How to Get On Shark Tank: The Audition Guide (How I did it!)
4.6 (18 ratings)
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How to Get On Shark Tank: The Audition Guide (How I did it!)

Your complete guide to auditioning for Shark Tank, from start to finish, from someone who has actually been on the show!
4.6 (18 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,182 students enrolled
Created by Matt Franklin
Last updated 8/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • Understand the entire Shark Tank audition process
  • Successfully navigate the Shark Tank applications and contracts
  • Create a compelling one-minute pitch to use an the Shark Tank open casting call
  • Develop a concise, two-paragraph product description for the ABC email audition
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  • This class requires no materials, other than paper to take notes. There are no pre-requisites for this class.

Are you a fan of ABC's Shark Tank? When you're watching the show, do you envision yourself pitching your product or business to the Sharks? In this course, you'll learn how to maximize your chances, from someone who actually made it through the audition process, all the way to The Tank.

Last season, over 45,000 people applied for the show, yet only a hundred or so end up making it onto the show. And that's why I developed this class. Ever since my appearance on Shark Tank in Season 4, people have asked me what I did to differentiate myself, how I positioned my product, what I did on my audition video, and so many more, all of which I cover in this class.


In this class, I'll cover:

  • How I got onto the show, after first going through the email application process, then a live, open casting call (and then getting bumped after making the semi-finals in Season 3)
  • How other successful entrepreneurs made it onto the show
  • Audition video tips, techniques and warnings
  • A hidden secret INSIDE the ABC website that will help you to nail your email application
  • A complete run-through of the Initial Application Packet, which is required for all entrepreneurs attending an open casting call
  • Lots of valuable tips and techniques, based on my experience (and other Shark Tank entrepreneurs) that will help you to maximize your chances of making it to the Tank
  • Advice on positioning, messaging, valuation and other areas of your business, which can help ANY entrepreneur, whether or not you get onto the show

About this class:

  • No experience is required, and this class contains valuable information regardless of how far along you are in your business
  • Unconditional Udemy 30 day money-back guarantee -- I promise you'll gain valuable, unique insights or you can have your money back
  • All future bonus lectures and upgrades are included for free

The first thing I tell anyone seeking my advice is this: Shark Tank is unlike any other reality TV show on the air, and must be treated as such. The investors are real, the money is real, the entrepreneurs are real, and the tension is real. Getting there is not easy, but in this class, I will guide you through the entire audition process, and share exactly what I did to get on the show.

If you've ever dreamed of facing the Sharks on ABC's Shark Tank, start by taking this class, to learn the ropes from an insider who made it onto the show. You can do this!

Who is the target audience?
  • This class is meant for any entrepreneur, in any stage of business development, who could benefit from an appearance on Shark Tank
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Curriculum For This Course
37 Lectures
The Shark Tank Effect - I'm Living It
3 Lectures 14:38

This is a basic intro talking about how I got on Shark Tank. Quick and easy!

Preview 02:33

There are a lot of great reasons why it's worth the time and effort to audition for Shark Tank. In this lecture, I give a few examples of businesses that absolutely blew up after their Shark Tank appearance.

Why Should YOU Try Out For Shark Tank?

In this section I briefly share how my sales went nuts after my appearance on Shark Tank. Then I answer two of the most frequent questions I hear from people considering auditioning for Shark Tank: Would someone NOT want to be on Shark Tank, and Do I have to give up equity even if I don't get a deal?

What Happened To Me As A Result Of Being On Shark Tank, and Frequent Questions
Important Background Information
4 Lectures 08:15

To get the most out of this class on how to get on Shark Tank, I've given some tips in this lecture. Getting on Shark Tank is a long, arduous process, so I highly recommend that you watch this entire class. With the information contained here, your Shark Tank audition will have a much better chance of being successful.

Here Is The Formula You Must Follow In This Class

What This Class is Not…

This class is not intended to provide any legal, accounting, or financial advice. For specific information in these areas, please seek qualified, accredited counsel.

