FUNtastic Parenting Programme
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FUNtastic Parenting Programme

Effective Parenting Solutions Made Simple and Fun
4.0 (1 rating)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
10 students enrolled
Created by Alan Yip
Last updated 2/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • Waking up tomorrow, looking in the mirror and knowing with a smile that you have the best skills to raise confident, achieving and happy kids.
  • Cultivating open, honest communication with your kids so that you truly understand what they are thinking and guide them through challenges and negative experiences.
  • Eliminate guilt and self-doubt of “Am I a bad Mom / Dad?” and knowing “I’m a great Mom / Dad!”
  • Your misbehaving child becoming cooperative and self-motivated.
  • Experience less stress and greater confidence. Greater peace of mind.
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  • No specific materials are needed for this course. Taking notes is recommended. Application is key.
  • No previous knowledge required - I will be with you every step of the way, supporting you on creating a new way of communicating with your children deeper than words, a new dimension of loving relationships, and a new level of family happiness and harmony.

Is your child unmotivated to study?

Is your child lacking self-confidence?

Is your child falling behind or failing in school?

Is your boy playing computer games like there is no tomorrow?

Is your girl spending way too much time on Facebook, Youtube, or her phone?

Do you feel guilty because you have not spent enough time with your kids?

Do you feel something is seriously missing in your relationships at home?

Are you having problems communicating with your kids?

Every time you try to teach them something or show them your good intentions, they think you are nagging or coercing them?

Why is parenting so difficult?

I’ve seen it all over the last 12 years - the headache, heartache, disappointment, disillusionment, agony, misery and pain – and yes finally, the hope, love, renewal, reconnection, joy, peace, and harmony.

I’ve seen children failing in school become top students.

I’ve seen rebellious teens become respectful and responsible.

I’ve seen over-critical and judgmental parents become nurturing and encouraging.

I’ve seen families which were falling apart become cohesive and united teams.

These positive results and powerful transformations are what fuel my passion to help many more parents like you – every day.

That’s why FUNtastic Parenting is for you.

Please remember that YOU are the special someone who can truly shape and mould your child’s destiny.

If an under-achieving kid like me was able to get respectable results and remarkable achievements, any kid can do that. Or better!

But it requires parents to be the very best parent they know they can be.

  • learn effective parenting skills
  • develop a positive mind-set
  • become an all-round better person.

After all, you are the best role model for your children. Whether you know it or not, whether you like it or not, your child learns by copying your behaviours and language.

Therefore, during the formative years, when you build a strong foundation in your child’s positive self-esteem, healthy family communications, and loving relationships, you will not only avoid many common problems associated with dealing with teens in later years but you will also enjoy the journey of parenting heartily.

By investing a small amount of time and energy (and money) in learning parenting skills, you will raise confident, successful and happy children.

But only if you APPLY the newly acquired skills to get the results.

In the construction of a building or skyscraper, which part of the structure is the most critical? Foundation. Without a solid and strong foundation to build on, no structure can stand up for very long.

Likewise, in the development of a child to adulthood, the foundation is the most critical developmental process too.

To help you build this “strong foundation” during these formative years, I have put together the ground-breaking, comprehensive FUNtastic© Parenting Program, which has been 12 years in the making.

Absolutely no fluff or filler. Everything you need is in here with no extra padding. The powerful strategies are time-tested and readily actionable.

4 audios and a comprehensive workbook in each module will help you formulate a game plan to start getting results that you desire and deserve.

Over the last 12 years it’s been my absolute pleasure and privilege to work hands-on helping parents with a myriad of issues and problems– coaching, counselling them – I make sure the tools and techniques REALLY WORK!

