Get Rid of Shame and Guilt - Experience True Freedom
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Get Rid of Shame and Guilt - Experience True Freedom

Break Through the Walls of Shame to Live a Life of Vitality and Self-Expression
2.5 (1 rating)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
5 students enrolled
Created by Mark Fiveman
Last updated 3/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • Release past conscious and unconscious shame trapped in your body
  • Create a positive self-image
  • Experience freedom of expression in your life
  • Enjoy life more fully in areas that are important to you
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  • The only pre-requisite for this course is that you are curious and willing to explore your subconscious thoughts and emotions.
  • If you are already under the care of a licensed mental health practitioner, you should consult with them before using these tools.
  • If you have any concerns about your ability to cope with strong emotions that may come up, you should consult with a licensed mental health practitioner before using these guided meditations.
  • If you do experience emotions that are too difficult for you to manage on your own, please seek the assistance of a licensed mental health practitioner and contact me.
  • While I am here to guide you and offer tools you can use for your personal development, ultimately you are responsible for your own growth and managing your wellbeing.

Break Through the Walls of Shame to Live a Life of Vitality and Self-Expression

Living your life with shame is like being trapped in a small, dark cave. You are stuck. Your life is an emotional monotone. You feel held back and uncomfortable in your own skin.

We all carry around some degree of shame over one thing or another. Gender, sexuality, ethnicity, class, religion, past abuse or trauma - at some point in our lives we learnt to be ashamed of ourselves. Shame becomes debilitating, however, when it so controls us that we cannot be ourselves. When we have buried shame so deeply within our bodies that it is everywhere in our lives, stifling our self-expression.

The good news is we all have the power to break free of our shame.

Take Liz, one of my many clients who has freed herself from shame. She went from hating sex (she was stifled by shameful ideas about sex she learnt from her parents and church) to having the fulfilling sex life she always craved. Learning to let go of this shame impacted not only her relationships, but every aspect of her life as her self-expression blossomed, even enhancing her career.

Another client, Penny, was so ashamed of being a woman that it physically inhibited the expression of her femininity. Because of her father's desire to have a boy, she carried a lifelong self-loathing over being the 'wrong sex'.

These two people, and countless others around the world, have two things in common. Up to a point, their lives had been diminished because of a shame they carried through no fault of their own. Secondly, they used the Transform Shame guided meditation to create successful, energetic lives!

To let go of this damage to your psyche from shame, you must understand how shame is stored in the body. I stumbled upon my personal body-reservoir of shame one evening at a fancy soiree in New York City. Though I enjoyed the food and witty repartee, after a few hours I began to experience a sharp pain in my shoulder.

I used my Transform Your Fears guided meditation, which targets contractions in the body caused by shame. As the meditation prompted me to explore the relationship between my emotions and this physical pain, I realized that it was caused by a childhood fear of my mother. When I was young she would scold me for “interrupting” in public. As a result, I developed a habit of contracting my shoulder in fear. Years after her death, my subconscious mind still clung to this obsolete habit.

As the meditation guided me deeper to the underlying source of all this, I noticed a nauseating sensation in my belly – a primary location where the body stores shame! Fear of falling short of my mother's expectations made me ashamed of myself when faced with social situations.

The Transform Shame guided meditation, will guide you toward healing those myriad manifestations of shame that your subconscious mind has stored in your body. The 30 minute guided meditation will show you how to cut the anchor of shame and transform your life into one of authentic self-expression.

The meditation works in 4 stages:

  • You will connect with your physical sensations of shame.
  • You will use self-compassion to begin neutralizing this shame.
  • You will become grounded in the positive values that make you who you are.
  • You will transform your once shame-restricted behaviors and allow your life to be guided by your true values!
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Who is the target audience?
  • People who feel shame holds them back in their self-expression
  • People who feel shame holds them back in their enjoyment of life
  • People who have hang-ups about gender, sexuality, ethnicity, class, religion, past abuse or trauma
  • This course involves involves reconnecting with repressed emotions that you have hidden in your body.
  • When you use these guided meditations, you will often be surprised by what you discover and at times you may experience intense and painful emotions.
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Curriculum For This Course
15 Lectures
Introduction - The Role of Shame In Your Life
3 Lectures 09:25

Getting rid of guilt and shame that is trapped in your body is important for a variety or reasons, ranging from recapturing your self-expression to becoming more confident and comfortable with who you are. The sooner you become more aware of the shame that is housed in your body, the sooner you can begin to heal.

Preview 03:29

In this lecture, I share my own personal story regarding how I discovered that shame was affecting my life. Through this experience, I realized that the physical pain I had been feeling was a direct result of these shameful, guilty feelings I was harboring deep in my body. Are you like me? Is the damage to your psyche from guilt and shame holding you back from living your life to the fullest? If so, this course will help.

Preview 02:05

Shame itself can take many forms, from sexual shame to more generalized guilty feelings. The side effects of shame are powerful, including:

  • Inhibited self-expression
  • Hidden feelings
  • The inability to express your true desires
  • Self-conscious behaviors (such as monitoring everything you say and do)

Regardless of the specific type of shame that affects you, the sooner you can identify these sources, the more quickly you can begin healing the shame that binds you.

