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Get to Yes - Use NLP To Overcome Rejections In Sales

Achieve Breakthroughs in Sales! Multiply your Persuasion and Influence Skill through NLP and Sleight of Mouth
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516 students enrolled
Created by Andreas Dorn
Last updated 4/2016
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What Will I Learn?
Get 14 different ways to bust through objections and overcome rejections
Master objections and rejections in sales through the power of Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP
Get to "Yes" and avoid hearing the dreaded "No" again
Shift your client's mindset easily and subtly through mastering the NLP Sleight of Mouth Patterns
Bust through any objections and rejections with ease and have fun while doing it
Know where resistance is coming from and that it really is not about you
Influence the other party to feel compelled to agree with you
Maintain and deepen rapport while you shift mindsets
Deepen your understanding of the other party while you build rapport
Know and utilise Power Words and Magic Sentences that melt resistance away and keep the client's mind open
Receive a Workshop Manual that gives you an overview of the process, demonstrates the process with additional examples, and allows you to practice your Belief Busting Skills
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  • Free your surroundings of any disturbances so that you can fully concentrate on the course
  • Be curious and ready to take on new learnings to break through barriers and objections
  • Prepare a notepad because, really, you want to take notes
  • Have a mindset of excellence as you can accelerate your life to the next level
  • Be ready to practice your skills anytime, anywhere
  • Be curious to know what it takes to get to "Yes"
  • Download the WorkBook, as it makes your life easier
  • Complete the course - you will realise the beauty of it, when you complete it. If you don't, it's like eating a great meal without the major ingredients inside

Bonus Lecture Added on April 6 2016

Are you frustrated that people don't listen to you, reject your ideas or your offer? Are you sick and tired of being rejected by potential clients, even so your product and service is real great?

Do you want to become a real master in busting any objection that people put forward?

Than this course is for you.

It is for:

  • The sales person who wants to close more deals
  • The entrepreneur and negotiator who needs to be successful in high-stake deals

It is my intention for you to become a masterful persuader in the sales situation. This happens, when you finish the course and apply the learning.

But you must finish it, otherwise, you won't realise the impact and won't get the results!

Because this course provides you with 14 patterns that you can use in any sales situation. Additionally, it gives you the words and language patterns that makes you an outstanding connector.

And it is only slightly more than 35 minutes in contents, which means, the learning is compact, without waffling. Straight to the point, and easy to understand. Together with your own personal WorkShop Manual, that is a bargain!

All of this has been derived from NLP, or Neuro Linguistic Programming. The methodology is called Sleight of Mouth, and it is a tool that allows you to shift people's mindset easily!

And only after you went through it all, can you realise its beauty!

You will see at the example "You are too expensive, we cannot afford it", how easy it is to shift beliefs and mindsets.

But the course doesn't stop there.

In the end of the course, you get a clear summary on how to apply all of the learning to your real life through more examples and a practical formula.

Furthermore, you receive your own WorkShop Book that gives you the overview and detailed explanation of the process to ease you into your learning and its applications.

When you complete the course, you will be someone, who takes on any objection or rejection with ease, and is able to break through any resistance, and obstacle while deepening rapport.

If you are interested in increasing your influence, and your persuasive skill and add on to your current success, you must take this course now.

And, as sad as it is - should you feel that the course is not for you, it is backed by Udemy's 30 day money back guarantee. I would cry and wonder why, but I would have to let you go! 

Who is the target audience?
  • Sales people: You have to sell your services or products to others, and face objections and rejections
  • Negotiators and Entrepreneurs: You are engaged in negotiations and need to counter different opinions fast, without breaking rapport
  • The course is in English. You can learn it, if English is your second language, but you would need some more patience. Feel free to reach out and ask me
  • Coaches and Therapists: While the course is about sales, it still is about change. And based on my own experience, it can be hard for some people to change and sometimes, you may wish you have something simple to apply in your therapy and coaching session to move your client out of their problems and resistance – you get it here
  • The course is in English. You can take the course, if English is your second language, but you would need some more patience. I am German and English is my second language, so you can do it as well. Feel free to reach out and ask me
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Curriculum For This Course
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Setting the Foundation of "Getting To Yes - Mastering Objection and Rejection"
4 Lectures 09:31

This is a course for you, if you are:

  • In sales
  • Don't know how to manage objections or resistance, but wish you could
  • Would like to have something that shifts the mindset of other people
  • Feel ready to learn additional tools to manage rejections and objections

Allow me to ask you:

Are you frustrated that people don't listen to you, accept your opinion, your offer, or your ideas, even so you know that you have something to say or offer?

