Financial Freedom: Living a Millionaire Lifestyle
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Financial Freedom: Living a Millionaire Lifestyle

Create Unlimited Abundance - Money Success Principles of the Rich and Wealthy
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Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
5 students enrolled
Created by Wilko Van De Kamp
Last updated 4/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • Recognize different options to build financial freedom vs. following the beaten path.
  • Be coachable to attain life goal's faster and more efficient.
  • Recognize what it means to not HAVING to work but choosing to do the things you love.
  • Define what it means to be financially free, and have crystal clear goals to establish financial freedom.
  • Get un-stuck in life and business following the five most important success principles to become super successf
  • Describe their money personality.
  • Implement a simple, but powerful financial management system.
  • Create a personal economy to build financial freedom and create additional streams of income
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  • You need to have a desire to have more money in your life.
  • You need to be willing to do the work required to build financial freedom - this is not a get rich quick scheme.
  • You need to be willing to not just talk about change, but be willing to do what it takes to create the reality you want.

Most people have a love / hate relationship with money. They resent those who have it, but spend their entire career attempting to get it for themselves. The reason an immense majority of individuals never accumulate a substantial savings is because they don't understand money and how financial systems works.

Does this sound familiar? You have too much work to do and too little time to do it. You spend all your time worrying about your job and spend little to no time with your family and friends. You want to get ahead at work, but you don't want to give up the rest of your life to do it.

Am I right so far? 

See if this sounds familiar:

Sara is a married mother of two small children. She is climbing the corporate ladder and is now a Bank Manager with aspirations to get to Headquarters and focus on International Banking. 

Sarah works an average of seventy hours per week and her children spend much of their time with babysitters and with their grandmother. 

When Sarah gets home, she is too tired to spend time with her kids, too tired for her husband and much too tired for any pleasurable evening activities with friends. 

She feels trapped, fatigued, stressed and overworked, but she doesn't know what to do about it.

Does this sound like anyone you know?

Jim owns a franchise coffee shop and he spends most of his time at work. He is afraid to leave his employees to manage things because it is his business and he wants things done right. 

But he finds himself working every weekend and his wife has gotten tired of spending evenings and weekends alone. She wants to go out to dinner and a movie but, when Jim gets home, it is too late and he is too tired. 

Jim's mother is aging and his father passed away. He knows that he needs to spend more time with his mom. He also wants to get some work done on the house and get a few things off the "honey-do" list, but he barely has time for the upkeep on his own house. 

I'm sure you know the feeling!

If this sounds like your life; if you are stressed, tired and overworked with no time for yourself, your family or your friends, you have come to the right place. 

I know how to help you

What I can teach you is not difficult to learn. This course is a step-by-step guide that will teach you how to take control of your financial life - freeing up time and resources to do those things you love most. Would today be a good day to get started? Because if not now, when?

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is built with examples from the North American financial world, but it's principles can be used around the world.
  • This course is for people who are working hard but not seeing the financial results in life they're after.
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Curriculum For This Course
50 Lectures
8 Lectures 56:35
Meet Sara and Jim

In this course I'm going to show you how to
  • Save money
  • Earn money
  • Save time 

I'm here to show you options - different ways how you can get to your financial goals - instead of following the beaten path. 

Preview 10:14

Important pointers on how you'll get the most out of this online program. Do not miss this lecture.

How to get the most out of this course

If I can do it - you can do it too, but WILL YOU? Most people just talk about it - it's not about what you say but about what you do. Are you willing to do what it takes to create the reality you want. This lecture will set the stage for creating the results you're truly after.

Constantly Negative News

In this lecture I'll introduce the three principles that make the biggest difference in obtaining financial freedom.

Path to Success

Money has a central function in our society. We use it everyday to pay for our coffee, our bills, and we might even give some away to that street performer who put a smile on our face. In this lecture, we'll imagine -just for a moment- that tomorrow we would all stop using money.

