week Habit

1. What to do when habit building fails.

When Habits Fail

1. What you need to do and how to take the right action.

Action Step
Conclusion - May The TASC Be With You
3 Lectures 04:06

1. Good luck and keep on Tascing, I believe in your progress and success.

Your Final Action Step: My Personal Message To You

1. Concluding Habit Alchemy.

Conclusion & Thank You

1. Citation for the images used.

Sources and References For Images Used
1 page
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About the Instructor
Benjamin Hero
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Your Brain Is A Machine Built To Deceive You
Why is it impossible to build habits consistently?
Why do you procrastinate even when you have a tight deadline?
Why can we be so easily fooled and misled by others?
Why are some people vastly more popular than others?

These are just a few of the questions that I answer with my Udemy courses.

Acclaimed Speaker
-Regularly give keynote speeches about cognitive biases and logical fallacies to organisations and schools
-Delivered a Tedx talk all about harnessing the power of the mind
-Hosted Fail Forward Loughborough twice

International Expertise
-Fluent in German by having lived in Austria for the first 9 years of my life
-I have worked in 4 different continents to bolster my knowledge of cognitive biases
-Having visited 15 countries I have gained an appreciating to how different cultures understand cognitive biases

My Mission
It is my mission in life to expose all of the different cognitive biases and logical fallacies that plague our mind. Once we are able to understand just how our brains work we can then finally have full control over our lives. No longer do you need to procrastinate, no longer do you need to break the habits that you want to build and no longer will you be deceived by others. All of this is possible by simply understanding your brain!

If you are ready to understand your brain then stick with me because all of my courses are designed to bring you one step closer to complete control.

My Story
I first discovered the power of understanding the mind when I was the team leader for a door-to-door sales team. My team was performing incredibly poorly and I was to be "let go" the very next day. I gave the job everything I had and yet somehow I could never improve. I believed I was cursed to forever life my life in mediocrity. Then on my last day on the job I met my very first mentor who told me the importance and value of understand the brain to a deep scientific level.

My life was never again the same.

In the subsequent years I have gone to get a Computer Science degree from one of the best universities in England. I was chosen to give a Tedx talk all about the power of the mind. I was the host of Fail Forward Loughborough twice and hosted numerous other events. In addition I now deliver monthly motivational videos via my YouTube channel.

Knowing about cognitive biases has changed my life and I know it can do the same for yours.

Digi Strats
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Digital Asset Investing

Focusing on digital asset investments including a portfolio of companies that include:

-Part of investor consortium that executed buyout of a 7-figure SEO SaaS investment
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Digital Marketing

With over 50 product launches from information and software products, DigiStrats uncovers the true secrets of success of top marketers.

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A specialist with multiple product launches in the fields of:

-Social Media & Facebook Marketing
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Some marketing achievements include:

-Strategist behind multiple successful software brands
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-Selling 1,000 units of a software product in under 45 minutes

Traveling & Internationalization

-Master at lifestyle design mixing online ventures with perpetual travel
-Lived in 5 different countries across 4 different continents
-Knowledgeable in 5 languages
-Managing remote staff members with primary operations in the Philippines and India