Goals and Goal Setting Made Easy
4.7 (15 ratings)
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Goals and Goal Setting Made Easy

Learn how to use goals and goal setting to increase your motivation, increase your results and happiness.
4.7 (15 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
748 students enrolled
Created by Josh Paulsen
Last updated 2/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • Write their goals using the S.M.A.R.T.E.R. framework
  • Understand where most people go wrong with goals and how to avoid the most common pitfalls.
  • Develop and utilize the skills to not just set goals, but to achieve their goals and get the results they want.
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  • Be prepared to do some work along the way!
  • This course is in English and will require basic comprehension of the language.

Goals are a key tool of any high achiever. Many have heard about their importance but few really know how to fully utilize them.

Whether you are new to Goal Setting or have used Goals successfully in the past, my goal is to provide you with a course that will be both comprehensive and will cover all the bases, but is still easy to implement.

You will learn not only how to write your goals that will get you great results, but also why most fall short and how to go beyond setting goals, to achieving them!

In our first section you will learn the importance and power of goal setting, including the four ways in which goals help you improve your performance.

In section two we will cover The Common Pitfalls of Goal Setting. Here you will learn where people go wrong with Goal Setting and how you can avoid the most common mistakes.

After we have reviewed the most common mistakes I will walk you through step by step how to write powerful goals that will bridge the gap between where you are right now and where you want to be in the future.

Our last section is the most critical and where most people go wrong. It is ok to have goals, but they only benefit you if it changes your behavior and your results. In this powerful section you will learn why setting goals and achieving goals require different skill sets. I will show you how human motivation works and help you tap into the fuel that will help you persistent until you accomplish your goals. I will also help you align your beliefs and increase your odds of overcoming the inevitable obstacles along the way.

Come with me on a journey to change your life for the better!

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is for anyone interested in goals, but not sure how to get started or how to utilize them in the write way.
  • This course is for anyone who has tried goal setting before, but has failed and is not sure why.
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Curriculum For This Course
22 Lectures
Introduction and What This Course Is All About
2 Lectures 01:44

This section sets the stage for our journey together. Learn a little more about your instructor and your upcoming course.

Preview 01:44

Welcome Message From Your Instructor
1 page
The Importance and Power of Goals and Goal Setting
2 Lectures 08:57

In this lecture you will learn why goals are important and why it is critical that you are intentional and deliberate when choosing your goals.

You will also learn why we are hardwired for goals as one of our top two systems.

Do I need Goals? The Importance of Goal Setting

In this lecture you will learn the Power of Goals and Goal Setting. You will learn the four ways goals improve your performance as well as how it serves as both your GPS and Spam filter.

You will discover the real power of goal setting as well as discover a real life example of how utilizing goals can change your life.

Preview 06:34
The Common Pitfalls and Where People Go Wrong with Goal Setting
7 Lectures 23:36

Learn why New Year's Resolutions don't work and one of the biggest mistakes people make when goal setting.

You will discover the Law of Goal Setting and why you must utilize this principle in order to not just set goals but achieve them.

Being Interested and Not Committed

Another big reason why people fail with their goals is because they fail to review them consistently. In this lecture you will learn why this is a major pitfall of goal setting and what Goals and Showers have in common.

Set and Forget

Another common pitfall of goal setting is setting and chasing too many goals at once. We all have limited resources, the most critical of which is time.

In this lecture we discuss the sweet spot of how many goals you should focus on at any given time and how that might vary depending on your season of life.

Going after too many goals at once can stretch you too thin and contribute to you achieving none of them.

Focusing on Too Many Goals at One Time

Another mistake that causes most people to fail to achieve their goals is setting goals that are the wrong size.

In this lecture you will learn how to set goals that are in the "sweet spot", both in size and in respect to time. You will also learn what happens if you set goals that are either too big, too small or too far out.

Your Goals Are the Wrong Size

I know, we have all been told we should right our goals down, but does it really make a difference? That is exactly what we explore in this lecture. We look at one particular study that studied that very thing.

You will discover the three advantages that writing your goals down gives you and why not writing them down is a big goal setting pitfall.