Who is the target audience?
  • Designed with the needs, challenges and aspirations of every parent in mind, especially parents of preschool to primary school kids. FUNtastic Parenting Online Program supports you as a parent create a new way of communicating with your children which is deeper than words. Establish a new dimension of loving relationships, and a new level of family happiness and harmony. This cutting-edge programme empowers parents to build a happy and achieving family – and to stir up the movement in building better nations through becoming better parents and developing better children.
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Curriculum For This Course
36 Lectures
1 Lecture 03:57
Positive Self-Esteem
5 Lectures 50:27

Desperate Problem Parents Are Faced With: “My girl is shy” “He is not confident” “My daughter doesn’t want to try new things” “My son gives up too easily” “She has no friends to play with”

SOLUTION: Positive Self-Esteem - to help your children develop a strong backbone of self-confidence and self-belief so that they grow to believe in themselves. Without a solid self-esteem, children don’t dare to try or they give up too easily at the first sight of difficulty. Either way, they sell themselves short in life.

Preview 02:11

  1. Identifying your child’s strengths is important for enhancing self-esteem
  2. Shouldn’t parents wait until the child’s behaviour has improved before giving praise?
  3. How can praise be dangerous?
  4. How to praise your child appropriately
Preview 06:14

  1. Why you must believe in your child
  2. Parents as role models
  3. High-performing parents produce high performing children
  4. Happy parents raise happy children with high self-esteem
Nurturing Positive Self-Esteem In Your Child

  1. The most important thing parents must do to help their child
  2. How to set expectations to maximise children’s potential
  3. 4 ways to nurture positive self-esteem in your child
  4. Help your child “see” and reinforce his / her success
How to Praise and Affirm Your Child

  1. What is the secret ingredient for success and happiness?
  2. What is the invisible enemy that has been holding you back?
  3. What do all winners and FUNtastic achievers have in common?
  4. What is the most important quality of a good parent and also a good business leader?
  5. Master the Discipline of Positive Self Esteem for better, higher marks, increased motivation, better income, more fulfilling relationships and unstoppable confidence.
The Discipline of Positive Self-Esteem
Positive Motivation
5 Lectures 56:07

Desperate Problem Parents Are Faced With: “He is too lazy” “He plays computer games like there is no tomorrow” “She is always on the computer or her phone” “My son is not motivated to study” “I’ve tried everything, including using rewards (bribing), but nothing works” “I don’t know what to do or how to help them anymore”

SOLUTION: Positive Self-Motivation – to spark self-motivation in your children so that they study out of internal motivation , and not from external pressure. What this means for you is no more need for nagging, coercing or bribing! Let your child take ownership of their results and take charge of their own life.


  1. How to develop the power of self-belief
  2. How to overcome your limiting beliefs
  3. The Swish Pattern and the 18-40-60 Rule
  4. What to do when other people judge you negatively
Believe to Achieve

  1. What are the reasons for a lack of motivation?
  2. Tips on motivating children to do homework
  3. Using external rewards to motivate – Yes or No?
  4. Which is the “right” parenting style in motivating children?
The Secrets of Motivating Your Child

  1. How important are challenges to the meaning of life?
  2. How to keep setbacks in the proper perspective
  3. Action steps to turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones
  4. How can parents encourage children to try?
Growing Through Challenges

  1. What is the one change in your life you must make?
  2. What shapes our attitude?
  3. How to start cultivating a winning attitude to achieve breakthrough results
  4. Specific attitudes that we must develop to be successful and happy
Develop a Winning Attitude
High Performance Parents
5 Lectures 01:00:20

Desperate Problem Parents Are Faced With: “I don’t have time!” “How can I balance being a Mom and career?” “I get angry so easily. I can’t control myself” “” “How do I deal with my rebellious child?” “I feel like giving up” “I am so stressed; I want to scream!” “I’m a lousy parent”

SOLUTION: High Performing Parents – to help you become more productive and fulfilled so that you can spend more time bonding with your loved ones. Quality time comes from quantity time – if you don’t spend enough time with your children and spouse, how can this relationship be of high quality? Let me teach you how you can better manage not your time but yourself.


