LinkedIn Career Success Starter for High School & College

Discover how personal branding, 3D networking, and LinkedIn can prepare you for college and career success.
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  • Barbara Rozgonyi Digital Social Media Marketing and PR Instructor

    Barbara Rozgonyi leads CoryWest Media, a strategic multichannel content marketing consultancy that creates business for business and motivates accelerated action in organizations of all shapes and sizes. Barbara's creative projects include designing social media marketing and PR training for colleges, associations, corporations, non-profits and online communities. In June 2006, Barbara launched Recently ranked as a top 50 Marketing and PR blog, Wired PR Works' goal is to fuel creative thinkers and leaders. A founder of Social Media Club Chicago, Barbara enjoys sharing social media marketing and PR insights and is a top 12 PR twitter expert to follow according to In 2013, Nokia selected Barbara as one of two US reporters to cover Social Media Week Berlin. To find out how to connect with Barbara, visit

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LinkedIn Career Success Starter for High School & College

Discover how personal branding, 3D networking, and LinkedIn can prepare you for college and career success.
1 reviews


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"What a great resource! Especially helpful for shy or introverted young people." Dr. Pauline Wallin, Clinical and Media Psychologist

What do you want to be when you grow up?

As a high school or college student you probably hear that question a lot.

It’s an exciting time of life with many social activities and memories in the making as the clock is counting down to the day you begin your career.

But, whether you realize or it not, you’re already making strides towards becoming the person you will be when you soon “grow up.”

To help you make the most of this time and give you opportunities to be successful, I developed this how-to course on personal branding and networking. You’ll also learn about how to position your skills and how to make connections on LinkedIn.

Mixing videos with presentations, the course is conveniently delivered on-demand. You may progress at your own pace, which makes it easy to update and upgrade your accomplishments and network as you move though high school and into college.

About Your Instructor

Barbara Rozgonyi is the mother of three creative young adults and is a nationally recognized expert on the topics of social media, marketing, PR and personal branding. She’s developed programs for many organizations, including one of the largest community college in the U.S., the College of DuPage in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. The author of the LinkedIn chapter in "Success Secrets of the Social Media Marketing Superstars," Barbara blogs at In September 2013, she was honored to be selected as one of two U.S. reporters to cover Social Media Week Berlin for Nokia. An accomplished speaker and sales trainer, she enjoys teaching people and companies how to optimize their LinkedIn profiles.

    • Students must have a computer with Internet access; a LinkedIn account is optional as are profiles on any other social networks mentioned in the course.
    • Over 16 lectures and 1 hour of content!
    • By the end of the course, you will be building a professional brand and network that connects you to greater success in high school, college and beyond.
    • High school and college students who are comfortable with social media, but new to LinkedIn.


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  • SECTION 1:
    Introduction and Guide
  • 1
    Welcome! A Brief Course Overview

    Welcome to Get Linked Into College Success! Here's a quick course overview. In this course, we'll cover personal branding, networking in 3D, how to use the Education dashboard on LinkedIn, and ways to optimize your LinkedIn profile.

  • 2
    How to get the most out of Linked Into College Success and Beyond

    In this lecture, you'll learn how to get the most of this course, including recommendations on completing checklists, inviting friends to join you, studying with a buddy and setting goals.

  • SECTION 2:
    Personal Branding 101
  • 3
    What is personal branding?

    In this lecture, you'll learn about what personal branding is along with three ways to define your personal brand.

  • 4
    Why is personal branding so important?

    In this lecture, you'll learn why personal branding is so important, how it can empower you, and drive your success. You'll also discover the benefits of personal branding.






    Do something worth remembering.

    Elvis Presley, musician

    Don’t bunt. Aim out of the ball park. Aim for the company of immortals.

    David Ogilvy, the father of advertising

    Absorb what is useful. Discard what is not. Add what is uniquely your own.

    Bruce Lee, martial artist

  • 5
    12 Ways to get started with personal branding - action steps
    5 pages

    Ready to get started? Here are 12 ways you can express your personal brand with values, personality, skills, business cards and more.

  • SECTION 3:
    Networking in 3D: Digital, Direct and Dynmaic
  • 6
    Networking in 3D: building your digital persona

    Consider these five areas as you build your digital persona.

