Fitness Practitioner
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Fitness Practitioner

When you want to exercise effectively and safely. This course helps you to be your own instructor
4.2 (102 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
6,604 students enrolled
Last updated 2/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • Confident to start exercise in the gym
  • Know the body enough to chose exercises
  • Know the muscles in general
  • Have enough tool to exercise at home
  • HAve enough confidence to motivate other to exercise
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  • SMall water bottle (2) or dumbbells 1-2kg each, fit ball, mat, or entry to a gym where there is lat pull down or rowing machine, or multi function fitness machine, a treadmill

Become your own personal trainer!

This course will help you to be aquatinted with the basics how to work out in the gym and at home or outdoors safely and effectively, while having maximum fun and benefits.

You will have confidence and tools to exercise anywhere you are.

If you have been hesitant to start exercise as you don't how, this is your chance to learn step by step. You all understand what is the good form and safe executions for most effective benefits to build a fit, great shaped body and lose fat weight too.

The addition of short nutrition and hydration section will guide you on the best food choices to reach your goals.

Now its only you and your willingness needed.

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who is a beginner and never exercised before
  • Anyone who took off from exercise and wants to restart
  • Anyone who wants to have stronger body and balance the muscles
  • Anyone who want to learn to exercise safely at home or in the gym
  • Anyone who want to get in shape while living busy life
  • Anyone who is walking doing cardio but don't know how to start strengthening the muscles
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Curriculum For This Course
37 Lectures
Introduction to the course
1 Lecture 02:10

Dr Zsu shares with you her 20 years of professional experience in fitness and performance.. This lead her to be able to bring you a simple effective workout way you can do anywhere. Taking you through step by step on the course, you will gain confidence and inspiration to actually start workout at home by yourself.

Mindset and Know how for exercise, Muscles and their Movements
6 Lectures 40:55

Before starting exercise you need to adjust your value system, so health becomes the highest value. After this it is mush easier to start your exercise and make it life long habit. This mindset will help you to chose your foods better and keep you active, keep you inspired to move and be active.

Seeing your goal where you want to get is first step, see yourself and feel yourself the healthier you already.

We need to start shifting mindset to prevention if we want to avoid getting into the medical care and if we want to preserv youth

Health centered mindset for exercise

The methodology of exercise -- the how to , is about the safe execution, working out with full range of motion, using correct breathing, and making sure the spine is in the anatomical straight line.

EAch set of exercise lasts till maximum momentary failure, while you can do the last repetition still with good form

The how to of strength exercise

The muscles of the core is exactly around our core. Includes the lower back, gluteus (the bottocks) the outer thighs, abdominals and hip flexors

Taking care of your core is the most impornat to stay active and have healthy back and spine

here is the very important lower back care essential for everyone.

The muscles of the core

Learn the muscles of the upper body and how to strengthen them and stretch them.

See the shoulders, - Deltoids,

Upper and back -- Latissimus dorsi and trapezious and rhomboid,

Pectoralis- the chest

Tricepts and biceps the upper arm

The muscles and movements of the upper body

Abdominals are part of the core on the front of the body. The rectus abdominus is the straight abs involved in the crunches and the obliques-- the muscles on the waist line is when we lift the shoulders diagonal to the hip.

Make sure that every sets of abdominal exercise is done with a lowerback exercise to keep the front and back of the core balanced in strength. Dong more for the lowerback actually is more advised, as we normally curve forward from sedentary lifestyle.

Make sure to stretch out the abs before moving onto another exercise.

Even during day it is advised to stretch the front of the body from too much sitting


This section talks about the hip extensors and outer and inner thighs. Take your time and study the video on the exercises for each.

The core and lower body

Muscles and movements
5 questions
Exercises for specific muscles
11 Lectures 14:45

You will learn safe and effective simple exercise with good form for your shoulders, make them balanced in development for strong and functional shoulders for your daily activities. Breathe accordingly when you exert force as you lift , inhale on the way down.

How to strengthen the shoulders

Upper back muscles are responsible for your good healthy posture which is important for your healthy spine and prevent you for deformities.

