Find Your Passion In Nine Exercises (One Week Bootcamp)

Deploy nine tested approaches to articulate your passion ... so you can do what you enjoy for a living
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About This Course

Published 2/2015 English

Course Description

“Life really begins when you have discovered that you can do anything you want.” - William J Reilly, How to Avoid Work

This course is about the hardest part about doing what enjoy for a living: figuring out what you’re passionate about.

Not knowing what you're passionate about is a strange symptom of the modern world. Most of the people and organizations in your environment will discourage you and redirect you to pragmatic and safe things that you don't really care about. Your "voice of reason" will rattle around your consciousness and convince you out of following your dreams. A million reasons will arise to tell you that you're neither ready nor capable.

This course is meant to shock you out of that.

Last year, I quit my job at a fast growing tech company to figure out my passion and create things like books, podcasts, courses, and businesses for a living. It took me over twentyfive years to realize I didn't know what my passion was. Finding it became my primary pursuit, and I read dozens of books to find answers.

What you'll see in this course are the cream of the crop. Nine exercises that helped me and people I know get closer to doing what they enjoy for a living.

The people that will get the most out of this book are the ones that share my perspective that finding something you’re really really into is the most important part of this entire process. Once you find that, the hardest part of this whole thing—getting started—gets a little bit easier.

By the end of the course, you will know how to answer the dreaded question "what are you passionate about." If you're really committed, you might even have a project that you can start right after you complete the course that might turn into a profitable side project or, maybe even a small business.

Course features

  • Crystal clear audio and video (HD)
  • Professional editing
  • Transcript for each of the lectures
  • Unlimited questions via twitter @tonysheng
  • Access for life

What are the requirements?

  • Pen and paper to complete the exercises
  • Time and patience to reflect deeply and take the course seriously

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Articulate your passion and get set up to start doing what you love for a living

Who is the target audience?

  • You’re someone who is motivated to take control of your work life
  • You might not know what your thing is yet, but you know it’s not what you’re experiencing day in and day out at your job
  • Maybe you do know what your thing is and you’re just struggling to make time for it
  • Perhaps you’re making time for it but don’t see how you could possibly support yourself doing this thing that is so uniquely you
  • You’re someone who wants to eventually do what you love for a living. You’re not looking for a quick fix. You’re not afraid of hard work. You don’t think there are any secrets. You’re not expecting to see success immediately.
  • What you want is to wake up every day excited to do your work. You want to do something because you like the process so much that you don’t care about the outcome

What you get with this course?

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Section 1: Day 1

This course is about the hardest part about doing what enjoy for a living: figuring out what you’re passionate about.

Technically, it’s very easy to get started. The mechanics are simple enough. You figure out what you love to do, get really amazing at it, create a product or service out of your passion, quit your job, and ride off into the sunset.

Watch the video for more


You might be wondering who I am. This is a very reasonable question for you to ask, as I’ve presumed to create a course about how you can figure out what you enjoy doing if you don’t know what that is already so that you can eventually do it for a living.

What you’re really wondering is whether I’m qualified to talk about any of this. Right?

Watch the video for more


This course will take you through nine exercises designed to help you find your passion and end with a one-sentence articulation of who you are and what you’re passionate about.

Not knowing what we’re passionate about is a strange symptom of the modern world.

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"The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why." - Mark Twain

The course is structured so that you can finish it in a week, and before the week is over, start working on something related to your rediscovered or newly discovered passions.

Watch the video for more


An investment banker was at the pier of a small coastal village when a small boat with just one fisherman docked. Inside the small boat were several large yellowfin tuna. The banker complimented the fisherman on the quality of his fish and asked how long it took to catch them.

The fisherman replied, “only a little while.” The banker then asked why didn’t he stay out longer and catch more fish? The fisherman said he had enough to support his family’s immediate needs. The banker then asked, “But what do you do with the rest of your time?”

