Quick Pro Full-Stack Web-Dev with LAMP and Joomla! CMS

3-in-1 Course, covering: Full-Stack Web-Dev w/ LAMP, building a website with "Joomla! CMS", and Web-Project Management
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About This Course

Published 5/2016 English

Course Description

Hey, there!

Welcome to the I.T. Launchpad! It's the best way to get your career off the ground, and out among the stars!

This course is designed to be the quickest and easiest way to get you into rapidly developing Pro-Level Websites, and build a skill-set that will enable you to:

  • advance in your current position,
  • quickly land that dream-job,
  • or leave the 9 to 5 rat-race behind and chase your own dreams by going into business for yourself!

Does the idea of quickly moving into a career you love -- but that can also earn you $80,000 - $120,000 [or more] -- awaken your curiosity? Then the skills you'll learn in this course will build the strong foundations you need to stand out from the sea of 'professionals' to be recognized as amazing !

If you're looking to get the most benefit for your investment, then there is no better course for you! And here's why:

  • This course is taught by an I.T. Instructor and entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in Web Development, as well as Project Management and Design.
  • You'll be learning by doing, as we build our project together!
  • The course content is designed to earn you the skills which are in demand today!
  • The progressive lesson design will lead you into even more advanced learning.
  • Learn the "Principals of the Trade", which will guide you to success in your career.

You'll Build "Hard-Skills" like:

  • Linux O/S Administration
  • Virtualization
  • Networking
  • Database Management
  • InfoSec
  • Web-Based Project Building
  • Website Development

As Well as "Soft-Skills", such as:

  • Effective Communication
  • Problem Solving
  • Project Management
    • Time, resources, tools, cost, etc…
  • Financial Planning & Resource Management
  • Team Leading
  • Custom Solutions Design & Creation

Face it! Our planet has become a "world economy". And, with roughly 8 bln. people out there, all sucking up valuable resources... competition is fierce! And the only guaranteed way to get ahead is to be the cheapest --OR-- be the best !!!

So, learn how to be the BEST, ... building your Skills, Understanding, and Confidence to take control of the market, and be the master of your own future!

It's your choice. You can merely SURVIVE... or you can THRIVE.

Come along with us, in this course.. and learn to thrive.

What are the requirements?

  • The technical instructions and challenges in this course are designed to start from a novice level, and build up. So, no prior Web Design or Web Development experience is needed.
  • The instructional videos, in the course, were designed to give you a complete course experience. This means that you really only need a smartphone or tablet device (along with the Udemy app) to take the course. However, you'll need a laptop, netbook, or desktop computer to be able to complete all of the course projects.
  • Lots of suggestions are given for various software packages that you can use to build your projects. And, the best part is that: A LOT of those softwares are FREE. So, you won't have to purchase any software to join along!
  • The course includes downloadable documents and instructions (with more to come). So you won't need to prepare anything, before you begin.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Install and Configure a Virtual Machine Platform
  • Create, Configure, and Manage Virtual Machines
  • Install and Manage a Linux VM
  • Create a Full-Stack WebServer
  • Install, Configure, and Manage a Professional Website, built with Joomla! CMS
  • Understand Web Development workflows and Project Management
  • Understand how the skills learned from this course can apply to various IT careers

Who is the target audience?

  • This course was designed for anyone who is interested in exploring Full-Stack Web Development... or for anyone who has a Web Dev project already planned, but needs to know where to start (and how to do it up great).
  • If you're a current, or aspiring Web Develop/Design Freelancer or a currently employed I.T. professional, you'll gain the most immediate benefit from this course.
  • Web-based, do-it-yourself, Entrepreneurs will also benefit from this course! Because it gives introduction, and insight, into the Web Development process and industry.

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android.

Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.


Section 1: Welcome & Intro

Welcome to the course! 

In this video,  I'll be introducing myself... as well as giving a little background on my experience, as well as why I've created this course.


We'll take a quick look at what topics, information,  and skills will be covered throughout the course.

We'll also look at what we will be doing, and building, to create our web-project.

Section 2: Core Concepts

We'll break our project into 5 Phases.  What are they?  And what happens during each phase?


What is "Full-Stack Web Development"? What does it mean?

We'll look at the most widely accepted definition of "Full-Stack".  And we will learn how it applies to us, and our project.

Section 3: Phase I -- Project Research & Brainstorming

Step in doing a project for someone else is... to meet them, and find out what they need.

In this step, we interview our client... as they interview us.  And we'll look at what that entails.


The "Project Kickoff" is the official start of the project.  So, what happens during the "Kickoff"?  And what do we need to do, in order to ensure a smooth project?  Let's see!


Sometimes, getting up momentum isn't so easy.   Let's take a look at some sources of inspiration, and resources for idea creation... to help us get started.


Without a purpose, a website is pointless. It's like shouting random sounds, in the dark, and hoping that someone hears the shouts, and understands what you want. Let's look at how we can make our message clear.

Section 4: Phase II: Planning & WireFraming

Let's check out some web design components that will be crucial to building a website that people will want to use.


