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Getting Started with the Paleo Diet

The basics of getting started with the paleo diet and lifestyle strategies to help you lose body fat and get lean.
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Created by Chris Hiestand
Last updated 1/2014
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What Will I Learn?
By the end of this course you will have a solid understanding of basic paleo diet principles. You'll get access to strategies and mental frameworks that you can use to help you get rid of unwanted body fat and allows you to keep it off without stressing about it.
You'll learn which foods are eliminated from the paleo diet and why.
You'll learn which foods are included in the paleo diet and why.
You'll get specific strategies to help you set powerful transformation goals.
You'll get strategies to help you follow-through on your goals and overcome obstacles.
You'll learn how to construct your paleo meals on a daily basis.
You'll learn the stress-free way of monitoring your food intake. No calorie counting is required.
You'll learn the stress-free way of tracking your progress and making simple tweaks to your plan to overcome plateaus.
You'll learn strategies to improve specific areas of your life that will help you achieve your transformation goals faster.
You'll get support along the way to help you stay on track.
Action Guides to use as your paleo diet checklist after each section.
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  • A computer to watch the videos
  • A willingness to learn and take action

The paleo diet has become extremely popular. But is it right for everyone? If you're looking for more information about the paleo diet minus hyperbole and jargon you're in the right place!

This course lays out the foundation of the paleo diet and gives you the information and strategies you need to lose unwanted body fat and live a healthier lifestyle. You'll learn the exact steps I took to lose 33 pounds of unwanted body fat and cure my chronic digestive issues.

Anyone can use the strategies in this course to transform their body and their life. You don't have to be a Ph.D. in nutrition to be fit, healthy and happy. Get started with the paleo diet and see how easy it can be to Go Paleo!

Who is the target audience?
  • Someone who wants some help getting started with the paleo diet
  • Anyone looking for details about how the paleo diet helps eliminate body fat
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Curriculum For This Course
Expand All 44 Lectures Collapse All 44 Lectures 01:55:04
Basics of the Paleo Diet
4 Lectures 11:15

Brief video setting expectations for the course and a brief introduction of the instructor's personal story with the paleo lifestyle.


Disclaimer (Please Read)

This lecture talks specifically about the what the paleo diet is all about and some general themes we'll be focusing on throughout the course.

What is the Paleo Diet?

A brief discussion about the potential short-term and long-term benefits of a paleo diet and lifestyle.

Potential Benefits of the Paleo Diet
Foods to Avoid If You Want to Lose Body Fat
10 Lectures 14:33

Discussion on what foods you should avoid while following a paleo diet. We'll also talk about why you should avoid these foods.

Foods to Avoid and Why

Overview of why grains are not necessarily the health food we've been lead to believe. In-depth resources that talk about grains and the problems with the modern day food pyramid.

Why Grains Make You Gain

Discussion about some of the issues with beans and legumes. This video talks about why beans and legumes are restricted on a paleo diet.

Bean Me Up Scotty

This video discusses health issues with soy consumption and why it's restricted on a paleo diet.

Soy and Moobs

Everyone's favorite legume... peanuts. Here's why they're eliminated from the paleo diet.

Peanuts Excluding Charlie Brown

Do you have a sweet tooth? This video talks about the problems with over-consuming sugar. There is an in-depth article about how to eliminate sugar cravings.

Sugar Bomb

In this lesson you'll learn about bad fats and what makes them bad.

Bad Fats Are Bad... Mmmmm K...

Dairy is a bit of a gray area within the paleo community. In this lesson you'll learn some of the arguments for and against dairy. You'll also decide whether you want to test dairy in your diet.

The Dairy Zone

We discuss the "Real Food" movement and why keeping it real is a good choice for your waistline and your overall health.

Just Keep It Real

Section 2 Action Guide
1 page
Foods You Can and Should Eat to Lose Body Fat
8 Lectures 16:26

This lesson gives an overview of the delicious foods you can eat while following a paleo diet.

What to Eat and Why

Eating meat is part of the paleo diet but it is far from the only food you can eat. Learn about approaching meat consumption in a healthy and ethical way.