Are you sick and tired of being rejected even so you have a beautiful service or product?

Do you want to become a real master in busting any objection that are put onto you?

You see, you are not the only one getting rejected. It seems that nowadays people become more and more skeptical and they are increasingly resistant to any offer, invitation or proposal.

It is my intention for you to become a masterful persuader and objection buster and get to yes in the sales process.

I want you to become someone, who takes any objection, or rejection and gets through any resistance, obstacle or rejection.

In the end of the course, you become the Objection Buster.

And, yes, seriously, it can actually be fun to turn objections into a resounding “Yes”, when you know how to deal with objections – what you will, after this course.

And you do this while you maintain or even deepen the rapport and the connection with the other party. Because it is not about steamrolling the other party, but about understanding and redirecting their objection powerfully.

If you are interested in increasing your influence, and your persuasive skill and add on to your current success, you must take this course now.

Preview 04:43

Honestly, I was a Certified Trainer of NLP and Hypnosis already, but I preferred to teach the "real interventions", such as anchoring. I dreaded to teach the language section.

Until one day, I fall in love with language. With the power of words. With the ability to influence other people subtly by planting seeds of change.

This happened as I realised that everybody gets influenced all the time. Through words. By advertisements, politicians, teachers, salespeople. Everybody tries to influence other people. Some better, some worse.

And when I decided, that I wanted to be at the side that is better in influencing, I started to study language, and words and practiced, day in, day out.

And now I am ready to share this with you.

Preview 02:45

A Word of Warning Necessary To Totally Enjoy The Learning

Download this document to be able to follow the course and to deepen the understanding and learning.

Your WorkShop Manual
Understand their world - The Mindset of the Other Party
1 Lecture 00:29

People are comfortable with where they are. They live in their comfort zone.

That means they don't want to change, and if they agree with your opinion, it would mean that they have to change their way of acting and behaving. This is the reason why they reject you in the first place.

In this lecture, you understand how the mind of the other party works. Why they reject you and the problem that you represent to them.

Because, you make them uncomfortable, with your solution, and if you don't understand their current situation, they will block you off and send you away!

NLP has a way to overcome these roadblocks to keep the door in the mind open, and this lecture will introduce you to your client's mindset.

The Mindset of the other Party
Getting to Yes. Introduction to Objection Mastery
15 Lectures 27:02

In this section, I introduce you to the 14 patterns called Sleight of Mouth Patterns. They are THE Belief Busting language patterns from NLP, and if you master them conversationally, you are a master of language.

You will:

  • Get a quick background to the 14 different patterns that you are about to learn,
  • Understand how the 14 patterns differ from each other
  • Know the impact the different patterns have on the mind of the other party

Let's get started, shall we?

Introduction to the 14 Patterns that you are about to learn.

In this section, you will learn the Sleight of Mouth Pattern called Consequence:

  • This pattern is used to influence the other party by describing the impact of not getting what you offer them
Pattern Number 1: Consequences

In this section, you will learn the Sleight of Mouth Pattern called Hierarchy of Criteria:

  • Here, you learn to utilise the values or criteria of the other party to bust through their beliefs
Pattern Number 2: Hierarchy Of Criteria

In this section, you will learn the Sleight of Mouth Pattern called Another Outcome:

  • A real fun pattern that you can use to bypass any objection and focus on what you want to achieve.
Preview 01:42

In this section, you will learn the Sleight of Mouth Pattern called Metaphor:

  • Learn to entrance the client by telling a relevant story to facilitate the sale
Preview 02:14

In this section, you will learn the Sleight of Mouth Pattern called Chunk Down

  • To get to the sale by focusing on details of the rejection
Pattern Number 6: Chunk Down

In this section, you will learn the Sleight of Mouth Pattern called Chunk Up:

  • To move the objection into generalities to break the resistance
Pattern Number 5: Chunk Up

In this section, you will learn the Sleight of Mouth Pattern called Change Frame Size:

  • To widen the objection with regard to Time, Perspective and People to give the client new insights
Pattern Number 7: Change Frame Size

In this section, you will learn the Sleight of Mouth Pattern called Reality Strategy
  • The client will learn that it is his or her thinking which is limiting him right now. It is a very reflective question or statement that you are about to ask which often helps the client to shift to a different thinking and belief altogether
Pattern Number 8: Reality Strategy

In this section, you will learn the Sleight of Mouth Pattern called Model of the World