Changing our broke mindset

You might have a job – but you are not your job. It doesn’t define you. In his book Tim Ferriss says that he likes to answer the question “what do you do?” with “I am a drugs dealer”. Like Tim, I enjoy wearing multiple hats and doing many different things in my life.

Get to know your instructor

Be clear on your why: write down and share your goals and questions with us.

Be clear on why you're here
Financial Freedom Theory
8 Lectures 51:54

Some time-tested thoughts from Abraham Lincoln, and why you want to build a business that serves your life, not consume your life.

What Abraham Lincoln has to say

Life advice looking through a window

This lecture explores why money doesn’t buy happiness - or does it?

Money doesn't buy happiness

All shallow reasons aside - this lecture explores why winning the money game is important, period. 

Winning the money game

Writing up a long todo list every day has nothing to do with productivity. Movement does not equal achievement... yet! Focus on outcomes instead of activities.This interactive lecture will help you on your way to establishing your life's goals.

Life goals exercise

Struggling financially and not having time with your kids, family and loved ones is not how it has to be. Yes, a an “independent”, my schedule is different than most employees – but the journey has been worth it. It’s way better than you ever would have been able to describe to me when I first started out.

What are you going to fight for?

The most heart attacks in the US happen between 4am and 10am on Monday mornings. Stop living for the weekend - and get control of those 6 inches in between your ears.

6 inches

I hate seeing people give up on their dream. This lecture shares five of my most powerful principles to become super successful. As an entrepreneur you really don't have the luxury of freedom and flexibility - that's just a mindset that stems from the shift between employee and entrepreneur. Learn how to survive the entrepreneurial rollercoaster - and making the ride worthwhile.

Success Mindset

Financial Freedom - Theory quiz
7 questions
Financial Freedom Reality
3 Lectures 11:45

A financial illustration to your financial future if you follow the conventional path of a traditional career: the journey of the job.

The Journey of the Job

We all know are pin and sin numbers - but most of us don't know our FIN number. This lecture will help you calculate your FIN number, and also share several crucial steps on accomplishing it. 

Your FIN Number

This lecture addresses some of the most vital aspects of your financial health and security. 

Charting your financial needs

Financial Freedom - Reality quiz
2 questions
Financial Freedom Mindset
12 Lectures 48:57

Success is a habit - so is failure, or mediocrity. You have to acknowledge and recognize your success. It's not about bragging or boasting - this lecture will teach you to recognize your successes in life it in a way it's the truth. Bragging or boasting social media is not required - this is just you recognizing your own success and getting into that habit. 

Exercise - your successes in life

This lecture break the addiction to approval - and frees your mind to true financial success.

Financial Mindset

True financial freedom starts with the principle that money doesn't control us anymore - we want to be in control of money. This lecture shares ground breaking market research into how the majority of people are feeling in regards to money.

Money Belief System

If a relationship is full of fear, anger, worry - all those things would negatively influence that relationship. Our emotional beliefs in regards to money drag us down as a great big weight. This lecture will help to find (and focus on) positive, supportive emotions in our relationship with money.

The emotional game

The beliefs of financial success - why do you deserve to have financial success? You cannot change something if you're not even aware it needs to be changed - where did your financial programming come from? Understand it in order for it to change it. 

Elements of change in your financial beliefs

Thoughts lead to feelings, lead to actions, lead to results.

Thoughts, feelings, action!

If we want to be successful in life, we first have to take total responsibility for our lives. We’re responsible for all our successes and failures, health, relationships, financial situation, our feelings and everything else.

Take full responsibility for your own life

This powerful financial exercise explores what would you do with money if you were really rich. Most people don't get what they want because they don't know what they want - let alone why they want it. 

Financial exercise: what to do with your money

The secret to a balanced financial purpose is to have things on your list for you and other people. 

Your money purpose

Discover your money personality - as well as key success factors for you to manage your money better.

Your money personality

The title of this lecture says it all: 8 crucial financial beliefs that are required if you truly are committed to become financially independent.

