Muscular Aches, Pains, Headaches & More - Get Quick Relief!
4.8 (8 ratings)
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78 students enrolled
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Muscular Aches, Pains, Headaches & More - Get Quick Relief!

Easy and proven relief from back pain, stiff neck, shoulder tension, headaches, joint pain, pms and any causal stress
4.8 (8 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
78 students enrolled
Created by Paul Emery
Last updated 3/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • You will be able to effectively, easily and quickly improve your physical (and emotional) well-being and health. To finally and most likely permanently be ache/pain and symptom free enabling you to enhance your work performance, productivity and therefore business bottom line!
  • Easily able to also help a loved one or friend with physical problems
  • Be able to reduce or eliminate any causal or associated negative emotion e.g stress, anxiety, worry, anger or frustration
  • Re-programme your mind and body toward a healthier, happier life with a special visualization technique
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  • Generally it is best that the techniques be performed in a quiet area where you can focus and not be disturbed
  • What is it worth for you to be pain free? Physically? Emotionally? Financially? Your time?
  •                      'Paul is helped me!' Kate Moss Supermodel & Icon
  • During this ground-breaking tried and tested self-treatment course you will be able to get substantial relief from many if not most acute or chronic physical discomforts, such as neck, shoulder, back aches, pains, tension, stiffness also joint problems, headaches and pms (very often no matter the cause) from work, home, sports and accident related injuries and strains to poor posture, even stress! 
  • Throughout the course you will also learn how to quickly reduce, even often eliminating the negative emotions that very often contribute to a physical problem, e.g stress, anxiety, sadness, anger, fear, frustration
  • Easy and simple to understand and implement, the methods you will learn are tried and tested. In-fact tens of thousands of people have already used and benefited from them
  • These safe, painless and effective methods are proven, and have been researched and developed for well over a decade by a team of specialized doctors and health care professionals (whom I was fortunate to be trained by)
  • Methods are largely based on the ancient art of acupressure which have been brought up-to date with the latest findings ('tapping' specific points), ground-breaking neuroscience and the clinical experience of helping 1000's of people
  • There is a special advanced section that will help you shift any stubborn problem
  • The course is a great add on and beneficial additional tool for doctors, nurses, chiropractors, physiotherapists and other therapists to learn then use in their practice!
  • Performing the methods only a couple of times is often enough to alleviate a problem
  • Although best performed in a quiet private space the methods can be used anywhere, anytime - even in public for quick relief or in a emergency
  • Benefits frequently quickly felt
  • Methods can be safely used on self, friends or loved ones
  • Taught in an easy to follow fashion
  • The first course of its kind - ever!
  • No tools or equipment needed
  • No previous knowledge required
  • Comes with additional complimentary module PDF worksheets
  • Course and its benefits can be completed within an hour
  • Two Free bonus videos
  • Free valuable surprise gift at end of course
  • Course supports and compliments the care and advice of a doctor or other licensed medical practitioner e.g chiropractor, physiotherapist
  • With its money-back guarantee there is absolutely nothing to lose and  the possibility of everything to gain, so please enroll in this course now if you want to be pain & stress free and just get on with your life. Enjoy freedom from pain - today!
Who is the target audience?
  • This course is for anyone who suffers from an acute or chronic physical problem. It is also extremely useful as an additional tool for doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, chiropractors, masseurs, reiki or EFT practitioners and any other health care professional improve their results and take their business to another level
  • No previous experience or additional techniques or methods are required
  • This is not for anyone suffering from a medical condition or disease
  • Not for anyone that is skeptical and therefore unwilling to perform holistic and science based self-healing
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Curriculum For This Course
11 Lectures
Neck, Shoulder, Back, Headache & PMS Relief: Get Your Life Back with 'TFT'!
4 Lectures 31:56

In this first module I will briefly talk about some of the main causes of pain and some of the

common solutions people turn to.

As you are aware there can be many different causes and reasons behind physical problems

such as - muscular aches, pains, tension, stiffness, joint pain, headaches and migraines.

It could be due to poor posture, lifting a heavy weight, an accident, old age, sleeping position,

alcohol abuse, heat, nutritional issues like food intolerances and food sensitivities, or even


However, generally speaking there are two most common causes of pain. This module desctibes them.

Preview 03:52

This module outlines:

TFT (Thought Field Therapy) - the grandfather of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)

Who discovered 'tapping'

How it works

The emotional connection to pain

How anticipatory anxiety can increase it

Some main differences between EFT and TFT

The physiological benefits of 'tapping'

What physical problems can be alleviated

Some case examples

Try it on anything!

Preview 09:00

To get familiar and comfortable on how to use the main TFT pain algorithm to successfully perform a treatment.

Module 3 : TFT - Demo & Run Through

In this module we will perform the TFT treatment together to reduce or eliminate an ache or pain or other physical issue.

Your problem may be relieved quickly or you may need to repeat the treatment over a few days or more.

