Google AdWords Copy Hacks
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Google AdWords Copy Hacks

You know you could be making more from your Google AdWords campaigns – but how? That’s what this course is all about…
4.0 (20 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,136 students enrolled
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What Will I Learn?
  • Quickly boost your profits on Google AdWords and lay the foundations for long-term success
  • Learn to write great ads every time using the 'Google AdWords Copy Formula'
  • Find money-making keywords from multiple sources
  • Learn insider tips and tricks that will help your ads outperform your competition
  • Design different campaigns for different devices - mobile, tablet and desktop
  • Continually improve your ads by knowing what and when to test
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  • People should have products or services they wish to promote on Google AdWords.

If you’re not making money from your AdWords campaigns, you need to keep reading…

Rather than give you a ton of theory, we decided to take a different approach and cut right to the chase. We’ve broken down the essential AdWords processes into short, easy-to-digest video tutorials – we call them “Profit Hacks” – and you can start using them straight away to skyrocket your profits, no matter what your level of experience.

So what is a “Profit Hack”?

We've worked on thousands of AdWords Campaigns and strategies for hundreds of companies worldwide - from individual entrepreneurs to major corporations. And we've chosen only the low-hanging fruit – the proven tips and tricks that anyone can use whether they’re experienced or a complete novice. Our criteria were that each of our profit hacks had to be:

  • Focused on quickly generating profits - so you see an immediate improvement in your ROI.
  • Simple to implement - anyone can follow our step-by-step instructions (yes, that includes even experienced marketers)
  • Easily repeatable - once you’ve mastered each hack, you can apply them time and again to all your campaigns
  • Lead to cumulative growth – each hack is self-contained so the more you implement, the more your profits will grow.

These “Profit Hacks” are taught by Ian Howie and Ken McGaffin, two respected online marketing professionals. 

Ian Howie has deep knowledge of PPC, Digital Analytics, and Conversion Optimization. He’s been a guest at Google's HQ in Mountain View and has attended super-secret Google partner conferences.

Ken McGaffin has been in digital marketing for 20+ years, helping hundreds of companies build their web presence and tap into new markets. Training is one of his passions—he has created 5-star rated online training for over 12,000 students.

Using a straightforward, no-BS approach, Ian and Ken will show you how to leverage AdWords’ tools and features to maximize every dollar spent. It's like having your own personal PPC consultants by your side, guiding you at each step!

Student feedback

"Excellent and very clear. Love that the lessons are right to the point. Hacks as they say!" - 5 stars, Jane

"Good course, it gives you a lot of useful tips." - 5 stars, Dubravka

"Good discussion about quality score." - 5 stars, Jaspal

"Information about extensions and beyond ad words is worth the price" - Arthur

What’s covered in the course?

The hacks presented by Ian and Ken cover seven modules, and you can follow them in sequence or dip in anywhere to get the individual answer you need right now!

The course will cover:

1. Quality Score Hacks - the highest bid won’t guarantee you a top spot, you’ve got to create ads that have a high quality score in Google’s eyes. Here’s how.

·       Quality Score Hack

·       Relevance Hack

·       Mirror, Mirror, Mirror Hack

2. Keyword Research Hacks - keyword choice is at the heart of all great AdWords campaigns and with these hacks you’ll find the keywords that will really make you money.

·       Keyword Intent Hack

·       Going Wide Hack

·       Uber Suggest Hack

3. Copywriting Hacks - many people aren’t natural copywriters and baulk at finally getting down to write. Not any longer - these hacks make copywriting a breeze for anyone!

·       The AdWords Copy Formula

·       Writing Copy Hack

·       Spying on Your Competitors Hack

·       Countdown Ad Hack

4. Ad Creation & Testing Hacks - AdWords is a multi-faceted tool that few ever come close to mastering. We’ll show you how to control ad rotation, tailor your ads to different devices and schedule your ads so you squeeze maximum profit from every hour of the week.

·       Ad Rotation Hack

·       Devices Hack

·       Scheduling Hack

5. Ad Extension Hacks - so that you can grab more screen real estate at no extra cost.

·       Call Extension Hack

·       Sitelink Extension

·       Callout Extension

·       Structured Snippet Hack

6. Beyond Text Ads Hacks - how to make the most of ‘Shopping Ads’ and ‘Display Ads’ that bring you to the fore in new markets.

·       Shopping Ad Hack

·       Display Ad Hack

The information here is bang up-to-date. Ian is currently Director of Analytics at ROIWorks in San Francisco where he works with a wide range of startups and large corporates. He was previously head of PPC at Conversion Rate Experts, as well as founding his own successful PPC & SEO agency in London when AdWords first emerged as a powerful online marketing tool.