8 ways to become rich

Five life lessons to help you live a more balanced life

Financial Freedom - Mindset quiz
2 questions
Financial Freedom Systems
10 Lectures 01:18:12

One of the most crucial financial principles to help you understand your current financial situation - and your future. 

The rule of 72

Structuring your financial life using these financial foundations.

Financial Foundations

This lecture discusses the two types of passive income that will make your money working for you, instead of you working for money. Using our holistic approach, this lecture also shows how to create wealth in all areas of your life. Last, but not least, we'll demistify the age-old, persistent lie that making money takes take money. I'll illustrate that in fact the opposite is true: making money does NOT take money - it takes something else. 

Income streams

We don’t buy products solely on the fact the price is low enough: I buy the things that have value to me.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling your time at your next job interview or annual review, or selling your companies products and services - this lecture will show you what the real value is.

The real value of money

This lecture explains how to create your own economy - so that whatever city, province, or country you'll live in - you will be ok. 

Create your own economy

This lectures dives further into the principle that spending money is all about priorities. 

Money is all about priorities

Humans are packrats. The older we get, the more “stuff” we accumulate. And the more we get, the more we seem to need. It is not uncommon for people to get locked into a material battle as they work harder and longer – just to keep up with the Joneses. In our world of excess and glorification of being busy, maybe it’s time to pause for a moment and discover what is really important.

Simplifying life

This lecture will share my secrets about making money – and the controversies between making money and the world of MLM (Multi Level Marketing or Network Marketing). At one point I decided to give the MLM world a try, in an attempt to create an income stream and make some additional money. This lecture is also the executive summary of why I dislike the MLM or network marketingmodel: I never make any money.

Secrets to making money

This lecture introduces the world's simplest and easiest money management system. Don't try to reinvent the wheel to make it better - just follow the system. Financial success isn't always easy, but it is simple. 

The world simplest and easiest money management system

Opportunity favours the prepared. This lecture explains there are only two types of habits. Changing a habit can be simple and doesn't necessarily take the popular 21 or 28 days.

Being a creature of habit

Financial Freedom - Systems quiz
8 questions
Financial Freedom Bonus Resources
7 Lectures 25:55

What does millionaire answer when you ask about what they do for a living? In his book Tim Ferriss says that he likes to answer the question “what do you do?” with “I am a drugs dealer”. Like Tim, I struggle with the question. 

Create multiple sources of income

The orange analogy: most people think their biggest asset is their house - which isn't true. Discover what your biggest asset is, and how to protect it properly.

The orange analogy

Do you know what "vehicle" you need to have that money into?

Money "Vehicles"

They say I’m unusually loyal when it comes to credit card providers.Friends often laugh at me - laugh all you want – but be sure to take in the content of this lecture and then decide for yourself...

The difference between credit card providers

I’ve tried a few things that failed spectacularly. One of those things: day trading. This lecture talks about stock investment options and some of my experiences beyond my failure in day trading.

Day trading

You can buy things from online vendors that you probably would have bought in the “offline world” anyway – but instead get paid to do so! Online companies are more than willing to reward customers who shop. So start to make money at home… by shopping!

Make money by shopping

Stay in touch and enjoy complimentary bonus content through my blog.

Additional recourses through my blog

Financial Freedom - Resources quiz
2 questions
Wrap up, thank you and goodbye
2 Lectures 05:29

The next step: getting started. This reading will get you well on your way.

All it takes is to get started

A final thank-you, fare-well and good luck!

Thank you - please stay in touch!
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Wilko Van De Kamp
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WILKO VAN DE KAMP is the author of #1 international best seller “The Freedom Project“. He's also an award-winning photographic artist, and professional world traveler. His inspiration comes from traveling all over the world. He calls the Canadian Rocky Mountains his “home", and the rest of the world his “office". He has been capturing our wonderful planet, and it's beautiful inhabitants, for more than half his life. Wilko has spent his life traveling the world to capture awe-inspiring images for those who wouldn't see them otherwise – and to inspire others to embark on their journey of a lifetime. Through his art, writing and appearances as a keynote speaker he enjoys sharing his colorful experiences with the world.