  • To influence the client to re-evaluate the objection by looking through someone else's eyes
Pattern Number 9: Model Of The World

In this section, you will learn the Sleight of Mouth Pattern called Meta Frame

  • To get the client to re-evaluate their belief by imposing another belief onto their rejection.
  • It is a real powerframe, often used by great negotiators or even politician, to lock the other person in. Study this pattern to influence the client massively.
Pattern Number 10: Meta Frame

In this section, you will learn the Sleight of Mouth Pattern called Apply To Self

  • To point the belief onto the client and make them laugh about their own logic
  • But be careful, there is a real destructive force behind this pattern
Pattern Number 11: Apply to Self

In this section, you will learn the Sleight of Mouth Pattern called Intention

  • To direct the client to change his/ her mind by appealing to the real intention of his or yours
Pattern Number 12: Intention

In this section, you will learn the Sleight of Mouth Pattern called Redefine:

  • To play with words to move the objection into something positive, and possibly create laughter on the client's side
Pattern Number 13: Redefine

In this section, you will learn:

  • To provide a counter example that challenges the rejection and blows out the belief
Pattern Number 14: Counter Example
Building Rapport While Shifting Mindsets and Removing Objections
3 Lectures 04:30

These are the patterns you need to learn and ultimately use, before you reframe objections. It is about keeping the mind of the other party open, during the objection mastery process.

Agreement Frame - What To Say, When The Client Says "No"

The magic continues.

Here is the formula that you need to apply to bust through objections and shift mindsets. There is real magic behind this formula, as it will help you to maintain the rapport and the deep connection with your client.

Pacing And Leading

Once you are able to maintain the rapport, you have to add on some magic words to start creating influence. These are words that you know already, most likely use many times.

But now, you can get new insights on how to use them, to weave your words and ideas into the client's mind.

Magic Words and Phrases of Influence - Deepening Rapport During The Process
Use The Patterns In Your Real Life - How To Apply The Learning In Your Real Life
3 Lectures 03:38

So, you went through all the lectures and you studied all the material and patterns.

This is the lecture, where I put it all together, so it is easy for you to apply it in your life.

I give you a 3 Step formula, on how to use the belief busters in your life, so that you too can get to a YES!

A "Formula" On How You Can Apply The Pattern In Your Life

A demonstration of the patterns and how you can apply them in your own real life.

Copy it, master it, apply it. Have fun!

Demonstrating The Patterns

Time now to celebrate and congratulate yourself to the efforts that you made.

Now, go and change your life. And tell me how it goes.

You have made it!! Congratulations. Now Go Out And Practice And Get The Sale!
Section 6: Bonuses
1 Lecture 02:22
Example - Managing the Objection: "It is too risky for my business"
About the Instructor
4.1 Average rating
11 Reviews
889 Students
2 Courses
Certified NLP-, Hypnosis-, NLP Coach Trainer

Andreas is the founder of Asia Mind Dynamics and he lives in Asia Pacific since 1993.

Andreas is a:

- Certified Trainer of NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming,

- Certified Master Trainer of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

- Certified NLP Master Coach Trainer

- Certified Trainer of Master Timeline Therapy™ Techniques

- Certified Master Trainer of the Language and Behaviour Profile (LAB Profile) – Words That Change Minds.

Andreas came across NLP in 2003, after he felt deeply frustrated with the efforts that behavioural change seemed to be so hard to initiate and maintain. At that time, he worked in a HR Consulting company and was engaged in corporate change management projects and Merger and Acquisitions.

Once he learned these tools, he never looked back and started to study everything related to the mind. Constantly upgrading his skills, he was trained more than 3,000 hours himself .

Since 2003, he has trained 1,000s of people across Asia-Pacific, and coached politicians, CEOs, directors and other people to get rid of their problems and make their dreams come true.

These tools, to Andreas, are not just tools, but they are essential, to run your life successfully, the way you want, desire and deserve it.

You see, most of us face challenges in our life and while we pursue our goals.

But most times, these issues are created in the mind first. Now, these tools mentioned above assist individuals to overcome challenges, and problems, and achieve their outcomes fast and effectively by helping them to "clear their mind" from thought viruses and accumulated limiting beliefs and negative emotions.

Andreas deeply believes that everybody has the right to create a positive life, in happiness and total fulfillment.

Throughout his career, Andreas has spoken in conferences, was interviewed on TV, contributed articles to leading newspapers in Malaysian and the region, and successfully removed a deep-seated phobia from someone’s mind, life on TV.

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