This class in no way guarantees that you will make it onto Shark Tank. I am in no way affiliated with the show or the show's producers. I am simply an entrepreneur, who, after a lot of effort, made it onto the show.

I cannot tell you if you are ready to be on Shark Tank or if your product/business is mature enough. I can tell you that there have been successful Shark Tank entrepreneurs who had nothing but a prototype, and others who had millions of dollars in sales. Only you can decide if you're ready to audition for the show.

There is no “short-cut” to getting on the show. I received a call from a woman last year asking for help producing her son's audition video. She told me it was “just a formality” because they had a cousin who worked on the show and would get the video “into the right hands.” To my knowledge, they never made it onto the show.

And finally, once again, there is no guarantee, even with the information you receive in this course, that you will make it onto Shark Tank. With over 45,000 people auditioning for the show, your odds are low, but I do believe that this class will give you an advantage over the competition.

What This Class Is Not
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Every Entrepreneur Needs Support, Accountability and Advice

The Magic Phrase To Keep In Mind Throughout This Course
The Story Of My Business: How I Got It Started
1 Lecture 07:51

In this lecture, I give the whole story of how we created our business. The moral of this story is that if WE could do it, ANYONE can do it! We invented a product and now it's brought in over $2 million. And it was fun!

Preview 07:51
How We Got On Shark Tank: Our Crazy Experience
7 Lectures 22:03

Getting on Shark Tank can be a lengthy process, but for Erin Roberts Bickly and Jenny Greer, it was a pretty short trip!

The Road(s) To Shark Tank

Our first audition for Shark Tank was via the email address on the ABC website. It got us nowhere, and we never heard back from the Shark Tank casting people.

Our Journey To The Tank, Part 1: Applying Online

We decided to make a gamble and go to the Dallas Open Casting Call. It was quite a scene, with about 600 other entrepreneurs wanting to audition for Shark Tank. This is another case of "don't make the mistakes we made."

Our Journey To The Tank, Part 2: The Open Casting Call

What we learned when we got the callback: They called us back, not so much because we were awesome entrepreneurs or because we had a great product, but because we were MEMORABLE. The producer told us that specifically when he contacted us. So the main takeaway from this section, for anyone auditioning for Shark Tank, is find a way to stand out from the crowd and be memorable!!

Our Journey To The Tank, Part 3: The Callback

Basically, we had a week to produce our audition video and get it shipped to the Shark Tank producers. I briefly cover that process here, but there is a lot more detailed information in the audition video lectures coming up in this class.

Our Journey To The Tank, Part 4: Our Audition Video

Shortly after we submitted our Shark Tank audition video, we heard back from the producers that we'd made the semi finals. Next came the background check, the long form Shark Tank applicant agreement and lots of conference calls...

Our Journey To The Tank, Part 5: Semi-Finals!

Would the Shark Tank producers actually call us back?

Our Journey To The Tank, Part 6: A Second Chance
The Actual Shark Tank Experience: Behind The Scenes
3 Lectures 11:03

Here's a brief rundown of flying into LA, getting picked up by the Shark Tank staff vans, going to the Sony Studios and pre-pitching the Shark Tank production staff.

Preview 03:32

Appearing on Shark Tank is traumatic. Get an inside look at what it really feels like as I share our experience the day we met the Sharks in person...

Preview 03:37

After being in the tank with the Sharks, the adventure continues...

After the Shoot: "Post Shark Tank Traumatic Stress Disorder" and more...
The Air Date: You're On TV In Front Of 7 Million People
2 Lectures 07:44

After taping our Shark Tank segment, we had to wait over two months, and the whole time we didn't know if we'd really even make on the air.

The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

If there's one thing to be prepared for when your Shark Tank episode airs, it's LOTS of website traffic. (And maybe a few sales...)

The Episode Airs And Craziness Ensues...
Your Turn: Applying For Shark Tank Via Email
4 Lectures 19:15

This lecture is a quick look at whether to audition for Shark Tank by email or at an open casting call.