Ian teaches extensively in the USA, working with individual startups and in-house corporate teams. He has teamed up with experienced online tutor, Ken McGaffin to create this intensely practical and inspiring online course.

Stop Throwing Money at Google

Know the real secret to succeeding at AdWords? Spend a little, learn a lot, and use our Profit Hacks to fine-tune your campaigns for extraordinary success. You don’t have to spend $20K a month right out of the gate (or at all).

After we show you its possibilities, we promise: you’ll see AdWords in a whole new way.

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you're not thrilled with “AdWords Profit Hacks” for any reason, there is a 30-day guarantee. So don't hesitate - sign up and start applying our profit hacks right away! 

Who is the target audience?
  • Businesses who have used Google AdWords but are disappointed with the results.
  • Entrepreneurs who want to learn to plan and implement profitable strategies on AdWords.
  • Agency staff who provide Adwords advice to clients and want to learn insider tips.
  • Any business that sells online and is hungry to know how AdWords can be a significant source of revenue.
Curriculum For This Course
29 Lectures
Welcome to AdWords Copy Hacks
2 Lectures 07:36
Quality score hacks
3 Lectures 23:47

The best place for your ads to appear is among the slots at the top of the page. But you can’t guarantee a top spot just by making the highest bid. Your ads must also have a high ‘quality score’ – and that’s influenced by the number of people who click on your ad, and what they do as a result. Here’s how to build your quality score.

Quality Score

When a potential customer does a search on Google, they want to see only ads that are relevant to their search. And if your business shows an irrelevant ad, you irritate the customer and you lose the sale – even worse if they click, you have to pay with no chance of making the sale! The answer is to learn the simple hack of relevance!


To maximize your sales conversions, you must do 3 things – mirror their keywords in your campaigns, mirror their keywords again in your ad copy and then mirror them in your landing pages. In this video, we’ll show you exactly what do by taking you through a real example.

Mirror, Mirror, Mirror

In this quiz we’ll be testing you on the Quality Score Hacks that we covered in this section.

Quality Score Quiz
3 questions
Keyword research hacks
6 Lectures 35:41
keyword research introduction

Keywords are the words and phrases that people type into search engines. But you don’t every keyword, find the keywords that closely match your business – and have real potential to boost your profits.

Preview 03:15

Are your prospects in research mode or are they ready to buy? The keywords they use in the search engine give you great clues to their intent – and allows you to serve exactly the right ad! Serve an ad that matches their intent and your conversion rates will rise!

Preview 07:29

Many companies just run one large search campaign on AdWords. But that makes it so difficult to get intelligence on what is most profitable. But split your campaign into specific ‘campaign themes’ and you can see exactly what themes are giving you conversions – and which are not!

Going wide

Google’s Keyword Planner Tool will give you loads of keyword ideas but sorting through a list of many hundreds is going to be a huge waste of your time. However, with this simple trick, Google will do all the hard work for you – but while it’s easy, it’s counter-intuitive! We’ll show you exactly what to do in this easy-to-follow walkthrough.

Going wide walkthrough

UberSuggest is a great free tool for going even deeper with your keyword research. Not only will it help you find more AdGroup themes, but it’s also great for finding important negative keywords. Here’s how to use it.

Going deeper with Uber Suggest
Copywriting hacks
5 Lectures 28:49
Introduction to Copywriting Hacks

To write profitable ads you’ve first got to understand the rules that Google imposes. And second, you’ve got to be creative within those rules. Ian’s handy ad copy formula makes sure you do both and get perfect results every time.

The AdWords copy formula

In this assignment, we want you to start writing ad copy using the 'Ad Copy Formula' in the interactive spreadsheet we provide.
Using the Ad Copy Formula to improve your own ads.
1 question

Most people aren’t natural copywriters and that can be a disadvantage. But you don’t have to write the best line in the world to be successful – just follow the simple advice in this hack.

Copy hacks

“You can see an awful lot just by watching” is one of Yogi Berra’s many memorable quotes – and it sure does apply to AdWords. In this module, we’ll show you what you can learn (and steal) from your competitors.

Spying on your competition

Countdown ads add a sense of urgency to your offers… closes in 2 days …only 3 hours left and so on. The great thing is that AdWords does all the hard work for you. All you have to do is use a simple piece of code to each ad you create, and Google automatically updates the countdown for you. A fantastic feature that few advertisers take advantage of.

