Glute Training 101: 50 Exercises For Great Glutes
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Glute Training 101: 50 Exercises For Great Glutes

A Glute Training Guide with over 50 moves, including foam rolling, stretching, activation and strength training moves.
0.0 (0 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
201 students enrolled
Created by Cori Lefkowith
Last updated 9/2014
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What you'll learn
  • By the end of this course, you will have all the tools you need to strengthen and tone your glutes while preventing pain and injury!
  • Foam Rolling Moves to loosen up your hips, back, quads and hamstrings

  • Stretches to help you loosen and open up your body after sitting hunched over a computer all day

  • Activation Exercises to get your glutes working and prevent and alleviate pain and injury
  • Strength Training moves to strengthen and tone your glutes
  • A complete Exercise Guide with videos of each move!
  • No equipment is necessary; however the following pieces are recommended
  • Mini Bands
  • Foam Rolling Tools - Rollers and balls
  • Weights - Barbells, Kettlebells, Dumbbells, Sandbags
  • Sliders or Towels
  • Step or Box
  • Suspension Trainer - TRX or Jungle Gym XT

Our glutes are one of the most powerful muscles in our body as well as the biggest.

But because most of us sit all day hunched over a computer screen, our glutes aren't activated, which means they don't work when they are supposed to, leading to low back, hip and knee pain.

So all of your butt and leg workouts may not be getting you the results you want because your glutes aren't even engaging when you workout.

Instead your low back, hips and hamstrings may be doing work that they can't handle, which can lead to injury.

In this Glute Training 101 Course, we will provide you with everything you need to know to strengthen and tone your glutes while preventing and alleviating low back, hip and knee pain.

With over 50 exercises included in this course, we will show you how to develop a great glute training program complete with foam rolling, stretching, activation and even strength training moves.

So start strengthening and toning your glutes today! Don't suffer from pain a moment longer!

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to strengthen and tone their glutes
  • Anyone with low back, hip and/or knee pain
  • Athletes looking to improve their strength and power
  • Runners!!!
  • Anyone with a desk job!
Course content
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+ Glute Training 101
2 lectures 01:18

Welcome to the Glute Training 101 Course! This course is a complete guide to glute training with over 50 exercises to help you get strong, sexy glutes and alleviate low back, hip and knee pain!

Preview 00:49

If you need further guidance with any of the exercises, check out our Glute Training Guide attached to the first lecture.

Preview 00:29
+ Foam Rolling - Back, Glutes, Hips, Quads and Hamstrings
2 lectures 03:25

Because most of us sit at a desk all day, we need to make sure to loosen up before we workout or we risk injury. A great way to loosen up tight muscles is with foam rolling. Here are some great foam rolling tools you should use to loosen up your hips, back and legs. Also check out the attached link to help you make and use the peanut shown in this video.

Preview 01:21

Here are some great moves to loosen up your hips, low back and legs so that your glutes will activate and work during your workout. For more great foam rolling moves, you can check out the attached links.

Preview 02:04
+ Stretching
1 lecture 03:05

After you foam roll, you need to stretch out so that you can then activate your glutes. Use these 4 stretches to get your body ready to work.

Preview 03:05
+ Glute Activation
4 lectures 04:19

Once your muscles are at the correct length-tension relationships because of rolling and stretching, you can then activate your glutes. Activating your glutes before your workout means that your glutes will be doing the work they should be doing instead of your low back taking over. This means less risk for injury and strong, sexy glutes!

Preview 01:07

A $3 Mini Band is a must-have glute training tool. It is a great way to activate all three gluteal muscle fibers. Check out these basic mini band moves.

Preview 01:14

If you don't have a mini band, these quadruped moves (exercises done on your hands and knees) are a great way to activate your glutes. Do not rush through these movements. More time under tension, aka holding at the top and moving slowly with the reps, means more glute activation.

Quadruped Activation Exercises

Planks and Bridges are a great way to get your core ready to work. If you are short on time, all you need to do for a great warm up are the move in this video. They will stretch and activate all at the same time!

Planks and Bridges
+ Deadlifts
2 lectures 03:09

The deadlift is a great standing glute exercise. In this course, we will go over three deadlift variations to work your glutes, including the Single Leg Deadlift, Conventional Deadlift and Sumo Deadlift. We will demonstrate how to do the deadlift with both barbells and kettlebells although sandbags and dumbbells can also be used.

Deadlift 101

Here's how to do our three favorite deadlift variations using barbells and kettlebells. For more deadlift variations, check out the attached link.

Barbell and Kettlebell Deadlifts
+ Lunges
3 lectures 02:48

Lunges are a great glute exercise to supplement the big lifts like the deadlift and hip thruster because they work each leg independently. Here are our favorite lunge variations because they target and work the glutes in different planes of motion.

Lunges 101

Here are five great lunge variations to work your glutes using a kettlebell and suspension trainer. Beginners may want to start with bodyweight or very light weights on some of these variations.

Lunge Variations

If you don't have weights, you can also make lunges more challenging by using a slider or towel. The slider or towel reduces traction, making the lunges more difficult.

Slider Lunges
+ Kettlebell Swings
1 lecture 01:44

This video will help teach you basic form for a hip hinge kettlebell swing not an American Swing. When you are looking to work your glutes, the traditional hip-hinge swing is much more beneficial because your glutes are driving the movement.

Kettlebell Swings
+ Step Exercises
1 lecture 01:54

A box step is a great way to work your glutes in a functional way. Here are three great exercises to do on the box step that really target the glutes. If you have knee pain, please make sure to start with a lower box.

Step Exercises
+ Sandbag Exercises
2 lectures 02:10

The Sandbag is a great awkward and functional weight to use to train your glutes and work your core. Check out our favorite three Sandbag exercises to include in our glute training programs.

Sandbag Intro

The Good Morning, Sandbag Get Up and Lunge with Rotation not only work your glutes, but also really blast your entire core. If you are looking for a great core workout, all you need are these three moves!

Sandbag Exercises
+ Glute Bridges
2 lectures 02:09

Glute Bridges are one of the best glute training exercises out there. No glute program is complete without glute bridges. Here are variations for everyone from the beginner to the advanced lifter.

Glute Bridge Intro

Work your glutes with these bridge variations and progressions. Make sure that you feel your glutes working and not your low back during these exercises. Make sure you don't hyperextend your low back at the top just to get your hips up higher!

Glute Bridge Variations