Geometry Weekly

Your weekly guide to Geometry success! Preview geometry topics before you get to class or review concepts missed.
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Geometry Weekly

Your weekly guide to Geometry success! Preview geometry topics before you get to class or review concepts missed.
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This course covers the first semester of a high school Geometry course.  It is designed to help students preview and/or review topic learned in class.  It is organized to review Geometry classroom topics on a weekly basis.  

It includes:

  • Video Lessons
  • Short Concept Review Worksheets
  • Links to helpful examples on the web
  • Tips on how to be successful each week

How to use this course:

  1. Watch each section at the beginning of the week to prepare for your geometry class.
  2. Download the FREE supplemental worksheet and answer the short questions.
  3. Go to class well prepared, listen attentively, take good notes, do your assignments, ask questions.
  4. Come back and watch the videos (as needed).  
  5. Make that A!  

This course will get you thinking about topics you encounter in class.  It is your proactive approach to learning math.  It can also be used as way to catch up or re-learn things missed in class.

This course will work well when used as a supplement to class work.  This course is not designed with enough practice assignments to help build skills.  You can use your assigned classwork as practice to help you build the skills needed to succeed in class.

If you need more practice assignments or more extensive tutoring  you may contact me at and I will be more than happy to help you.


    • Over 29 lectures and 3 hours of content!
    • This course will cover a typical high school geometry curriculum
    • This course will help you prepare for your geometry class each week.
    • This course can be used to review for your semester 1 final.
    • High School Geometry Student
    • A student who has completed a basic Algebra course (Algebra 1).


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  • SECTION 1:
    Geometry Week 1
  • 1
    The Coordinate Plane (1.1)
    An introduction to the coordinate plane.
  • 2
    Points Lines and Planes (1.2)
  • SECTION 2:
    Geometry Week 2
  • 3
    Distance Formula (1.4)
    You should be familiar with the distance formula from Algebra.  It is a very important concept that will be used over and over again in geometry.  It is a good idea to learn the distant formula and it;s application early on in your geometry career.

    The distance formula is derived from the pythagorean theorem.  

  • 4
    Mid Point Formula (1.5)
    The above video presents a basic overview of the midpoint formula.  The midpoint formula should be another familiar concept from Algebra.  Just like the distance formula, it has many geometry applications.  It is a good formula to learn and understand.

    A more detailed review of the midpoint formula 

  • 5
    Exploring Angles & Angle Relationships(1.6)
    Section Key Vocabulary
    • Protractor Postulate
    • Angle Addition Postulate
    • Right Angle
    •  Acute Angle
    • Obtuse Angle
    • Vertical Angles
  • SECTION 3:
    Geometry Week 3
  • 6
    Inductive and Deductive Reasoning (2.1,2.3)
  • 7
    Introduction to Proofs [Algebra & Proofs] (2.4)
    Proofs are very important in math!  It is critical that you pay attention to proofs and learn it early on in you math career.  Geometry proofs will test your knowledge of most of the previous math concepts you have learned so far.

    Geometry proofs are like puzzles.   Approach them like you are a detective.

    Here are some general guidelines on how to approach proofs:

    Ask yourself: 

    1. What do I need to prove?
    2. What am I given to prove this?
    3. What else do I know that applies to this situation?
    4. How can I manipulate all these information?

     start with a plan.  Figure out your move before you make it!  Do lawyers come to court unprepared?  I hope not! 
    Make it a point to fully grasps geometry terms, theorems and properties, it will translate to better proofs.

  • SECTION 4:
    Geometry Week 4
  • 8
    Verifying Segment Relationships (2.5)
    The purpose of this lesson and the next few lessons are really to give you a lot of practice in developing your proofing skills.  It is important that you see a lot proofs and get a lot of proving practice.  Like any new skill, practice will lead to proficiency and translate to a good grade!
  • 9
    Verifying Angle Relationships (2.6)
    This lesson is another great opportunity to see a lot of proves and to practice a lot of proves.  Take advantage of it.  It will help you a lot!
  • SECTION 5:
    Geometry Month 1 Summary
  • SECTION 6:
    Geometry Week 5
  • 10
    Parallel Lines and Transversals (3.1)
  • 11
    Angles and Parallel Lines (3.2)
  • 12
    Slopes of Lines (3.3)
  • SECTION 7:
    Geometry Week 6
  • 13
    Proving Lines are Parallel (3.4)

    To be successful this week you need to...

    ·  Watch as many proofs as possible.

    ·  Study as many proofs as possible.

    ·  Try as many proofs as possible.

    By now you should know ALL previous definition, postulates, theorems that you've encountered this year.

    ·  Look through the first few proof examples in you book.

    ·  Cover over the reasons for some of the two column proofs and try to see if you can come up with these reasons yourself.

    ·  Go through the odd questions in your book without looking and check your answers when you are done.

    ·  Ask questions about things you don't understand!  Don't wait till the last minute.

    Practice Practice Practice!  

    Always plan out your proofs before you attempt them. :-)

    More Proof Videos involving parallel lines

  • 14
    Classifying Triangles (4.1)
  • 15
    Measuring Angles in a Triangle (4.2)
    This is another lesson where practice makes perfect!  Practice, Practice Practice!  Below are more videos with examples on how to apply these relationships.

  • SECTION 8:
    Geometry Week 7
  • 16
    Proving Triangles (4.4)
    Proving triangles are important.  You will be proving triangles for a long time so it is worth while to learn to to prove them from the beginning.  I have included links to some examples you can follow.  Practice makes perfect!  Remember, accuracy is key so practice problems you can check or go in and ask your teachers to help you verify your proofs.  Enjoy!
  • 17
    Exploring Congruent Triangles (4.5, 4.6)
  • SECTION 9:
    Geometry Week 8
  • 20
    The Triangle Inequality(5.5)
  • 21
    Inequalities Involving Two Triangles (Hinge Theorem) (5.6)
  • SECTION 10:
    Geometry Month 2 Summary
  • SECTION 11:
    Geometry Week 9
  • 22
    Bisectors of Triangles
  • 23
    Medians and Altitudes of Triangles
  • 24
    Triangle Midsegment Theorem
  • SECTION 12:
    Geometry Week 10
  • 25
    Parallelograms (6.1)
  • 26
    Test for Parallelograms (6.2)
  • SECTION 13:
    Geometry Constructions
  • 27
    6.3 Rectangles, Rhombus, Squares (6.3, 6.4)
  • 28
    Trapezoids (6.5)
  • 29
    Geometry Constructions
  • SECTION 14:
    Geometry Semester 1 Review


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