Module 4 : TFT - Reducing, Eliminating a Physical Problem
TFT - Trouble Shooting (if needed!)
2 Lectures 25:04

In this module (Part One) we look at what steps you can take if the main TFT algorithm treatment doesn't work immediately.


Hydration issues

Inhaled and ingested toxins - what they are and how to minimize their adverse affects

The more powerful 'Sore Spot'

The 'Collarbone Breathing' treatment to clear blockages

What is 'Psychological Reversal' - how it can have negative affects on the mind and body and how it can prevent any treatment, even some medication from being effective

How to quickly clear Psychological Reversal - specific tapping points and affirmations

The 'Floor to Ceiling Eye-Roll' to quickly eliminate a stubborn problem

Module 5: Part 1: Additional Powerful Techniques

In this Part Two module of Trouble-shooting TFT we shall continue to look at ways to help if the initial TFT doesn't seem to be working:

The role of 'Rescue Remedy' in clearing Psychological Reversal

A delayed reaction?

Doctor Sarno. A partial or complete emotional cause behind your problem?

The role of unconscious unexpressed rage and anger

A very powerful and unique TFT algorithm to clear any possible emotion behind pain - this can also be used to reduce any stress in your life

Module 5: Part 2: Additional Powerful Techniques
Neck, Shoulder, Back, Headache & PMS Relief: Get Your Life Back with 'Havening!'
4 Lectures 30:23

In this module I describe the latest ground-breaking psycho-sensory technique called 'Havening.'

What it is

How it works

The effect it has on the brain and consequently your emotional and physical well-being

How it can help your physical problem

'Event Havening' with 'Self-Havening'

A demonstration and run through of the technique

Module 6 : Intro to 'Havening Techniques'

In this module we shall perform the 'Self-Havening' treatment together to reduce or eliminate a physical problem

Module 7 : How to - 'Self-Havening'

This module we perform a 'Transpirational Havening' treatment together to bring forth and release any unconscious emotional components to your problem - thereby releasing your physical problem

Module 8 : How to - Transpirational Havening'

In this module we perform two techniques - 'Hopeful Havening,' and 'Affirmational Havening.' These are to help you alleviate helpless and hopeless feelings, to increase resilience and to connect and re-enforce positive qualities.

Module 9 : How to - 'Hopeful & Affirmational Havening'
1 Lecture 11:53

This extra bonus module has two parts to it:

1) How to perform basic and simple EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) to over-come physical problems

2) An easy but powerful visualization exercise to help your re-programme your mind for success in whatever you want - perhaps a healthier, happier, pain free life.

Bonus Videos : 1) EFT for Physical Problems 2) Visualization Technique
About the Instructor
Paul Emery
4.8 Average rating
8 Reviews
78 Students
1 Course
Holistic Treatment of the Year 2010/Author/Stress,Pain Coach

I am the co-author of two Amazon best-selling books with Jack Canfield ('Chicken Soup for the Soul' & 'The Secret') and Brian Tracy (Maximun Achievement). My contribution for both books was on how to overcome stress, fears and worry with a ground-breaking psycho-sensory technique called 'Havening'. I'm an 'AsiaSpa Holistic Treatment of the Year' award winner and can help anyone overcome any psychological problem and many physical issues.

A certified NLP Master Practitioner, EFT Trainer, TFT Advanced Practitioner and a certified Havening Techniques Practitioner. I trained with Dr. Richard Bandler, Paul McKenna, Dr. Roger Callahan, Gary Craig and Dr. Ronald Ruden.

I am founder of QEPR (Quantum Emotional & Physical Release), a powerful combination of innovative techniques that enable people to quickly overcome any unwanted emotion. I am also creator of a popular light exercise class - 'Emer-gizes'.

I have helped many influential people from Doctors, top CEO's and Hollywood/Bollywood Movie Stars, to Royalty, Professional Athletes, Supermodels, Grammy award winning Pop and Rock Stars and songwriters to renown top psychologists.

I've worked for over 6 years as a resident therapist at the multi-award winning – number one destination resort and spa (Conde Naste readers poll) 'Chiva-Som International Health Resort' in Thailand. And was also part of a team that won 'SpaAsia Crystal Award' 2005 for 'Best Alternative/Complementary Health Centre'. I have also provided my services for the Mandarin Oriental, Anantara, Six Senses and Kamalaya spas and resorts.

I have been featured in numerous publications such as the bestselling book 'Ultimate Spa and Spa Treatments', Vogue, Gala Magazine, Financial Times, Women's Health, Men's Health, Sunday Independent, Luxury Spa Finder, Marie Claire, OK Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Harpers Bazaar,Travel + Leisure, Spa World, SpaAsia, Sydney Morning Herald, Time Out, Bangkok Post colour supplement and The Nation.

I was featured on the popular Australian Channel Nine hit TV series – 'Celebrity Overhaul' and many other TV shows including Fox, TNT, Ender Sarac and Sky.