How to Find, Evaluate and Launch New Startup Ideas in 2017
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Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
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How to Find, Evaluate and Launch New Startup Ideas in 2017

Get a framework to spot startup opportunities, quickly evaluate their growth potential and test them with real customers
4.4 (383 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
8,284 students enrolled
Last updated 7/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • Spot great business opportunities in everyday life
  • Quickly assess any startup idea and evaluate its market potential
  • Design a process to test a startup idea with real customers
  • Create landing pages, promotional videos and prototypes
  • Implement the best free marketing hacks to attract visitors and convert them into users
  • Understand precisely why some startups succeed and others fail
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  • Interest in startups, technology and entrepreneurship

Do you want to start your own startup, or learn how it's done? If yes, then this ultimate startup course is for you. Here you'll learn how to generate great startup ideas, evaluate their potential and test them with customers in real life. We use hundreds of real life startup examples to illustrate everything we teach to make it practical and easy to understand.

We strive to provide knowledge in the most concise way : our videos are short and straight to the point, while being full of great content. They are adapted for online learning : our tested methodology is fun and engaging. We want you to get the best online learning experience!

This course allows you to find, evaluate and test new startup ideas. You will get two major learning sections:

1) How to find and evaluate new startup ideas:

  • 7 New Ways to Come Up With Great Startup Ideas
  • What Customers Really Want : The Problem-Solution Fit
  • Simple Techniques to Assess Your Market & Competition
  • Fill out your Startup Plan using the Lean Canvas

2) How to test any startup idea with real customers:

  • 4 Ways to Bring Your Product Vision Into Reality
  • In depth : How to Create a Conversion Machine Landing Page
  • In depth : How to Create Cool Promo Videos
  • Best Free Marketing Techniques to Generate Leads
  • Introduction to Content Marketing

There's a lot of precious knowledge packed in this course, so hesitate no more!

Who is the target audience?
  • Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs
  • Anyone interested in startups
  • Anyone who wants to start their own startup
Curriculum For This Course
55 Lectures
How To Find Amazing Startup Ideas
4 Lectures 18:57

Whenever you spot any kind of problems around you, don't look at them as just problems, but embrace them as opportunities for business.

Preview 02:38

Ways to Find Startup Ideas from 1 to 4 : Develop an Expertise, Observe Social Interactions, Monitor Future Trends and Spot Inefficiencies

Preview 07:16

Ways to Find Startup Ideas from 4 to 7 : Get Rid of Middlemen, Copy and Improve and Find Your Passion

Preview 08:06

Here you can find our more in-depth analysis of different growing startup fields

Preview 00:57
Does a Startup Idea Make Sense? The Problem-Solution Fit
5 Lectures 14:07

Know the top 3 reasons why most startups fail and how to avoid them

What Customers Really Want? : Introduction

The problem that you want to solve, is it Frequent, Common and Worth Solving? Many startup examples

What Customers Really Want? : Evaluate the Problem

The solution that you propose, is it Unique, Protectable and Sustainable? Many startup examples

What Customers Really Want? : Evaluate the Solution

You must define a Customer Persona that experiences the Problem and that will want your Solution. Find out how to do it

What Customers Really Want? : Draw Your Customer Persona

Practice sheet: Brainstorm about the potential of your startup idea
Can A Startup Idea Be a Global Success? The Product-Market Fit
3 Lectures 17:34

Use our framework to find out who is your competition and make a smart decision on the strategy to pursue according to it.

What's the Potential of Your Idea on a Global Scale? : Evaluate the Competition

Find out how to evaluate the potential market for any startup idea

What's the Potential of Your Idea on a Global Scale? : Evaluate The Market

Fill out your "Startup Plan" on the Lean Canvas
4 Lectures 14:57
Introduction to the Lean Canvas

Brainstorming with the Lean Canvas - Part 1

Brainstorming with the Lean Canvas - Part 2

Practice: Download and Fill out the Lean Canvas for your Startup
Before you move on to Testing your Startup Idea...
1 Lecture 01:14
Get some more amazing content here (Checklist, YouTube, Slideshare, Articles)
Build Your Product Demo : 4 Ways to Bring Your Startup Idea Vision Into Reality
6 Lectures 16:17
What is this all about? - Introduction

What is a Landing Page and Why and How you should build one. Examples of startups that appear "serious" thanks to nice landing pages, although behind there's just an idea without any existing product.

Build a Landing Page to pretend that your startup is a real deal

Startup demo and promo videos can be extremely powerful to drive views and therefore increase the audience of potential future customers.

Create an exciting Demo Video to show-off!

It's actually relatively easy to create a prototype of a mobile app or a website, even if you don't have any coding skills.
Create a Prototype that looks like the real product

The Minimum Viable Product is the most effective way to validate a new product idea. We show you several examples how entrepreneurs did it.

