Fitness Using Home Items
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Fitness Using Home Items

No Gym, No Problem. Use your house hold items to workout and get a great pump.
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Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
10 students enrolled
Created by Christopher Lee
Last updated 4/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • Apply all types of workouts using items around the house and modifying them anywhere on the go.
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  • Students need to make sure they consult with their Doctor before starting any type of fitness program.
  • Ample space to train and a safe surrounding.
  • Comfortable clothing and a bottle of water.
  • Students should not have any body aches or pains or injuries before working out. Again consult with your Doctor before starting any type of fitness program.

You will learn how to utilize everyday objects and items as workout equipment. Little to no cost of equipment such as bottles, jugs, chairs, even melons! 

Perfect for the student who is saving money and doesn't want to spend a lot to have a gym membership. The working parent who doesn't have time to hit the gym after a long day at work. The traveler who spends a lot of time in the hotel with no gym. It's fit for everyone who wants to get a great workout and get an understanding of what to use and how to use it.

Who is the target audience?
  • Students who have limited resources like the Gym or home gym equipment.
  • The busy or money saving student, parent, and or working professional.
  • Anyone interested in doing unorthodox types of workouts and keeping things fresh and exciting.
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Curriculum For This Course
Welcome To The Course. Let's Start Here.
2 Lectures 01:33

Welcome to the course. My name is Christopher Lee. I have been a Personal Trainer for over 10 years. I started out in High School and during that time, I didn't have a lot of money to purchase my own gym equipment or even go the gym, instead I got creative and used items around the house. I started out with an empty bottle and I filled it up with coins. That was my dumbbell. After that I started researching myself on working out using things around me. After High School, I studied for my license to become a Personal Trainer. I have experience working at gyms such as 24 Hour Fitness, Golds Gym, Planet Fitness, and many independent gyms. 

I run my own business now and I am a mobile Personal Trainer using everything around us like the park. I specialize in Plyometrics and body weight exercises but am not limited to using equipment such as barbells and pull bars. 

I enjoy training others. It's my passion. I love my job and I don't mind what other people say about me. What matters is that I see others happy and exercising to meet their goals. 

So let's do this.

Preview 01:13
Filled Jugs, Cartons, or Canteens
11 Lectures 09:32

Welcome to the course

Preview 03:16

Squat down to the core of Earth and press up to Sky! Learn how to squat and press using a Jug. 

Preview 00:55

Let's start by using a simple jug filled with you choice of filling. Learn the basics of a curl.

Filled Jug Single Arm Curls

No Squats, just pressing. Work those Deltoids (shoulders) to complement a strong upper body. 

The Jug Press

Raise your jugs! To the side that is. Work the side Deltoids. 

Lateral Raises

Nothing more exciting than leg day am I right? Get ready to feel a burn!

Front Squats

A towel isn't just good for wiping off the sweat, but it's great for working out! Get a sample of using a towel as a workout object.

Preview 00:48

Who doesn't love bears and hugs. How about getting hug by a bear!? I recommend you don't do that by the way. Instead bear hug your jug! 

Bear Hug Squats

Get ready for more leg burn in this jug lunge exercise.

Preview 00:32

You finished the first section! Good job.

Final Words

Sample Workout Plan
Bags with Handles
7 Lectures 03:54

Welcome to bags

Preview 01:00

Use a bag, use a purse, be creative! 

Bag Lunges

More bags to use as an exercise tool. 

Bag Press

More curls? Yes! This time using a bag. 

Preview 00:33

Reuseable Bag Reverse Curls

Fished with the bags, but now with the life long learning experience. 

Nice work!

Example Workout Plan
9 Lectures 03:55

Having your card declined is never good. But doing decline push ups are great. 

Decline Pushup

You won't be actually climbing mountains, but if you wanted to, hey that's up to you. 

Mountain Climbers

What's the opposite of decline? Incline of course. 

Preview 00:25

Not the edible dip but an exercise dip. Taste the workout. 