Preview 03:51
Exploration - Where Does Shame Hide and How Can You Eliminate It?
4 Lectures 19:54
During this lecture, I will ask you to reflect on the shame that you have been coping with in your life. Once you list all of the sources of shame that are affecting you, it is time to select the first area that you want to work on; this will be the first issue that you will begin to release during the Transform Your Shame Into Self-Expression guided meditation
Preview 04:15

Feelings of shame that are trapped in your body will eventually lead to physical manifestations of pain, disease, and/or chronic conditions. The typical body sites that trap shameful emotions are:

  • The digestive system
  • The pelvic joints
  • The patella tendons
  • The ovaries (in women)

Being more aware of the physical sensations that correlate to your feelings of shame is an important component in getting over guilt and shame.

Preview 04:42

This lecture includes a brief guided meditation that will allow you to scan your body in order to identify places that are tight and constricted as a result of trapped emotions. You will literally discover how shame is stored in your body. This experience is an important element in letting go of guilt and shame so that you can be free from these negative emotions.

Preview 06:50

In coping with guilt and shame, most people simply deny their emotions. Instead of dealing with guilt and shame in the present moment, they find relief in their denial; over time, this becomes a “default” coping mechanism in response to shame. Unfortunately, the body reacts by contracting around certain body sites, effectively trapping the pain deep in the body.

By learning how to relax and release these constricted areas, you will not only let go of the hidden emotions but also will open another avenue in your body that can welcome positive feelings of self-compassion and self-expression.

Preview 04:07
Transformation - Eliminate Shame and Guilt From Your Life
3 Lectures 39:49

In this lecture, you will revisit your childhood in order to connect with your inner child. Identifying your childhood messaging will allow you to:

  • Create a better match between your current value system and your unconscious beliefs
  • Begin to accept yourself more fully
  • Eliminate the discomfort that results from denying your authentic self-expression
Holding Back the Years

Transform Your Shame into Self-Expression is a guided meditation that will allow you to release old feelings of shame and replace them with freedom. You will move through the guided meditation in the following sequence:

  • Identify your guilty/shameful feelings
  • Pinpoint the painful body sites
  • Let go of guilt and shame
  • Replace the negative feelings with positive feelings and the ability to express yourself freely
Prepare to Transform Your Shame Into Self-Expression

In this 30-minute guided meditation, you will access the body sites that house your trapped emotions and begin letting go of the guilt and shame that is affecting you physically and emotionally.

Guided Meditation - Transform Your Shame into Self-Expression
Manifestation - Change Your Behaviors, Change Your World
5 Lectures 17:59

Because the shame meditation affects the conscious and subconscious mind, change may be imperceptible at first. However, with time, you will experience:

  • An overall sense of relief
  • Increased health and vitality
  • A feeling of release in the body sites that once were painful and tight

Once you are no longer living with trapped emotions, you'll be ready to interact with others, while still enjoying your newfound self-expression.

Discover Your New Life

Now, you are able to experience life without your old feelings because you are becoming comfortable with overcoming guilt and shame. However, you may not know quite how that will look in reality. This lecture will walk you through another guided meditation that is designed to play in a loop as you rest. By absorbing the messages in this meditation, you will rid yourself of any residual negative patterns and replace them with empowered responses.

Create New Behaviors

What changes have you noticed in your life so far? How have the guided meditations allowed you to transform your shame into self-expression? Share your story here by posting a review of your personal success story.

Share Your Successes

Become more aware of your personal “before” and “after” transformation: in this lecture I will share how my life shifted in significant, positive ways after letting go of my own guilt and shame. Here, you will have an opportunity to reflect on the changes that are taking place in your life as well.

Your New Normal

Feel free to continue using the Transform Shame guided meditation to eliminate shame from every area of your life. As each layer of resistance falls away, you will become more and more equipped to release any and all feelings of guilt and shame that are part of your life, whether the incident occurred long ago, or if you are currently in a difficult situation. Remember, you now have the potential to welcome positive emotions into the body sites and emotional space that were once occupied by shame and guilt.

I wish you the best for continued health and healing!

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About the Instructor
Mark Fiveman
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Founder of Body-Psyche

Hi, I’m Mark Fiveman. Over the last 20 years of coaching Global 100 executives from industries as diverse as pharmaceuticals, mining and Internet companies, I have collected the best strategies for resolving conflicts, cultivating teamwork, and sustainably enhancing performance.

My corporate clients have reported millions of dollars added to their bottom line. My individual clients have told that me my courses have changed their lives - forever - boosting their self-confidence, building their self-esteem and enhancing their success.

I have studied personal growth for decades, and I’ve seen and tried it all. Through years of research and personal study, I have developed the modality of Body-Psyche.

The Body-Psyche philosophy starts with one basic premise: Surprisingly, the secret to becoming your best self doesn’t start with changing your mind… It starts by changing your body. That may be a strange concept at first, but the evidence for it is compelling and based on the cutting edge research in neuroscience and psychology.

When we experience powerful emotions, where do they come from? The mind? No. If you would like to recognize the body’s connection to your subconscious mind, simply look to our everyday language:

When someone lacks courage, we say, “They’re spineless.”

When someone is nervous, we say, “They have butterflies in their stomach.”

When someone loses a loved one, we say, “They’re heartbroken.”

Common body phrases like this all speak to the fact that our emotions, and the key to real and lasting personal development, is through our body-centered wisdom. That’s what Body-Psyche provides.

I have used this forgotten body wisdom to create two bestselling self-help programs on Amazon and highly acclaimed courses on my Body-Psyche blog. My top-ranking Udemy courses will help you super-charge your career and show you how to make your most important advances in your personal development.

If you’d like to know more, visit my Body-Psyche blog for articles, insights and inspiration.

Here’s to your next “Big” breakthrough.

- Mark