Become A Pro In the Phone Unlocking Industry in 2 Hours!
3.7 (77 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
389 students enrolled
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Become A Pro In the Phone Unlocking Industry in 2 Hours!

The absolute guide to gsm phone unlocking. Possibilities, procedures, and problem solving. Be a professional in 2 hours!
3.7 (77 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
389 students enrolled
Created by Phone Fix 411
Last updated 3/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • Understand the basic concepts of unlocking
  • Demonstrate the unlocking procedure for Apple and android devices
  • Learn basic terminology associated with the cell phone industry
  • Navigate and understand the unlocking website
  • Enable the internet settings for multiple carriers
  • Resolve unlocking issue and troubleshoot common problems
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  • Internet access and a paypal account. The student must have the phone to be unlocked, and if the student wishes to unlock an iPhone then iTunes must be installed and updated. The student must also have the gsm sim card from the old and new carrier.

This course is one of a kind. Anyone who wishes to get into the unlocking side of cell phones either for themselves, friends, family, or to create an additional revenue stream must take this course. We start with the basics of what unlocking is, what can be done once a phone is unlocked and the typical scenarios for unlocking a cell phone. There are many benefits to unlocking a gsm phone and many things to be careful of before you unlock a gsm phone. We cover terminology like gsm, cdma, sim, imei and much more. Once completed students will be able to identify the major carriers who use the varying networks and what phones are allowed to be interchanged on those networks. We cover how the North American gsm market differs from the international gsm markets and which phones can be used on those different markets.

We give a step by step tutorial from start to finish with both the iPhone unlock process and the android unlock process. We talk about how to safeguard against buying or unlocking phones that can potentially come back as bad or negative in the imei system, preventing potential problems for you down the line. We cover the website we personally use to unlock phones and navigate through all the menus. We start by creating an account, adding credits, navigating the site, checking the status of the unlocks and much more. We cover the troubleshooting website should any problems arise giving you greater ability in solving all potential unlocking issues. We cover how to change and enable the internet and mms settings for the major gsm carriers. This is extremely important as an unlock typically enables only the talk and text.

This course is no more than a few hours to complete and upon completion, all the tools are gained to start unlocking phones. We even cover how to make money from unlocking cell phones. We have been unlocking phones for years and have made over one hundred thousand dollars from unlocking phones. We take the mystery and confusion out of cell phone unlocking and give anyone with the desire or interest the ability to unlock a gsm cell phone. Follow along as we show you what you need to know to get into the business of unlocking cell phones.

Who is the target audience?
  • This unlocking course is meant for all who are interested in the unlocking process of gsm cell phones. No experience is needed to complete an unlock, we give all who enroll the proper tools and knowledge to be successful with their unlock.
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Curriculum For This Course
27 Lectures
What Is Unlocking? Covering the Basics.
9 Lectures 33:07

This initial video briefly covers what unlocking is, what you can do with an unlocked phone and what major carriers use the gsm system. It is a great starting point to build from for the rest of the course.

Preview 04:25

We do a side by side comparison of two Samsung S3 cell phones, one from Sprint and the other from AT&T. We talk and show the main differences between the GSM and CDMA systems and explain why not all phones can be used on all networks. This lecture highlights the differences between the hardware of handsets and software of both networks.

Differences between GSM and CDMA.

We provide an extensive list of both GSM and CDMA carriers in North America. As you can see from the list there are many options available for cell phone service from companies that operate on one network or the other.

List of GSM and CDMA Carrier in North America.

Here we dive a little deeper into scenarios of why someone would want to unlock a phone. We also cover what to do if you purchase a phone from someone online and how to be proactive and avoid getting potentially ripped of by purchasing a bad or blacklisted phone.

Possibilities and Potential with an Unlocked Phone.

It is important to make sure the phone you want to unlock is in fact, able to be unlocked. We cover a few ways on how to identify and find the carrier brand and if unable to find a brand, what settings to check. Although there are exceptions we again stress what to look out for if purchasing a phone from someone you don't know.

Which Phones Can or Can't be Unlocked.

There is a difference between the North American system and the systems of other countries. We talk a little about using overseas phones in the United States and United States phones use in other countries.

Unlocking North American Phones vs. International Phones.

To find the International Mobile Equipment Identity or (IMEI) number of the cell phone there are multiple ways. Here with the iPhone and android we cover the settings option and a short cut to jump right to the imei number.

Finding the IMEI on your Phone.

Here we cover the sim card and the importance of the Subscriber Identification Module. We discuss what it does, what is stored on it and the ease of transfer from phone to phone without the need to step foot in the carrier store.

