Trading: From Wall Street to Your Street

Wall Street trading techniques and principles used by real professional traders.
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About This Course

Published 12/2014 English

Course Description

We designed this course so that it would be benefit all levels of trading and investing experience.
This course includes the basics of trading and options for the beginners, and also includes clear and to the point modules on the techniques and principles for the advanced student who doesn't need the basics.
Here a just a few of the key benefits you will get from this course:
  • Once you complete this course you will have access and knowledge to implement time tested, proven, profitable strategies that have been used by professional traders.
  • In this course we will focus on keeping things simple and be direct to the point, we will not waste your time, money or energy on the unnecessary.
  • Learn how to quickly and effectively identify which way the market is going, this will increase your success immediately.

We were adamant about creating a course that was grounded in what works, not hype, false claims or promises.

The principles, techniques and strategies that you will learn in this course have been used by some of the most successful traders of all time.

These are strategies that we and colleagues have used at the professional trading institutions that we have worked for to generate significant returns for ourselves and clients.

We did not learn to trade by reading a book, taking a course, or back testing a technique with theoretical situations. We learned on the various trading desks that we have worked on around the world.

What are the requirements?

  • All students gets a copy of our E-book explaining in detail the strategies we teach in our lectures
  • All students get access to follow-up bonus content linked to this course (such as an audio version of the e-book, and a free video in which we review the top brokers)
  • No prior experience required
  • The ability to focus
  • Willingness to take action
  • Looking to work smart, not hard
  • Dedicated to their success

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Learn how to quickly identify a markets momentum and make low risk, higher probability trade decisions as a result
  • Find out the exact risk management system used by successful hedge fund traders and how to use it.
  • Implement with step by step directions, two of the most profitable techniques of all time.
  • Know exactly when to execute a trade, when to pass on a trade, and when to add more to a trade.
  • Discover and use our simple yet powerful "Advanced Strategies" that will enhance results tremendously.
  • Learn how to use options to enhance traditional trading methods
  • Understand the importance of trading psychology and having a plan
  • Learn how to use options to enhance traditional trading, avoid losing in volatile markets
  • Techniques and principles for short, medium and longer timeframes of investing and trading the financial markets.

Who is the target audience?

  • Someone who wants to learn profitable techniques used by real professional traders
  • Beginners who need a sound understanding of how markets work.
  • Beginner option traders who want to learn the in's and out's of options
  • Students who want to learn what works across all markets.
  • Not suited for students who think that trading is a get rich quick business.

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android.

Get rewarded.
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Section 1: Start Here!
Thank you for making the wise decision of purchasing this course. Start here to find out the best way for you to proceed and get the most out of this course. Learn what to expect on this journey.
Section 2: Which way does the market want to go?
In this section we will introduce one of the most useful indicators out there: Moving Averages. I will breakdown the different types of moving averages and how they are defined.
In this video we will discuss how you will use Moving Averages in different time periods to help you easily identify the market momentum.
Section 3: The Killer Crossovers
This technique eliminates false moves and is better suited for the person with less time on their hands and wishes to place only a few positions a year and catch the major move after it has begun.
This short term technique helps extract small chunks of the market move and will be the first to get you into the bigger moves, befoe they have begun..
Section 4: Using Price and Moving Averages to Profit in the Medium Term and Long Term

A powerful and profitable way to catch the long term move of the market.

A powerful and profitable way to catch the medium term moved of the market.

Use this helpful and simple way to determine when you should take, some or all of your profits off of the table.

Section 5: Arguably the MOST profitable technique of all time!
The ground work for one of the most profitable techniques of all time, documented!!
Some of the most successful traders of all time have used this technique in some way to help them generate incredible returns.
Section 6: The Money Filter
This trading filter, will help you keep out of the markets with the least probability of success
Section 7: How to Manage Your Stops And Put it All Together.

In this section we add a simple tool to help us make sure that we are getting into a market that is breaking out..

This exit technique was made famous by a legendary trader who has had over 30 years of proven and documented success in the markets

This stop loss was part of the original donchian rules for the channel breakout technique. It is the preferred stop to use with stocks and ETF's.

The ADX was introduced earlier to show you how to screen your entries, now we show you how to use it, to help you get out before the market moves against you!!!
Different markets have different degrees of volatility and price range action, this exit technique helps us fit that knowledge with our entry technique to maximize our profits.

You have learned the background of the channel breakout, you have learned how to use the 55 day and 20 day lines, what and how to filter the trades and how to manage the stop losses. In this video we put it all together!!!

Section 8: Risk Management: How the Professionals Do It

You have to take action and place bets in order to be successful, well the most important thing is not to lose all your chips so you can always bet. This video shows you the importance of this. This section alone, is worth more than twice the amount you paid for this course!

Introducing lot sizes, pips and pip values before showing you how to calculate your position size in the FX markets.

Finding your position size in the futures market is a bit different, exchanges that futures trade on each set specific contract specifications. Find out more inside.


