I Will Teach About God & Entrepreneurs,and Help You Be One
4.5 (12 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
981 students enrolled
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I Will Teach About God & Entrepreneurs,and Help You Be One

This is a guide to being a God-inspired entrepreneur. I will teach you what that means, and how to decide to be one!
4.5 (12 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
981 students enrolled
Created by Stan Hustad
Last updated 11/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • Decide whether they are going to stay stuck in the job they hate or try to make their first entrepreneurial move.
  • Discover that they may have to be an Entrepreneur whether they want to or not, so they better get ready.
  • Start making their first life changing moves that can lead them to the entrepreneurial leap of faith.
  • Learn and Do some great personal marketing moves and strategies that will help you make more money.
  • Start to dress differently and do an image audit to see if they can look and act like an entrepreneur.
  • Decide what they are going to sell or offer in their entrepreneurial business.
  • Discover that they must become performers and possibly broadcasters to live as an Entrepreneur today.
  • Be challenged that even if you do not want to be an Entrepreneur, you must learn to think and act like one.
  • Know that Stan's "God Statement" makes sense whether they are a believer in God or Not!
  • Change their life if they really want to ...But you really have to want to!
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  • They need to be reassured that no matter what their beliefs or non-beliefs that they will not be offended or hurt in any way. That the conversation is safe and respectable to all and that all views are welcome. This is a safe place.

The future belongs to the Entrepreneur...

Today the smart people know that the traditional job and career style that we have become accustomed to will soon come to an end. We see that the long time career with years of service and job security followed by a nice pension and easy retirement are mostly hanging on from past times. Already it is estimated that over 50 million good folks in the USA alone are seeking to make it in the "gig economy," and more and more our life will be filled, not with a career, but with a long series of projects, contracts, and assignments. The phenomenon will spread, and already is.

Today the future belongs to the risk taker, the freelancer, the small business owner and most importantly to the creative entrepreneur. But the question for all of those who seek a better position, and may want to leave a dysfunctional and hurtful "job situation" is, "Do I have what it takes" to be a successful entrepreneur. And for many people of faith and good will this change of vocation is one that they run by their faith and beliefs in a God who cares about their life and future.

To these millions of people Stan Hustad, long-time teacher, broadcaster, business performance coach, mentor, and a man of faith, takes about 90 minutes to challenge, not jus teach you, about what it might be like to be an entrepreneur.

He has positions and beliefs which he shares, but does not shove, and seeks to help you to form your own beliefs and directions; and then make good decisions about whether you, with "God's grace," should seek to live the life of an entrepreneur. You will learn a lot about life, business, marketing, personal selling and the road to true success.

October 2015

Who is the target audience?
  • Take this course and and challenge and get into it with sSan Hustad if you are the following:
  • if you are tired of working for others and have ever thought of starting your own business.
  • if you believe in the purposes of God in your life and wonder whether your belief should have any influence or impact on your life decision to go on your own.
  • Believer or not, but if you are brave enough to have your beliefs about you, life, and business you will find this 75 minutes of coaching and conversation very valuable.
  • But ... If you are hostile to business, the marketplace, spiritual experience, and personal self determination and independence, you probably should go elsewhere for what you are looking for.
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Curriculum For This Course
10 Lectures
Let's Be Brave & Bold toTalk About The Entrepreneurial Life in a Safe Place.
1 Lecture 07:48

You will get your first lesson in Entrepreneurial marketing. I will help you to understand why this is a short course of one and half hour, but that it takes time to reflect and think on your own. The way the course works will be clear, and you can decide what kind of time and intensity you are going to give to my show. I will be open to questions and seek to be a challenger as well as a teacher.


