How To Freestyle Rap For Beginners
4.3 (21 ratings)
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354 students enrolled
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How To Freestyle Rap For Beginners

Anyone can learn how to freestyle rap with these 4 simple steps. You will learn how to freestyle anything. For All Ages
4.3 (21 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
354 students enrolled
Created by Pat Parra
Last updated 9/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • You will be able to freestyle rap for over a minute.
  • You will be able to freestyle rap so you can be a more respected rapper.
  • You will feel more open creatively
  • You will be able to activate a creative flow state with freestyle rapping
  • You will be able to get stuff off your chest immediately with freestyle rapping
  • You will be able to improvise lyrics on the spot.
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  • The only required materials are something to read. Like a book, newspaper or magazine.
  • You must have an open mind, willingness, and courage to learn new things

**This course is the exact same as the first part of my "Learn How To Freestyle Rap, Rap Like A Pro, and Write Lyrics"

This version of the course is just for people who want to learn how to freestyle rap for fun, but are not interested in learning how to write rap lyrics for songs or learn how to rap like a pro.

This course will teach you the basics for how to freestyle rap for fun so you can impress your friends and get in touch with a creative "Flow State."

Learning how to freestyle rap is the best first step for learning how to rap because it combines the three core rap skills into one instant practice...

With freestyle rapping you're developing your:

  • Flow Muscle: How you flow rhythmic patterns over beats
  • Speech Muscle: How you deliver your raps
  • And Lyrical Muscle: How you stream unique creative lyrics

All at the same time

This will give you the best foundation possible for learning how to rap, how to write raps, and how to make your own full songs...

By the end of the course...

  • You will have the ability to freestyle rap
  • You will be able to freestyle rap about your surroundings.
  • You will be able to turn anything into a spontaneous freestyle rap or song.
  • You will be able to improvise lyrics on the spot.
  • You will be able to break through writers block with freestyle rapping.


  • Step by step video training where you go back and forth with me until you are freestyle rapping (Takes about 7 minutes)
  • 10 Hip Hop beats to download and practice rapping over
  • Audio version of the course so you can take the course with you and always have a way to practice freestyling.

Why take this course?

Take this course if you want to:

  • Learn how to start rapping
  • Become a better rapper
  • Learn how to freestyle rap
  • Learn how to improvise lyrics on the spot
  • Be able to turn anything into a spontaneous song
  • Have a tool to help you break through writers block

This course normally is $250 an hour and up for live sessions with me when I teach in schools and music camps.

And the schools and music camps don't even get half of the training that you get in this course.

You get the 4 magic steps to start freestyle rapping in minutes.

And you get the 3 advanced skills to be a better freestyle rapper than over 90% of rappers on the radio.

Plus you get a few extra bonuses in this course as well.

Like a sample of the masters writing class and a few extra surprise tips and training. And some advanced freestyling exercises.

So if you just want to learn how to freestyle rap without wanting to learn how to rap like a pro or how to write raps...

Then get this course.

If you want my full course which includes the songwriting training and the 8 steps to rapping like the pros...

Then I strongly recommend getting my other course on Udemy called "Learn How To Freestyle Rap, Rap Like A Pro, and Write Lyrics" before the price increases to $297.

Just search on Udemy to find "Learn How To Freestyle Rap, Rap Like A Pro, and Write Lyrics"

You will get all of my courses combined in that one course so you don't have to buy each course separately.

Hope this helps and let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks for checking out this program and I look forward to hearing your freestyle raps.


Who is the target audience?
  • You should take this course if you want to start rapping or become a better rapper
  • You should take this course if you want to open up more creatively.
  • This course is not for you if you can already freestyle rap for over a minute without stopping
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My Freestyle Rap Story
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Watch this video to learn the keys to success for freestyle rapping in the fastest way possible. 

Keys To Success For Freestyle Rapping
How To Start Freestyle Rapping In Minutes...
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An introduction to the main course. In this video you will learn how to best use this course.

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Freestyle Materials Needed To Start Rapping Today

In this video we go through the 4 magic steps to help you start freestyle rapping in less than 7 minutes. The purpose of these steps is to help you get started and become comfortable flowing. "Flowing" is saying whatever you want over a beat without worrying about rhyming or messing up. You must be comfortable flowing before starting to focus on rhyming. This is the video that will help you get comfortable flowing in small, short, and simple steps. Remember: Flowing is the foundation of freestyle rapping.

The Four Magic Steps To Start Freestyle Rapping

Step 3: The third step to start freestyle rapping

Step 4: The last step to get you freestyling

In this video we discuss the challenges of writing raps before learning how to freestyle and the number one way to overcome those challenges.

The goal of this video is to make sure you are freestyling even if you started writing raps before you freestyle rapped for your first time.

It will be hard to improvise unless you follow this important tip featured in this video.

Freestyle Rapping vs. Writing Raps

In this video we go a little deeper into the psychology behind the 4 steps and why exactly they have been working so well for over 1,247 new freestyle rappers.

The Psychology Behind The Four Steps

What are the two golden rules when starting to learn how to freestyle rap?

