Crowdfunding from Idea to Launch
3.6 (5 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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Crowdfunding from Idea to Launch

The GO TO Course by the GO TO Crowdunding Expert. Raise the funds you need to take your cool idea from idea to launch!
3.6 (5 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
23 students enrolled
Created by Heri Rakotomalala
Last updated 2/2016
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What you'll learn
  • Spot what makes a campaign a success or a dud.
  • Adress the five important questions you need to answer before you start your campaign.

  • Calculate how much money should you ask for in your crowdfunding campaign.

  • Allocate your time and resources to launch your campaign from start to finish.
  • Be generous and smart. Choose effective perks that will be attractive to your backers, but that also won’t become too much of a hassle down the road. We'll share a list of great perks to try!
  • Discover how the right campaign can help your idea beyond just raising money.
  • Know the magic number. How having a certain number of friends and fans on Facebook greatly influences your chance of success.
  • Write an results oriented campaign pitch - you'll get a winning structure that you can replicate for your campaign!
  • Produce a crowdfunding video that can increase your rate of success by 120%.
  • Select the right platform for your campaign.
  • Engage the right resources for your team - the who and what you need!
  • Choose the right fit social media sites and online techniques to spread the word.
  • Master the art of crowdfunding to reach your fundraising goal.
  • A computer with video and audio + a reliable Internet access = You're good to go!

Do you have a really cool idea or a dream project - BUT just don't have the funds to make it happen?

Crowdfunding can be the solution to make it happen NOW.

People just like you have been raising hundreds of thousands of dollars on crowdfunding platforms around the world..

You may be asking yourself:

"How do people raise so much money?"

"How would I even start"

"How much time do I need to invest for an effective typical campaign take?"

You might have even tried it before and gave up being fed up with the process and options.

Whatever your reason, consider that crowdfunding can also do so much more than just raise the money to make your dream project come true.

Dive into the world of crowdfunding and master the latest tips and tricks on how to effectively prepare for, launch and manage your campaign.

Discover the secrets of crowdfunding success.

Crowdfunding can:

  • Let the world know about your idea - connecting you to not only investors, but also the media and importantly to potential customers.
  • Help you collect valuable data about your market as you interact with potential funders
  • Be a powerful way to collect testimonials and recommendations with the relationships you build along the campaign - or - share the ones of people who already know you well
  • Build brand awareness and your reputation as an inventor/entrepreneur/artist/film maker.
  • Connect you with potential partners or joint ventures

Who crowdfunds?

A lot of people…if you're read this far, you probably will soon, too!

Crowdfunders have typically included:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Inventors
  • Amateur athletes
  • Filmmakers
  • Artists, singers, writers
  • Anyone with a passion but needs cash to make it happen.
  • Even the Statue of Liberty was crowdfunded? Yes, it's true.

As well as… countless other every day people with great ideas for global and local markets, some stories are about personal passions and other about a smart, new business!

Let's take for example…Zubits….now this guy had a cool idea.

You know how shoe laces can get easily untied and be messy for kids and even for us adults?

Take for example, Zubits. The inventor had this bright idea to use, sporty looking, strong magnets to keep shoelaces securely connected. You can learn more by looking them up - but - suffice it to say that with a smart idea and a well executed crowdfunding campaign, this team far surpassed their fundraising goal by 1100% and found well over 7,000 backers on Kickstarter! The initial goal was roughly $30,000…he raised over $362,000! Imagine what you could do with your innovative idea!

Crowdfunding can also transform someone's destiny - like it did for amateur athlete, Maya. Her crowdfunding experience at sports crowdfunding platform Make-A-Champ for aspiring young athletes like Maya, has encouraged her to try out for the next PanAmerrican games. Or, the story of Cara - a girl who was bullied in school and had no direction…till she discovered her strengths in kickboxing. Crowdfunding has already helped her win three medals.

And you don't necessarily need to be targeting a global market place. Local focused ideas can be crowdfunded, too. Want to start a restaurant, café, juice bar, a vegan bakery or a hip brewery in your city? Ideas like these are a great fit for crowdfunding campaigns. You'd already be connecting with the customers you'd want to come to your venue. They’d already be fully hyped about your idea and its launch! Well known bistros like Colonie in Brookly once started off as a crowdfunding campaign. And to this day, it's been a huge success.

