Flash Habits visual system to improve your life in 9 areas!
4.5 (4 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
726 students enrolled
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Flash Habits visual system to improve your life in 9 areas!

Make habits stick even if you have failed before. Easy 3-step visual process to improve your life from health to wealth.
4.5 (4 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
726 students enrolled
Created by Susan McIntire
Last updated 1/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • Use visuals to TAKE ACTION and IMPROVE your life.
  • MASTER POSITIVE CHANGE in any area of your life.
  • UNDERSTAND the research behind habit formation
  • APPLY successful habits to all areas of life
  • KNOW your core values and use them to support new habits
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  • Students will want to have a desire to dig deep to understand their core values and goals and think about things that they may have taken for granted or never thought about before, coupled with a desire to learn how to develop and implement a visual system for habits that stick.

Course updated 8/30/2016

"I've interviewed countless successful business people and one thing that they have in common is innovative ideas. If you want to learn ideas effortlessly, and be inspired to take action, Susan delivers the solution. In fact, when Susan shared a story with me, I took action within 2 hours and changed the way I do business that continues to pay off."

~ John Lee Dumas, Host of Entrepreneur on Fire

If you have struggled with habits before because you're a Creative, Entrepreneurial or "Right-Brained" person, you've found your solution.

This course solves your frustration when habits just don't stick. With this course, you are empowered to TAKE ACTION in all areas of life when you learn how to implement a proven a simple 3-step habit-forming solution with a visual system, all based on research.

Master Habit Formation Quickly using the Flash Habits TM Method!

  • Want to be more Productive?

  • Want to balance Work and Home life?

  • Want better Health?

  • Want to Improve your Life & Be Happier?

  • If you could just master a few key habits, you could do things like:
    • Get into shape
    • Launch a business
    • Write a book
    • Create more art
    • Make more $$$

    This course is for you.

    Content and Overview:

    We break this course into DIGESTIBLE, 5-minute modules to IMPROVE YOUR LIFE!

    You'll learn how to Master Habits in 9 areas:

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Career
  • Family/Friends/Legacy
  • Wisdom/Knowledge
  • Fame/Power/Community
  • Love
  • Creativity
  • Travel

  • With fun challenges and quests to help you uncover what your core values, strengths and goals are so you can make lasting change.

    Plus, we've gamified the course so you'll earn badges as you progress through the short 5-minute modules. (You can even save your badges and post them to Facebook.)

    We've organized the sections into "guilds" (9 groups of students, grouped by interest in the individual habit areas covered in the course) so you can build community with like-minded people who share similar habit goals. (Via the course discussion for each section, where you can post your habit goals and obtain feedback. And in the future as we grow, depending on demand, a PRIVATE Facebook community.)

    What am I going to get from this course?

    • 55 lectures with 3+ hours of content!
    • Create visual habits to help you quickly take steps to Master Positive Change.
    • Full Access to Instructor support/feedback in the course and PRIVATE Facebook group
    • 30-day Money-Back Guarantee!
    • Digestible, 5 minute modules that upon completion you can TAKE ACTION immediately to IMPROVE YOUR LIFE!

    You will master the ability to take consistent steps towards your dream life! Our Trademarked System for habit creation called Flash Habits TM maximizes visual cues to support PROVEN METHODS, BACKED BY RESEARCH.

    What are the requirements?

    • A desire to Improve Your Life

    Who is the target audience?
    • Those who want to look at their lives and habits and improve their lives from a comprehensive point of view and want to learn a system they can apply to any habit formation should take this course.
    • The course is organized via areas of life that are also detailed in the study of Feng Shui, because of its thorough nature and the fact that these core areas have proven that they have the ability to stand the test of time. However, this is not a course in Feng Shui or its principles. Those expecting Feng Shui lessons should not take this course as it’s not a course in Feng Shui.
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    Curriculum For This Course
    55 Lectures
    Getting started: What to know about visual habits
    7 Lectures 16:36


    In this lecture, we:

    1. Discuss why you should take this course and how mastering the ability to create visual habits will empower you to create success in every area of your life.

    2. Cover why this class is for anyone who has had trouble creating habits that stick but especially creative, right-brained people.

    Preview 02:40

    In this lecture we'll go over how to actually use Udemy to take the course! We'll go over where to find supplemental resources, and how to download the lecture files onto your computer.

    Don't forget to check out the downloadable course Road Map .pdf in the resources for this lecture.

