Become a product manager

Learn how to become a product manager

Product manager is essentially the mini CEO of a product. It can be either an entire product (e.g. Hulu subscription service) or a part of a product (e.g. Facebook Messenger) or a single product feature (e.g. Notification on LinkedIn). A product manager is responsible for doing everything that’s possible to make the product successful. As a part of this, the product manager has to understand the main user problems that her product is trying to solve, come up with a plan to solve those problems, solicit ideas, prioritize them and then work with design and engineering to build features that will solve these problems. The product manager does not need to be an expert in each of the skills mentioned below, but basic understanding will help a product manager become good at product management - Analytics, User Research, Prototyping, User Experience Design, Technical chops, Usability Testing, and Experimentation.