Grow Your Business And Go On Vacation 7 Times A Year
5.0 (6 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
670 students enrolled
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Grow Your Business And Go On Vacation 7 Times A Year

Learn how you can become a successful entrepreneur, growing your business fast and going on vacation min 7 times a year.
5.0 (6 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
670 students enrolled
Created by Filip Nowicki
Last updated 4/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • Increase profitability of your business
  • Grow business faster and work less
  • Build and run a successful business and take vacations multiple times a year
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  • Pen and notebook
  • You should have your own business
  • Willingness to test in real life solutions and strategies given in this course
  • Be prepared for taking action and change



In this course I will teach you how to grow your business faster, free to go on vacation at least 7 times a year, just as I do.

I designed the course for hard working entrepreneurs like you, who want to improve their results, work less and have more fulfilled lives.

I am an entrepreneur, Udemy instructor and a business consultant. Before that I worked in the publishing industry for 13 years.

Between 2005 and 2010, as a CEO I managed a 27 million dollars company with over 200 full time employees and 200 freelancers. During that time the company almost doubled it's sales revenue, while staying highly profitable. For the last two years at the helm, I worked not more than two hours a day.

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • cut your work time significantly
  • get your priorities all done, every day
  • implement profit boost strategies
  • hire the best people
  • and manage your employees

Enrolling to this course is RISK FREE! Udemy and I cover this course with a 30 day, no questions asked, full refund guarantee.

Enroll now and I look forward to seeing you on the other side!


PS: You can also take this course using Udemy app on iPhone/iPad and Android devices.

Who is the target audience?
  • Entrepreneurs who want to increase business profitability
  • Entrepreneurs who never go on vacations
  • Busy business owners, overworked and tired, frustrated by not getting expected results
  • Entrepreneurs who want to improve their business skills
  • Entrepreneurs who want to create a winning team
  • Entrepreneurs who already have a business
  • Entrepreneurs who are starting a new business and have a solid plan
  • Not for Get Rich Quick enthusiasts - you will need to do real work
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Curriculum For This Course
18 Lectures
4 Lectures 19:04

My name is Filip Nowicki. I am an entrepreneur, a publisher, Udemy Instructor and a business consultant. In this course I show you how you can work less and have better results at the same time.

Before that I worked in publishing industry for 13 years of which last 5 I was a CEO. It was a company with 27MUSD revenues, more than 200 full time employees and over 200 freelancers. For the last 2 years I was able to manage it working only 2 hours a day. In this course I want to show you how you can do it too.

The problem with entrepreneurs is that most of the time they do what they want to do and not what their business needs.

I will show you how to:

  • set and achieve goals,
  • manage your daily task,
  • manage priorities
  • get more stuff done, everyday

Your business also requires special strategies and tactics to make it work and become highly profitable.

I will teach you how to:

  • calculate and use customer lifetime value,
  • describe your ideal customer,
  • find out what he needs and where to find him.

In order to succeed you will also need a great team. In this course you will learn how to:

  • design roles for your future employees (before you even hire them),
  • recruit best people,
  • manage them and delegate,
  • communicate and give feedback.

I hope it will be helpful and I wish you a great success!

Preview 01:20

As an entrepreneur you live in three areas.They cost you time but also are sources of time. It depends on how you use them. These are:

  • You,
  • Your Business and
  • Your Team.

The areas where two circles intersect are the roles. These include:

  • Strategist (on intersection of You and Your Business)
  • Manager (on intersection of You and Your Team)
  • Executive (on intersection of Your Business and Your Team) - note that You are NOT the executive - your team is!
Preview 05:36

Most people will tell you that working 2 hours a day and being successful is impossible. I know it is.

You just have to:

  • master managing yourself and your tasks in time,
  • design a business that solves urgent/painfull problem of its customers,
  • create a great, success-oriented team.

If I can do that, you can too!

Preview 03:45

Before you start going anywhere, you need to know where are you starting from. This self assessment will help you to see where you currently are on the road to success! Our goal is to help you get to the point where you have high income and a lot of free time.

There are two grids where you need to mark your spot, today. These are:

  • free time/income
  • success/satisfaction

To become really successful you want to be where you have maximum free time and maximum income. But also maximum success and maximum satisfaction.
Before We Start... A Little Self Assessment
5 Lectures 32:26

Imagine a clock with a clock face that shows 24 hours. On this clock mark when you do all the things that you do on every typical workday.

Remember, you should:

  • Sleep 8 hours a day,
  • Eat regularly (every 3-4 hours) and
  • Exercise.

Is your typical day like that? Do you work more? Most of my students admit that after this exercise they realise they work too much and do not get enough sleep.

After you finish this course and apply what you've learned do this exercise again and see if anything has changed.

How Much Do You Really Work Now?

You can save at least 2 hours a day just by not doing what is NOT important. It is that simple, yet very few people use this technique.

  1. Make a list of your daily or weekly tasks (one task per line).
  2. Put how much time does it take (in minutes).
  3. Put a check mark if the task is important (column I).
  4. Put a check mark if the task is urgent (column U).
  5. When the list is ready you have 4 categories of tasks:
    • important, not urgent
    • important, urgent
    • not important, urgent
    • not important, not urgent
  6. Put the total time of each category into the grid (see additional resources).
  7. You can stop doing tasks that are not important and not urgent and you can delegate tasks that are not important but urgent. If you calculate the total amount of time in those 2 categories this is how much you can save - everyday!
How To Save 2 Hours a Day (Or More!)?

