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About This Course

Published 5/2013 English

Course Description

Eliminate All the Major Struggles When Getting Started With Playing Guitar

This course is the most "Direct and To the Point" course for ANY guitar player to watch and learn.

Finding 2 Hours of Quality Guitar Lessons that can be accessed anywhere for FREE and at any time of the day is hard to come by these days.

This free course solves all of those problems.

Follow the Videos in the Exact Same Order and You Will See a Huge Positive Difference in Your Playing

  • Over 2 hours of Video and PDF attachments for most Lectures
  • Access this course 24/7, Mac or PC, Iphone, Ipad and Android

Establishing solid core practice habits helps the speed of your results and also the quality of your results.

You'll Go From First Time User, Picking Up the Guitar, to Chord Transitioning AND Everything in Between Including the 9 Most Essential Chords
  • Erich Andreas is Consider a Top 5 Online Guitar Teacher
  • With more than 260,000 Youtube subscribers and over 61 Million views his teachings have been able to reach Millions of people all around the world

The built in learning center allows you to track which videos you have or have not seen or watched. This is a great feature that gives the student the ability to learn at their own pace.

Still undecided? Check out the value that's in this course.

23 Lectures equals out to be 6 hours of one-on-one lessons with Erich. That holds a value of $600 ($100/hr) and you get all of these videos, lectures, and PDFs for FREE.

  • Nearly 30 years of guitar experience both teaching and playing
  • Incredible $600 value for Free

Add 2 Bonus Videos - That Makes it a Total of 25 Videos!

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In all honesty, you can't find a hook-up as good as this anywhere else. 25 videos that will quickly help anyone get started with playing guitar ALL for Free.

My guarantee is that you will see great guitar results if you follow this course and put in the practice.

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What are the requirements?

  • No Special Skills Needed
  • You Will Need a Guitar
  • Practice Can Not Be Avoided

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Establish a Firm Method for Understanding Music
  • Develop Your Foundation Which Will be Used For ALL Styles of Playing
  • Get You Started On "the right foot"

Who is the target audience?

  • Every Guitar Player That Wants to Get Better Including "day 1" Students

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

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Section 1: Introduction Video - Watch First

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Section 2: Module 1 - Time to Get Your Basics Covered
Choosing an Acoustic Guitar
In this video I discuss the most necessary elements to correctly choose and purchase an electric guitar.
In this video I discuss the anatomy of the acoustic guitar.
In this video I discuss the anatomy of the electric guitar.
This video covers of some definitions that we will be using throughout the course.
This video discusses proper posture and how to hold the pick for the most effective technique.  Holding your guitar incorrectly can hinder your playing greatly.  Please don't skip this cornerstone video!
Section 3: Module 2 - Getting Familiar With Playing
In this video you will learn the basic physics of sound.
In this video you will learn the basic picking technique that will be the cornerstone of all your picking.  Picking technique is crucial for being a well-rounded player.

In this video you will learn the basic fretting technique that will be the cornerstone for all fretting.

1. Play directly on your fingertips (make sure nails on “fret” hand are always
2. Play right behind the fret (this is for leverage). Remember the see-saw example.
3. Play with ALL your fingers (each finger plays a specific fret)
4. It is best to leave some space between the palm of you hand and the guitar neck,
This will give you much needed leverage to play on your fingertips. Sometimes
dropping the shoulder can be helpful as well.

In this video you will quickly learn the guitar string names and each note on the fret board with this easy memorization technique.

In this video you will quickly master the art of reading tablature, also known as "tab".  this type of musical notation is a quick way to learn the exact place on the neck of the guitar, where a guitarist plays a particular riff.

There is blank tablature paper attached to this post, so that you can start doing your own tablature.