The stories are get the idea...and more importantly, you HAVE a winning idea, so let's move on to how you can get your idea to market. And now is a great time to do it.


Because the market's been expanding exponentially as THE most effective, time efficient way to launch an idea - even if you have no money!

Did you know that the crowdfunding market has grown from 2 to 5 billion dollars in the last few years. The momentum building, proven success stories have gained the confidence of investors... and now - more than ever- is the time to launch your campaign.

This can change your life!

In this course, we'll cover the best tips and tricks of how to crowdfund to get your projects launched from beginning to end. You'll learn quick easy steps in our snappy, dynamic videos. You'll master the art of crowdfunding by learning:       

  • Which platform is best for your needs
  • How much time to allocate to each step
  • Hho you need on your team to ignite your project
  • more than 5 ways a solid campaign can help your idea beyond just raising money
  • How much money should you ask for your campaign -and - what you should include in that calculation?
  • How a properly planned crowdfunding video increases your chances of having a successful campaign by 120%.
  • How to choose effective perks that will be attractive to your backers, but that won’t become too much of a hassle down the road.
  • How to write a results oriented campaign pitch - we're even shaing a structure that you can replicate for your campaign
  • Ways of joining different online communities to promote your campaign (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit)
  • How a number of friends and fans on Facebook influences your chance of success
  • Common concerns of potential backers you must manage
  • How to discover and then dissect successful campaign which are similar to yours to learn how they did it
  • Some potential hindrances that can occur
  • Best practices shared by successful campaigns like Neptune Pine's smart watch that raised over $800,000 in just a few short months.
  • and so much more.

At the end of each lecture, you'll find a short quiz to test your knowledge. And if you like to study in groups, our discussion forum enables you to exchange ideas with other crowdfunding students. Who knows, you might even find opportunities to work together, collaborate, cross-market or spread the word for each other!

All you have to do is view the video – on your computer, your tablet, your mobile on the go - no matter which crowdfunding platform you want to us. Any where, any place!

By the end of our course, you'll be well equipped to kickstart, manage and raise the money to get your great project up and running fast!

So who's running this course? A world class crowdfunding expert who's advised companies, non-profit organizations and individuals to raise more than $1.5 million dollars in just the last couple of years alone. He regularly runs in person workshops and seminars at business centers and forums, but now you can learn from him from the comforts of your own home at your time and at your pace anywhere in the world.

His students learned key TO DO's and ABSOLUTE DON'T DO's to effectively raise the funds to propel their ideas forward. And so can you!

So whether you're brand new to the world of crowdfunding - or - been there, done it, hated it and want to learn to do it effectively - GET STARTED TODAY, sign up now and be THE ONE who made your dream project happen!

Who this course is for:
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Inventors
  • Fundraisers
  • People with a cool new idea
Course content
Expand all 25 lectures 01:28:10
+ Who Should Consider Crowdfunding & When
1 lecture 03:58
Who should consider crowdfunding and when
Are you ready for your campaign?
2 questions
+ Five Advantages Beyond Raising Money
1 lecture 04:01
Five Advantages beyond raising money
Optimize your crowd-funding benefits
2 questions
+ Unforeseen risks
1 lecture 03:43
Unforseen risks
Learn about your responsibilities
3 questions
+ Time Commitment
1 lecture 03:49
Time commitment

How much time should you allocate to a pre-campaign?

Allocate your time properly
3 questions
+ Selecting the Right Crowdfunding Platform for Your Project
1 lecture 04:01
Selecting the right crowdfunding platform
Pick the right platform to match your needs
2 questions
+ Clearly Identify Your Target Strategy
1 lecture 01:46
Clearly identify your target strategy
Attract and keep your supporters
3 questions
+ Building Your Team
1 lecture 02:49
Building your team
Who to hire first
1 question
+ Mapping the key opinion leader
1 lecture 02:25
Mapping the key opinion leader
Reveal and follow the key opinion leaders
1 question