Green Screen Video: Budget Studio Setup And Chroma Key Edits
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Green Screen Video: Budget Studio Setup And Chroma Key Edits

Create a low-cost video studio of your own and start to edit and publish Green Screen Videos which will really stand out
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Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
8 students enrolled
Created by Alan Higginson
Last updated 5/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • Make your own low-cost green screen video studio
  • Create a low cost auto prompter so that you can narrate your videos looking like a professional
  • Properly light a green screen to make subsequent editing easy
  • Edit green screen videos and create professional looking output
  • Create videos which look as though they've been produced by professionals
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  • A video camcorder or recent smart phone will be required to create your first green screen videos
  • A small investment will be required to purchase the green screen material / stand and some basic lighting
  • Access to a computer. We advise you of a free video editing package which runs on Windows, if you have an Apple Mac you will need to download one of the other Video editing packages suitable for that platform

Become a green screen professional creating videos that look great.

This course is going to take you through the end to end process of making a professional looking green screen video from creating your own low-cost video studio to properly lighting the green screen, narrating the video whilst filming, using a home made auto prompter, and editing the final production.

Green screen videos can look amazing and can help any video that you produce stand out from the crowd - meaning  better engaged viewers and increased potential for improved sales boosting your profits. Videos are everywhere these days and the last thing you want to do is to spend a long time creating a very ordinary video which achieves nothing. 

Once you create your own green screen studio you have so much more flexibility to create great looking videos and really achieve the results that you are looking for.

In this course we first cover what exactly a green screen video is and how you can benefit from using these.

Next we focus on how a green screen studio is structured and what Items it contains. We then give you examples of low-cost components you can purchase or construct to make your own low-cost green screen studio.

Sometimes things go wrong and we want you to avoid the most common errors when shooting a green screen video. We include actual examples of common problems and how you can avoid these when shooting your videos.

Finally we show you how to edit your green screen videos both in Camtasia and also in a free video editor which produces great looking results.

Subscribe to this course now and take the first step towards making your sales and educational videos look as though they were produced by a professional studio.

Who is the target audience?
  • This video making course is for people who want to start utilising green screen videos in their online marketing activities
  • You know of the growing importance of online videos but the videos that you produce look ordinary
  • You might already be involved in online video marketing and want to take that next step so that your videos really stand out and get the results that you want
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Curriculum For This Course
23 Lectures
Introduction To The Course And What You Will Learn
1 Lecture 05:36

Welcome to the course. By the end of the course you will be able to build a low-cost green screen studio of your own and make compelling videos using green screen techniques. Not only do we cover of all of the main components of the green screen studio and also show you the results of the most common mistakes, and hence how to avoid them, and how to edit the videos you produce to remove the background by chroma keying out the green background.

Please remember if you have any questions at all please use the Q and a section and we will Do our best to help you.

Preview 05:36
What is Green Screen Video?
1 Lecture 04:23

Before we start the main part of the course it is important to ensure that we all understand what a green screen video is. In this lecture we cover the two main components of creating a green screen video, the initial shooting against a green background and the subsequent editing.

What is Green Screen Video
The Benefits Of Green Screen Video
1 Lecture 05:31

Ultimately the benefits of using green screen videos are only limited by your imagination. As a primer we cover off the main benefits and provide examples of using green screen techniques to reinforce your communication to the video viewer.

The Benefits Of Using Green Screen Videos
Budget Home Studio Layout
6 Lectures 12:45

Before we discuss in detail the main elements within a green screen studio we cover off an overview of all of the components and how they interlink to ensure that the green screen video you create is easy to edit and of high quality.

Preview 04:31

This lecture is the first of a number discussing the actual items which are contained within the green screen studio. We start with the background – the actual green screen and the stand. 

The Studio Background And Stand

Lighting is one of the most important parts within a green screen studio. How you light the background is critical in whether the green screen videos you shoot are actually usable. This lecture shows how to lighten the background from two sides and ensure you have an even lighting pattern over the whole background.

Lighting The Background

Now that the background has been inserted and let we need to focus upon the video camera. This lecture covers off where you should position the camera and view the background through the viewfinder to ensure that the final recording will be satisfactory.

Positioning The Video Camera

Many marketing videos and educational videos contain an actor, your narrator. We cover where they should be positioned and and importantly how the actor should also be illuminated by lighting separate from that used to light the background.

Lighting The Actor

If you need to deliver any information that spreads beyond three or four sentences your delivery on video will be smoother if you use an water prompter rather than try to narrate a whole section from memory or off-the-cuff. We look at where the auto prompter should be positioned so that it assists the narrator but is not obvious to the camera.