This is the safe way to do pull down, as your body/ spine is in alignment and you pull down to the front of the body. The pull down should be never done behind the head/to the back of the neck, as it bring extreme stress and injure to the shoulder. To ensure your lower back is straight hold abdominals (abs) in tight. Breathe accordingly when you exert force as you pull down, inhale on the way back

How to streghten the Upper back - Wide front rowing

Similarly to the wide front pull down, close grip pull down is again working on your posture, you upper back. The execution of this exercise is similar to the wide grip pull down and with always straight back, by holding abs in tight. Breathe accordingly when you exert force as you pull down, inhale on the way back

Hos to strengthen the Upper back- CLose grip pull down

Chest press is favored for those who are absolute beginners, and unable to do push ups. This is important as the weight is adjustable and you can press with your arms less weight them your body weight. Make sure you keep your wrist strainght, exhale on pressing and inhale on the way down. Make sure lower back straight all times.

How to strengthen the chest, Chest press - using exercise machine

Doing squats is the favored leg strengthening exercise. However if you have joint issues in your knees and your bodyweight is too high for now, leg extension is great way to start. Make sure that your knee only bent up to 90 degrees , exhale upon extending the knee and inhale while bending.

While doing stats make sure you sit back onto you heel first that means shifting the body weight back then bend the hip then start bending the knee as the upper body is coming forward. This way the body weight stays on the heel and the knee stays behind the line of the toes.

Pushing the knee forward beyond the level of the toes can put unnecessary stress on the knees-- onto the anterior cruciate ligament, and one can develop knee injury.

How to strengthen the thighs - Squat

Doing abs as crunches on the floor or on the ball is the most effective way to straighten the abs.

there are many machines in the gym for this, however using your own body weight is the safest way to do so.

Make sure you use full contraction of the abdominals muslces while you are performing the crunch and exhale, and inhale on the way back.

Make sure you lay down on the floor while keeping the lower back fully flat not eh floor or on the ball. Arching the back is an unnecessary stress on the lower back.

How to strengthen the abdominals

Strengthening the lower back is very important as we not only sit a lot but also work more not eh from of the body - which is the chest and abs. Obviously as we only see these muscle with our eyes. And when we face others they see this part of us too.

If yoga re only going to work not he front of your body, soon you will have your posture effected so as your lower back and hips.

Makes sure to do either the yoga based superman or the hyperextension on the ball and 1:1 ratio with your abs exercises. One exercise of 20 repetition for you tabs has to come with 20 reps lower back hyperextensions or superman lift.

Make sure exhaling on the way exerting force and lifting the body up on the ball - while doing the hypextensions and inhale on the way down.

How to strengthen the lower back

Rowing in seated position is a very favored upper back exercise. Makes sure you perform the rowing with straight back and you pay attention keeping your form all throughout. Pinching the scapula - the shoulder blade is the first movement which is followed by the bending of the arms. This order is necessary to ensure that yoga re working on the Rhomboid muscle in the lower back and not just doing biceps curls. Exhale as you pull and inhale on the way back.

How to straighten the Upper back - Rowing

I m showing here how to do the biceps curls, however with weight with machine, in anyway you chose is great, however you not necessary to work on these single muscles as you are already doing pull downs and rowings. These two exercises just sufficient enough for your biceps

Makes use that you exhale upon curling the arm up and inhale on the way down.

How to strength the arms - Biceps

I m showing here how to do the triceps curls, however with weight with machine, in anyway you chose is great, however you not necessary to work on these single muscles as you are already doing push ups- chest pressThese two exercises just sufficient enough for your triceps.

Makes use that you exhale upon extending the elbow and inhale as you ben d the arm.

HOw to strengthen the arms - Triceps

Most important posture building exercise is the back fly. These three exercises shall be done all in one, on e ball. Make sure to exhale while you are lifting the arms up and this lift is coming from a should blade pinch- bringing the scapulas together. This exercise retrains the scapula to pull back and keep you upright.

And inhale on the way back

How to strengthen the Upper back with Dumbbels
Introduction to the Gym
2 Lectures 03:15

Look around in the gym. I m showing you a small home gym which i would suggest if you do a gym at home, this is enough.

Not every machine is useful by our concept. Most exercise should be done with using your body weight so you learn to carry your body better.

Introduction to the Gym

Circuit training allows you to keep going without a break and have a continuous workout while you alternating the upper body with lower body. This is a very time efficient workout if you are busy and have to make it within a short time. In anyways, i recommend the circuit training and this will keep your blood circulation up and have also a bit of a cardio effect.