  1. Time management is life management
  2. Start with defining your values
  3. Effective time management strategies
  4. How to combat procrastination
  5. The secrets of getting more done
Time Management; Life Management

  1. What is parenting style?
  2. Quiz: How to identify your parenting style
  3. How can you mould your style to be more effective parents?
  4. Which parenting style is the best?
Parenting Style (Part 1)

  1. How to move your children toward you rather than away from you
  2. Quiz: How to identify your child’s dominant style
  3. How can you adapt your parenting style to your child’s style?
  4. Which parenting style is best for managing a rebellious child?
Parenting Style (Part2)

  1. How can you free yourself from the prison of anger?
  2. Case study: The Volcano Mother
  3. How to take control of anger and learn from it
  4. The 1+3+10 Calm-Down Formula

Anger Management for Parents
Beyond Academic Excellence
5 Lectures 54:26

Desperate Problem Parents Are Faced With: “My son is failing in school” “She is not doing well, but I believe she has the potential to do better” “He cannot focus” “She gets nervous and blanks out on exams” “I’m like a chauffeur, and I’m tired of driving them to so many tuition programs” “She studies so hard, yet her results doesn’t show”

SOLUTION: Beyond Academic Excellence – as your child cannot feel good about themselves if they are not doing well in school, it is crucial to make sure they perform well in school. The powerful techniques in studying smart, setting goals, boosting concentration, and exam preparation will save your child from failures and you from headaches and heartaches.


  1. The power of goal-setting
  2. Goal achievement as family affair
  3. How to help your child set empowering goals
  4. The Goal Formula
  5. The COMPASS Technique
Goals Setting Skills For Children

  1. What’s wrong with rote learning
  2. How to use creative imagination to your advantage
  3. We must all become a VAK
  4. Is there such a thing as memory overload?
  5. Action tips on boosting memory power and learning performance
Powerful Memory Secrets For Exam Success

  1. What are the barriers to concentration?
  2. 3 types of distractions
  3. The importance of focus
  4. The body-mind connection
Turbo-Charge Your Concentration

  1. How to overcome exam anxiety and manage stress
  2. Mind Sanctuary Technique for mental relaxation
  3. What parents must do to help ease exam stress
  4. High-performance nutrition for children

Sharpening Your Winning Edge For Exam Success
Effective Communication
5 Lectures 55:15

Desperate Problem Parents Are Faced With: “I don’t understand my teen” “The only thing they say to me is ‘Hi and Bye’ ” “We don’t really talk” “They spend more time messaging with their friends than with me” “My teen doesn’t share things with me” “I don’t know how to talk to them”

SOLUTION: Healthy Communication – to help you understand and communicate with your children in a nurturing, open, and respectful fashion. Without communication, there is no relationship! Here, you will learn how to communicate with your child deeper than words and continue the meaningful and open channel of sharing into their young adulthood.


  1. Effective communication as top priority for parents
  2. The danger of sending the wrong signals
  3. The importance of non-verbal communication
Effective Communication With Your Child

  1. Are geniuses made or born?
  2. The importance of self-theories of intelligence
  3. How to help high-achieving students
  4. How to motivate and praise your child

How Praise Can Be Dangerous

  1. How to motivate children to enjoy learning
  2. How to influence your children’s attitude
  3. Who owns the problems of misbehaviours
  4. The I-Message Formula
  5. The Choice and Consequence Technique
Effective Communication Strategies for Correcting Children’s Misbehaviours

  1. What kinds of mistakes are parents making?
  2. The Get Real Strategy
  3. The importance of effective family communication
  4. Healthy communication leads to happy relationship

How to Forge Soul-To-Soul Connections with Our Children
Loving Relationship
5 Lectures 01:01:46

Desperate Problem Parents Are Faced With: Desperate Problem: Desperate Problem: “I am tired of my kid talking back at me” “How do I correct their misbehaviors?” “Why are we arguing all the time?” “Is this what I get after I’ve done so much for them?” “I feel like giving up!” “How can I be a better parent?” “There is no more love between me and my husband”

SOLUTION: Loving Relationships – to help you cultivate lasting relationships with those you care about. I am sure you love your children, but the question is, “Do they feel loved?” You will learn practical strategies to correct misbehaviors without damaging your child’s self-esteem as well as the 5-A Formula for nurturing loving relationships.