    Preview 03:24


    This lecture is story-based and provides my background and why I’m teaching this course.

    1. You learn how I (the instructor) began my “Visual Thinking” journey almost 30 years ago via an Honor’s College course of the same name at the University of South Carolina and was praised by the professor for my “pronounced talent for handling visual configurations” and as the professor wrote that he sometimes turned to me for the “what and the how” of the course.
    2. I briefly touch on a couple life-changing events that further focused me on visual habits.
    3. We talk about mastering the ability to overcome typical habit-formation pitfalls and the fact the this course is like 9 mini-courses in wealth, health, love, creativity, work, learning, travel, legacy and family.
    4. We discuss results like a better understanding of your core values and goals; creation and empowerment of your life vision with Flash HabitsTM; and the inspired positive energy, confidence and motivation you'll get from this course to keep your plan alive.
    Preview 03:08



    In this lecture we:

    1. Discuss the fact that this course is a comprehensive and innovative approach;

    2. Supercharge habit formation with visuals because we process visuals 60 times faster than text.

    3. Discuss a Stanford University behaviorist’s theory as to why you don’t need to bribe yourself with a large amount of motivation to make lasting change.

    Preview 03:13

    In this lecture, we'll discuss how the course is "gamified."



    There’s power in music.

    1. Choose a playlist. Here’s an inspiring playlist we’ve created for you; or you may create your own custom playlist that empowers you as you create your Flash Habits™ and do future exercises.

    2. Pick a theme song. In addition, from the list, you can choose a particular favorite song as a personal theme song to help anchor you in a successful frame of mind when you need a boost to help you solidify your habits.

    Action Step: Playlist Quest and Downloadable Audio Lecture
    1 page

    Here is a PDF including optional aromatherapy scents you can use in your habit forming system

    Action Step: Aromatherapy Quest
    1 page

    Quick check to see if this course is for you.

    Section 1 Quiz
    10 questions
    Welcome and let's dive in!
    5 Lectures 15:41

    In this lecture:

    • We welcome you and inspire you with a case study with an example of Flash HabitsTM in action for a successful New Years Resolution.
    Welcome and Case Study


    In this lecture, we:

    1. Dispel a myth that your attitude and motivation come before changing a habit.

    2. Discover what really comes first in habit formation.

    As Mahatma Ghandi said, “If you think you are too small to make a difference, try spending a night with a mosquito.”

    What comes first when creating a habit?


    In this lecture we:

    1. Discuss what you’ve been waiting for: The groundbreaking Flash Habits™ visual method, the missing link to following through on your habit intentions.

    Flash Habits ™ Solution

    In this lecture:

    • We understand that we learn by doing. So instead of going through a long series of lectures first, we jump in to teach you the basics of how to set up one simple Flash HabitsTM step for taking this course.
    • You'll also be encouraged to dive in and post your first Flash HabitsTM action steps today to the discussion board.
    Action Step: Flash HabitsTM Challenge

    Downloadable template:

    • To assist you in carrying out the previous lecture's action step to create your first visual habit, here we provide a simple downloadable template you can use to create your own Flash Habits™.
    Action Step Resource: Flash Habits™ Template
    1 page

    A quick review of Flash HabitsTM.

    Flash HabitsTM Review
    6 questions
    The 4 P's to creating your ultimate vision
    3 Lectures 08:03


    Before we create Flash Habits™:

    1. It’s worthwhile to understand where you are coming from when you create a habit. If you’re in marketing, you may have heard of Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. This is not what this is.

    2. The 4 P’s we’ll discuss: Principles, Passion, Power and Purpose drive us and add meaning to our lives.

    3. Understanding your 4P’s and honoring them will help you create successful Flash Habits™.

    What are the 4 P's?


    This PDF is a self-assessment for you to download to discover what values are most important to you before we get into the course.

    It’s an easy checklist, so that as you develop your Flash Habits™ you can keep them in mind and be sure that your habits are aligned with your core values.

    Completing this task will help you create successful habits!

    Action Step: A Values Self-Assessment Quest
    3 pages

    Here we’ll be doing a deep dive to self-discovery. (For simplicity’s sake, the PDF covers all 4 P’s in one 4-page document.)

    1. This exercise is a sort of lifestyle overview shortcut to understanding what drives you and where your strengths are to assist you in creating lasting habits.

    2. Understanding your Principles, Passion, Power and Purpose, helps you create your vision and ultimately the Flash Habits™ to create the life of your dreams.

