Goal Setting for Entrepreneurs

Defeat Distractions, Overcome Angst, and Seize Your Success – More Effectively Than Ever Before!
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About This Course

Published 7/2015 English

Course Description


  • Thanks for the amazing feedback!
  • 625 Students in the first 100 hours!

Goals built the Pyramids in Egypt, the Great Wall in China, and the double-decker couch a few of us built in college!

That power is the result of setting goals in the most effective way possible. Wanting something and knowing you can get it is one of the most powerful feelings in the world.

Being more effective at setting goals will immediately improve the trajectory of your life. Poor goal setting isn't only affecting your outcome; it's affecting your enthusiasm, time, and your dignity!

Most people are terrible at setting goals. They fire off hundreds of random ideas, passionately jump into one, and quickly forget about it a month later. Then they repeat the process and wonder why they never make any real progress!

What if I told you there was a mindset that the highest achievers naturally performed whenever they want something…and this mindset made them ridiculously effective at achieving it….and that this step-by-step approach and its incredible powers came directly from goal setting?

Good news - This is the truth!

This course provides the blueprint to rewire the way you approach setting goals so that you can go beast-mode on any obstacle in your way. My surveys show that there are 4 Major Frustrations of Goal Setting. Turn each obstacle into an ally!

  • Angst » Motivation
  • Distractions » Clarity
  • Doubt » Belief
  • Failure » Grit

All of the tactics and techniques in this course are the product of years of practice by thousands of people – including some of the highest achievers I know.

And guess what...all of these frameworks I teach can be applied in hundreds of situations to: write a book, lose 20 pounds, earn a promotion, earn secondary income, re-connect with friends and family, build a triple-decker couch — and become the best self you know you have the potential to be!

# Being able to effectively achieve you goals isn't a skill; it's a superpower! #

Still doubtful?

My company has given the exact same framework as this course to over 4,000 individuals. I've been contracted for hundreds (and even thousands) of dollars an hour by sports teams, student bodies, and teaching staffs to teach the things you'll learn in this course like “what comes before 'What'" and how to create an inspiring goal with practical actions.

But don't just listen to me. Here's what a few others have said about this 4-step program:

  • “Thank you for going the extra mile. You helped me bring insight to another block in my life and boosted me up over it, when I just wanted to slump next to it in defeat."
    • – Tashia, actress
  • “I've had countless staff members approach me and tell how they appreciated your course. Without hesitation, I would recommend your course to anyone."
    • – Craig Barringer, Superintendent
  • “Helped me regain control and stopped my weight from skyrocketing."
    • – Ann, college student

A few of the things you'll learn in this course:

  1. A step-by-step process to setting effective goals
  2. Why SMART goals, aren't
  3. How your unique personality type is helping and hurting your goal setting effectiveness
  4. What a Greek god can teach us about proper timing
  5. Dealing with distractions in the Age of the Internet
  6. Emotionally-charged Visualization
  7. How to follow up effectively when no one responds to your email
  8. How to “memory proof" your goal so you don't lose focus
  9. How to quickly create a “Napkin Plan" to get you taking action fast
  10. The 23 questions to craft a ridiculously effective goal gameplan
  11. Receive the 14-page Goal Setting Guide

That's just a tiny taste of what you'll receive. By the end of the course, you'll have skills and confidence to effectively, meaningfully, and immediately start achieving your goals.

I guarantee that no matter who you are, you'll learn at least one thing from this course.

I will personally respond to any questions you may have as you go through the material. So if you're not sure how to apply all the gold in the course, just ask.

Take action now. Devote 3 hours of your life now to improve the next 3 years – and beyond!

So sign up now!

Talk soon,

Nick Milodragovich

P.S. The ≈ $100 price was an initial offering to build the students and positive reviews. (That was only 25 cents a day for the next year!) It'll go back up in the future. But... since I love sharing and want to reach more people, it's going to be $29 for a limited time.

PS: There is no doubt that all the heartache, lost goals, lost time, and lost enthusiasm, is worth way more, so I plan on raising the price soon. If you want to take advantage of this deal, you should really sign up now!

What are the requirements?

  • Come with a desire to improve. Think of what you wish you had – or what you wish you were.
  • Download the "Goal Setting Workbook." You'll be prompted when to use it in the lectures.
  • Optional: Print out the "Goal Setting Workbook," write all over it, and make it your best friend.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Improve your effectiveness at reaching your goals
  • Leverage your unique goal personality type to multiple your results
  • Transform your angst into a steady stream of inner motivation
  • Super-charge your goals by developing an unstoppable drive
  • Overcome distractions and doubt using tools to clarify your goals and to re-ignite belief in yourself
  • Overcome obstacles and set-backs with effective goal gameplanning
  • Memory-proof your goal so you don't wake up and realize you gave up on your dreams – and didn't even realize it!

Who is the target audience?