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Section 2: Day 2

Hopes, wishes, dreams, desires all came easier to us when we were young children. The world felt wide open and we met it with awe, exhilarated by the possibilities and eager to play with our surroundings. But over time, our parents, teachers, and coaches told us to stop dreaming and to start getting real; to sit still in class instead of doodling; to listen quietly instead of asking questions; to finish assignments instead of exploring the world.

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Many of the exercises in this course place us in the uncomfortable position of letting something inside of us come out onto the page by writing. For those of us who don’t write often, this process can feel unnatural and even painful. But we do it because it’s the best way to start seeing ourselves more clearly. But we don’t have to get all of our evidence from inside of us, we have a valuable set of reference points that we build up day by day: our thoughts and actions.

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Section 3: Day 3

We are all unique. We’re also uniquely and dramatically impacted by the people and things around us. We’re guided by our parents, lectured by our teachers, and taught by the media to perceive the world in very specific ways depending upon the specific worldview of the source. One of the most important places where society leaves its imprint is on our perception of success. In this exercise, we expose all of the beliefs that our surroundings have engendered in us about success.

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This is Peter Diamonds of the XPRIZE’s favorite question to ask people who don’t know what their passion is. The reason he loves it, is that we often think about what we want to accomplish with our lives in very abstract and intangible ways. In his opinion, the tangible impact that you’d like to see in the world is one of the clearest gateways to your passion.

Watch the video for more

Section 4: Day 4

In *The Monk and the Riddle*, Randy Komisar, a famed venture capitalist, mentors a hard-charging entrepreneur named Lenny who wants to start a company called by, over the course of the book, explaining to him why he should not start it simply for a chance to hit it big: “My experience tells me if you do this for the money, you'll just end up howling at the moon. The money's never there until it's there. There must be something more, a purpose that will sustain you when things look bleakest. Something worthy of the immense time and energy you will spend on this, even if it fails." After Randy declines to invest in the company, Lenny keeps revising his pitch to try and bring Randy on board but fails to convince the investor that he feels a deep purpose in

Watch the video for more


How many times have we complained about our shitty day at work or our pointless class in school? How many times have we told someone that one day we’re going to break out and do our own thing? How often do we look enviously at those around us that we perceive to be living lives more closely aligned to their purpose?

How often do these thoughts catalyze a change in us that gets us closer to that life full of meaning that we all want? Not nearly as often.

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Section 5: Day 5

When we die, we don’t get to bring anything with us, but we do get to leave the impact our actions had on others. Nothing helps put the course of our lives in perspective than remembering that we’ll all be dead soon.

Watch the video for more


We’ve completed a bunch of exercises that approach finding your passion from different perspectives. You’ve probably spent more time reflecting on yourself than you have in a long time. Now, it’s time to sum it up.

Watch the video for more

Section 6: Day 6

We feel a sort of awe when we observe what deliberate practice can produce. The observation of mastery taps into the optimistic side of the human condition: that we are alive, have access to beauty, and can even erratically create it. The other part of is that we kind of know what went into it, and envy the master for enduring the suffering it took to get there. We all want to suffer in the name of producing something great, but most of us suffer for what appears to be no reason at all.

Watch the video for more

Section 7: Day 7

Finding your passion is not the sole focus of my work. I spend much more time helping people turn their passions into profitable side projects that turn into small businesses. If you’re curious about what that’s like, this is a sample of what you’d do if you wanted to turn your passion into a profitable side project.

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Instructor Biography

Tony Sheng, I help people do more of what they love // author + startups

Last year, I quit my job as a marketing executive at a rapidly growing startup. I quit my job as a management consultant to join that startup. I quit my premedical studies in college to become a management consultant. I'm a big quitter.

Nothing I did felt right, so I kept quitting. I didn't know it then, but it was because I'm not happy unless I'm building things that help people. That's my passion and it took me over twenty five years to figure it out.

Today I write books, host a podcast, start businesses, and occasionally teach what I learn here on Udemy. If you're interested in my projects you can find me with a quick google search.

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