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Brain Training Productivity Empowers Work & Play. Boosts Focus, I.Q. Creativity, & Problem-Solving in 11 Minutes A Day!
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  • Lectures 20
  • Length 2.5 hours
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About This Course

Published 12/2014 English

Course Description


THOUSANDS OF STUDENTS ARE TAKING THIS COURSE RIGHT NOW! - Learning how to be more confident, happier, productive and successful. Take this course today and start learning.

"I have started already! Brilliant course, very easy to follow and implement, I have already done my first 11 minute session with surprising results!" - (Student)

"I highly recommend this course for anyone looking to widen their thinking perspectives and creative power." - (Student)

"I'm excited to start applying the concepts in this course. AHA is right!" - (Student)


Do you want to be smarter?

Do you need to solve problems more efficiently?

Do you feel like you're struggling to find your creative voice?

Is there a mystery you need to conquer, a job you need to master, or a language you need to learn?

How come it looks like some people tap into endless pools of intelligence, creativity, and insight?

Are they genius… and what would you accomplish when you think like a genius, too?

The key isn't who you are, where you were born, or what you do for a living. The key is how you THINK. How you use your mind is the door to your experience. Geniuses are people who encourage certain processes in their mind. Ultimately, they create time and space for richer mental connections to form.

Look at Einstein's brain, and you'll see that his brain wasn't any bigger than yours or mine, but it had more neural connections than average. Some areas of his brain packed more punch because of how he used his mind, his thoughts, and his imagination.

He wasn't born that way either. Genius thinking increases your intelligence to problem solve, create, focus, and perceive. These are the keys to transforming life (and the world!) from the inside out. That's where your brain training comes in.

With this concise course to productive brain training you:

  • Gain mental clarity in work and play
  • Reduce stress and remove self-doubt
  • See a number of possibilities where most people only see one
  • Connect with your deep intuitive knowledge
  • Exercise mental mastery in real-life scenarios
  • Advance your mind in the directions you choose (from physics, patents, parenting, writing your book, teaching a course, academic excellence, skill building, life hacking, world peace, autodidactic titillation, character development, to developing apps or building your business... You decide.)

To rise above overwhelming "uh-oh's", and start getting on demand epiphanies, you only need 11 minutes a day for the technique plus 11 minutes for review for a minimum of 11 days.

You could easily spend $1,000's of dollars searching for solutions... or you can get right to the heart of the matter in this laser-focused course.

Genius problem-solving and creativity is not restricted from you. Genius thinking is yours if you're daring enough to:

  • Embrace your potential
  • Seize your passion
  • Trust your self
  • Think bigger
  • And overcome obstacles in a bold way.

In just a few hours, you will be thinking in extraordinary, new ways with simple, but wildly effective brain training.

I understand if you think maybe it works for some people... but I personally guarantee this course will eliminate your self-doubt. You will discover your inner genius. Test it out 11 minutes at a time for 11 days. If you aren't amazed by your personal development and increase in creativity, your problem-solving abilities, and I.Q. boost have a full 30 days to tell Udemy you want a refund.

Stimulate Your Inner Genius and take this course today.

What are the requirements?

  • Pen and paper -or- an audio recorder for note taking.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • You will vastly improve visual thinking (characteristic of all genius thinking)
  • You will experience untapped reserves of vigor and passion
  • You will decrease confusion, self-doubt, impatience, and lazy thought habits
  • You will more easily acquire mastery in your field of choice
  • You will confidently approach new problems and overcome old problems
  • You will enhance mental clarity while physically building new neural connections
  • You will increase your IQ score by 5- 10 points
  • You will be among a passionate, growing body of students optimizing their lives with brain training
  • You will learn how to make the most of your ideas, intelligence, problem-solving, and creative ability

Who is the target audience?

  • You're open to new information, helpful instruction, and living into your dreams.
  • You sense you have greater purpose or abilities.. and want to discover your inner power.
  • You're ready to use your brain to empower yourself and influence your world.
  • You need to raise your I.Q. test score.
  • You enjoy learning to be happier, more productive, and successful.

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android.

Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.


Section 1: Countdown to Creative Insight and Personal Development

How to reduce stress.
What what do genius do differently?
How you can measure your intelligence boosting.
How are happy people and resilient people like genius people?
What is the invisible space?
What do they harness the power of?
How are paradigms shifted?
What happens when you eliminate self-doubt?

