Goal Setting - How To Easily Turn Dreams Into Reality
4.3 (14 ratings)
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Goal Setting - How To Easily Turn Dreams Into Reality

Learn How To Take Any Vague Wish and Turn it Into A Specific, Step by Step Action Plan For Automatic Success
4.3 (14 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
505 students enrolled
Created by George Hutton
Last updated 2/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • Take A Vague Wish and Turn It Into An Action Plan For Easy Success
  • Understand The Role of Goals in Everyday Life
  • How to Identify and Uncover Self Sabotage
  • How To Stay Motivated Until Your Goals Are Realized
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  • All you need for this course is a desire for something more in your life. It will help if you have a certain area of life (finances, relationships, health, etc.) that you'd like to work on before starting.

Everybody has goals. Only most of our goals are either instinctive, or survival based, or they are set for us by somebody else. In this comprehensive course, you'll learn how to take your biggest dreams and turn them into an action plan for success.

You'll also learn how to uncover and eliminate hidden fears, which will allow you to easily obliterate self-sabotage. This course is designed for anybody who wants more out of life. It's best to start this course with an area of life you'd like to focus on, such as health, wealth, career, relationships, sports, etc.

Then we'll go step by step and turn your dreams into reality.

This course also comes with a comprehensive manual, a worksheet to take any dream and turn it into a plan, as well as a powerful, thirty minute hypnosis session that will turn your visualizations into reality.

First you'll understand the difference between goals and wishes, and wishes almost never come true, but properly set goals almost always come true.

Then you'll learn what the most common fears are to setting goals, and how to obliterate them.

Then we'll get into the nitty-gritty, step by step details of how to take your greatest desires and turn into an automatic success plan.

Finally, you'll learn some very powerful proven motivation strategies that will keep your mind on fire and your creative juices flowing to uncover even faster ways to make your dreams come true.

This course comes with in depth lecutres, a comprehensive manual, a worksheet with specific strategies and a powerful hypnosis session to put your goals on auto pilot.

It's highly recommended you take your time going through this course, and watch it several times to get the most benefit.

Who is the target audience?
  • This is a hands on course that will require your participation, and some drills and exercises in addition to watching and re-watching the videos. This is for those who are ready to take control of their lives, and build them exactly as they'd like using proven techniques. This is not for those who are expecting magic or instant gratification.
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Curriculum For This Course
28 Lectures
Introduction To Goals
6 Lectures 15:39

In this introduction, you'll learn what goals are and why everybody has them. You'll learn the difference between consciously chosen goals, and instinctive goals. You'll learn why consciously chosen goals are much better for creating your life.

Preview 03:33

When most people set goals, they are really setting a wish. In this video, you'll learn what the difference is between a goal and a wish.

Preview 01:56

In this video, we'll go through a specific example to understand why wishes are easy to set, but very hard to achieve, and why goals are much more likely to come true.

Preview 02:28

In this video, we'll go over the two most common fears to setting goals, and in subsequent videos we'll learn why they are false.

Preview 01:27

Fear of failure is very common when setting goals. In this video we'll learn why it's absolutely false.

Preview 03:12

Fear of success is just as real, and can be just as debilitating as the fear of failure. In this video, we'll uncover what it really means, and why this is also a false fear based on a false understanding of achievement.

Fear of Success
Proper Mindsets For Successful Goal Setting
4 Lectures 06:57

This is a brief introduction to this section. What mindsets are and how they can be thought of as mental tools for successful goal setting.

Introduction To Goal Mindsets

Since we can't know the future, we don't know how we'll get to our goal. Luckily, with the mindset of flexibility, you can easily change course as needed, no matter what happens.

Mindset One - Flexibility

The second crucial mindset is being open to feedback. Taking action, and getting results will get feedback. So long as you are open to all feedback, you'll be fine.

Second Mindset - Open To Feedback

The third mindset is enjoying the journey as a life changing process, rather than only enjoying the destination. Since we are all driven to achieve bigger and better things, understanding this mindset is essential.

Third Mindset - Love The Journey
Step By Step Goal Setting Technique
9 Lectures 23:45

The nuts and bolts of taking your biggest dreams and turning them to a specific action plan for easy success.

Introduction To Goal Creation - Measure Twice, Cut Once

The need for specificity. How to take your vague dream and turn it into a concrete and measurable target.

Step One - Make Sure Your Goal Is Specific

Your goal will become much more real when you attach it to a specific time in the future.

Step Two - Make Sure Your Goal Is Time Limited

Your goal is much more powerful if it is really your goal and not somebody else's.

Step Three - Make Sure Your Goal Belongs To You

A powerful goal must be completely under your control. In this video we'll learn how to make sure.

Step Four - Make Sure Your Goal Is Under Your Control

One often overlooked aspect of goal setting is to maintain present positives. This means keeping things about your life that you like the same. That way, you won't have to give up anything you don't want to.

Step Five -Make Sure Your Goal Maintains Present Positives

In this video you'll learn a very powerful technique to uncover any hidden fears, and turn them around into positives that will make your goal even more powerful.

Present Positives II - Uncovering Hidden Fears

One last piece of the puzzle is that your goal should get you EXCITED when you say it. In this video, we'll learn how to make sure.

Step Six - Make Sure Your Goal Excites You!

Here we'll go over a few sample goal statements to give you an idea of what your own final statement should look and sound like.

Example Goal Statements
How To Stay Motivated Until Your Goals Are Realized
6 Lectures 10:36

How to turn yourself into a powerful force of success without needing to rely on willpower.

Motivation Overview

Why daily journaling is absolutely essential to maintain motivation without needing willpower.

Motivation Strategy - Daily Journaling

In this video, you'll learn powerful visualization techniques, as well as some very effective mental mind games to play with yourself to get a burst of motivation any time you need it.

Motivation Strategy - Visualization and Mind Tricks

It can be tough to think of your goal way out on the time horizon. Which is why in this video you'll learn how to break it down into easy weekly milestones and how to reward yourself as you achieve them.

Motivation Strategy - Break Your Goal Down Into Small Chunks

How to build up your final achievement, the completion of your goal, and fill with emotional power that will keep you salivating with an unstoppable burning desire.

Motivation Strategy - Eyes On The Ultimate Prize

In this video, you'll learn who to share your goal with, and who you should never tell.

Motivation Strategy - Be Careful Who You Share Your Goal With
Final Thoughts and Bonus Material
3 Lectures 04:58

Your ultimate purpose in life is to be a continuous creator of bigger and better things.

Endless Goals

Your life, and everything in it, is ultimately up to you. By using the techniques in this course, you can create anything you want.

Your Life - Your Choice - You Can Achieve Anything

Final message and bonus downloads to make setting and achieving your goals even easier.

Final Thoughts - Bonus Material
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George Hutton
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George Hutton has been learning, creating and teaching hypnosis, self development, personal improvement, sales and covert influence for over ten years.

Originally with a B.S. in Physics in 1990 from San Diego State University, George spent the next ten years managing an research and development laboratory for a fortune 500 company.

Not satisfied with the world of science, George then spent the next ten years studying the science of mind as applied to sales, psychology and covert persuasion and influence.

George received his Masters Practitioner Licence in NLP, Hypnotherapy and Reiki from Bennet-Stellar University in 2004, and has used various techniques in sales, coaching, and public speaking.

George has also been an assistant instructor for Dale Carnegie Public Speaking Mastery, and has used these techniques teaching self development topics in North America and Asia.

George continues to study, create and practice advanced techniques of persuasion in various forms around the world.