Get Productive: Time Management Hacks, Strategies and Tools!
4.5 (48 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
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Get Productive: Time Management Hacks, Strategies and Tools!

Get increased productivity with better time management strategies, tools and techniques.
4.5 (48 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
3,642 students enrolled
Created by Doru Catana
Last updated 12/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • Have increased willpower to achieve their goals easier
  • Know how to create great habits, escape their comfort zone and create better goals
  • Know multiple practical productivity strategies to increase their impact
  • Avoid productivity pitfalls like multitasking, information overload, procrastination
  • Effectively manage their team and projects
  • Master productivity tools from project management to communication
  • Increase their productivity with exercise, nutrition, managing stress
  • Have control over everything related to time management
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  • Willingness to learn
  • Eagerness towards experimenting
  • Drive to improve themselves

Look, I'll cut the small talk.

I created this productivity course as a complete resource on time management of productivity for professionals everywhere.

I've been passionate about time management for over 10 years and placed all that practical experience and documentation into this 3 hour course.

There's nobody blocking you more from achieving your goals than yourself.

And it doesn't really matter if we are talking about personal or professional productivity. Goals are goals and achieving or failing to achieve them follows the same principles.

So HOW DO I PLAN to get you from "wanting" to "doing"?

  • First we go over the productivity of you where we look at things like willpower, motivation, habits, goal setting, decision making and of course your comfort zone
  • Then we go over your patterns that include everything you do and how you do it. We look at the 4 quadrants of productivity, at the Pareto principle, analyze the grey zone and the pomodoro technique. We also look at enemies of time management like multitasking, information overload and procrastination
  • Then we shift focus from you to building a team, because once you've mastered yourself it's time to grow. We look at recruiting, managing your team, effective meetings, reports and even company culture.
  • Nearing the end we look at a wide range of productivity tools either focused on maximizing your output by being productive or by making communication more efficient
  • Then although not central to business we look at some very influential factors to your productivity like exercise, nutrition, stress, sleep and the people around you.
  • And we wrap everything up with a simple and actionable battle plan that will allow you to go from knowing to doing


If you watch this productivity course and APPLY at least one time management technique you learned from it, you will get significant improvement in that area of your life. 

It's as simple as that. No secret recipe, no magic.

The only variable that I have zero control over and you are the only one that has, is YOU TAKING ACTION.

That's all.

Right now you might lack some productivity concepts, tools or strategies to achieve your goals, but after watching this time management course all you'll lack will be ACTION.

My ONLY MISSION with this course is to get an email from YOU, 4 weeks from now, saying:

"I did that thing you said in Lecture X and got these results. Thank you."

And that THANK YOU is MY WIN. 

So, Enjoy!

And remember what's essential....DOING!

Who is the target audience?
  • Skilled professionals looking for ways to maximize their output
  • Business owners looking to increase company efficiency
  • Anyone looking to improve the way they invest their time
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Curriculum For This Course
41 Lectures
Introduction - Who is this for?
1 Lecture 03:39
Productivity of You
7 Lectures 49:03

A resource we always want more of is willpower. It's what makes the difference between winning and losing. And this video will help you boost your willpower by showing you different principles and strategies proven to work.

Preview 07:41

We tackle motivation not in the traditional way of getting you fired up and then you'll get back to your own self. We approach it by letting you analyze your why. What is your inner drive? Why do you do what you do?

Your Motivation

We take a close look at habits and how they shape our lives. We look at what they are made of, how can we create new ones and change limiting existing ones.

Your Habits

Learn how to do proper goal setting either from tips from the great Napoleon Hill or by using the SMART acronym. And as Stephen Covey said "you might reach the top of the ladder and realize it's leaning against the wrong wall". That is why you need to know how to set effective and relevant goals.

Your Goals

Core to achieving any goal is your decision making process. That's why in this video we analyze what decision making is, multiple styles to do it and also traps like the sunk cost effect or the recency effect.

Your Decision Making

Your comfort zone and how it can limit your potential. It's not as you might think a circle, but rather a thermostat.

Your Comfort Zone

We take a quick glance at everything we covered in this module "Productivity of You". We take a quick look at your willpower, your motivation, habits, at the way you set goals and make decisions and also at how you see your comfort zone.

Key Takeaways
Your Patterns
8 Lectures 43:58

We take a look at the 4 Quadrants of productivity analyzing Q2 in particular with things that important yet not urgent and how focusing on this type of activities generates the highest ROI. We also look at production / production capability ratio and how you should never neglect maintenance.

Preview 06:40

We look at the roots of the Pareto principle, different approaches to it and how you can integrate it into your workflow.

The Pareto Principle in Time Management

We discuss the grey zone and why we are not always completely focused on what we are doing right now and thus rob ourselves of productivity. Also we look at energy levels and how you should not look at your time as hours, minutes or seconds alone but also add your energy level to that mix.

The Grey Zone & Energy Levels

We cover the pomodoro technique and how you can use it for your daily routine but also we look at the state of flow and how you can get a lot done by focusing completely on the task at hand.

The Pomodoro Technique & The State of Flow

We look at one of the most detrimental habits to productivity. Multitasking, something our brain never actually does.