Should You Audition Via Email Or Open Casting Call?

So before you can even see the email address to send in an application for Shark Tank, you need to agree to the terms and conditions. In this lecture we'll be taking a look at those terms and conditions, and why you should definitely read and understand them before you apply for Shark Tank.

Applying Via Email - Terms And Conditions

In this lecture we'll talk about the importance of a good photo for your Shark Tank application. It's all about the details, and having a good image is one of those details. Don't just crop yourself out of a vacation photo and send it in. Get a good photo taken to send in when you apply for Shark Tank.

Applying For Shark Tank Via Email: Name/Age/Photo

In this lecture I'll give you practical advice on how to develop your product description, which must be included in your Shark Tank email application.

Your Shark Tank Email Application: Product Description
Attending An Open Casting Call
8 Lectures 48:06

Now we're going to get started with the process of attending a Shark Tank open casting call. The "Initial Application Packet" looks daunting at first, but I'll take you through it.

Start At The ABC Website - And Check Back Often If No Open Calls Are Scheduled

As with the email application process for Shark Tank, in order to get to the next step in the open casting call process, you have to agree to the ABC terms and conditions. Be sure to at least scan them before you go too much further!

Agree To The Terms And Download The Application

Now we'll take a quick look at the Shark Tank eligibility requirements. Note, if you have a felony charge, you should probably stop the process now and save yourself some time.

Initial Application Instructions/Shark Tank Eligibility Requirements

In this lecture we're going to go through the entire "short" application, which is required to attend a Shark Tank open casting call.

The Short Application (grab a coffee, this lecture's long...)

In this lecture, we quickly run through the three releases in the Shark Tank short application. None of this should be considered legal advice, and I recommend you see a lawyer if any of the language in these releases causes concern.

Audition Release/Submitted Materials Release/IP Release

This lecture contains some very important information you need before going to a Shark Tank Open Casting Call.

Go To The Open Casting Call and BE MEMORABLE!

In this lecture, we're going to get deep into your one-minute pitch for the Shark Tank casting people at the open casting call. It also includes my seven-step pitch sequence.

Your One-Minute Pitch

If you took the time, effort and expense to attend a Shark Tank open casting call, you should be proud of what you've done. You've done what most people won't do and you should be congratulated! After the open casting call, take some time to celebrate. But then, get back to business and continue being awesome!

After The Shark Tank Casting Call: Celebrate! (Then Get Back To Business)
Your Shark Tank Audition Video
5 Lectures 16:42

An important first step before preparing your Shark Tank audition video is looking at previous audition videos submitted by other entrepreneurs. Which ones worked and which ones didn't?

Preview 01:40

When the producers of Shark Tank request an audition video, they provide a long list of questions they want answered in the video. In this lecture, we'll go through all of them.

The Audition Video Questions

Some people go completely off-script when making their Shark Tank audition video. Should you??

Going Off-Script In Your Shark Tank Audition Video. Should You?

In this lecture, we'll talk briefly about the decision as to whether you should hire someone to shoot your Shark Tank audition video, or if you should do it yourself.

Hire It Out Or Do It Yourself?

Just a quick thank you and acknowledgement for making it this far! You now know more than 99.9% of people who apply for Shark Tank. Congratulations and go out and kick butt!!

Thank YOU!!
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Matt Franklin
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Shark Tank Entrepreneur, Posture & Ergonomics Expert

Matt Franklin brought the issue of posture to over 6 million people with his appearance on ABC TV's Shark Tank, where with the help of Dancing With the Stars instructors, he showed the world that posture can indeed be improved. He is the inventor of the world's best-selling posture correction device and has lived and breathed posture and ergonomics for the last decade. Matt is an expert on posture, and that knowledge, coupled with an OSHA certification in office ergonomics, makes him uniquely qualified to teach on the subject of posture improvement. Matt's teaching style is fun and fast paced, and he's a "posture nerd," obsessed with helping people improve their posture.