Working out with weights is recommended twice a week, and stat 20 repetition to build endurance into your muscles, the n in a 4-6 weeks period you may raise e weights so you can do 15 reps. In any ways, do only as many reps as you can do with good form. It not necessary to push yourself beyond the put that you lose goof form, normally injuries happen then. Stay safe and you will progress this way too

How to build your workout in the Gym
The treadmill
3 Lectures 10:02

Walking and then running on a treadmill is a skill to learn. Why?

As running on the ground involves the back of the legs- muscles (hamstring) as well, and walking-running on the treadmill this action is done by the treadmill belt. Also when you walk on the ground you are moving and the ground is stable and here the ground is moving and you are stationary.

You need to learn to balance and get your yourself centered, which you can following the step by step here.

How to turn on, get on and off the treadmill safely

Treadmill can give you a great workout, as its easy to shane elevation and speed, both of them which are "playing" factors for increasing the intensity , to build an interval training.

MAke sure you get a hang of it and practice how to walk on elevation and then run and so as how the belt speed increases and decreases. You need to practice these first to stay safe.

In any ways you shall you the safety cord attached to your shirt in case anything happens that will unplug and stop the treadmill.

Have a great time and use the RPE scale of how you feel 0-10 to build your interval training. Spent time on working hard 7-8 and then when you can't to do more lower intensity - speed or elevation -- and stay on lower pace until you are easy to do the work again and increase intensity.

How to workout on the treadmill

Sun salutation is a great way to warm up and also cool down after exercise. Follow the steps here and make sure you spend enough time in each pose and deep breath to make sure you prepare your body, and avoid injury

How to warm up before using the treadmill
Workout at Home
6 Lectures 22:30

Squat is a very safe way to strengthen the legs. Let me show you how to do it just with your body weight, with dumbbells or with the fitness ball

Also Start straightening you legs by doing the easiest, squats, with the help of the chair, and progress to half squats. Both positions you can just hold for 5-10 seconds first to get isometric strength of the leg, which involves also the small muscle of the hip, then progress repeating the bending and extending the knee, 15-20 times.

Strengthen the thighs, Squats

I recommend a calves exercise here, which is also going to help you with building the strength of the entire legs. Heel raises are simple and you can do it anywhere.

The shoulders: Deltoids

Here are two two must exercises for strong and functional shoulders: the lateral raises and the supraspinatus raises. Make sure you execute these standing with your spine straight and without putting any strain on your elbows, so keep them away from hyperextending.

The upper back, is the most important for correcting and working on your posture. Here is the easy way doing the back flies in kneeling position. Adding the "V" flies and the "W" makes this a complete upper back posture care.

Make sure you do 3 upper back exercises to 1 chest exercise ratio to build correct posture

Calves: Heel raises; Shoulders and upper back

Lunges are very effective way to build strong legs, and nice thighs. However, if you have any foot injury or bunions, this is not for you.

Follow the instruction carefully on the video so you make sure you execute this with straight spine and making sure you stay safe for your knee too.

Doing pushups as a beginner starts here. Why is it essential to do push ups?

Because whenever you fall your arms will be first on the ground. And you need to train your arms for carrying your body weight, to prevent or lessen the chance to break your arms when you fall. It is also very important to build strong shoulders.

If you have sensitive wrist you may do push ups on the dumbbells.

Legs: Lunges and Chest: Safe push up

Push ups on the ball is a more advanced way of doing push ups, however because of the shoulder stability exercise i m showing here, it is essential to start working out with this exercise. Once you are able to to the shoulder stability exercises here you can easy add the push ups on the ball

Push ups on the ball

Strengthening the lower part of the abs is also important not only the top part. Follow the execution closely in the video to be safe and effective.

Lower back, the hyper extension on the ball is a very effective training for the lower back muscles. Make sure you follow the safety isntructions for an effective workout

Lower abs and lower back

You need to learn to prepare your body for exercise. This is necessary to avoid injure and stay safe during exercise and to provide appropriate strength gain

Your body is in resting physiology and your muscles and circulation and respiration needs to be all prepared for exercise.

Sn salutation is a series of exercises include gentle stretch and preparation of the spine and joint, and all your muscles. Here is how you do it.

You may do this slower as you wish and feel comfortable to prepare your body. Most important that you deep breathe through your nose all the way.

