Produce Music : The ULTIMATE Kick Start Music Production Map
3.6 (8 ratings)
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139 students enrolled
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Produce Music : The ULTIMATE Kick Start Music Production Map

Harness the power of Music! These fundamentals PROVE music production success. Build a concrete foundation in ONE Hour
3.6 (8 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
139 students enrolled
Created by Victor Andrew
Last updated 7/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • Compose professionally structured Instrumentals.
  • Master the powerful 'Puzzle Theory' workflow.
  • Apply this knowledge to ANY genre of music!
  • Navigate FL Studio with precision.
  • Mix songs at a basic level.
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  • Must have a Passion or Interest in Music Production.
  • Must have FL Studio installed.
  • Must have an Open Mind & 1 hour of focused time.
  • Must apply knowledge and practice moving forward!

UPDATED: July 26, 2015

You have a passion for music- so let's create a masterpiece!

See, I've created music nearly my entire life.. and now I've decided to share how it's done.

(nearly 100 students in the first week!)

This is the PERFECT quick-start guide to Producing your own Music!!

Designed to take the complex world of music production, and explain it in simple terms. Tested, refined and proven 1 on 1 with a handful of aspiring producers.

"He got me off my feet, teaching me the ins/outs of FL Studio as well as a lot of other things that got me far! The essentials of FL, Mixing and Mastering; this dude will give you the confidence to one day make some fireeeeee beats!" - John N, Past Student / Producer


  • A Crystal Clear Birds Eye View of Professional Song Production
  • Heavily Focused on Creating Clean Instrumentals from Scratch
  • Understand the powerful Workflow known as 'Puzzle Theory'
  • How To Mix Your Songs Properly
  • Essential Foundations to Music Production Theory
  • NO Filler Content- Fast Paced and Perfectly Communicated Points
  • A Vivid Understanding of FL Studio
  • Tips and Tricks that have taken YEARS to discover!

Beginners and Intermediates- let's do this...

The purpose of this course, is to build a concrete foundation for the extremely passionate music lovers that dream of creating their own masterpiece. I want to give you an overhead view of the process, from start to finish- at the same time dive in and tackle the important and crucial details. We will focus heavily on creating an Instrumental from absolute scratch, using FL Studio as our workstation. This is a massive upper hand for those taking their passion for music and turning it into a serious career. Your Music will sound balanced, clean, tuned and even professionally mixed!!


Why teach with FL Studio?

  • Used by Producers all over the world, within every genre of music! ie. EDM, Pop, Hip-Hop, Rock and more!
  • Simple, clean, reliable and easy on the eyes.
  • Amazing assortment of built-in sounds and features.
  • ALL digital audio workstations do the exact same thing- it is truly up to the producer to create something incredible.
  • FL Studio is my personal preference for Production, it has been this way for many many years.
Why is this only 1 hour long?
  • I HATE FILLER- I am not here to waste your time, I am here to make my point properly and move on. My goal is not to make a long course, it is to make a very high quality course!
  • I have tested and refined my curriculum through countless 1 on 1 tutoring sessions with aspiring producers just like you!
  • The course is based around Puzzle Theory- a simple metaphor that I have created to compare the overall process of song creation to building a puzzle.
  • Metaphorical learning is PROVEN to speed up the process when done right.
  • Clean, clear and enthusiastic communication is presented through the entire course!!
Who is the target audience?
  • This course is designed for someone brand new to Music Production!
  • Those who understand FL Studio- but wish to improve their workflow!
  • Passionate music lovers who want to create their own works!
Compare to Other Music Production Courses
Curriculum For This Course
16 Lectures
Solid Foundation-
4 Lectures 11:48

A big warm welcome to all students who have enrolled in this course today!! I am so excited to get into everything with you. My name is Victor, but please call me Markur- my music alias. I want you to get to know me a little better, so this section covers what I do for a living, and how you can check out my work for yourself! I definitely encourage listening to my music and getting a better taste for my style, it should really benefit you moving forward in the course today.

Preview 00:57

Thank you for joining the course!! I'm stoked to dive into all of this with you guys today. As I mention, this will be about one hour long. You will need a notepad, FL Studio versions 10, 11 or 12- and of course a passion to succeed with this new skill!

Preview 03:57

Understanding this workflow is very important during our running start. Here, I demonstrate the theory behind this method of production. Metaphoric learning is known to connect and give a great understanding- that being said who has never made a puzzle? I wanted to reference something simple, structured and common while at the same time could be a complete mess... Puzzle Theory!! enjoy.

Preview 02:23

Welcome to our DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), FL Studio (11 is the version I am using) Let's take a look at what we're working with. We will go over the Step Sequencer, Playlist, Browser, Mixer and Piano roll- not in that order. It is crucial to grasp the function that each component does here. Anything is possible when these are mastered!

