For the Love of Meditation
3.3 (22 ratings)
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2,731 students enrolled
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For the Love of Meditation

Lay the groundwork for an engaging sitting practice by cultivating the love and curiosity of meditation.
3.3 (22 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
2,731 students enrolled
Created by Mark Johnson
Last updated 3/2015
Price: Free
  • 2 hours on-demand video
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of Completion
What Will I Learn?
  • Build the momentum to meditate
  • Look forward to each meditation with curiosity and eagerness
  • Enjoy the time spent being with oneself
  • Select an appropriate style of meditation. Appropriate for you, and for the moment.
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  • Interest in meditation

Learn to love meditation for it's own sake. Over the course of a month, by sampling 31 different ways of practicing, you will learn to love not only the results but the practice itself.

In each short recording you will learn a new technique and see the benefits that come through such a practice in your own experience.

Different meditations bring different results, and speak to different people in different ways. Find out what sorts of meditations are valuable and effective for you, and in the process, cultivate:

  • Mindfulness
  • Concentration,
  • Compassion
  • Pleasure
  • Fearlessness
  • Skills and means of emotional transformation.

This free course is designed especially for beginners looking to establish a practice, but will support anyone who's practice could use the support and invigoration that comes through the love of practice.

Complete this course and see the changes in your life and practice.

Who is the target audience?
  • The course is for beginner to intermediate meditators who could benefit by having greater appreciation for their practice.
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Curriculum For This Course
33 Lectures
Introducing the Love of Meditation
1 Lecture 11:40

A welcoming introduction to a month of meditation.

We Love Meditation For...
Raising Consciousness
7 Lectures 32:55

Notice the effect that love has on your focus and concentration.

What You Love Most

Learn to use a word or phrase of your own choosing to concentrate your meditation.

Your Mantra

Many people who don't meditate claim that "Nature is my meditation". Though walks in nature are relaxing, restorative, beautiful and pleasurable, they don't don't necessarily cultivate concentration, compassion or mindfulness.

In this meditation we will learn about the use of visualization, gaining all of the above.

Nature is My Meditation

Counting is a valuable support, especially in the beginning of our practice, for getting concentrated.

Counting Meditation

Introducing Pleasure

Awareness rising up the spine with inhalation, and down the front with exhalation.

Microcosmic Orbit

Practice the practice of loving kindness, to cultivate the love of love.

For the Love of Love
Supporting Mindfulness
7 Lectures 26:05

Spend the first few minutes of your meditation deciding on a meditation practice of your own choosing.

Choose Your Own Meditation

Search the body for tension.

The Body Scan

With the center of your awareness just below your nose, just note what arises and passes away.

Vipassana. Insight Meditation.

We all have troubles. See them through the eyes of an enlightened master.

Active Imagination. An Enlightened Visitor.

Awareness rises up the front with inhalation, and down the back with exhalation.

Macrocosmic Orbit - Central Vessel

Learn to trade glitter for gold.

More Pleasure Please

Inquire into your true nature. What do you find?

Who Am I?
Creating Concentration
7 Lectures 16:43

One of the three characteristics of reality, everything is impermanent. Notice.

Notice Impermanence

Maintain your thoughts on the topic of what you would like in this moment, in this meditation, in this day, in this year, in this life.

Focus of Intention

With the center of your awareness in your belly, just note what arises and passes away.

Vipassana. Mindfulness Meditation

Do not do anything. Do not even meditate.

This is Zen.

Just Sit

Follow the Tibetan practice of breathing in white light, breathing out blackness.

Tonglen Meditation

Use the breath to spread pleasure through, and awaken, the body.

Pleasure of the Whole Body

If you exist, whatever you are must be present.

Who do I take myself to be?
Establishing Practice
7 Lectures 19:43
Walking Meditation

Build the awareness and energy at the base of the spine and allow it to rise up the spine.

Rising Kundalini

Meditate on death and impermanence. Be relaxed and kind towards yourself in this process.

Meditation on Death

The third characteristic of reality: life is suffering. And yet, suffering is optional.

The Nature of Suffering

Focus on gratitude and appreciation. What are you grateful for?

Active Appreciation

Today's koan: How do you extinguish a flame that is 600 miles away?

Koan Meditation

Awareness arises all around you as you inhale, and drops into your core on exhalation.

Supracosmic Lemniscate
Continuing Practice
3 Lectures 06:01

Pay attention to the sensations of the heart.

Sensations of the Heart

Mindful life visualization. Picture in your mind's eye yourself living your life in a mindful, loving and concentrated way.

Allow yourself dream. A bubble? A thunderclap? A star? All of reality looking at itself? Or do I take the form of a role model for a little while?

Future Self

Introducing the practice of movie meditation. Turn watching a movie into an exercise of concentration.

Movie Meditation
With the Love of Meditation
1 Lecture 03:08


A Month of Meditation in Summary
About the Instructor
Mark Johnson
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Mark Johnson, with a degree in computer science, has been teaching for over twenty years. He created the official training courses for two of the first Java Application servers (NetDynamics and Apptivity) and provided training throughout Europe and North America. He has been the technical lead for numerous high profile projects included a leading counter-terrorism application, the Internet Archive's book scanning project, and currently, the world's largest research database of ants (Antweb).

His passions includes the efficient functioning of the "human" computer, and his professional trainings include certification as a hypnotherapist, a somatic coach, an integral coach, and as an NLP practitioner. He has had over seven years of training in the Diamond Approach path of personal development, and three years of training as a teacher in that tradition. His 12 years of meditation experience includes long retreats in the Buddhist, Amazonian and Diamond Approach traditions. Mark has been teaching on personal development topics including coaching, EFT and hypnotherapy for over five years.

In his private practice he offers remote assistance to clients working through trauma.