Build a Minimum Viable Product for your Startup

Practical Activities: Start Building!
How to Create a "Conversion Machine" Landing Page in Details and Examples
9 Lectures 25:43

A nicely done Landing Page can make it seem like your startup is a real thing. That's the whole point: fake it until you make it. In this section we give out the best "T"s: tips, tricks, techniques, tactics.... :)
One again, you DON'T NEED ANY CODING SKILLS here. Anyone can do it, we'll show you how!

Introduction to Landing Pages

Your Landing Page should have one clear "conversion" goal, meaning what is that you want to achieve with people visiting your website. Find out the 8 most common goals and choose yours.

What's your goal? Choose among these 8 objectives

Layout Structure Guidelines

Visuals, Content and Fonts

A header image can make or break your landing page. A huge part of your conversion rate will depend on your header image. Find out how to select the best one.

Header Image Guidelines to choose the best one

Every word matters on your Landing Page. There are words and sentences that increase conversion, and you should use them to your advantage.

Headline, Subheadline and Text Copy tricks to increase conversion

You must have a clear Call to Action on your Landing Page that pushes people to achieve the main goal that you defined. Find out how to increase conversion by optimizing your Call-To-Action button.

Call to Action for your visitors (+ Recap)

Find out how to connect your Landing Page with different analytics solutions to track your performance and many other metrics.
Bonus Lecture : Introduction to Landing Page Analytics

Practice: Start building your website using these non-technical website builders
How to Create Promo Videos for your Startup with our Step by Step approach
7 Lectures 14:22

We will tell you how to create promo videos (or videos in general, actually), even if you have never done any before.

Introduction to Promo Videos

How to Film with your Smartphone and not screw up

Audio Guidelines - be gentle with your viewers' ears

Did you know that you can create animated videos with Powerpoint, and that they can actually look great, without people even guessing that they were done with Powerpoint? Well, we'll tell you how to create them,

and how to do it the best way.

How to Create Animated Videos With Powerpoint

How to do Screencasts

Music & Sound Effects

How to Edit and Create the Final Video
Free Marketing Techniques : Start Promoting Your Product and Gather Feedback
6 Lectures 22:00

Learn how to get noticed on the internet for free in the most crowded places, and generate either short "spikes" in traffic or a regular steady flow of visitors. These free marketing techniques are EXTREMELY POWERFUL and few people know and master them. In this course, we give out the best ones, and the best way to execute them.

Introduction to Free Marketing Techniques

Get a lot of visitors for a short period of time : Part 1

Get a lot of visitors for a short period of time : Part 2

Get a smaller but regular number of visitors : Part 1

Get a smaller but regular number of visitors : Part 2

Practice: Drive visitors to your website
Introduction to Content Marketing - Give 'Em Value!
10 Lectures 34:55

Content Marketing is key to your startup growth, especially when you don't have any real startup, but are just pretending to. Content Marketing is something tangible you can already create which will help you generate leads and start to be taken seriously.

Preview 04:09

Learn how you can get your startup discovered through blogging, and how you can use this opportunity to generate leads and eventually customers.

Blog Posts - The fastest way to get started with Content Marketing

Videos are increasingly critical for marketing and are becoming a more and more popular content format. Learn how people make money by attracting leads through YouTube.

Videos - Use the Power of YouTube search engine

You know, these annoying moments when you are about to download something that seems reeeaallly interesting, but you have to give your email address for it? Guess what, that's a key strategy for companies.

Downloadables & Lead Magnets - Pay With an Email Address!

Slideshows - Take advantage of Slideshare traffic

Memes, GIFs & Infographics - Get silly... or dead serious

Content Types and Platforms

Metrics & Sharing Triggers

Checklist & General Advice

The internet is dark and full of marketing zombies who want YOU. But it's not a bad thing! Understand how "free stuff" on the internet works so that's not a secret for you anymore.

Demystifying the Internet
About the Instructor
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Founder of Startup Xpress | Investor | Startup founder x3

Hi, I'm Pavel! I have my own company in the innovation area. I've always been an entrepreneur, passionate by understanding how systems work and how to apply the scientific method in business. This allowed me to start several companies in various areas such as music, healthcare and e-commerce, and to invest in others. I already teach courses "offline" by doing trainings for startups and I recently decided to share my knowledge using online courses and founded Startup Xpress. I try and test out everything myself before I make a course on it. So whenever I feel like I have learned something in business using the scientific method, I share that new knowledge in Startup Xpress. I will gradually upload my courses online. I believe in the power of information, knowledge and skills.

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Hi, I'm Olena. In the past years I've worked with a lot of startups, accelerators, local governments and large companies to design great educational programs on how to build startups. During this time I have improved upon the best methodologies and am now running my own company called Startup Xpress, which helps aspiring entrepreneurs to build their businesses. My background is mostly in web marketing, business development and new customer acquisition. My goal is to help my students to become entrepreneurs by giving them a step-by-step guidance and teach them all the skills they need to succeed with their startup ideas.