Here is the deal. This is what the God and Entrepreneur course is all about.
Let's Go, The Good, Bad, Tough, Terrific, & Terrifying Life of TheEntrepreneur
6 Lectures 57:30

Here I continue to give you some entrepreneur marketing lessons. So just keep listening for these little marketing and selling tips that I seek to keep throwing out from time to time. But the major theme of this part of the course is the power of making things. Animals by instinct make nests and resting places. God and human beings are in the business of creating things. Here I challenge you to understand that the fun and frustration of the life of the entrepreneur is that it is a life of creativity and creation.. This is one of the primary challenges and joys of seeking to live your life as a entrepreneur and as a creator.

Making things is good for you. God does it too. Here Is what it means.

In this lesson I introduce you to one of the most powerful questions in the world of work and often in life. So listen carefully and find the questions that help bring focus, clarity, and energy into your efforts. Then we take you into the dreaded world of fear. Indeed fear kills everything, and the life of the entrepreneur is one where you deal with fighting your fears and seeking to be brave in the midst of adversity and sometimes opposition. And fighting fear may require things of the Spirit, indeed things that are transcendent. That's the God deal.

Fear kills everything. Don't let it kill you and your success. Is that clear?

Here i take you right to the core of a number of the primary questions and challenges that will come to you in being an entrepreneur. First of all you will realize that before people buy your services and your stuff... they have to buy you. Because of that you must decide on the image, the persona ,and performance you are going to project and put into the marketplace. Do it right and do it well... Image is the first thing..

Then the key issue is to decide what besides you are you going to bring into the global and local marketplace that people will value and give you money... Indeed you have to know what it is you offer and why people should give you money for what you do and provide.

Image is not everything but it is the first thing & What's your offer?

This course is like a show because all business and all education is essentially show business. Remember that! here then is a time for the intermission and to get a preview of what is ahead and time for you to ask, "what is clearer to you now?"

It's time for an Intermission and to get ready to live and learn.

in this show i teach you a vital but often neglected part of the Entrepreneurial lifestyle. You will have to become a performer. all business is show business. Today "dead tree marketing is dead" and you have to gain skills in how to perform, how to present, how to persuade ,and how to create a delightful experience for potential clients and customers. here i just begin, because there is much more to learn, to begin to help you start to become a performer as part of being an entrepreneur.

To Be an Entrepreneur you must be a performer and demonstrate your stuff!

Now we are really rolling into defining and detailing what difference it is going to make for you to be a Spirit-led entrepreneur. This my personal acronym, and I share it with you. You want to be an ACE, which usually mean you are the top card, the best, the winner in what you do. So take the ten minutes to find out what ACE stands for and what you will have to do to the "ace' the test for bing an Entrepreneur.

To be an entrepreneur you have to be an ACE. Let's learn what that means.
Here Is The Challenge To Help You Decide What to Do Next
2 Lectures 07:46

Now you will find yourself in a finale, and a challenge to decide. And then to take your first actions. Remember a Stan Hustad course is not just about learning. Our courses are to also to challenge you to change. So here i take a few closing minutes to challenge and encourage and to bless you!

Now here we go... final thoughts and an Entrepreneurial challenge.

This will take one minute to tell you that this class is never over. Your investment will entitle you to lots of great teaching and learning about being an Entrepreneur, yet to come. I wish you all the best and hope to see you back again.

Here is how the course will continue and you will get monthly updates
The Stories, Strategies and Skills To Help You Be a World Class Entrepreneur
1 Lecture 26:51
Here is the deal, Tim Hoerr on starting out to pounding on heaven for success.
About the Instructor
Stan Hustad
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I am a teacher and the creator of the What It Takes (WIT) series of online teaching videos, with stories, skills, and strategies to help you discover the Wisdom, Insight, and Truth (WIT) to be one of the 3% who seek to live well and be fully alive.

I want to help you discover the deep principles of "spiritual wisdom" that you can use in your life and business projects.

I want to be your teacher and guide to help you create your own "personal economy"; and be an entrepreneur in your  business, your career, your life, and spirit.

I will help you gain power, insight, influence, impact, and income  in the marketplace, without losing your soul!