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Get Your 'Write' On Kingdom Style

It's Time to Get that BOOK out of You!
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Do you have a book in you and don’t know how to put your thoughts on paper?

Do you have a book in you dying to come out but you have been procrastinating?

Do you have a book in you and did like the servant in Matthew 25 who took the one talent and hid it under the earth? Perhaps you hid it under the mattress, drawer, and the like.

Do you lead a busy lifestyle and can’t seem to find the time to sit down and write?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you've come to the WRITE course!

Get Your Write on Kingdom Style will:

  • supply aspiring writers with the essential tools to write and publish their book
  • catapult them into a realm of obedience to their writing assignment.
  • motivate you to be about your Father's business and get that manuscript in book form and published.

Each section of the course is broken down into eight chapter titles from 'Kingdom Style of Writing: Mastering the Art of Writing from a God Perspective' written by me, Author Kimberly Jackson.

I have incorporated over 17 years of writing and publishing experience into my book and online course. People are always asking me how to write a book and get it published. While others find it very difficult to commit to their God-given assignment and come up all kinds of excuses for not getting that book written. Well, here it is! I am here to help you. And help jump start your writing career!

God says,

"The struggle of writing is over. Get excited. Get writing!
No more putting your book on the back burner."
People are waiting for what God has placed in you to impact lives!

Now is the time to get that book out of you!

Who is the target audience?
  • Get Your Write On course is meant for writers who acknowledge a God-given book in them and don't know what to do next
  • Get Your Write On course is meant for writers who have become laxed in writing and need some motivation
  • Basically anyone can take the course and be highly inspired in some way or another
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What Will I Learn?
You will understand what God is looking for in a manuscript
You will learn the importance of your God-given assignment
You will master the art of putting your thoughts onto paper
You will learn how to overcome hindrances to writing your book
You will learn how to poster yourself to receive from God what to write
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  • An open mind
  • A Bible for biblical reference
  • A computer
Curriculum For This Course
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Welcome to the Course!
1 Lecture 08:14

Meet the Instructor for Kingdom Style of Writing course Kimberly Jackson as she gives an overview of the course.

Preview 08:14

Hi, This is a brief questionnaire to find out where you are in the writing process.

Getting To Know You
4 questions
History of Writing
5 Lectures 30:12

Everything has a beginning to include writing. By that, we will explore how writing began, the materials used for writing and its purpose in the Bible.

How writing began

Students will explore a short history of writing surfaces and writing tools used for each surface as well as the invention of paper and when they were implemented in earlier times.

Preview 13:37

This is a short video on biblical references of writing instruments in the Bible. Students will explore the use of writing tools and where to find them in scriptures.

Biblical References to Writing Instruments

Students will learn the aim or goal for writing in Bible history, as well as explore scriptures that documents the purpose of writing.

Writing Purpose in Biblical History

Student will learn interesting ways writing was carried out in Bible history.

Biblical Record of Unusual Ways of Writing
The Great Commission Relation to Writing
5 Lectures 42:10

In part one, students will define the Great Commission and ways it can be achieved in their writing.

The Great Commission and the Writer Part 1

In part two, students will explore Jesus' mission in the earth.They will understand the power in the words that they are commissioned to write. Student will explore in scripture the effect their writing should have on people.

The Great Commission and the Writer Part 2

This is Chapter 1 from the course book, Kingdom Style of Writing' titled, 'The Great Commission and how it relates to the student's writing. Students will learn ways to perform the Great Commission through writing and its importance in Christendom.

Attached in the supplemental material download is the Writer's Daily Inspiration titled, 'My Story.' A positive statement of Truth students can affirm on a daily basis.

Chapter 1
6 pages

Students will explore Exodus 3 and 4 and learn lessons from Moses mission that can be carried on into their writing career. This lesson will help them to overcome any feelings of inadequacy to their call to write a book.

What is that in Your Hand?

This is an assignment in which students will reflect on what story Jesus' life told about Him or what story His scars told about Him and also look at themselves and share what story their life told about themselves that God commissioned them to write about.

They will download 'Write Your Story' and do just that in 500 words.