Section 4: Module 3 - Exercises and Techniques to Playing Guitar
In this video you will learn dexterity exercise number 1.  I use these exercises still and they make a great workout for strengthening the hand and commanding your third and fourth finger to join in on the fun!
This video shows the difference between stacatto and legato technique and gets you to "think legato" when you are just starting to play guitar.
In this video you will quickly learn how to read court stamps.  Chord stamps are a universal way of illustrating guitar chords.attached also to this post is a blank guitar chord paper template for your own use. I will show you the ACTUAL chords in just a few videos from now. If you want to go there right away, it's titled "9 Essential Chords".
In this video you will learn how to tune with an electronic tuner.
In this video you will learn the basic chord technique that will be the cornerstone for all chords that you play.  Please do not skip this video even if you are an intermediate or advanced player.  Learning this technique will make your chords sound smooth and professional.
Section 5: Module 4 - Time to Step it Up a Little
This is a special ninja trick that will help with all your chords.
Don't give up! Guitar chords especially, can seem especially daunting.  Every great guitar player had issues with playing at first.  It's all about practice!

In this video you will learn the nine essential guitar chords that you cannot live without.  Learning these guitar chords will allow you to play in millions of songs!

How to play guitar chords and the nine chords you CAN’T live without

Playing guitar chords can seem like a daunting task for new players, but remember EVERY player goes through this…SO HANG IN THERE!  First of all, remember the importance of playing on your fingertips.  If you play on the pads of your fingers, you will NOT be able to play chords well!  Observe your hand when you are playing.  If something does not sound right, it’s PROBABLY NOT!  Play with the specified fingers to start off.  If you want to change fingerings after you have mastered these chords, then great! But for now, stick to the specified fingering and you will quickly see your discipline pay off.  Arpeggiate (pick slowly) through the chord so that you can hear each note as it is being played.  You will only cheat yourself by being sloppy, so pay close attention to your fingerings and technique.  When transitioning from one chord to the next, be aware of your fingers; which ones need to move where and what fingers stay in place, (i.e. The 3rd finger never moves when going from a D to a G chord, or from a G to a D. For E to A-, all the fingers move together.)

Here are some key things to remember when playing chords on the guitar:

1. Play directly on your fingertips - make sure nails on “fret” hand are always trimmed.
2. Play right behind the fret (this is for leverage).
3. It is best to leave some space between the palm of your hand and the guitar neck. This will give you much needed leverage to play on your fingertips. Curling the last knuckle on your fingers is also helpful.

This video is one of the most important videos for beginning guitar players or or any guitarist that is having an issue switching from one chord to another.  This is a technique I call transitions or transitioning.  It's a simple technique and method.  However, if you don't follow it, it will make playing from one chord to another seem frustrating.
In this video you will learn the names and durations of the basic note rhythms that we will be using throughout the course.
In this video you will learn the basics strumming technique.  I've also provided several exercises in the attachment.  Follow this method and master any strum pattern.
Section 6: **BONUS** Thumb Muting and Strumming Issue Resolved

Once you have your basic guitar chord technique mastered, you will soon want to start integrating the thumb for muting notes and/or playing notes.


This is a ninja strum technique that I developed for my students that were having an issue with strumming.

Section 7: Course Overview

Here are my other course here on Udemy(75% Off Each):

1.  Complete Guitar System - Beginner to Advanced 

2.  Blues and Advanced Guitar

3.  Beginners Guide to Playing Guitar

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Instructor Biography

Erich Andreas, #1 on Udemy! 30+ Years, 1000s of Students, Millions of Views

Erich has been playing/teaching guitar for nearly 30 years. By personally teaching 100s of one-on-one students and 1000s of guitar lessons within the last 30+ years Erich has proven to maximize any students' results by providing them with the clearest step-by-step system to playing guitar.

Erich brought his guitar teachings online, AKA Youtube, in 2008 and since then his Youtube Channels has accumulated more than 440,000 subscribers and have also received more than 63 Million Views!

His celebrity Youtube status has placed him in the top 5 Guitar Instructors online today!

Along with Erich's success as a guitar instructor he is also a best-selling author of the #1 Amazon Bestseller Guitar Mastery Simplified and the Amazon Bestseller Ukulele Mastery Simplified.

He has a strong passion in providing the correct tools needed in order to quickly master the guitar.

His specialties are rock, blues, country and folk styles.

Erich is VERY passionate about teaching guitar to the entire world and has a unique way of teaching things in ways that YOU WON'T FORGET!

Erich believes that if you CAN envision it, you CAN do it.

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