Golden Rules
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A short congratulations message for getting this far.

Preview 00:21

A popular question I get is...

How do I know I'm ready for the advanced freestyle rap training?

This video will answer that question and show you what you need to look out for to know that you're ready for the advanced skills. 

When To Move On To The Advanced Freestyle Training?

Read this to learn when you should continue on to the advanced freestyle training. 

How To Know When You're Ready For The Advanced Freestyle Steps
Bonus: Advanced Freestyle Rapping Training
6 Lectures 18:59

Here we introduce the three main advanced skills to focus on once you are comfortable flowing. The first skill is also introduced in this video and we go through it together over a beat.

Intro To The 3 Main Skills To Be An Awesome Freestyle Rapper And Rhyme Skillz

Here we practice using our imagination in our freestyle raps to keep our freestyles interesting and so we never run out of material.

Preview 02:11

In this lecture we go over a highly advanced skill called one breath. This is a skill that make people say "Ugh nananana." Here we focus on breath control and practice together over a beat.

Bonus #3: One Breath

Finally we bring everything we have been learning all together to create inspiring and dynamic freestyle raps that are highly entertaining for our listeners.

Bonus #4: Bringing It All Together For Awe Inspiring Freestyles...

This quiz is a quick reminder of the three most important skills to focus on after you have learned how to flow.

The 3 Main Skills
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You can freestyle rap forever by unlocking the vocabulary you already have in your head. So no, you don't need to study a dictionary to be able to freestyle rap forever. This video gives you the secret method you can use to have limitless things to rap about all the time so you never get stuck or run out of things to say. 

How To Freestyle Rap Forever Without Running Out Of Words

Rap apps can be great for improving your freestyle skills if you use the right ones. In this video we cover the best rap apps you can use today to boost your freestyle rap skills fast over beats that are already provided for you. You'll also learn what to look for when choosing your ideal rap app. 

Best Rap Apps To Practice Freestyling
BONUS: Rap Vocal Power Exercises
5 Lectures 17:54

This video deals with the #1 skill you need to focus on to be considered a pro rapper instead of an average amateur rapper. 

Intro To Rap Vocal Power Exercises and The Number One Pro Rap Skill

In this video you'll learn how to break through and get ultimate confidence in your rap voice by realizing you have limitless voices and styles to choose from that will ultimately help you find your own "ground voice".

Extreme Vocal Practices For Ultimate Confidence In Your Voice

In this video you will go through a rap exercise to help you get comfortable with your flow. You will experiment with slow and fast flows to learn you can go anywhere with your rap flow. 

How to improve your flow: Challenge 3

In this challenge you start practicing melodic rapping, even if you feel like you don't have a good singing voice. This practice will help you breakthrough, expand your vocal abilities, and make your raps more dynamic and interesting to listen to.

How To Melodic Rap: Rap Vocal Challenge 4

This video will help you get ultimate confidence in your rap voice if you practice the previous steps using the tips in this video. 

The best thing you can do to improve your rap voice
Bonus Rap Tips
8 Lectures 41:22

Learn how to find your rap voice in this video.

Preview 03:09

This video will show you how to rap fast

How To Rap Fast

In this video you will learn the importance of a rap alter ego and why you might want to have a rap name.

Preview 01:58

Scatting: How To Use Scatting To Improve Your Rap Flow and Vocal Delivery

This is a sample of the freestyle rapping for songwriting masters course.

Bonus: Sample Of Writing Course

Fun games you can play with freestyle rapping. Share these games with your friends at parties or on long car rides.

Freestyle Games

About the Instructor
Pat Parra
4.1 Average rating
154 Reviews
4,690 Students
5 Courses
Anyone Can Learn How To Rap and Freestyle

Hey, my name is Pat...

And when I first started rapping, freestyling and making songs 20 years ago...

I was horrible at it. 

I never thought I'd have 5 albums of my own music released or rap students from 127 countries. 

After struggling with depression in high school I started looking for ways of expressing myself.

I saw some guys freestyling during a lunch break and was given two golden rules to get started.

This got me into performing, recording and songwriting...

However it still took me 3 years of practicing to really get confident at freestyling. 

Then in college one night at a party, a girl asked me how to freestyle rap and the 2 golden rules were not working fast enough for her. 

That's when I developed 4 more simple steps to get anyone to start freestyle rapping within 5 minutes by taking advantage of a creative flow brain discovery. 

This freestyle method allowed me to be able to improvise lyrics without needing any prewritten lines...

And it allowed me to make 5 albums of music in different styles.

I started teaching what I discovered at schools and music camps with a 100% success rate.

I love seeing people go from not believing they can rap and freestyle to easily freestyling their own lyrics right in front of me.

Now I'm teaching how to freestyle on Udemy because it is the best way to get started writing your own songs, and telling your own unique stories.

Thanks for checking out my page and I hope you enjoy my freestyle rapping course.


On Udemy: I currently have courses teaching people "How To Rap Like The Pros", "How To Freestyle Rap and Write Rap Lyrics". and "How To Make Beats For Rappers On An iPhone".

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