Find Your Entrepreneurial Niche
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Find Your Entrepreneurial Niche

Embrace your experience, peak performance factors and personality toward finding YOUR entrepreneurial niche!
3.9 (5 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,332 students enrolled
Created by Rebecca Clark
Last updated 10/2013
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What Will I Learn?
  • Review your past job and entrepreneurial experiences
  • Identify the strengths, weaknesses, likes/dislikes of your past experiences
  • Discover your peak performance factors
  • Determine your personality type
  • Define the different types of entrepreneurial niches
  • Create your own "cheat sheet" for selecting the entrepreneurial niche that is right for you - using your past experience, performance factors and personality type as a guide
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  • Student desire to discover their personal "best fit" entrepreneurial niche
  • Student ability to download PDF workbook files to personal computer
  • Student may find it helpful to have a copy of their resume available as part of reflection activities

Do you have a big idea? Are you looking to make a change from employee to entrepreneur? Or, have you already taken the leap and wondering if you are the right fit for the approach you’ve taken?

Your Entrepreneurial Niche is a course designed to help you discover how your past experience, personality, and performance factors can help you fit align your entrepreneurship goals to your passion.

Entrepreneurship is a big word and we are going to use it in the broadest sense possible. First, the official definition:

Entrepreneurship is the act of being an entrepreneur or “one who undertakes innovations, finance and business acumen in an effort to transform innovations into economic goods“.


We include all kinds of activities under this umbrella – writing a blog or a book, creating art, running a small government contracting business, participating in a franchise or multi-level marketing (MLM) opportunity, and even intrapreneurship is included in this discussion.

We know that you are hoping to learn a lot about yourself and what types of entrepreneurship opportunities there are out there. The key is to remember that we don’t all fit into a box. We each have unique talents, personalities, and life situations. Along with that, there are a never ending set of combinations of possibilities out there. It’s all up to you to combine them into what you think will work best for you. So, this will be a process of experimenting, reflecting on your past, and being aware of the possibilities.

Welcome to Finding Your Entrepreneurial Niche!

Who is the target audience?
  • Employees that are looking to branch out into an entrepreneurial pursuit
  • Entrepreneurs looking to pursue something else
  • Anyone that wants to pursue an idea that fits their lifestyle
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Curriculum For This Course
41 Lectures
Lesson 1: Introduction and Overview
3 Lectures 03:25

Lessons Overview

Let’s take a minute to give you a brief overview of this learning experience.

There are five lessons that you will go through at your own pace. You will be able to access all five lessons at once because, after all, you are an adult learner and want to have options. Some of you will want to follow a strict guideline of reading and doing the exercises in order. Some of you will jump around because you just want to get a feel for the content and what the entire experience will be like. That is great! Either way, we hope that you take the time to go through each activity or exercise in the lessons so that you can really immerse yourself in the learning experience. After all, this is to help YOU find your best fit.

The five lessons are based on the following topics:

  • Your Past Experiences
  • Your Personal Performance Factors
  • Your Personality Type
  • Entrepreneurial Niche Options – the good, the bad, and the creativity
  • Your Entrepreneurial Nitch – You putting it together for you

We’ve tried to include websites, audio, video and activities where appropriate. They are specifically selected because we think they will add value to the experience. We hope you will enjoy the fact that some of the people that share their experience in the learning experience are just like you – just starting out, changing careers, experienced but trying to take their business to the next level or getting ready to pursue their next big idea. All have great insights that we wanted to share with you.

For those that would love to participate in a conversation with others who have taken the class, we’ve got a Nudge Village Facebook group where you can ask questions, promote your business (or others), and share resources. Join us at to get involved in the community.

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We've got a few perks for our students. Check back periodically for more!

Course Perks - Gifts for Students
Lesson 2: Past Experience - put your background to work
6 Lectures 23:54

Though it isn’t great to dwell on the past, we want to take a trip down memory lane at the beginning of this course to remind you where you’ve been since it may give you clues as to where you want to be, or don’t, in the future.

So, indulge me for a few minutes as I share a small story about some of my past experiences. It isn’t that I have an amazing story. In fact, it may seem the opposite of amazing. Either way, I think hearing my story will remind you of your own and prepare you for the exercise you will go through at the end of this lesson.

Past Experience - Introduction

Your Past Experience - Rebecca shares her own

I’ve created a sample page of some of my experiences with a pros and cons columns and an “Other Thoughts” column for those things that don’t fit neatly into the pros/cons.

After reviewing this sample, it is now your chance to reflect on your past jobs and creative experiences. But, just don’t reflect. Write it down. The reflection process is important, but being able to objectively look at your own lists can help you analyze and draw your own conclusions from what you write down.

Video not working? - Try this link - 

Past Experience Matrix - Example

Here's your template for writing down your past experience - the strengths/likes, weaknesses/dislikes, and other information about your past jobs or entrepreneurial activities. Spending time reviewing your past experiences will help you in creating a list of what to look for in your entrepreneurial well as remind you what to avoid. 

Good luck!

Past Experience Matrix - Template
3 pages

This video is having trouble loading. I've created a link to it directly on YouTube to ensure you have access.
Past Experience - Reflection Follow-Up

Lesson 3: Personal Performance - discover your peak performance factors
5 Lectures 09:20

In this lesson we’ve talk about the many different types of factors that help us feel passionate, work at peak performance and make us feel like we are energetic, contributing and thriving. Sometimes it takes a while to figure out that we are each fairly complex individuals.