Write Your Story Assignment

Show What You Know Quiz!
5 questions
Understanding Your Purpose for Writing
5 Lectures 29:15

Student will define the term purpose and will explore reasons why people write. They will explore the Cain and Abel spirit in writing as well as understand where they stand when it comes to God and their writing assignment.

Understanding Your Purpose for Writing Part 1

In part two of 'Understanding Your Purpose for Writing' students will understand what their purpose for writing should be in the eyes of God. They will be informed on what their focus should and should not be on when it comes to writing and some of the ways God will use your writing to help people.

There are two download handouts with this lecture:

  • Success Writing
  • 7 Signs You've Found Your Calling
Understanding Your Purpose for Writing Part 2

Partial chapter 'Understanding Your Purpose of Writing found in course book, Kingdom Style of Writing.

Attached in the supplemental material download is the Writer's Daily Inspiration titled, 'Patience.' A positive statement of Truth students can affirm on a daily basis.

Chapter 2
6 pages

Students will create a headline about themselves using the links provided in the lecture to online newspaper generators.

What's Your Headline? Assignment

This is an assignment that will take the student on an Ecclesiastes 3 tour from a writer's view.

Explore Ecclesiastes 3:2-8 from a Writer's View
3 pages

Show What You Know Quiz!
5 questions
The Holy Spirit's Role in Writing
6 Lectures 32:20
Writer's Best Friend

This is Chapter 3 titled, 'The Holy Spirit's Role in Writing' found in course book, Kingdom Style of Writing.

Attached in the supplemental material download is the Writer's Daily Inspiration titled, 'Guidance.' A positive statement of Truth students can affirm on a daily basis.

Chapter 3
7 pages

Students will explore the names and descriptions of the Holy Spirit used in the Bible.

Names and Titles of the Holy Spirit

Students will explore writers in the books of the Bible.

Authors of the Books of the Bible
3 pages

This is a short video reflecting on the reality of the voice of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer.

Voice of Holy Spirit

Students will listen to a poem found in 'Hidden Treasures of Wisdom and Knowledge,' which depicts the ministry of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer.

The Dove in the Midst Ministry Through Poetry

This quiz covers what the student learned about the Holy Spirit and His ministry to the writer.

Show What You Know Quiz!
5 questions
Third Dimension Writing
3 Lectures 30:12

Student will learn the definition of 'third dimension,' and its characteristics in scripture.

Third Dimension Writing Part 1

Students will learn the meaning of 'third dimension writing. They will learn the three dimensions of writing and will be able to determine what level of writing they are currently in.

An additional read relevant to the lecture is available for download is:

The Lord's Day

Third Dimension Writing Part 2

This is Chapter 4 titled 'Third Dimension Writing taken from'Kingdom Style of Writing' course book.

Attached to it in the supplemental material download is a Writers Daily Inspiration titled 'New Ideas.' A positive statement of Truth students can affirm on a daily basis.

Chapter 4
8 pages

Show What You Know Quiz!
10 questions
Maintaining an Intimate Relationship with God
5 Lectures 29:51

This is Chapter 5 titled, 'Maintaining an Intimate Relationship with God' taken from course book, 'Kingdom Style of Writing.

Attached is Writers Daily Inspiration titled, 'Intention,' in the downloadable material section below.

Chapter 5
5 pages

Students will learn the importance of maintaining a close relationship with God and its benefits.

Maintaining an Intimate Relationship with God

In part 2 of Maintaining an Intimate Relationship with God, students will learn

  • Ways God speaks to us
  • Moses’ example of humility and obedience
  • Four key elements to maintaining a close relationship with God
  • Things that hinders you from receiving revelation
Maintaining an Intimate Relationship with God Part 2

Students will explore ten great sources of inspiration for their book or article writing.

A download version, 'Ten Great Sources of Inspiration for Writers' is attached to the lecture.

Ten Sources of Inspiration

Before you start writing, commune with God with this simple prayer and soft music of your choice to set the atmosphere for God to reign down divine inspirations from heaven.