How to warm up before exercise
How to build a Complete Strength Workout for home
3 Lectures 10:38

Putting it all together this is how you build your workout for home. this is a compressed version of a 20-30 min workout, where i show you few repetitions, only. When you exercise with this video, stop the video after each exc and do the full 15-20 repetitions

Easy Simple Strength workout for home

Some of you may have weaker shoulders and afraid to start workout. Here is the short session which you may do even daily at least every other day to rehab your shoulders, so you can start exercising with the full workout.

Even if you are doing the shoulder rehab, you can start the lower body leg workouts and the abs and lower back. It will help you greatly

How to strengthen your shoulder from injury

If you have weak lower back or even pain, before getting into full workout start with this single exercise. This is the best anyway to do every morning after you get up to loosen up the back and warm it up to walk and move around.

If you have weak lower back, start with this

General Questions
4 questions

Exercising in the Gym
8 questions

Workout at home
5 questions
Exercising Outdoors - Cardio
3 Lectures 07:08

Interval training is a very easy way to bring progression and so called progressive overload for your body to initiate and continue fat loss and all the health benefits of walking exercise-, progressing into jogging

The alternation of lower and higher pace is the key of this exercise mode, which allows your body to work and rest alternate format.

You scan make this training based on time, distance or listening to your vital signs. I recommend listening to your vital signs, and work - jog- run as much as you feel you can keep the intensity to the level til 8-9 on the RPE Scale and switch into slower pace - walk and hold it as long as your body recovered to REP scale 2-3 and you are ready to work again.

The RPE scale- Rated Perceived Exertion - rates how you feel during exercise from 0-10

0- EAsy seems nothing

2-3- EAsy

4-5 some what hard

6-7- hard

8-9 Very hard

10 - Maximum hard can't do more

How to start a walking program and progress into jogging

Beside jogging indoors- treadmill or outdoors, you may chose less intensive and less impact on your joints by biking, swimming and using the starer master, or elliptical trainer

The same interval training applies as described above in the walking- running program

What other ways can i work on my cardio?

The Ultimate warm and cool down - The Sun salutation -- the sequence of exercises combined with deep breathing

Here you find a video of the slides in pictures form so you can learn them easier.

How to warm up and cool down for your Cardio session

Exercising outdoors
3 questions
Nutrition tipps
2 Lectures 08:56

A short instruction here given which food choices are the best before and after workout.

Its is very important that you fuel your body for workout. Without appropriate food, you not only can not workout properly, but your low fuel leading to poor mood and early fatigue so as for you rot lose interest in exercise, and more over to maximize fat loss.

Learn which foods groups are appropriate for before workout, also the timing os the meals/snack.

The full description of eating Balanced is found in the Nutrition Practitioner course here.

What to eat before and after workout

Hydrating your body well is not only important for health but vital for exercise. Water is essential for cooling the body and prevent from over heating and fatigue and good focus, hence prevent injury, and ensures appropriate energy for you exercise.

For a beginner exercises, the best tips to get off all sugary drinks, and drink water,

CAlculate drinking at least 500ml of water per 30-45 min session, however if the weather is hot shall increase to 750ml of water.

If you sweat profusely add extra Himalayan rock salt to your meals prior to exercise to ensure that the water you drink stays inside your body and not excreted in the urine immediately

Hydration for exercise

Nutrition and Hydration
5 questions
About the Instructor
Dr Zsuzsanna Fajcsak
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As a “change maker” Dr Zsu works on 3 areas:

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2. Coaching/Inspiration
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Zsuzsanna has been schooled in Europe and the USA, and holds a Doctoral degree in Nutrition, as well as Master’s degrees in Teaching Physical Education, Exercise Physiology and Clinical Nutrition. Zsuzsanna is a Certified NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Time Line Therapy™ Coach, Certified Nutrition Specialist (Member of the American College of Nutrition), Certified in Functional Diagnostic Medicine, and a Yoga teacher trainer, who is passionate about the human mind and its power over physical health and performance.

Dr Zsu's Sessions focus on integrated Health, ad her Trademarked Alive program includes 4 areas:

1. How you think

2. How you eat

3. How you move

4. How you rest and refresh your body and mind

Dr Zsu’s mission is to make a difference and facilitate changes in peoples lives reaching sustainable health and wealth