    3. Note: You can and should take breaks if needed to reflect while completing the exercises. Depending on you may want to allow an average of 30 min. to an hour for this exercise.

    Action Step Challenge: Define your 4 P’s Workbook
    5 pages

    Here we'll check your understanding of the 4 P's.

    The 4 P's Quiz
    6 questions
    How to create Healthy Flash Habits™
    8 Lectures 26:11


    In this lecture we:

    1. Discuss the fact that three important factors contribute to overall health as determined by the Army Surgeon General: healthy eating, sleeping and physical training.

    2. Discover how using Flash Habits™ to focus on these three things creates a healthier lifestyle.

    Healthy Habits overview

    In this lecture, we:

    1. Cover sound tips for healthy eating (no fad dieting) to create your associated Flash Habits™.

    Healthy eating

    In this lecture, we:

    1. Cover basic sleep routines for a restful night and create your associated Flash Habits™.


    In this lecture we:

    1. Focus on fundamental physical training/exercise ideas and how to create your associated Flash Habits™.

    Physical training

    Review of how to implement Flash HabitsTM for health and case study.

    Action Step and health
    2 pages

    A Flash HabitsTM audio file walking you through the relaxation process to assist you with healthy habits.

    Action Step: Relaxation

    PDF of 10 tips to improve your diet. Source: United States Government to assist you with healthier eating habits.

    Quest: 10 tips to improve your diet - Choose 1
    1 page


    In this handout, you’ll view two health related videos on YouTube and read a supplemental sleep article.

    3 Action Steps: Health Challenges
    1 page

    Let's review some of what we learned about health.

    Healthy Habits Quiz
    13 questions
    Create Flash Habits™ with your career in mind
    4 Lectures 14:55

    A Flash HabitsTM case study showcasing how one person successfully created Flash HabitsTM to support their career.

    Career Case Study


    In this lecture, we:

    1. Learn how getting out of our comfort zones using Flash Habits™ can lead to innovative career growth.

    Career Innovation


    In this lecture, we:

    1. Discuss how seeking a state of “flow” using Flash Habits™ will help you find career bliss.



    In this handout, we’ll explore ways to think out of the box when it comes to career growth and how Flash Habits™can improve your productivity at work.

    Action Step: Self-discovery
    3 pages

    Here we'll review our understanding of our section on careers.

    Career Quiz
    7 questions
    Flash Habits™ for Knowledge and Wisdom
    3 Lectures 06:22


    In this lecture, we:

    1. Explore and master an understanding of the 4 phases of the learning and growth cycle and;

    2. How to adjust Flash Habits™ to offset potential setbacks to habit formation.

    The 4 stages of learning and growth

    In this lecture, we:

    1. Discuss how we can expand our vision of Knowledge and Wisdom and;

    2. The way using Flash Habits™ can help us grow and learn.

    Knowledge and Wisdom without overload


    This topical checklist will help you identify your interests and potential areas for growth/learning habits.

    Action Step: Topical checklist
    6 pages

    Here we'll review our understanding of the 4 stages of learning.

    Four Stages of Learning
    7 questions
    Flash Habits™ re: Family, Friends and Legacy
    4 Lectures 14:32


    In this lecture we:

    1. Explore how Flash Habits™ can help us make new friends.


    In this lecture, we:

    1. Focus on how to prioritize our family using Flash Habits™ in today’s busy world.



    In this lecture we:

    1. Discuss our legacy and how Flash Habits™ can help build it.



    In this PDF, we’ll recap the steps you need to take using Flash Habits™, so you don’t take your family, friends and legacy for granted but improve your relationships and legacy.

    Action Step: Downloadable PDF
    1 page

    Here we'll check understanding of what we've learned in our section of family, friends and legacy.

    Family, Friends and Legacy
    8 questions
    Flash Habits™ for Wealth, Prosperity and Abundance
    5 Lectures 12:21


    In this lecture, we:

    1. Give an overview of Wealth, Prosperity, and Abundance in relation to Flash Habits™.

    Wealth, Prosperity and Abundance Overview


    In this lecture, we:

    1. Clarify the subtle difference between gratitude and appreciation and;

    2. The mindset for Wealth, Prosperity and Abundance and associated Flash Habits™.

    Gratitude vs. Appreciation

    In this lecture, we:

    1. Cover the idea of Abundance as it relates to Wealth, Prosperity and Flash Habits™.


    Via this PDF challenge, examine and reframe your beliefs about wealth, prosperity and abundance to improve your habits in these areas.