A problem faced by the modern professional, information overload, is not something to be overlooked. That's why we look at multiple ways to fight it and stay productive although problems and tasks are coming from every direction.

Information Overload

The more creative your job role is the more vulnerable you are to procrastination. That's why we look at how it works and how you can minimize the time you procrastinate.


We take a quick look at everything we covered in this section, starting with the 4 quadrants of productivity and p/pc balance, going over the Pareto principle for better time management, then looking at the grey zone and your energy levels, afterwards we go to the famous pomodoro technique and in the last part of the section we look at disruptive patterns like multitasking, information overload and procrastination.

Key Takeaways
Your Team
7 Lectures 28:02

We analyze something essential to any team. It's leader which sets the direction, focus and tempo for the entire team. That's why it's important to know the role you play in managing your team.

Your Role

Before having a team, you must first build one. And the raw material, the foundation on which you build that team is what makes the difference between success and failure. That's why you need to have solid recruiting methods and strategies.


Remote work is something more and more common. And in order to get the full benefit of this new trend you need to better understand it with both its pros and cons.

Preview 04:18

Motivation and drive can only get you so far. You need to do effective project management if you are to keep your ship afloat. In this video we analyze what you need for good project management, going from principles up.

Project Management

Meetings are also known as black holes of productivity, that's why it's essential that you do them right so you don't waste valuable time. Always remember that a one hour meeting in a team of 5 is pretty much the equivalent of a full day of work for one person.

Effective Meetings

As the leader you need to focus on vision, however you can never ignore the management part of things. That's where progress reports come into play. They help you minimize the time spend on administrative work so you have more time for planning and execution.

Progress Reports

We take a look at everything we discussed about building and managing your team. We went over your role, the importance of recruiting the right people, managing your projects properly, keeping an eye on everything with progress reports and also we looked at remote work and how it allows you access to the best talent you afford worldwide.

Key Takeaways
Your Time Management Tools
10 Lectures 33:06

Tools that will allow you to easily integrate all the strategies and techniques in the course.

Your Productivity Tools - Overview

We take a quick look at platforms where you can recruit your team from.

Recruiting Platforms

We analyze some project management platforms, from basecamp, to trello, to asana, glip and even wrike.

Project Management

Still in the realm of task management apps we look at some interesting to do apps. Wunderlist, taasky, and even Checkmark 2 with its geo reminders.

To-Do Apps

We take a look at apps that will optimize your team communication. We go from the basic slack, skype and google hangouts to more advanced software like camtasia, snagit or jing.

Communication Software

When it comes to storage there are just 4 big options. Google Drive, One Drive, iCloud and Dropbox. We take a quick look at all of them and what you should choose depending on your specific needs.

File Sharing & Storage

You can't improve what you don't measure. That's why it's essential to track your time. And tools like rescue time, hours app, toggle allow you to do just that.

Time Tracking Tools

Sometimes we just can't help ourselves but fall pray to distractions. Be it social media, be it memes or even news sites we waste hours of productivity on them. That's why in this video we cover multiple solutions to block distractions.

Software to Reduce Distractions

Although not core to this course it's important to be fully aware of your finances and not waste time understanding your ins and outs. We take a look at apps like mint, at spendee and also at expense tracker.

Financial Management Apps

We take a quick overview of all the productivity apps we covered in this section. From time tracking to communication, from blocking distraction to file storage, we look at them all.

Productivity Apps Roundup
Productivity Outside Work
6 Lectures 21:41

Neglect it all you want, exercising is an essential factor to maximizing your productivity.


Many say nutrition has an even bigger impact on our life than exercise. That's why it's important to not neglect the quality of your fuel if you want to be more productive.


Although beneficial to a point stress can totally break your productivity if not kept under control.

Preview 03:30

Why not use natural human cycles to boost your productivity rather than work against them. We take a look at both the ultradian cycle and the circadian one.

Human Cycles (including Sleep)

We are who we hang around with, never underestimate the importance of the people around you.


Quick overview of all the factors that considerably influence your productivity yet are outside work. Everything from exercise, to nutrition, to stress, sleep and also the people around you.

Key Takeaways
Take Action
1 Lecture 03:38

While the entire course was focused on teaching you the strategies, tactics and tools to get more productive and better at time and self management, this video has one single mission. Get you to DO. Actually execute on everything you've learned.

Your Time Management Battle Plan
1 Lecture 07:06

Various book and video recommendations on which the course is based on for in depth learning of all the topics you covered.

In depth learning
About the Instructor
Doru Catana
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I’ve always been passionate about growing businesses

Started out working in a marketing agency, then went to freelancing, grew that into my own agency with a team of 6 managing hundreds of campaigns both big and small, then decided I can’t reach enough people that way.

So I decided to teach, but not just information void of practical application. But things you learn and then put to use the same day and get results.

Few years later the courses I created helped thousands of businesses and professionals all over the world, with Udemy alone having over 20,000 satisfied students.

My mission remains the same as it was when I started out, to impact in a positive way as many businesses and people passionate about results as I can.

And you can TEST my commitment to that mission quite easily!

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