Just last week, I showed up to work in a noisy cube farm. But, I had a great day! As I reflected on the day I realized a few things about myself. Many of them seem contradictory, but pay attention to the nuances:

·  Noisy cube farm, but no one was interrupting me.

·  All of my morning meetings were cancelled and so I was able to focus (even with the noise) on a few important tasks and really dig into the details.

·  Someone asked for my opinion about an important decision through email.

·  I happily interacted with colleagues that needed information from me after lunch.

·  I cleaned out my email inbox and even posted to a few company blogs.

·  I provided mentoring to a designer that had questions about our standards and processes.

Interesting, right?

Compare this to a typical day where I walk in, set up my laptop and go straight into meetings and discussions about a variety of topics.  So, I don’t need to work alone ALL the time, but I do need some time to myself to think and work through important tasks.

What if someone met me on a typical morning? They might think I was an introvert that disliked working in teams or with people?

What if they met me in the afternoon? They’d think I was an extrovert that gained energy from constant human contact?

Neither would be correct. I need both with a strong leaning toward the time alone when it comes to productivity.

Take time reflecting on this as you go about your week and as different situations arise. Here are a few questions to keep in mind? (There are more categories and questions on the worksheet)

o  Are you invigorated all of a sudden when working on a project? Why?

o  How do you function when you’ve had too many meetings?

o  What happens when too many customers or partners want your attention?

o  What time of day are you most creative?

o  When are you most anxious?

o  When are you in “the flow?"

o  When are you happiest?

o  What ticks you off?

o  Are you comfortable promoting yourself?

o  Are you sensitive to personal interactions?

o  Do you react to clients even if you shouldn’t?

o  Are you willing to have employees?

o  How do you handle team situations?

o  Client facing or funnel info through someone else? 

Now, let's go to the actual worksheet

Personal Performance Factors - Introduction

Is the video not working? Try this link for faster loading -
Personal Performance Factors Inventory - Worksheet Intro

Take time this week to think about the following questions below on how you would answer them. Don’t think too hard. In fact, it might be best if you copy off the empty worksheet (offered in the next lecture) to scribble down notes as you have moments of insight. The goal here is to spend time thinking about what makes YOU happy, productive, energized and fulfilled. No matter what our age or experience, we can discover new insights about ourselves as we experience different relationships, work environments and opportunities.

Personal Performance Factors - Question worksheet
3 pages

Specific Steps
Need specific steps to help you through this exercise? Here are some suggestions:

1)  Read through the “Categories” chart below.

2)  Copy off both worksheets (the prior worksheet with questions and this blank worksheet)

3)  Carry both around for a week.

4)  While at home, at work, on errands, or at activities – pay attention to how you interact, what you feel like and how different environments/relationships impact YOU?

5)  Write down your thoughts on your personal blank worksheet.

6)  Share any insights you feel comfortable sharing in the Nudge Village Facebook Group - - and add to others insights.

7)  Keep your notes for the rest of the course! You'll use them again!

Personal Performance Factors - Personal Worksheet
2 pages

Performance - What Really Drives Us? By Daniel Pink
Lesson 4: Personality Type - find out your type and how it impacts your work
4 Lectures 09:03

Introduction to the Personality Types lesson.

Personality Type - Introduction

Personality Type - Take the Test!

Personality Type - Reflection Activity

Workspace Experience - the office vs. the cube
Lesson 6: Your Entrepreneurial Niche - figure out your special niche
16 Lectures 47:06

Entrepreneurial Niche - Employee + Entrepreneur

Employee + Entrepreneur - Tanya Smith - Online Business coach

Transitioning from Employee to Entrepreneur - Craig - Financial Advisor

Entrepreneurial Niche - Intrapreneur

Rebecca (me) working as a government employee as an intrapreneur

Intrapreneur - Rebecca - Government Employee

Entrepreneurial Niche - Government Contractors

Entrepreneurial Niche - Product Development (Virtual)

Entrepreneurial Niche - Product Development (Physical)

Scot decided to record the BYU Rugby team one year - the year they ended up winning the national championships. Read his interview about the process of creating the video and eventually getting it on the shelves of the University bookstore.


Product Development (Physical) - Scot - BYU Rugby Championship Video
6 pages

Entrepreneurial Niche - Consultant

Entrepreneurial Niche - Non-Franchise, Physical Location

Store Owner (Non-Franchise, Physical Location) - Mike's Auto Shop

Entrepreneurial Niche - Franchise, Physical Location

Entrepreneurial Niche - Franchise, Virtual

Your Niche Factors - Putting it all together
3 Lectures 01:20

There are two templates you can use to sum up your "entrepreneurial requirements." Select which is easiest for you to use! Please email me if you'd rather have these in MSWord so that you can write it all down electronically. Email at
Your Niche Factors - worksheet
4 pages

Your Niche Factors - Summary
Resource Section: Thoughts & Resources
4 Lectures 09:30
Facebook Group to Support Entrepreneurs

Books you may want to read to help you select the right entrepreneurial niche. This list is not exhaustive. In fact I will keep adding to this list as I find more resources you may like to reference.

Preview 08:46

Michael Fath - thoughts on promoting, producing, and passion
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