A Writer's Prayer

Show What You Know Quiz!
7 questions
The Importance of Journaling
8 Lectures 43:44

This is Chapter 6 titled 'The Importance of Journaling,' from course book, 'Kingdom Style of Writing.

Chapter 6
6 pages

This overall section covers the benefits of journaling and the rules of journaling. We discussed a 'p' word in a previous lecture, now will learn of another 'p' word and its consequences. This section also covers writing challenges people face and how to overcome them.

Journaling and Its Benefits

Students will learn the three types of writers and a valuable lesson from Luke 19:20.

Three Types of Writers

Students will discover the 'p' word, its meaning and consequences and how to overcome it. This section is accompanied by three downloadable materials:

1. Proceed - Daily Inspiration

2. The Writing Spirit assignment

3. A prayer to overcome the 'p' word

And one external link relevant to lecture material.

The ''P' Word and Its Consequences

Students will learn five journaling rules any aspiring writer should adhere to in their writing career.

A writer's monthly planner is available for download

Rules of Journaling

Student will reflect on the message perceived and give feedback in the course discussion forum.

The Divine Author

This is a 30 day writing challenge for those of you who are struggling with writing, don't have time to write, don't feel like you are good at it or just need disciplining in that area.

'I CAN' Write 800 Words Challenge Assignment

Student will be encouraged to know that he/she can do all things through Christ who strengthens them and gives them the ability to do what He called them to do.

I Can, You Can, We all Can!

Show What You Know Quiz!
5 questions
Publishing from a Kingdom Perspective
4 Lectures 28:21

The student will explore the term 'publishing' in the Bible. Students will also learn the difference between traditional publishing and self-publishing and be able to determine which is right for them.

Book Publishing Basics

Student will have clarity on what God is looking for in a manuscript. They will decipher the meaning of 'kingdom' and 'sound' in reference to their manuscript. The student will learn the characteristics of a 'kingdom book.'

An Idea God Manuscript

Students will learn the different components of a book. They will learn steps to publishing their book from titling to organizing their manuscript and filing for technical details like ISBN number, copyright, Library of Congress number, and etc.

Book Manuscript Preparation
7 pages

Congratulations aspiring writer! You made it to the finish line of completing this course!

Now let's seal it with a final exam to see what you've learned.

Remember to keep writing no matter what.

Putting this course together has been a year long journey. Many distractions and obstacles I had to endure on this journey. Would I do it again? Of course I would, because its not me creating the course, it's God doing it through me, giving me what to give unto you. It's been a pleasure working with Him in putting this course together just for you.

I now look forward to seeing the word God birthed in you take its rightful place in book form and into the hands of God's intended audience for it. So, Happy writing and happy publishing!

Now, choose your final exam!

Happy Writing! It's time to get that book out of you!

Your Instructor: Kimberly Jackson

Get Your Write On 'FINAL EXAM'
2 pages
Writer's Resources and Added Bonuses
1 Lecture 00:00

Here is a list of websites that are useful to writers. This is for information only. Research any website or company you are considering for business purposes. Check for information about them at the Better Business Bureau site. Keep this website handy called Writers Beware at to keep abreast of any writer or publishing scams that be.

7 pages
About the Instructor
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Author, Teacher, Entrepreneur

Kimberly Jackson is a Christian author, writer, and teacher known for her creative art of writing in the areas of Christian Living, Christian Education, poetry and Inspirational devotional. Her works are described as having a "kingdom sound," meaning they are "divinely inspired" and have the ability to empower, impact, and enlighten. Liberating to the soul.

Shortly after renewing her vows back to God in 1995, the miracle of a hidden talent "the Writer's Pen" manifested in her life and is now blossoming and filling dark empty places with life changing kingdom sound messages of blessedness, salvation, healing, hope and deliverance.

Accomplishments are as follows:

  • Studied Theology at Life Christian University, Lithonia, GA
  • Magna Cum Laude Graduate
  • Teacher's License from L.I.F.E Bible Institute, Lithonia, GA.
  • Graduate at NxLevel Training Institute, Lithonia, GA.
  • CEO & Founder of Kingdom Sound Publishers
  • Author of six published Christian titles

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