Preview 03:45

The websites we use in this course are found in this lecture. These sites are key in assuring your phone is likely cleared in the imei database for ease of activation and that the unlock process is simple and smooth.

Website Reference Page.
Introduction to the Unlocking Website.
5 Lectures 40:49

Here is your first glimpse at the unlocking website. This navigation covers processes and tools needed to get comfortable with the unlocking process. This has been our trusted website for years and years.

Website. Introduction and iPhone section.

Straight forward. Adding credits to your account for all of your unlocking purchases.

Website. Adding Credits to your Account.

We cover the iPhone section of the website. It overviews the iPhone checker, which if you are unsure of the carrier / country / network of your iPhone, the checker will give you all of those details. We also navigate the iPhone section and compare the different unlock options for each of the iPhones.

Website. iPhone Checker and iPhone Section.

Just like the iPhone sections, this lecture covers the android unlock options. We walk through the many options available for each android / windows unlock. Reading and understanding the options are key to successfully unlocking all of your devices.

Website. Android Navigation.

Sometimes things don't go according to plan. If you have an issue with your unlock this lecture will direct you where to go for initial troubleshooting. There are many variables that can cause an unsuccessful unlock and each phone may have its own resolution. Follow and read carefully to resolve your particular problem.

Website. Troubleshooting.
iPhone Unlocking Process from Start to Finish
3 Lectures 10:34

Here is the first step in successfully completing an iPhone unlock. It is verifying that the imei you wish to unlock appears to be clean and is possible to be unlocked. This ensures you don't pay for something you can't use.

iPhone Unlock. Verifying the IMEI.

With a clean phone we proceed to step 2, ordering the correct unlock. This is just as important as checking the imei but here we are actually paying and we do not want to order the wrong unlock. Use this as a guide for your particular iPhone unlock and then proceed to step 3.

iPhone Unlock. Ordering the Code.

Here we show the steps to actually unlock the iPhone. Once this is completed we have a factory unlocked iPhone that can be used with any gsm carrier. YEAH!

iPhone Unlock. Factory Unlocking the Device.
Android Unlocking Process from Start to Finish
3 Lectures 10:24

We need to have a better idea if the android device we wish to unlock is in fact clean in the imei database. Use this website to ensure you don't spend money on something you can't use. Although it is not guaranteed, a clean imei is typically good to go.

Preview 03:14

Once verified we can now order the code. The android device, time, and cost all play factors in the specific unlock you will choose. Whichever unlock you choose, reading the details and exemptions will help you find the unlock that is right for you.

Android Unlock. Ordering the Code.

We are ready to unlock our device. Follow along and see the step in actually entering our specific unlock code. Most phones are the same but not all are entered identically. If troubles arise, follow the troubleshooting section to get your particular unlock completed.

Android Unlock. Factory Unlocking the Device.
APN Settings. Enabling the Internet on your Phone.
4 Lectures 06:42

Once the device is unlocked, we must input the corresponding apn settings to enable the network internet and mms. Depending on what network carrier you are going to use will determine what settings to use. This video shows where to find the apn settings and how to create a new apn list. Look below for either the att, tmobile or metro pcs page and the settings for each of these carriers.

Entering the APN Settings

Once the device is unlocked we must get the internet and picture messaging up and running. If you are switching to the AT&T network (using an att sim card) these apn settings will get either the 3g or 4g (if an LTE phone) up and running. Remember that the gsm sim card in a Verizon 4G phone will not give you LTE service.

AT&T APN Settings

This covers the TMobile internet and apn settings on your android device. If you are unlocking your phone to use with a TMobile sim card then these settings should get the internet and mms working.

T-Mobile APN Settings

Just like the ATT and TMobile settings, MetroPcs has their own parameters for internet and mms. Using these setting should enable the internet and mms on your gsm capable android device.

Preview 00:49
Troubleshooting. What to do if Something Goes Wrong?
3 Lectures 10:11

If you have a phone that doesn't recognize the sim card and it says no sim or insert sim, we have a few things to check and try to get the sim card to read with the phone.

If the Phone Says No Sim or Insert Sim

Not all phones are the same and sometimes won't prompt for an unlock code when a non-allowed sim card is entered. This quick video shows one such case and how to get to this particular unlock code screen.

The Phone doesn't Ask for an "Unlock Code" or "Subsidy Code".

This won't happen all of the time but if it does we give you the resources to successfully unlock your phone. Sometimes you need to read and dig a little deeper to get your specific phone unlocked.

After Entering the Code the Phone Says "Unsuccessful".
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