Fire Your Phone Company: Get a Free Landline
4.9 (12 ratings)
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Fire Your Phone Company: Get a Free Landline

A step by step guide to connect your phone to the Internet and get deluxe VOIP phone service for free.
4.9 (12 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
2,122 students enrolled
Created by Peter Baumbach
Last updated 12/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • Cancel your expensive monthly phone service
  • Save money now and into the future
  • Replace your plain old telephone service with an extended features Internet phone
  • Add as many physical phones you want with minimal up front cost, with very low monthly cost, and even free with some limitations
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  • You will need the specific Internet phone hardware. This course will tell you what to buy for under $40 at Amazon.
  • You will need access to your Internet router.

Hello everyone! Thanks so much for taking a look at my course. I am delighted to have you here.

We all want to save money, or spend our money wisely. But there are some necessities that are overly expensive, and we are stuck paying for them.

That's why I created Fire your phone company, an online course to walk you through the simple steps I took to replace my plain old telephone with a full featured internet phone.

Forget the traditional costs of a standard land line With the large monthly fees, the two year contracts, the taxes and more taxes, the fees for directory information, and the expensive per minute charges for the actual calls. And dealing with the phone company is so complicated. Good luck understanding all your options.

The phone company has modernized and uses internet telephony technologies to deliver your service, and you can too. But the charges have barely dropped, when they should have. They use tricks like contracts and bundles to keep you stuck.

This course is the solution for anyone with high speed internet. That's most of us.

In a few easy steps we can replace our land line with an internet phone that has no monthly fees. There are some limitations to this option, but I want to deliver on my promise of a free phone service early in the course.

We will have a phone with a regular phone number, unlimited incoming minutes, free voice mail, free caller-id, free call-waiting, free directory assistance, and cheap 2 cents per minute outgoing calls to anywhere in the US and Canada. International calls are inexpensive too.

911 service is not free, but for $1.50 a month I recommend you sign up.

We then discuss the cheap options we can add that makes it better than the phone service you have.

Fire your phone company has practical examples of the benefits of providing your own internet phone.

You can get a phone number local to your family in Europe or one of 50 countries world wide, You can add as many physical phones as you want each with their own numbers and with minimal up front cost.

This course is a step by step guide that will take even a beginner to the goal.

You will need home internet service of sufficient speed. This means you need either DSL, cable internet, fiber Internet, or FIOS.

Also you will need the specific Internet phone hardware. But don't worry, this course will tell you what to buy for under $40 at Amazon.

Once you buy this course, it is yours forever. And if this course turns out to not be what you are looking for, there is a 30 day money back guarantee.

I hope you will join me and Fire your phone company. Click Take this Course now, and I will see you in the course.

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is a step by step guide that will even take a beginner to the goal
  • You will need home internet service of sufficient speed. This means you need either DSL, cable internet, fiber Internet, or FIOS
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Curriculum For This Course
22 Lectures
Quick overview of the course.
1 Lecture 02:48

I am delighted you have decided to take my course on setting up an Internet phone. This lecture gives a quick summary of what we will be doing in the course. Let's get started!

Preview 02:48
Buying the hardware
2 Lectures 07:15

In order to get our phone connected to the Internet we need to buy a device called an Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) device. We go to Amazon and buy the device I use in this course.

Preview 04:01

Some 70's style phones use pulse dialing and not DTMF (touch tone). We can support that anyway with an older ATA device.

Preview 03:14
Get ready for when the hardware arrives
4 Lectures 15:55

In this lecture we open a VOIP account. We use a service with a free option to provide our internet phone.

Create our VOIP account

We set our Internet phone password.

Set our SIP password

While waiting for our hardware to arrive, we can still make a phone call. We will use our desktop computer as our phone.

Windows Desktop Phone

Continuing with our theme, we demonstrate that we can use a free app on our iPhone to make VOIP calls.

iPhone VOIP phone
Setting up our ATA device
3 Lectures 18:02

We learn how to hook up our ATA device to power, the internet, and a phone. We then ask the ATA device for the IP address we can use to configure it from a browser.

New Hardware and IP address

We provide the username, password, and other needed info to the ATA device so that it works well with our VOIP provider.

Configure hardware ATA Device

We check the physical phone to see if it has dial tone. Then we test with a call.

Is the physical phone registered?
Set up our FREE phone service
6 Lectures 17:13

We take advantage of an ongoing special that provides a free phone number and unlimited incoming calls. We choose our number and order the free plan.

Add a real phone number for free

I use my cell phone to dial our new number to see if our Internet phone will ring.

Dial our new number

Free setup and free monthly gives us the freedom to be a bit fickle. We cancel our last number, and order a new and better number.

Get a better phone number

A demonstration of the replacement number working on the phone.

We currently have the internal VOIP number working, the canceled number will work until the end of the month, and we added a new New York number. That is three numbers all working at the same time. There is a lot of flexibility with the VOIP phone.

Dial our replacement number

The purpose of our regular phone number is to receive calls for free from the regular phones on the Public Switched Telephone Network. If you are only getting calls from other VOIP callers, you don't need this feature. VOIP to VOIP calls are already free without a special number. These terms prevent hoarding or wasting the numbers by not using them.

Terms of use for our free phone number

There is a lot included for free. But as I stated at the start, outgoing calls are charged by the minute with the most basic of plans.

Setting up the outgoing calls feature
Additional Options
2 Lectures 09:20

We add voicemail to our phone and create a custom greeting.

Voice Mail

We can turn our incoming phone number into a fax machine just by making one selection. I show you how to do it, and demonstrate with a fax. So either get a second line and dedicate a line for faxes, or switch the fax service on and off as needed.

Fax to Email and PDF
Multiple phones
1 Lecture 10:08

We add an extension and second phone. We test calling between the phones. Then we configure it so incoming calls ring both phones. We demonstrate conferencing between three phones. Note that the limit to conferencing is four phones.

We create a hotline with three digit calling between phones.

The phones are independent and can be connected anywhere in the world there is Internet. You could use this setup to have a free and unlimited calling between you and a child away at college.

The Bat phone
Block Telemarketers
1 Lecture 08:55

Cheap phone service doesn't only help us, it helps the people that want to sell us something. The US Do Not Call List has not done the job. We still get robo calls.

But we can take matters into our own hands and block these annoying calls ourselves. In this lecture I show you how.

Block annoying robo calls
Other considerations
2 Lectures 08:55

We have minimized our costs quite well. But if you use more than a hundred minutes dialing out, we might save money with some plans we look at.

We also look at getting phone numbers from international locations.

Paid products to consider

There are many companies that provide VOIP service. You don't have to go with my choice.

About the Instructor
Peter Baumbach
4.9 Average rating
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2,122 Students
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Growth mindset and optimist

Peter Baumbach solves problems and puzzles. He is an electrical engineer with a BSEE from SUNY University at Buffalo and has more than 20 years of industry experience. He is an entrepreneur that founded an ISP when 56k modems were new. He has been a real estate agent that sold every home listing he ever had. He has driven a back-hoe and a bulldozer in his youth. He was a math team geek at Stuyvesant High School. He is a husband and father.

I believe all progress is incremental. We stand on the shoulders of giants that stand on the shoulders of those before them. It is my mission to reach a little higher. It is to share what I have figured out so you can reach higher from my shoulders.

I believe in the growth mindset. You are not defined by where you are, but what you attempt. Failure is just a stepping stone to success. Celebrate failure along with success and be proud of the hard work and effort you put in.

I believe in persistence. I believe IQ is a state not a fixed trait. I believe in deliberate practice. I believe in the future.

I believe in you.