    Action Step: Challenge: Wealth/prosperity/abundance beliefs
    5 pages

    In this worksheet, you will create and review your monthly budget to help you reach your desired wealth/prosperity/abundance habits.

    Please message me privately if you'd like this worksheet in Excel format as Udemy doesn't support that file type.

    Action Step: Budget quest
    1 page

    Here we'll review our understanding of the section on Wealth, Prosperity and Abundance.

    Wealth, Prosperity and Abundance
    5 questions
    3 Lectures 07:25


    As Oscare Wilde says, “Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.”

    In this lecture, we:

    1. Take a look at an overview of Fame/Power/Integrity as it relates to our Flash Habits™.

    Fame/Power/ Integrity Overview


    In our world of celebrity culture and social media, in this lecture we:

    1. Discuss the pros and cons of Fame and Power and how it relates to our integrity and Flash Habits.

    When is a time that fame and power become something to worry about?


    This PDF helps you to improve your communication techniques to increase your fame/power/integrity and associated Flash Habits™.

    Action Step: Fame/Power/Integrity Quest
    2 pages

    Here we'll check some key ideas from this section.

    Fame, Power, Integrity
    6 questions
    Love and Partnership
    5 Lectures 14:54

    “There are two basic motivating forces: fear and love…” John Lennon.

    In this lecture, we:

    1. Discuss the power of love and;

    2. The importance of self-love as associated with Flash Habits™.

    Love/Partnership Overview


    In this lecture, we:

    1. Turn commitment on its head and discover why contrary to popular belief, avoiding commitment may not be in your best self-interest. We find out why commitment may even be selfish.



    In this lecture, we:

    1. Turn some common perceptions about disagreements around and discuss the associated Flash Habits™.

    How to look at disagreements


    This external YouTube video resource will cover love and partnership in a technology and social media driven world and also provides a summary of how one woman hacked dating in the digital era to find love.

    Action Step: Video Quest

    5 ways to bring more love into your life

    Action Step
    1 page

    Here we'll review our understanding of topics discussed in the section about Love and Partnership.

    Love and Partnership
    5 questions
    4 More Sections
    About the Instructor
    Susan McIntire
    4.5 Average rating
    4 Reviews
    726 Students
    1 Course
    Habit and Productivity Expert, Journalist, Visual Thinker

    "I've interviewed countless successful business people and one thing that they have in common is innovative ideas. When Susan shared an idea with me, I took action within 2 hours and changed the way I do business. If you want to learn ideas effortlessly, and be inspired to take action, Susan delivers the solution." John Lee Dumas, Entrepreneur On Fire

    Principles and tactics to easily get things done:

    I empower you to get results so you can fast-track your learning and springboard off my 30 years of coaching, habit and productivity, visual and marketing experience. I've worked for corporations, small businesses and one-on-one and I know I can teach you how to drill down to achieve success in reaching your goals.

    I've been recruited by and worked for companies with household names like Oscar Mayer and Godfather's Pizza, Inc. headquarters and coordinated licensing and promotions in corporate roles, dealing with the Olympic Games, Subway, NBA, Hasbro, and Disney, etc.

    I've also helped coordinate sales and distribution with corporations such as JCPenney, Wal-Mart, and Target.

    I've written for newspapers and ad/pr agencies both large and small, and sold my own art and photography first-hand in retail locations.

    From an early age, I was drawn to visual arts and writing and I understood the power of making the most of short bits of time to create success.

    I've been building on those passions ever since. At five, I won my first art award and at seven, I wrote to the Ft. Myers News Press in Florida asking to write two pages of children's news. (I was invited to tour the paper but sadly, my request to be a reporter was declined. Nowadays, I'd surely have been a young blogger!)

    I pressed on with my dream and became not only the youngest editor-in-chief of my award-winning high school newspaper and literary magazine but also President of the Florida Scholastic Press Association. As an editor, I first began coaching my peers and gained valuable experience in goal-setting and success. I became a contributing writer to several newspapers, won various awards and earned my degree in journalism from The University of South Carolina, graduating from its prestigious South Carolina Honors College.

    I love using the insights I've gleaned to take complicated information and transform it into bite-sized modules so you can use to transform your life!

    I promise if you stick with me, I answer all questions in a comprehensive way and I'll give you actionable, proven roadmaps to realistically set and achieve the daily habits that will help you live the life of your dreams.