Not Writing Your Goals Down

This lecture is about the reasons behind WHY you want to achieve your goals. Most of us have access to information at our fingertips with our computers an smartphones. The "how" of achieving our goals is rarely the problem. It comes down to wanting it bad enough which is what I call your "why" you want to achieve your goals.

Not spending enough time really getting clear on why you want to achieve your goal and making it compelling is one of our goal setting pitfalls.

A Small Why

Many people don't set goals because they are held back by a feeling of failure. What if I don't achieve it? But that all goes away when you learn the true value of goal setting.

This lecture will show you that whether or not you actually achieve the goal takes a back seat to the real power and purpose of goal setting.

Preview 03:12
A Step by Step Process on the Mechanics of Writing Your Goals
5 Lectures 19:23

This lecture covering the first step of goal setting will walk you through an exercise to break your life into different categories so you can take stock on the results you are getting currently in each one.

You will also learn how to paint a picture and describe exactly what success looks like to you in each area. This will prepare us to move on to the next steps of goal setting.

Step 1 - Self Evaluation and Your Current Reality

This lecture will help you uncover your values. Those emotional states you seek to experience more of, or those emotional states you seek to avoid at all costs.

This is critical to understand because it serves as two targets, one that we move towards and one that we want to avoid. It is very important that you align your goals with your values or you will sabotage yourself along the way, or accomplish the wrong goals and still not be happy.

You will learn how to identify your top five toward goals as well as your top five away values and use them as we start to create your goals.

Step 2 - Defining and Understanding Your Values

In Step 3 we get really clear about what it is we want most in life. You will be walked through a process that will help you decide which areas of your life you are going to focus on moving forward.

Step 3 - Getting Chrystal Clear On What You Want

Step 4 - Brainstorming and Identifying Options

In this step we are going to start writing our goals. We are going to use the S.M.A.R.T.E.R. framework to ensure that our goals are written the right way. I will walk you through exactly how to write out your goals. But don't stop here. Now that we have our goals written down, it is critical that we head to the next section so that we can actually achieve them!

Step 5 - Writing Our Goals Using the S.M.A.R.T.E.R. Framework
From Goal Setting to Goal Achieving
5 Lectures 19:00

Congratulations on now having written goals! You are well ahead of many people, but still need to master a few skills before you can ensure that you will achieve those goals.

Setting Goals and Achieving Goals takes different skill sets. This lecture will explain why setting goals is not enough to get the results you want.

Preview 01:27

Have you ever wondered why you struggle to stay motivated with things you know you should be doing? That is what this lecture is all about, motivation!

You will learn the two levers that govern our motivation and how to use them to help you achieve your goals.

Understanding Motivation

In my opinion this is one of the most important lectures in the course if not the most important. If you have every struggled to stay motivated with your goals, this lecture is for you. I will show you why most people don't achieve their goals and give you the formula to create the motivation to follow through until you are successful.

Developing Your Why - Do You Want It Bad Enough?

In this lecture,you will learn how to align your beliefs with your goals. Many people start out with great intentions but fail to achieve their goals because they have limiting beliefs holding them back. Whether it is "I am not smart enough", "I don't have enough experience". Any limiting belief can sabotage you from reaching the finish line.

In this lecture you will learn how you get these beliefs, but most importantly how to establish new ones that will align with the goals you have set.

Aligning Your Beliefs With Your Goals

Studies have proven that if you anticipate potential obstacles and plan for them ahead of time you will significantly improve your odds of overcoming them.

In this lecture I show you how to use our IF / THEN strategy to anticipate obstacles along the way and develop a plan to make sure they don't hold you back from achieving your goals.

Anticipating Obstacles and Challenges
1 Lecture 03:01

In this lecture I leave you with my parting advice to turn your goals into a reality. One final step to help make sure you keep focus on your goals and stay with them to completion.

Putting It All Together & Thank You
About the Instructor
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For more than 15 years my passion and my career has been leading organizations and helping students and clients reach their full potential in their careers and their businesses.

I am a life-long learner that is fascinated with how the human mind works, as well as the science and psychology behind human behavior and success.

I believe everybody has untapped potential inside of them and is destined for great things. My mission is to help as many people as possible get out of their own way and get on with living their best possible life.

Talent is overrated! We are simply the result of our habits, thought patterns and behaviors on a daily basis. Change those and everything changes.