Building Blocks-
5 Lectures 51:05

Let's make a beat, organize everything in the most formal manor, and then start building down! This lecture will teach you the core process of creating not only a drum beat but a melody using and instrument you so choose. We start the process of building down, a dominant step in our Puzzle Theory process.


FL Studio has so much to offer right out of the box; drum kits, instruments, synthesizers and more! Needless to say there is a big market for 3rd party VST's otherwise known as Plugins. In this lecture I will go over both categories presented, and give you my honest recommendations and when to use them. I keep my list short because these are the best of their class. Check back in the Notes section below as I will be posting longer lists in the future!

Recommended VST's

I went ahead and built a 6 layer track through the process of building down. We will take this full sound and give it a story by building across. We will focus on the tracks balance and explain why I went so in depth on organization, highlighting the use of color on each layer. It's starting to get pretty heavy, the next few lectures will be the most meat of this course.


Now- we will get a little bit technical, and a little bit musical. Let's look at one of the most overlooked jobs a polished producer has to do; tuning their drum kit! When this is ignored, your hard work runs the risk of sounding mediocre and out of tune. We're going to fix that before it ever even broke! We will also be looking at the simplicity within changing the key and the tempo of your song.


In this section I will answer one of the most common questions asked by almost every single aspiring producer.. How do I make the volume change during the song?? I will give the answer that will unlock control of every single knob within FL studio. We're also going to take our cookie cutter puzzle pieces and spice things up by creating variations with the 'clone' tool. This lecture is a good time, seriously enjoy this one- it is the heaviest content here, in my opinion!

Preview 11:59
Finishing Touches-
4 Lectures 17:47

Mixing is something that takes practice. You can nail a mix, or fail a mix. I really want to simplify the concept and help you understand that today. I'm again, only giving you the core bare minimal Plugins for your Chain; however the Notes section will offer more recommendations in time. Volume, Pan and EQ are the basic principles we will focus on, seeing as they hold the most power on the mix.

The Mix

The Chain is where we hold all of our effects within each sound. The FL Studio Chain holds 8 slots for EQ, Reverb, Limiter and much more. I will be recommending more Chain components through the Notes section of this course below. The chain is a simple concept, however the use of the Plugins must be taken seriously. Find your sweet spots!

The Chain

Our song is Mixed now! Sooo much hard work behind us, and we DO NOT want to mess all that hard work up by Mastering it the wrong way. Let me explain why you should not Master a song, if you do not know how to properly master a song- then do not.. Also we will discover how I encourage you to organize your file folders, how to export or render your song as an MP3 and a little bit of knowledge on your sound drivers- which is guaranteed to instantly change your game within FL Studio.

Moving Forward

YOU DID IT!! I am so proud of you today- and honestly if you feel like you have to watch this one more time, I encourage it. But if not, let's get to work!!! There is so much music to be made and practiced, and now I am here for your support. Send me a message at any point in time about anything technical regarding the content or anything at all!! Good luck moving forward-

BONUS Content!
3 Lectures 10:11

No matter what we are adjusting, we MUST find our sweet spot. It is so easily determined by measuring our two extremes- too much and too little. Once we understand this concept we can apply it to literally every adjustment or VST in our project to make it sound very professional. The detail is what I must emphasize here, every pixel counts!

Sweet Spots

Here it is! The song that we worked for over the past hour. As you can tell, I did do extra work outside of the course to refine it- HOWEVER, there is nothing that I have done which was not taught today. Variations, Automation Clips, Building Across using empty space and balance; it's all in here. I put a quick little mix on it and exported as an MP3. I will be revisiting this project in the coming months, showing you exactly what I changed within the project, but for now enjoy the audio. There is a free download to this portion of the course!

Preview 01:36

This lecture will cover everything you need to know about recording your voice, instruments, working with samples or any other Waveform that you come across.

Working with Waveform

This quiz is based on the entire course. Test yourself before moving forward!!

10 questions
Instructor's Notes!
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I am a millennial Entrepreneur specializing in Music Production & Video Content. I have a Degree is Business Management and consistently challenge my knowledge via online sources. I have released a self produced solo EP under the alias Markur titled 'Black & White', I've completed freelance projects for companies such as RedBull and SteelSeries, and found success in many more entreprenurial pursuits. I am currently working on my 2nd Studio album, freelancing my talents for clients, writing my blog, cooking up progressive course ideas and striving for greatness every single day.. My goal is to change the way people think through simply doing what I love and what I am greatest at. Thank you for taking the time today, please enjoy my courses and feel free to reach out to me at any point. My door are open!!