    • Image
      What image do you want to project? Think beyond pictures. Ask other people what they see when they search for you.
    • Career
      What career path are you interested in? It’s okay to be in the “still deciding” phase. Take some time to search for careers and see who and what comes up. What careers do you see yourself in?
    • Interests
      What interests you and why? Pick three to five topics to research and share with your social networks. For example, you might choose music by an artist you love, a brand you relate to and a country you want to learn more about.
    • Inheritance
      What culture, work ethic and heritage did you inherit? Are you grandparents immigrants? Do most of your family members work in healthcare? Did you father grow up on a farm? Think about how family tree experiences make you who you are. What do you want to take with you into your career and adult life? What kind of legacy or example will set for the next generation?
    • Network
      Who’s who in your network? Take a look at your IRL [in real life] connections, your email contacts and your social friends to see who you’ll want to invite to connect on LinkedIn or Google Plus. On LinkedIn, see how these connections can help you branch out and grow your network.
  • 7
    Networking in 3D: how to make direct connections

    As you build your digital persona, think about how you can relate directly to everyone in your network. Whether you’re talking IRL or online, here are five ways to make the conversation, and the relationship, more meaningful.

    • Presenter
      Think of yourself as a presenter of valuable information that people are looking for; be ready to provide useful and interesting information in conversations and in social updates.
    • Partner
      How can you partner with the person you’re connecting with? For example, you may be a prospective student or employee, as a fellow student or a collaborator on a project.
    • Escalator
      Forget the “elevator speech” to pitch your credentials. Instead, use an “escalator chat” that takes the conversation to another level. For example, talk about how you helped someone make progress from point a to point z. Tell your story in 60 seconds or less. You can talk about your accomplishments as results. Find a mentor who will listen and give your guidance.
    • Conveyor
      Always be moving and making progress. When you meet someone new, first listen and find out how you can help them. Know what you need to do next and be confident
    • Connector
      You are a connector! Be on the lookout for ways to introduce people to each other.
  • 8
    Networking in 3D: how to keep a dynamic network growing
    • Words
      What keywords will you use in your LinkedIn profile and in your resume? Keywords may be your major, industry, location, courses or trendy hashtags like #BigData. Make a list of the top 5-10 keywords you’ll use. For ideas, look at skills on LinkedIn and copy and paste job descriptions into to see keyword clouds. Many recruiters use scanners to preview resumes; use the same keywords in the job description in your resume.
    • Intentions
      What’s your intention? How can you tie your networking into your goals? For example, do you want to get job interviews, learn more about careers or find the perfect college match?
    • Routes
      Once you get comfortable with networking – how you can help others who want to help you – you’ll find that you can network just about anywhere. Even so, it’s a good idea to identify some networking routes. Industry groups, professional associations and alumni associations frequently have networking events that are open to the public. Contact the groups and offer to volunteer; you may be able to get a complimentary ticket. What networking groups meet in your area?
    • Experiences
      Study abroad, club activities, playoff tournaments, musical contests, and even family vacations are experiences worth sharing and learning from. Storytelling through words and pictures, as well as face-to-face conversations, connects you to others with shared experiences and opens doors for others. For example, if someone you meet has never been to Disneyland and you have, you can tell them why a vacation to Anaheim, California is worth taking. What experiences can you share?
    • Design
    • The last Networking in 3D element, design, is up to you. How will you design your networking plan? Select keywords, set intentions, choose your routes, identify experiences and come up with a plan to meet and greet your new network.
  • 9
    Networking in 3D Action Plan for College Success and Beyond
    5 pages

    As you work your way through this Networking in 3D action plan, you'll become a more confident networker and you'll add new connections to people you can help and people who can help you.

  • SECTION 4:
    Unlocking the Secrets of LinkedIn to College Success and Beyond
  • 10
    How to optimize your LinkedIn profile

    Discover 12 ways to optimize your LinkedIn profile.

  • 11
    How to navigate LinkedIn

    In this lecture, you'll learn how to use the LinkedIn site navigation bar with stops in the profile, jobs, network and interests sections.

  • 12
    How to manage your privacy and communication settings

    In this lecture, you'll learn how to adjust your LinkedIn communications and privacy settings to control who can send you information, and how often, as well as who can see your profile and updates.

  • 13
    How to target and interact with colleges and companies on LinkedIn
  • 14
    LinkedIn Profile Checklist for College Success and Beyond
    4 pages

    Use this checklist to plan your LinkedIn profile content before you post it. You can also use the checklist to make sure you've filled in every appropriate area.

  • SECTION 5:
    Summary and Bonus Features
  • 15
    Thank you and best wishes for success in college and beyond

    Thanks so much for taking this course! Share what you know with others. Please review and rate this course. What did you learn? How did the information help you? Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn at

  • 16
    Bonus Features
    8 pages

    Here's the updated LinkedIn chapter from "Success Secrets of the Social Media Marketing Superstars." Although some of the information may not be as relevant to you right now, you can share it with adults you know who need help with LinkedIn.


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  • Tamara Llanes
    Thank you for this course!

    My youngest son will be making the transition soon. We have discussed getting started on these areas, and I have been looking for the right information for him...found it! I started watching, and this course surpasses my expectations. What a great resource.

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