3 questions

Test Your Knowledge


What is mind power?
How does a negative mind limit mind power?
Are there really 2 minds in us?
How much information does the subconscious mind process?
How many bits of information can the conscious mind handle?
Discover that you're a lot smarter than you think.
Find out what a flashlight in space means.
Where does intuition come from?
What happen when you unite intuition and reason?
What do genius do?
What is an AHA moment?
What are the emotions that come with AHA?
The number dominant thought for success today.

Quiz your knowledge
5 questions

Where does energy go?
What is your most powerful currency?
Find out how to set things in motion.
What are the things that tend to become real?
What is phase locking?
How to direct more brain resources towards solutions.
What does it cost to bring something to the forefront?

Find out what you are learning
4 questions

What is the first phase of the insight process?
What happens when you get to AHA?
What is the term for thoughts taking new shape?
How does the flow get accelerated?
Why big problems aren't the end of the world.
How old Einstein was with his first big thought experiment?
What is genius thinking comprised of?
What is good to let mingle and mix?
How to get past confusion.
How is AHA a breakthrough?
What emotions accompany AHA moments and epiphanies?
How to create genius mental adaptation.

Test Your Knowledge
5 questions

What the brain is responsible for.
What are nerve cells?
How cells demonstrate value.
Is the brain responsible for love, music, attitude, and breathing?
Is the brain set in stone?
What myth about intelligence isn't true?
What is every experience?
What do you always get more of?
How the AHA 11 Minute Genius Method will make you smarter.
Can connections be modified?
Can people really learn to change their behavior?
What do neuron do together?
What should you be grateful for?

Find out what you are learning
1 question
1 page

This lecture presents 2 PDF files:

The main lecture PDF is the CHECKLIST outlining the simple steps for your successful AHA! sessions.

The auxiliary PDF is the EXAMPLE SESSION as requested.

Both PDF's are now available to download from within this lecture.

Click the View Resources tab above the top-right of the lecture screen.

Feel free to message me directly with questions or discuss here in the lecture. Thank You.


What do you always start with?
Why you can't do this wrong.
What is the "rapid" nature of it.
What does "GENIUS" mean?
Why genius is within ability?
What is the KEY to succeeding?
What is the longest you can do this?
What you should take note of.
What does this guarantee?

Find out what you learned in the Lecture
4 questions
Probing Deeper for Insight - Take Note!
Section 2: Resources and Assistance
Free Online Timer - Set Your 11 Minutes
More from Win! - Bonus Interview Download
8 pages

Inspiring quotes from inspiring minds. Which one is your favorite?

11 pages

Simple reminders to be mindful of your brain's health. What would you add to this list? Mention it in our class discussions.

Creativity, Problem-solving, & Intelligence Boosting Links:Stimulate Your Genius
BONUS MP3 - GET YOUR MENTAL MOJO BACK - Brain Training Symposium 2011
Section 3: Brain Training Productivity MP3s
AHA MP3- 1 - Tap Into Your Inner Genius
AHA MP3- 2 - Brain Training Bridges The Gap
AHA MP3- 3 - Attention This Makes You Richer Quicker
AHA MP3- 4- Insight To Overcome The Odds
AHA MP3- 5- BRAIN Powerhouse Problem Solving and Passion
AHA MP3- 6- Access Your Inner Genius Here

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Instructor Biography

Bodhi Horne, Educator. Entrepreneur. Artist. Yogi.

Educating to your Success!

My lessons are to present knowledge, instruction, and inspiration, for people to tap into their own inner genius… and create lives wonderfully lived. I teach to empower you.

I am an Artist by necessity and a Human Catalyst by professional experience.

Beyond that, I am a lover of life, insatiably curious, and compelled to do as I will while I follow my bliss. I stand for individual authenticity, the power of imagination, the quality of attention, and the heart of action.

As a result, most of my endeavors involve raising people’s awareness to influence their behavior towards their desired outcomes. This has been vitally true in my occupations as therapist, reverend, marketer, and teacher.

I’ve worked, and continue to work with the most amazing people, accumulating a wealth of knowledge and experience; I share lessons to help you make the concentrated vision within you, the radiant reality around you.

"Horne brings heart to projects, and they are always well done. If you are seeking to have a weekly team meeting, or you are seeking 1:1 personal development, you will be well served to work with him. "Keeping a flow increasing" is the best way I can describe his services." - Dr. Ben Mack

When I’m not answering student questions or creating new courses I’m traveling the U.S., learning new things, working on more art, collaborating with fine people, and arousing the wonder of life. Thanks for your interest. Now, go do something awesome.

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