We live in a world of fashion. And the internet is not immune. Let's find the fashion trends which will have our website feeling "classy" instead of "trashy".

We'll be looking at a short list of trends that are popular in today's internet landscape.

Section 5: CMS -- Content Management Systems

Joomla is the 2nd most popular CMS in the world.  So, what does that mean?   

What is a CMS, anyway?


So, now we know what a CMS is.... but, we have to CHOOSE one?   Awww, man!

Actually, it's not such a hard decision to make... once you know what to look for, and how to make the situation choose your CMS for you!


Joomla is great! 

And here's why!

Section 6: Tools of the Trade

Bet you didn't know that your web browser was hiding hidden powers! Let's check 'em out!


When you're in the mood to be extra hackerly... here are your go-to tools.


That website could use a little mascara, and some eyeliner. Let's break out some "pretty me up" tools for your site.

Section 7: Phase III -- Building & Revising

IaaS, PaaS, and Saas... betcha didn't even know they were things! But, they're actually an essential part of today's online infrastructure.

Let's see what they are, and how we can use them!


Awww, man!  More choices?!

Oh, where, oh where, should my website go? Let's view the options... and how to make a solid decision.

Section 8: Build It: Our Own Testing Environment

Thought you left the sandbox behind in Kindergarten?  Not, yet!

Let's look at what the term "sandbox" means, in the IT field.  And we'll look at how we use it... and why!

Just remember to keep the kitty outta there!


The task of constructing a development environment might seem like a daunting task.  But, it's not so bad when we break up the process into steps.

Let's review those steps, so that we can progress smoothly through our sandbox build.


Let's Download VirtualBox


We'll need to download our Linux OS, before we can get it installed into our VM.  So, we'll do that in this lesson.


In this lesson, we will move through the process of installing the Oracle 'Virtual Box' program onto our PC.


Let's configure our VirtualBox Settings. We'll install the Extensions Pack. And we will create an empty Virtual Machine, on which to install Linux.


Yeah, Buddy!   It's time for the fun stuff!   

Let's install LINUX.


We'll install our V-Box Extension Pack on the Linux VM, so that we can get extra VM goodies.


Let's make a "Golden Image" backup of our VM.  What is it?  Well, let's find out!

Section 9: Let's Build Our Own Web Server Stack!

The quickest 'n easiest way to install a LAMP stack (as a web-server) on a running Linux OS.


Let's install the extra bits that will make using and managing our server much easier.


Let's check out our webserver to make sure it works.


Let's create a PHP script to test our PHP5 install.


Let's continue our testing by using our phpMyAdmin, database administration console, to test out our MySQL databases!


Testing our WebMin server administration console.

Section 10: Let's Install Joomla!

In this Lesson, we will download the Joomla! Framework onto our web-server. We'll use both the GUI and CLI methods to do this, so that we can become familiar with multiple strategies.


Before we can use Joomla!'s "Web Installation Wizard", we must first unpack our downloaded .zip file into the web-server directory and make sure that file ownership/permissions are correct.


We will use the built-in Joomla! Web-Install Wizard to install our Framework.


We'll finish our Joomla! Web-Install Setup by configuring our website for multiple languages. And, once we remove the 'Installation' folder... we're ready to check out our new Website !!!

Section 11: Understand it: Joomla! Framework Orientation

The 'Admin Backend' is the graphical management system for our entire site...  not one line of code needed!  

But, how does this interface work?   And what can it do?

Let's take a look!

Section 12: Configuring Joomla

Before our site goes live,  we'll have to tweek a few details in its main configuration.  And we'll do that by using the "Global Configuration" tool.

Let's take a look at the config, page-by-page, and get our site ready to go.   

Section 13: Let's Add Some Content and Users

How to create Articles


Check out some Better article Editors


Now that some of our articles are written,  let's manage them.


Better workflow.


Looking at categories


Adding Users


Learn to setup user registration.


Let's set up some User Groups.


What are ACLs?  And how do we use them?  Let's see!


Looking at Menus


Managing media (uploading files)


We'll take a look at a couple of techniques to help your website's pages load faster.


A quick look at components,  modules,  and plugins.

Section 14: Phase IV: Site Launch & Handoff

Going over all the things you need to have, before taking your site LIVE.


What is the 'handoff'? And how do we do it?


The site needs a team to manage it. Let's get them together.

Section 15: Phase V: Site Administration & Maintenance

Why do we need to manage a website that's already "finished"?  Let us count the reasons!


How to update the Joomla! framework


How to back up Joomla!


How to restore your site


Restore, part 2

Section 16: Extending Joomla!

How to work with Extensions


How to update extensions


How to choose the best extension for our needs.

Section 17: Build Using a Template

How to download a Free Joomla template.


How do we install a template, once we've downloaded it?

Section 18: Wrapping it Up

During your studies through this course, you've not only learned how to build, and manage, a website using the Joomla! Framework... you've done much more than that !

Let's look at some of the specific tasks that we've accomplished, during the course!


You've already achieved a respectable start. And you're on your way to GREAT! But you've still got more to learn.

Let's take a look at some areas and topics, for further study, which will best accelerate you to mastery!

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