  1. Common reasons for poor relationships with child
  2. Understand 6 universal human needs
  3. How to enhance relationship between husband and wife
  4. How to rebuild relationship with your child
  5. The 3-Compliment Rule
Building Loving and Lasting Relationship With Your Child

  1. The importance of understanding family constellation
  2. Why are your children’s personalities so strikingly different?
  3. Why does your child misbehave?
  4. Is your parenting style autocratic or democratic?
  5. How to develop democratic values and improve your child’s behaviour
Understanding Your Children’s Behaviour

  1. Identify goals of misbehaviours
  2. How to correct misbehaviours
  3. How to preserve children’s self-esteem
Understanding Why Your Children Misbehave

  1. Are fathers really necessary?
  2. What can fathers teach that mothers cannot?
  3. How can fathers do a better job?
  4. Keys to being a great dad
How To Be A FUNtastic Dad in a Mom’s World
Happy Family
5 Lectures 53:58

Desperate Problem Parents Are Faced With: "I feel something is missing in our relationship” “How can I be more calm and relaxed?” “I feel I am not using my talents to the fullest” “We don’t play together as we used to” “I wish we would laugh more” “How can we be more loving to each other?”

SOLUTION: Happy Family – personally I cannot think of anything that is more important than our family. Therefore, this last component helps you to cultivate a positive attitude and empowering emotions; encourage your children and foster good behaviors; and create a happy and harmonious family – filled with love, laughter and joy!


  1. How to cultivate empowering emotions in your mental garden
  2. 3 Family conditions absolutely necessary for nurturing positive self-esteem
  3. How to encourage your child effectively
  4. Heart Activation Exercise
Cultivating Positive, Empowering Emotions

  1. Why is life purpose so important?
  2. The role of parental influence
  3. How can you discover your passion?
  4. The keys to identifying your special talents
The Discipline of Purpose & Passion

  1. What is holding people back from forgiving?
  2. Who must we forgive?
  3. How do we forgive?
  4. The Letter Technique
The Power and Joy of Forgiveness

Which is true?

  1. Success leads to more happiness? Or
  2. Happiness leads to more success?

What is the secret to a successful romantic relationship?

How can you feel more fulfilled, more connected…and yes, HAPPIER?

How can you become happier – now and in the future?

Happy parents raise happy children with high self-esteem.

Once you open your heart and mind to the Discipline of Happiness, you will feel more fulfilled, more connected…and, yes, HAPPIER.

The Discipline of Happiness
About the Instructor
Alan Yip
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10 Students
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Founder and Elite Performance Coach, Mind Edge

¤ Founder of FUNtastic® Parenting Online Program

¤ BA -Business, Economics, Computer Information Science (Summa Cum Laude - 3 majors in 3 years)

¤ MBA - Finance, Indiana University, USA

¤ Two-time record holder in Memory Power (Singapore Book of Records)

¤ Coach of Singapore's 1st Grandmaster Norm of Memory

¤ #1 Bestselling Author of FUNtastic® Parenting

Founder and Elite Performance Coach of MIND EDGE, Alan Yip is the Chief Trainer of the Singapore Memory Team which represented Singapore in the 2004 World Memory Championship. Alan is also the coach of the first Grandmaster Norm of Memory in Singapore.

A passionate educator, cutting-edge entrepreneur and one of the most dynamic, powerful and humorous speakers in Asia, Alan has over 20 years of diverse experiences as an entrepreneur, consultant, university counsellor, human resource manager, spokesperson, managing director, human rights commissioner (USA), and peak performance coach.

Reaching more than 500,000 people a year through radio interviews, speaking engagements, and corporate training, he is dedicated to empowering others to unlock the secrets to peak performance and to realise their highest potential for success and fulfilment in school, work, and life.

Alan’s achievements have been regularly featured in Channel News Asia (CNA), Straits Times, The New Paper, Berita Harian, Lianhe Wanbao, Shin Min Daily, TODAY, Human Resources Magazine, SHAPE Magazine, Family Magazine, U-Weekly Magazine, The Executive, and 938LIVE.

He wishes to share his personal story and values such as perseverance and self-belief with participants and students. He firmly believes that anyone can achieve success, as long as they do not allow their mind-sets and success potential to be constrained by their personal or family circumstances. Alan is always happy to share his own life experiences, including his early struggles overcoming financial hardship to win a Ful-Bright scholarship to study in the U.S.