The Autoprompter
Low Cost Home Studio Components
4 Lectures 20:54

The quality and type of green background is very important in being able to capture green screen videos In which they background can easily be removed. Whilst this is important The background cloth and stand do not need to be very expensive and we discuss how we were able to source the very low cost but good quality set of background clots and stand for the low-cost green screen studio.

Low Cost Green Background And Stand

Lighting is very important and poor quality lighting will lead to poor quality green screen videos. Having said that there are lights available from household stores and DIY centres which will do a perfectly satisfactory job without spending very large sums from a professional lighting supplier. Over time you may want to invest more in this area but when you start and create your budget green screen studio there is no need to spend significant sums on the lighting.

Low Cost Background Lights

An auto prompter can make a significant improvement in the narrators performance helping to keep them on prescription and relaxed when talking to camera. Professional studios use expensive equipment but you can make an auto prompter from the few items you probably have in your home which will do a totally satisfactory job.

Low Cost Auto Prompter

A camera is essential for shooting any video. This because we are now shooting a green screen video it does not mean that you have to go off and spend large amounts of money on a professional camera. You may be surprised to learn that an item in your pocket or one that's so your friends may have can start you off on your green screen editing and rule out the need for a large budget.

Saving On A Camera
Green Screen Mistakes
7 Lectures 10:17

Lighting the background is critical in creating a usable green screen video. We show you how bad background lighting can impact your subsequent chroma keying process when you come to edit the video and you will learn how to avoid this mistake.

Insufficient Background Lighting

The position of the narrator and the way the background is illuminated need to be complimentary such that you do not get green light from the background washing over the narrator and compromising your ability to chromakey hoped the background in your editing software. We discuss how to avoid this and illustrate the problems if you fall into this problem.

Background Reflected Light

Lighting the background is insufficient, you need to ensure that you have a very even pattern of light over the whole background and there are no hotspots – areas which are much brighter than others. This lecture shows you the problems which ensure when you do this and illustrate how important it is that you test then you have evenly lit the background before you embark upon extensive video shooting.

Preview 01:12

Whilst we showed you earlier how you could illuminate the background for very low cost this does not extend to using a single light. Frequently this means that there is not an even lighting pattern on the background and this will create problems when trying to remove it using your video editing software. Once again we illustrate the problems which will occur if you do not take care in this area.

Single Background Light

You may have properly lit the background but if you fail to light the narrator, the central subject, satisfactorily than the success of your green screen video is doomed. We illustrate how problems in this area will cause editing problems in postproduction.

Lighting The Actor

It is vitally important to ensure that there is a complete differentiation in colour between your narrator, and their clothing, and the background you use. This lecture illustrates the calamity which will happen to you if your narrator decides to wear green clothing when you are shooting against a green background.

Clothing Colors Clash

Sometimes we become far too focused on what is immediately in front of others and do not see the wider picture if you focus upon the narrator and have not looked wider to ensure that actually you are only shooting the green screen then you will need additional processing in postproduction to remove any extraneous elements which are in the viewfinder on the side of the shot.

Background Not Filling The Screen
Editing Green Screen Video
2 Lectures 17:49

One of the most popular video editors used for online marketing and tutorials is Camtasia. This lecture covers a complete screen capture of how it's "remove a colour" functionality is used to chromakey out the background in your video. In addition we discuss the concept of layers and how by selecting the appropriate order of video and images in your composite video output you can create the appearance of your narrator being within a professional news studio.

If you don't have Camtasia Studio at the moment but intend to purchase it later you can download a 30 day trial so that you can perfect your techniques before you purchase it.

Editing With Camtasia

We have found a video editor which is absolutely free of charge and which matches many of those typically used in editing marketing videos and tutorials. This lecture shows you how to use it to remove the background green screen in your videos and create a new composite video overlaying your narrator onto any background you choose to insert behind them.

Editing With A Free Video Editor
Green Screen Video Course Questions
1 Lecture 01:04

When you are reading this you have come to the end of the course – congratulations and well done. By this point new will have learned how to create your own low-cost green screen studio and edit the videos it creates whilst avoiding the major problems.

Successful people take action and you will be more successful having followed this course if you take action by creating your own green screen videos without any further delay.

In the resources below we have included a PDF which incorporates the link to the free green screen editor and image files showing the overview of the budget green screen studio layout.

Congratulations On Completing The Course
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