Forex Basics

An Overview Of The Forex Market To Help You Determine If Getting Involved Is For You. / Get Your Feet Wet For Free.
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  • Jared Passey Teaching Forex Trading since 2004

     I got started trading Forex in 2003 and took to it like a fish to water, we were trading in a group and soon many of the others started asking me to train them. As I took on clients I found that my trading was sharper because I had to look at things from different perspectives. I have worked with as many as 40 people per week one-on-one. I'm told that I have a gift for recognizing what people need to hear and explaining things so they are easy to understand.

    I only work with a hand full of select people at a time now because my time is a lot more valuable to me and I'd rather spend more of it with my family than with students (no offense).

    My trading styles focus on manual price action trading, which means that I don't look at trading robots or automated systems. I believe in creating trading strategies that have both a high probability of success and the average wins are greater than the losses.

    I love reading charts and finding awesome trades and also helping others do the same.

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Forex Basics

An Overview Of The Forex Market To Help You Determine If Getting Involved Is For You. / Get Your Feet Wet For Free.
31 reviews


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This is a beginners course on the Forex Market. It is intended to help the curious investor get a better look at what is involved in trading for themselves. Not everyone is cut out for trading Forex and this is designed to help people make an informed decision.

The course covers the basics of the market and what skills and tools are required to trade actively. It also includes a complete training on the most popular trading software Meta Trader 4 (MT4).

It is completely free and available to anyone with an interest in knowing more about Forex.

    • A computer connected to the internet.
    • For active trading, there are many more software options for a PC than a Mac. :{
    • Over 26 lectures and 3.5 hours of content!
    • By the end of this course you should be able to make a well educated decision on wether or not to continue studying the Forex market.
    • You should also be pretty up to speed on using the MT4 platform to trade.
    • Anyone interested in knowing more about the Forex market.
    • Personal investors looking for a recession proof market.


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  • SECTION 1:
    Forex Basics
  • 1
    Intro To Forex Outline
    1 page

    This outline is meant to help you put it all together. Giving you an idea what to expect in this section.

  • 2
    Introducing the Forex Market

    For the brand new beginner or anyone that is just looking into the Forex market. We lay out what is involved and discuss a lot of the industry terminology.

  • 3
    Know Your Pairs

    Understanding how the pairs work and how to read the charts at a beginner level is what this video is about.

  • 4
    Market Times Diagram
    1 page

    This chart helps you see when the different global markets open and close, and most importantly, when they overlap. Based on 4 US time zones.

  • 5
    Placing Trades

    A basic overview about how trades are placed. We cover long and short trades and more.

  • 6
    Trading Styles and Strategies

    An introduction to trading styles and strategies. Which are covered in greater detail in later modules.

  • 7
    Reading Charts

    The basic elements of reading your Forex charts. Price levels, time frames, etc..

  • 8
    Reading Candles
    1 page

    There are different types of charts, but the most popular is the Candle Stick chart. This diagram shows you all the parts of a candle and how they form.

  • 9
    Understanding Spread
    1 page

    A handy worksheet to help you understand how the spread affects your trading.

  • 10
    Needed Skills and Tools

    Some of the basic skills and tools that you will need to learn to be able to master trading the Forex market.

  • 11
    Money and Trade Management

    This section covers the basics that a beginner trader would need to use to be successful managing their money while trading in the Forex market.

  • 12
    Planning and Journaling

    This video on planning and journaling is meant to open your eyes to some of the elements that are required to make trading the Forex market successful. You will need to plan your trades, follow your rules and a carefully journal your results so that you can make improvements to your strategies.

  • SECTION 2:
    Meta Trader 4 Tutorials
  • 13
    MT4 Tutorials Outline
    1 page

    This is a complete outline of the Meta-Trader 4 training tutorials. It will show you what is in each of the following videos and what you should understand when you're done.

  • 14

    A simple instructional video on how to download and install the meta-trader software.

  • 15
    Platform Navigation

    This video is to help you be able to navigate the MT4 platform. It introduces you to most all of the different things you can do with MT4.

  • 16
    Chart Navigation

    This tutorial will help you navigate the software, showing you how to use the different elements that are built into the system.

  • 17
    Setting User Preferences

    This tutorial will help you set up the preferences in the software for you to be able to customize the look and feel of your charts to your own desired parameters.

  • 18
    Managing Profiles

    This tutorial will help you set up your profiles, so that you can look at different sets of charts and have different information on each.

  • 19

    This tutorial will help you build your templates so that when you add new charts you won't have to continue to reset all of your preferences.

  • 20
    Drawing Objects

    This tutorial will take you through using the and many different objects that you can put on your charts for your technical analysis, including trendline, circles and more. It will show you how to manipulate them as needed.

  • 21

    This tutorial will show you how to use and install indicators on your charts; both common indicators and custom indicators and how to set the parameters for those indicators.

  • 22
    Expert Advisors (EA's)

    This tutorial teaches you how to find and install expert advisers (EA's) or trading robots onto your charts and how to get them to run and set them as needed.

  • 23
    Placing and Modifying Trades

    This tutorial shows you how to actually place trades on your trading platform. It shows you the different ways to enter a trade and how to set your stop loss and take profit levels.

  • 24
    Setting Up and Using Alerts

    This tutorial will teach you how to set up e-mail or text message alerts on your charts. It will show you how to get notified when something happens like when a price is reached by the market.

  • 25
    Tips and Tricks for MT4

    This tutorial is my favorite. It covers all the tips and tricks that you can use to make this trading platform work more smoothly for you. It will show you faster ways to do things that you do on a regular basis.

  • SECTION 3:
  • 26
    Wrapping It All Together

    This is a short video on what you should have taken from this course. and how you should proceed depending on where you feel you stand. Not everyone should get involved in trading Forex and knowing what's involved is important before you continue.


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  • Enrique
    A helpfully course

    Nice Material to starters, i recomend try MT4 a little before. easy to undertand even if english is not your primary language

  • Stefan Le Roux
    Excellent MT4 Introduction

    This is an excellent course for anyone starting out Forex trading with MetaTrader 4. The instructor covers a great deal of the software functionality as well as real world skills involved in Forex trading. As a free course it will be more than worth your time! Loved it.

  • Oleg Korsak
    really basics

    it's more about MT4 tool theory, not about forex theory

  • Siya
    basic stuff...

    not helpful at all...

  • Saad Khalaf Ahmed
    fantastic work

    fantastic work

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