Find your own home yoga practice
4.7 (3 ratings)
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Find your own home yoga practice

Want to practice yoga but have trouble finding the time, space, studio, motivation ..This course is for you!
4.7 (3 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
797 students enrolled
Last updated 10/2013
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What Will I Learn?
  • Establish your own home yoga practice
  • Learn many yogic tools and practices to cultivate a life of yoga, health and well-being
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  • Physical Requirements: Yoga mat, rug or soft surface

Infuse your life with meaning, health and wellbeing TODAY!

This 3 week yoga immersion course will guide and support you in creating a regular home yoga practice. It's called '21 Days of Yoga' because it is scientifically proven to take 21 days to rewire your neural synapse in the brain and create a new habit.

This powerful program with 57 lectures and hours worth of video content will create change. Together we transcend the many barriers that stand in the way so that you can build a strong foundation of yoga, that will allow your practice to continue for weeks, months and years after we finish the course.

Comprised of videos, audio classes, text and quizzes, this course is full of insights, tools and practices, proven to establish a consistent home yoga practice.

Included in the course is access to a private 'Empower with Home Yoga' facebook group for support and encouragement and all the content is YOURS TO KEEP.

Give the gift of yoga to yourself and start your journey of meaning, health and wellbeing TODAY!

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Who is the target audience?
  • This course is created for women and men ages 12 through 80 with all levels of physical ability
  • Anyone wanting to establish their own home yoga practice.
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Curriculum For This Course
57 Lectures
2 Lectures 13:48

Welcome to 21 Days of Yoga.

Firstly, congratulations for embarking on this journey to establish a regular home practice of yoga.

For support and guidance during after the 21 Days of Yoga, log into our private facebook page “Empower with Home Yoga."

Preview 12:35

Creating a new habit
Day 1
1 Lecture 02:02
Your personal commitment
Day 2
3 Lectures 05:25
Let's begin

Settling into your practice

Connecting and tuning in is powerful and can be a practice in itself.

Take the time to settle into your practice.

Settle into your practice
Day 3
4 Lectures 10:56

This quiz goes over some of the material we have explored so far.

Have fun with it.


What are asanas?

Why home yoga? What do you want from this course? How can you bring it into your day?

Home yoga practice 101
6 questions

Why the joints?

Lubricate your joints. See if you can move the ankles and wrists in the same direction, in opposite directions. Once you are confident play around coordinating opposite hand and can really see your strength and the balance in your body with these poses.


Joint mobility Practice

Joint mobility practice
1 page
Day 4
3 Lectures 07:34
Digestive System practices

These practices require a significant amount of effort and can be quite demanding on the lower back muscles. It is advisable to ensure there is adequate padding under the body. For those with back ailments and weak abdominal muscles, use variations and modifications to protect and support the core.

For those wanting more of a challenge, experiment with the poses, perhaps raise the passive leg/s from the floor.

As with all yoga practices, listen to your body and honor it’s needs.


Digestive system practices

Digestive system practices
1 page
Day 5
3 Lectures 04:48
Back Stretches

When you are in the all 4's position, ensure to stack the joints so that the wrists are under the shoulders and the knees are under the hips.

If your wrists are sore, make fists with the hands and support the arms with the knuckles.

Be careful to extend to just a reasonable position for your body.

Remeber the more we listen to our body, the more we hear!

Back streches

Back stretches
1 page
Day 6
3 Lectures 10:27
Standing sequence

Standing poses activate and engage the core muscles. When our core is strong, correct posture and proper body alignment can be maintained. The follow on effect is that, when we are elongated through the spine and open in the chest, oxygenation and lung capacity increases.

Generally, right-handed people find these poses most easily learned by practicing to the right side first. To counterbalance the effect of habitual behaviour patterns, you may like to practice leading with the left side. For left-handed people, practice with the right leading. This improves balance, coordination and connection between the two sides of the body and two hemisphere of the brain, thus producing union – yoga.

Standing sequence

Standing poses
1 page
Day 7
2 Lectures 10:13
Sun salutations

Once familiarized with the physical postures and breathing technique, you can deepen the practice by focusing on different aspects and make it become like a moving meditation.

Surya Namaskara can be paced briskly to generate heat and charge the entire system, or at a more moderate speed to induce a deeper spiritual awareness and create a moving meditation.

Sun salutations
Day 8
4 Lectures 12:35

Inverted asanas are very powerful practices and must be performed correctly with utmost care. It’s important to have a firm padded surface away from furniture or anything that might impede a free fall to the floor and to practice on an empty stomach.

It’s also advised to hold the poses for a few seconds initially, building the duration over time and practice. Always listen to your body, honour it’s needs and practice safely.

It is not advisable to practice inversions if one has heart conditions, high blood pressure, a history of stroke or heart disease; diabetes; pregnancy beyond the first trimester; glaucoma or other eye disorders; spinal problems or chronic neck pain; excess weight; dizziness, head injuries, or inner ear problems; hernia; or osteoporosis.



Keep the body still for the whole practice and consciously let go.

If the neck is uncomfortable with the head resting on the floor, place a thin pillow underneath the head and if there is tenderness in the lower back, place a pillow under the knees to relieve pressure in the lower back.

Day 9
3 Lectures 57:49
Consistency and familiarity

Once familiar with the practice you can really tune into how you feel, deciding for yourself how quickly or slowly to move through the poses and how many rounds of each sequence to do.

Remember to listen to your body and always honor it's individual needs.


The full practice

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About the Instructor
Christina Jagusiak
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Satya Live Yoga

From childcare centres to nursing homes, Christina has spent the past 5 years teaching yoga around the world. Her goal is to make yoga accessible to everyone.

Christina has trained in numerous styles of yoga but draws most of her experience from the Satyananda lineage. She established Satya Live Yoga in 2012 and took her teaching to the next level providing students online programs and courses.

Christina's passion for life is driven from a near death experience at the age of 20. She loves to smile, laugh and have fun whilst connecting to the body, mind and breath through the practice of yoga.

Christina's adoration for helping others to find their own home yoga practice is driven from the difficulties she had in establishing her own home yoga practice. Today she helps hundreds successfully bring yoga into their daily life.

To find out more read about Christina.