  • Have you ever failed at achieving a goal, or wished you could be more effective at getting what you want? This course is for you.
  • Did you just finish college, or you're in your 20's and you want to do something important, but you're not sure what? This course is for you.
  • Are you an Entrepreneur wanting to make an impact in this world – even if it's only your own world? This course is for you.
  • Are you in a mid-life rut? Did you wake up a realize you gained 30 pounds? Does it feel like you're stuck? This course is for you.
  • Do you have dreams and goals, but it doesn't seem like you could ever really get there? This course is for you.
  • This course is NOT for you if you are already extremely effective at goal setting.

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android.

Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.


Section 1: Introduction

See what you will learn.


Find out what you're in for!


We are not waiting to set a goal. It starts now.

Section 2: Get Context (skip to Section 3 if you want to dive in!)

See what you're going to learn. Target the areas you need the most.


Distractions, Lack of Passion, Doubt, and.........


When surveyed and questioned, here's what you said you wanted to learn.


Can you trust me? Am I worth your time?


You know the benefits. Now hear what science has to say.

Section 3: Deeply Defining WHO You Are!

You've heard of "Know Thyself." Find out why "Owning Thyself" is the difference between your successes and your failures.


Download the workbook. Utilize its power.


Before the WHAT, you must define the WHO.


Knowing thyself comes indirectly from knowing your values.


Further define your values.


Pretty sweet offer.

Section 4: What's my Goal Personality Type?

What Myers-Briggs is good for, and what it isn't. Plus all the other big players.


Are you more of an Accomplisher or Experiencer? Connector or ............. ?


Find out when and where to take the test.

Section 5: Define exactly WHAT You Want—and WHEN!

Can you still dream?


Get ready.


Stream out tens (and hundreds?) of goals. Go faster than your conscious mind!


Why does everyone overlook this super tool?! It will set you free.


Flow is amazing. Aristotle's "Middle Path" is the answer. Learn the 5 factors governing Flow.


Narrow your focus.


Learn the ideal length of your goal.


Form your goal into 90 days correctly.


How to deal with your brain's number one enemy.


Is this you?


What gets measured gets done.

Section 6: Super-charge WHY you want it!

Time to equip dynamite to your goal.


Super-charge it.


Asking the hard questions now will save the hard feelings later.


Now we're getting serious. What will you focus on?


Learn how to use Pinterest to ignite your imagination.


Here's how to super-charge, use sparingly.


Here's a personal story of how I super-charged.

Section 7: Deeply Defining HOW you'll get it!

If it's out of sight, it'll become out of mind. Keep your goal progressing forward.


Intro to the HOW section of the workbook.


For those of you who want to start sprinting NOW!


It's tough to prioritize. Become better at it.


It's time to make Eisenhower smile with your own detailed plan of goal invasion.


You're not a silo. Learn how to effectively get the support of others.


Add markers to your path.


Your MVA's sync with your priorities. Define them and watch your progress ACCELERATE!


Pinpoint stumbling blocks and prepare to pass them.


"Ain't no thang as sumthing fer nuthing!" - Redneck Ralph


Not only do you need to do the highest priority things, but you need to manage your time and energy.


Simple ways to understand and leverage your WP and Habits.


How to improve your decision-making.


"If ya don't commit, it don't mean s#!!" - Redneck Ralph

Section 8: Putting it All Together

The ebb and flow of everyday life. Expect to be resilient.


I love the love the amateurs have. Can we embody the spirit of an Amateur?


"I took his offer, and wowzers! I never completed a double-decker couch faster!" - Redneck Ralph

Section 9: [BONUS] Goal Setting's History, Trends, Quirks, and Methods

Gain perspective on all the perspectives out there. Knowledge is empowering.


Gain insights into the history of self-help.


Learn the different ways people group their goals.


"Going with the flow never led to the top of the mountain" - Alexander Kerr the Adventurer

Section 10: Course Slides
1 page

Go to "Downloadable Resources" and download all of the slides for this section.

1 page

Go to "Downloadable Resources" and download all of the slides for this section.

1 page

Go to "Downloadable Resources" and download all of the slides for this section.

1 page

Go to "Downloadable Resources" and download all of the slides for this section.

1 page

Go to "Downloadable Resources" and download all of the slides for this section.

1 page

Go to "Downloadable Resources" and download all of the slides for this section.

1 page

Go to "Downloadable Resources" and download all of the slides for this section.

1 page

Go to "Downloadable Resources" and download all of the slides for this section.

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Instructor Biography

Nick Milodragovich, Entrepreneur & Co-founder of Pink Gloves Boxing

I'm Nick Milodragovich. I'm an entrepreneur with an international business in over 30 locations including Sweden and Norway.

Before this, I was two-time college football All-American, won 3 National Championships, and was voted as a captain by my teammates.

I love personal development, art, and science. Everything I learn or create is a confluence of all three. Through Pink Gloves Boxing, we've taught over 4,000 women in personal development, leadership skills, and (of course) boxing. I've spoken at various events on goal setting, being your best, and empowerment—including a high school commencement—and have been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine as a "Top 100 Innovative Company."

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