Countdown ads
Creating and testing hacks
4 Lectures 19:31
Introduction to creating and testing

Google gives you 4 ways to rotate your ads – but only one of them allows you to control and maximize your profit potential – Ian explains each method here and gives you the secret of the only one you should choose!

Ad rotation

There are 3 types of devices – desktop, mobile and tablet – and customers behave differently on each. We’ll show you these differences and we’ll give you a simple process for developing money-making campaigns for each possible device. Here’s what you need to know.


You can monitor the performance of your ads to see which days of the week, and which hours of each day generated the most sales for your business. Use this information to adjust your bids and squeeze the maximum profit from every hour of the week.


This Quiz will test your well you know the setting that can help you test your Keywords and Ad Copy.

Creating & Testing Quiz
3 questions
Ad extension hacks
6 Lectures 26:41
Introduction to ad extensions

A call extension allows you to add a phone number to your ads. This not only allows customers to phone you if it’s appropriate, but it also shows you’re a real business and builds trust in your brand.

Preview 04:10

How about having ads that easily stand out from your competition? No problem! You can have two sitelink extensions – ‘links’ and ‘descriptions’. Add both and your screen ‘real estate’ grows significantly bigger – and you get more business! Here’s how to set them up.

Sitelink extensions

Sitelink Extension Exercise

You can have 3 callout extensions that appear under your ads. Think of them as ‘sales bullet points’, where you can add customer benefits you didn’t have space to mention in your ad proper. We’ll show you a real example and explain exactly how you can do the same for your business.

Callout extensions

Sounds complicated but it’s one of the easiest extensions you can do. Think of them as structures lists of your products. Again, we’ll give you an example and tell you what you need to do. Easy peasy!

Structured snippets
Beyond text ad hacks
3 Lectures 20:53
Introduction to beyond text ads

Shopping ads appear in search results as a bank of ads with pictures, prices and even star reviews. These images attract attention and have on average a 22% higher click through rate than regular text ads. But they need some careful attention to turn a profit. We’ll show you how.

Shopping ads

Display ads can be strong visual signals of your brand. Yet many businesses struggle with the display network – and the Google interface offers little help. In this video, we’ll get you comfortable with another profitable opportunity in AdWords.

Display ads
About the Instructor
Ken McGaffin
4.4 Average rating
155 Reviews
12,404 Students
5 Courses
Digital Marketing, Link Building and Online PR Expert

I’ve been a consultant in digital marketing and video production for more than 20 years, helping scores of digital companies build their web presence, tap into new markets, and develop “magnetic” content that draws attention from customers, journalists, and bloggers alike.

Training is one of my passions—there’s no greater joy than sharing my knowledge and expertise to help others blaze their own successful paths. I've written and developed training programs for companies in Belfast, London, Boston and New York. 

I've developed digital marketing courses for the University of Westminster, London Business Club and many economic development agencies. I've got a degree in Psychology from Queens University Belfast, Diploma in Marketing from the University of Ulster and have studied Entrepreneurship at Boston College in Massachusetts. 

In recent years, I’ve worked closely with leading experts in creating highly regarded training courses and manuals for online marketers.

I write regularly on the Majestic Blog, and also write a regular column for Search Engine Watch. I've worked with companies such as Majestic, SkilledUp, Buzzstream, Wordtracker and am now Director of PR Services at Citation Labs.

Ian Howie
4.0 Average rating
20 Reviews
1,136 Students
1 Course
Google AdWords/ Analytics Consultant, Trainer & Speaker

Ian is a Data-Driven marketer with over 18 years worth of experience in Paid Search, Digital Analytics and Online Conversion.

Ian has worked for leading growth agency ROIworks in San Francisco, as well as Conversion Rate Experts, a top UK-based conversion optimization agency, and had a stint heading up Digital Analytics for Fuel, who are part of the Engine Group in London.

Ian got his start in digital advertising when he founded and ran 1UpSearch, an early PPC and SEO agency, until its eventual sale.

Ian has worked for a range of clients including: BMW, Argos, Ministry of Defence, Thompson Reuters, Burberry, Haymarket, Procter & Gamble, Amnesty International, National Geographic and EDF Energy.

Ian has spoken on the subjects of Search Marketing, Digital Analytics and Conversion at events such as Search Marketing Expo (SMX), AdTech, Affiliates4u, and at the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB).

He has also been a contributor to the Wordtracker Academy since 2008 and had published two Wordtracker books on Google AdWords, including one on advanced bid management strategies.