I set goals according to SMART method, because it works. Here's what it is:

  • S - specific
  • M - measurable
  • A - ambitious
  • R - realistic
  • T - time-framed

Set your goals for:
  • a quarter
  • a month
  • next week
Preview 05:59

This video shows how chain reaction works with a set of dominos. Each one is bigger that the previous one by 1,5 times. When you push the first one it falls on the next one (the bigger one) and you start a chain reaction. This is because the small domino has enough energy to make the bigger one fall.

Imagine that those dominos are your goals. And each time you plan to do something bigger. When you start that you will end up doing great things and faster than anyone else.

In this video (courtesy of Stephen Morris) the first domino is 5mm high and 1mm thick. There are 13 dominos. The last one weighs about 100 pounds (50kg) and is about 1m tall.

The 29th domino would be as tall as the Empire State Building in New York.

Check additional resources for the full version of the video.

How To Use Chain Reaction Effect?

In this lecture I present my 9 best techniques to improve your day.

  1. Focus on your goal
  2. Adjust daily tasks
  3. Adjust your calendar
  4. Reward progress
  5. Do daily summary
  6. Prepare the next day
  7. Create a picture of what you want to achieve
  8. Share your challenge with others
  9. Connect big prize with big goal
9 Steps To Effective Action Plan

What should you do first thing in the morning?
1 question
Your Business
4 Lectures 16:23

Most of people start their business with a product in mind and not the customer and it takes them nowhere.

First analyse who is your customer:

  • How old is he?
  • Male/female?
  • Where does he live?
  • Where does he work?
  • Does he have a family?
  • What are his beliefs?
Who Is Your Ideal Customer?

Once you know who your customer is you need to discover how are you going to improve his life.

  • Are you going to deliver more pleasure to your customer?
  • Or are you going to solve his urgent/painful problem?
Basically this is what all businesses are about. Making someone's life easier and more fulfilling. Which is your way?
How Can You Help Him?

You can only have a business, when you can contact your target group in a cost effective way. The next step is to understand WHERE your customer is. What are the places offline and online where you will meet your target audience? Can you get in touch with him?

  • Where does he work?
  • Where does he go after work (gym, swimming pool, shopping, cinemas)?
  • Where does he go online?
  • What promotion channels will you test (for the list of promotion channels check additional resources)?
Where Do You Find Your Customers?

The fastest growing businesses are those which use Customer Lifetime Value. It tells how much customer is worth and also it helps to decide how much you are going to spend to get a new customer.

  • Can you tell what is your customer's LTV?
  • Can decide what percentage of LTV will you spend to get a new customer? (CPA - cost per acquisition)

As soon as you introduce this method to your business you will be able to grow faster than your competitors.

What Is LTV And How To Use It To Outperform Competitors?

Promotion channels
1 question
Your Team
4 Lectures 15:52

Number one problem with employees is that they don't do what the owner wants. And most of the time this is because the owner doesn't know how to design roles and delegate. Before hiring people you should design roles for your employees.

There are 3 critical elements of role designing:

  • Result
  • Measurement
  • Tasks and procedures
How To Assign Roles To Employees?

This is how recruitment process looks like:

  1. Design a role (covered in previous lecture)
  2. Describe work conditions
  3. Write job ad
  4. Select CVs
  5. Invite selected candidates
  6. Make an offer
  7. Start trial period
How To Recruit The Perfect Employee Right The First Time?

The number one mistake that most bosses do is that they delegate only the tasks.

In order to get things done through other people you need to:

  1. Delegate tasks (what needs to be done)
  2. Delegate decision power do fulfil those tasks (to make necessary adjustments along the way)
  3. Delegate responsibility for the result (and not only the tasks alone)
How To Delegate To Get Expected Results Every Time?

Communication with employees and partners can be a pain in the neck. It is an essential skill for every business owner. In difficult situations emotions come to play. Often emotions decide what happens next.

This is my proven formula to communicate in all kinds of situations: positive, negative and neutral.

  1. Tell why you meet
  2. Explain what you feel
  3. Present the facts
  4. Express your expectations
  5. Inform about consequences
Now, go and test it!
How To Talk To Employees Even In Most Difficult Situations?

Designing A Role
2 questions
How To Apply This Course For Your Best Results?
1 Lecture 01:36

The best way to use this course is to:

  1. Make a list of things that you want to test
  2. Test the thing that you think is the most important for your business now
  3. Once it started to work take another thing from the list
  4. Repeat

Do not try do apply all of it at once. You will get tired with no guarantee of results. What works best is to take a big thing in small chunks!

Congratulations for finishing the course and good luck!

Every Journey Starts With The First Step
About the Instructor
Filip Nowicki
5.0 Average rating
6 Reviews
670 Students
1 Course
Entrepreneur, Publisher, Premium Udemy Instructor, Coach

I help busy entrepreneurs to build dream businesses and get back their free time.

My professional experience consists of several years in publishing industry, starting my own businesses and investing.

I worked 13+ years for a publishing company. I spent last 5 years serving as a CEO. During this period the company grew in revenues by 84% to ca. 27M USD and more than doubled in number of subscription products.

We had 200+ full time staff and another 200 of freelancers.

I spent my last 2 years there working only 2-3 hours a day maintaining company growth and high profitability.

When I started to teach entrepreneurs I realised that most of them are very busy and often not getting results they want. My goal is to change that one business owner at the time.

I believe we have only one life and it would be a shame to spend it sitting behind a desk.