Calculating the position size for ETF's and stock trades is the easiest of all, learn how here.


It is important to understand these two key terms, they will play a huge part in our success and have been the cornerstone of success for the greatest traders of all time.

Section 9: Introduction To Trend Trading Using Options

This audio file provides a brief explanation of the benefits of including options while following trend trading techniques. It lays the foundation of how the options section of this course will be presented

Section 10: Options Basics

In this section we introduce options as a suitable alternative for some of the trend trading strategies discussed in this course. We explore the concept of risk management, and how options can assist in avoiding being stopped out too soon.

In order to understand how to use options to express a view or hedge an underlying exposure, one needs a good understanding of what options are exactly and equally important, how they react to various external factors. If you have never been exposed to Options at all, just the thought of having to learn more about them can be very intimidating! This module quickly breaks down those barriers and explains the function of options using every-day concepts you are already quite familiar with.

This section provides a brief introduction to what Call options are.


This section provides a brief introduction to what Put options are.


This section covers a very important concept with regards to options. Each option strike rate is measured in relation to the strike's position compared to the prevailing market rate of the underlying instrument. In this section we introduce three stages of "moneyness".

Section 11: Strategy 1 - Avoid being stopped-out too soon

You enter the market after you've done all your homework, the trend analysis provided a clear signal to enter the market, yet somehow it just does not work. The market triggers your stop loss level, before then continuing onward in the direction of the trend you have identified in the first place!

This section covers a very simple, yet powerful technique to add "time" to the strategy and moves your trade away from the spot volatility that often causes your stop loss level to be triggered too soon.


Choosing the correct strike rate and premium of the option you will use in this strategy is crucial to the overall success of the trade. This section shows you how to find the most suitable strike.


In this section we look at an actual options pricing chain and we walk through the decision making process of how to choose the most suitable strike rate for this strategy

Section 12: Strategy 2 - Using Options to Supersize Your Returns

This section highlights the power of leverage, contributing to optimum portfolio allocation and diversification that can be achieved even on smaller portfolios


In this section we go into great detail about how to select the optinum strike rate on the option you wish to use for this strategy. We also explain how "option premium" will be viewed differently in this case, than in other examples.


We look at three possible outcomes of this strategy and run the actual profit and loss numbers. We also provide clear exit rules in order to protect and preserve our capital

Section 13: Supplemental Content

We have included this video in the supplemental section of this course. The reason is not to downplay its relevance but rather to not distract you from the importance of this strategy as a standalone idea. The potential return on premium is an additional benefit to the strategy's application.

2 pages

We have compiled a ton of bonus content which we are making available for FREE as part of this course. You have immediate access to the supplemental content which also includes a complimentary copy of our eBook, "From Wall Street to Your Street".

Our lectures are all based upon the strategies and techniques we discuss in this e-book.

In this book we break down all the barriers to becoming a successful trader, covering trading techniques and principles that have been endorsed, created, and implemented by some of the worlds most successful traders of all time. Learn powerful, proven, and profitable techniques used by professional traders to help you take your financial future into your hands. From novice traders and investors to seasoned professionals, these techniques are timeless and surprisingly simple to implement.

In addition to the downloadable eBook, the bonus content also includes the following:

    1. Full Audio version of the eBook – From Wall Street to Your Street

    2. Position size/risk calculator

    3. Pro Real Time – Video and codes showing you how to set up your system to have the same tools we used during this course

    4. Cushion Suggestions

    5. Additional Videos:

    a.Online brokerage reviews : Pro’s and Con’s

    b.Binary Options

    c.Bid/Ask & Spreads

    6. And more…

Section 14: I Am Finished...Now What???
Ok you are done with all of the course material...Here is exactly what you should do next!!!

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Instructor Biography

Trade Prosper, Professional Traders and Educators

Hello! Welcome to TradeProsper. We are a group a professional traders with a core focus on Foreign Exchange, Futures, Commodities, and Options.

Unlike most traders out there, we hate complexity! Everyone at TradeProsper believes that simplicity is the only real way in which to transfer knowledge, especially when it comes to intimidating instruments such as options. Each of our educators have at minimum 10 years worth of experience in their field, some of whom held senior positions at global banks and hedge funds.

Our focus is to convey to you the insight and a practical understanding of exactly what info and skills are required when it comes to creating your own game-changing trading strategies. However, up till very recently, this information was exclusively shared with a group of professional institutional clients only. We KNOW what works for big accounts, and we KNOW how to bring that knowledge to any size account, breaking down complexities in such a way that is becomes easily understood and followed by you.

Our team of traders have had the privilege of spending most of their professional careers providing trading solutions for hedge funds and huge multinational clients. Their jobs afforded them the privilege of traveling the world, visiting clients in countries like Argentina, Brazil, Columbia, Canada, United Kingdom, Mauritius, Uganda, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Singapore and in various cities all across the US.

As both traders and educators, we appreciate the fact that very few other trainers out there can claim to have physically seen the other side of the options trading industry, the side that works against you!

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