Tuck in like a Turtle, extend like a snake. 

Leg Tuck

Take a seat, but only for a second.

Seated Squats

Is it windy in here or is it just you. 

Tornado Squats

As if 2 legs didn't hurt enough, let's try one leg. 

Single Leg Squats

Example Workout
Watermelon, Cantaloupe, Honeydew, Melons
7 Lectures 03:16

Yummy crossovers. Learn how to do twists and crossovers with a melon. 

Melon Crossovers

Squat and press those melons like it's no ones business. 

Melon Squat and Press

You drop it, you either get knocked out or your head turns into a fruit salad. 

Overhead Melon Squats

It's not a cleaner for the floor. 

Melon Floor Press

Ready to love your melon?

Melon Floor Press in Flexed Position

This would make a great drink.

Melon Lunge with Twist

Fruit Workout
5 Lectures 03:13

Your melon will look squeaky clean.

Melon in Towel Curls (Double Arm)

Towel and melon go hand in hand with the single arm curl. 

Melon in Towel Curls (Single Arm)

Make sure to even out those arms with the tricep extensions. 

Melon in Towel Tricep Extensions (Single Arm)

Add slabs of meat on your forearms or make them more toned. 

Forearm Grip Twists

Not all towels are created equal.
Basket Balls, Soccer Balls, Round Bounceable Balls
10 Lectures 03:00

Having a wall and a ball will create a great exercise.

Bounce To Wall Burpees

A really hard workout using your arms and core together.

Close Grip Push Up

By using height differences, you create a more complex workout for your whole body. 

Uneven Push Up

Just like all the twists you've learned, this time with a ball instead of a melon.

Ball Twists

Work on those powerful legs with this leg squeeze. 

Leg Squeezing

Another great core workout you can do anywhere. 

Leg Raises

Throwing a ball and running is fantastic cardio. Make sure you have enough room to do it.

Toss and Run

Synergistic movements like this leg raise to shoulder raise is a great compound workout. 

Seated Leg Raise to Front Shoulder Raise

Enjoy being a kid again by slamming the ball and catching it. 

Ball Bounce to Jump and Catch

Balls to the walls and floors
Rubber Bands
4 Lectures 01:12

Your digits need exercising too so don't forget your fingers.

Single Finger Curls

Increase your grip with rubber bands. 

Double Hand Curls

Work you're whole hand from palm to fingers. 

Finger Extensions

Be careful with rubber.
10 Lectures 06:51

Backpacks are always there for you. Use it as an exercise tool. 

Preview 01:34

Put your old, or even currently being used backpack to even better use! The backpack curls are here.

Strap Curls

Now double the fun! Destroy both arms at the same time! 

Two Handed Curls

Show your strength by doing push ups with objects in your backpack. Show them who's boss. Hint, it's you. 

Books In Bag Push Up

Watch your head. It'll get you. 

Tricep Extensions

One of my favorites. Strap yourself in and start feeling like you're in a military boot camp, or just hiking. 


Those bears just can't get enough of you. Hug and love your workout. 

Front Squat with Bear Hug

Why did the backpack cross the road? To work on your abs. 

Backpack Crossovers

Now that you have some ideas of using your backpack. Continue that journey of being creative. 

Backpack your way to fitness

Extra Credit
2 Lectures 01:10

Spray bottles are great for forearms. Just try not to waste an liquid if you're in a place that is in a drought. 

Spray Bottle

Oh the things you can use. Example, this push broom. Use it wisely and it can turn out to be a very effective workout for your entire body. Give it a go. Don't "sweep" away the idea heheh, get it!?....hurry and go workout...

Broom Stick
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About the Instructor
Christopher Lee
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Christopher is a Certified Personal Trainer and has been training clients for over 10 years. Specializing in Plyometrics and body weight exercises. He started out with no gym equipment or membership at all. Instead he started lifting weights using a 2 liter empty bottle filled with coins. He is also familiar with weight machines and gadgets but his true passion is educating people about the ease of using objects in or around the area.