Eat Meat In a Sensible and Ethical Way

You should love eggs! Here's the scoop on an excellent source of protein and nutrition.

The Incredible Edible Egg... and Chicken

People following a paleo diet love their veggies. Here's why you should try to include more vegetables into your paleo diet.

Mom Always Said to Eat Your Vegetables

In this lesson you'll learn about good fats and why it's important to get plenty of them into your diet.

Eat The Right Fats to Lose Body Fat

Should you eliminate fruit from your diet? Not so fast! In this lesson we'll talk about the ins and outs of fruit consumption on the paleo diet.

Eat Fruit the Smart Way

In this video we conclude the discussion on foods you can enjoy on a paleo diet.

Do This and You're 90% of the Way Home

Section 3 Action Guide
1 page
Setting Ultra Clear and Specific Transformation Goals
6 Lectures 18:45

There is a lot of talk thrown around about the 80/20 rule in the paleo community. What does it really mean? And how can you use it to your advantage? Will discuss these issues in this lesson.

The Real Meaning of the 80/20 Rule

Why getting specific about what you want to get out of a paleo diet is crucial to a successful transformation.

Get Specific

The find your why audio program and worksheet will allow you to follow along and set a powerful goal for yourself.

Find Your Why Workshop

Having tunnel vision on your goal will help you succeed. Here's how...

Vision, Focus and Actions

This lesson discusses two mental traps people fall victim to when trying to lose weight and transform their body. We'll also discuss how to avoid these mental traps.

Two Mental Traps to Avoid

Section 4 Action Guide
1 page
Losing Body Fat with the Paleo Diet
7 Lectures 20:45

What really causes us to gain weight? This video talks about why we get fat and how to fix the issue.

How Do We Get Fat in the First Place?

An introduction to the PrimalPal Fat Loss Hierarchy and step one.

The Fat Loss Hierarchy Intro and Step 1

This video goes in to step 2 of the PrimalPal Fat Loss Hierarchy.

Fat Loss Hierarchy Step 2

This video goes in to step 3 of the PrimalPal Fat Loss Hierarchy.

Fat Loss Hierarchy Step 3

This video goes in to step 4 of the PrimalPal Fat Loss Hierarchy.

Fat Loss Hierarchy Step 4

How do you actually track and measure progress with the paleo diet? This lesson tells you how to track your progress without going crazy.

Measuring and Tracking Progress

Section 5 Action Guide
2 pages
How to Monitor Your Food Intake and Construct Paleo Meals
3 Lectures 07:44

In this less we discuss how important monitoring your food actually is. Plus we discuss a simple, low stress way to do it.

How to Measure Food Intake the Stress Free Way

What does a day worth of paleo meals look like. Here's how to build your paleo meals and keep things simple.

Build Your Paleo Plate

Section 6 Action Guide
2 pages
Lifestyle Tips, Overcoming Challenges and Next Steps
6 Lectures 15:34

What are the other areas of your life that you need to get dialed in to be successful with the paleo diet? This lesson discusses lifestyle behaviors that will help you be successful.

Focus on Lifestyle Habits that Matter Most

We're all human and we all make mistakes. How you handle mistakes is what matters. Here's how to handle mishaps on the paleo diet. This is a mental framework that will help you stay on track no matter what happens along your journey to losing body fat and getting fit.

How to Handle Mistakes

It's time to take the first step and transform your body. This lesson talks about how to get focused on getting started.

What's Next?

Thank you for taking this course. Here's how to get more help, accountability and support.

Is This the End?

Section 7 Action Guide
2 pages

Your Graduation Gift
1 page
About the Instructor
4.4 Average rating
142 Reviews
5,934 Students
1 Course
Co-Founder of PrimalPal

After years of struggling to lose body fat and suffering from painful digestive issues I made a decision to take control of my health in 2009. Researching everything about health and nutrition I could get my hands on I started testing my findings. In a matter of months I lost 33 pounds of unwanted body fat and have kept that weight off with very little effort. Going from over 20% body fat to maintaining 10% body fat year around without gimmicks or crash diets. I love sharing this information with other people because it has the power to transform someone's life.

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