Finance Mastery: Mind Techniques for Increasing Abundance
4.9 (41 ratings)
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1,553 students enrolled
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Finance Mastery: Mind Techniques for Increasing Abundance

Learn How EFT Tapping Techniques Release Mental Blocks So That You Can reach Your Full Potential
4.9 (41 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,553 students enrolled
Created by David Childerley
Last updated 4/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • Access 29 lectures and 3 hours of content
  • You will learn a simple technique to identify and release limiting money beliefs so that you can become more abundant and successful in life.
  • Think like a millionaire and master the top 55 positive money beliefs
  • Release the top 99 negative/limiting beliefs about money
  • Reprogram your mind for financial success
  • Develop a new attitude and relationship with money
  • Change your thinking and create new opportunities
  • Attract new ideas for business growth and expansion
  • Master the mindset of wealth and abundance
  • Download Audio Versions for mobile devices
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  • An open mind and the determination to improve your financial situation

Are you sick & tired of sabotaging yourself financially?

Want to learn how to think like a millionaire and create more financial success?

Most experts agree, financial success is an attitude and all about how you think and what you believe to be true about your potential.

If you've been focused on the negative aspects of your career for a prolonged period, like being in debt or noticing the lack of money in your life, you will have changed your core beliefs about money negatively and these limiting beliefs will be sabotaging your financial success.

As you get excited about ideas and try and make money, stress, fear, worry, self doubt and procrastination seem to repeat and this strips self confidence and ultimately, your ability to earn a good living.

The great news is that limiting career beliefs can be easily changed once you become aware of them and I will personally walk you through step by step and support you along the way. I have already supported over 6 million viewers on my successful YouTube channel and am well known for providing great student support.

During this course you will learn EFT Tapping (emotional freedom technique) and how to easily apply it to change your limiting beliefs using a simple to learn technique using acupuncture points.

With over 6 hours of exclusive video and audio content you'll learn step by step simple EFT Tapping techniques that:

  • Release 99 common money blocks most people suffer
  • Master 55 abundance beliefs that increase income potential

This means that you can quickly change your limiting beliefs about money and create a new confident attitude that lays the foundation for permanent financial success.

This course also helps you release old stress, overwhelm and worry associated with debt and money. Clear out all the emotional baggage, get confident and starting making more money than you've ever dreamed of. Go beyond limitations and dare to dream.

Interaction & Support: This course comes with a full student support package including a money back guarantee and my personal assistance along the way. I will be updating this course and adding new content that adds value to the student experience.

If you are ready to break free from debt and hardship, enrol now and let's start changing your beliefs about money so you can realise your potential and possibilities. Invest in yourself today you'll be glad you did!

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone wanting a more positive attitude towards making money
  • This course is for anyone who has failed in business before and picked up a few limitations along the way that might be sabotaging
  • Anyone working from home who wants to improve their attitude to earning more money
  • Anyone in sales or business deveopment who wants to expand their minds ability to see the earning potential grow
  • This course will not teach you the skills required to make money, just the right mental attitude needed to succeed
  • This course will NOT make you take action, you have to do that bit and put in the work or your results will be disappointing
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This is David Childerley and welcome to Money Mastery - the keys to abundance. We live in an abundant universe that easily caters for all our needs including all the money we could ever want and more.

Yet for thousands of years the ‘few who control the many’ have kept secret the vital driving forces that create financial abundance.

It’s interesting to learn that only 3% of the worlds population earn and control all the money. They clearly understand something you don’t… they understand the energy of money and how it flows!

This lack of truth ‘from the few’ has left ‘the many’ feeling that they are not clever enough or worthy of financial success. Many people also feel completely overwhelmed by the share volume and complexity of personal development theories around today.

Add to this the fact that most people are at the mercy of the global mainstream media who are all owned by the few who control the many.

Over the years they have invested billions to convince us that money is negative and the root of all the problems in the world.

However, this is all about to change. For the first time, the lid is being lifted off and the hidden agendas and secrets of abundance are finally being revealed to you now in this incredibly simple to apply program.

You see… attracting money is not rocket science… you don’t need a psychology degree and… you don’t even need to a huge personal development library built over many years to become financially secure.

You simply need to educate yourself about the energy of money and learn a few simple techniques that will help you tap in to the abundant energy field already within you.

It’s key that you learn how-to resonate and ‘tune-in’ to the frequency of money if you really want to attract it. .

For once you become aware of how-to generate this powerful ‘inner’ frequency, you can simply ‘tune-in’ and live the life of your dreams.

This Money Master Abundance program also pushes all boundaries in terms of it’s simplicity to implement. The 8 simple keys contained in this ground-breaking abundancy program will help you unlock the ancient secrets using ‘easy-to-apply’ energy techniques that anyone can master in just a few days.

Money Mastery shows you how-to ‘tune-in’ to the frequency of money the easy way. Throw away the frustration, ride the vibrational ‘river-of-money’ and watch it constantly flow your way.

Create the life you want using the power of your thoughts and feelings and effortlessly attract anything you desire when ever you want. This inspiring abundance program couldn’t be simpler and everyone can do it.

Money Mastery harnesses the awesome law of attraction and is by far the easiest and fastest way to accelerate your earning potential using the most powerful universal forces at your disposal.

If you are ready to break free from debt and hardship, join me now and explore the 8 keys of truth, joy and abundance.

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KEY 1 – Everything is energy, including money!

Universal energy expresses itself in many different forms and each has a vibrational frequency.

The energy of Money vibrates a frequency that does not judge… it just flows and you either attract or repel it.

Energy is constantly being exchanged and money is just one expression of this exchange.

If you stop judging the energy or frequency of money and tune in to it… it will flow to you.

Life is about being happy and being able to buy the experiences you want to have, using money for the exchange of energy.

If you harness your energy and raise your vibration in harmony with money, it will flow to you.

There is an abundant flow of money energy throughout this universe, your thoughts and feeling towards money determines how much of it flows to you.

Acquiring money is the result of your tuning in and allowing it to flow… you see it as a return of energy.

Being wealthy and enjoying the energy of money is an expression of your connection to the self.

A knowing within that all energy is equal and to judge is to miss the point of life.

If you want to be truly wealthy learn to make friends with the energy of money & allow it in.

Key 1 Everything is energy, including money!

KEY 2 - How money works!

Money is an energy that is attracted by love and repelled by fear.

The world we live in is not designed to make us rich.

We have been ‘conditioned and programmed’ all our lives to believe that ‘life is tough and money is the root of all evil’

Great lengths have been taken to make us feel bad about money and there’s a good reason for that… control!

Interestingly… 3% of the world’s population earn and control all the money.

That’s no accident, it’s designed that way!

The few in control have harnessed the awesome power of the mainstream media to heavily influence people about the negative side of money.

That’s why 97% of people earn just enough to get by… because deep down they feel bad or have limiting beliefs connected to money.

The ‘few who control the many’ know that money flows where the attention goes.

There lies the challenge… most people focus on fear and debt and by default, they attract more of the same!

Key 2 How money works

KEY 3 - How do you feel about money?

FACT: Money is attracted to those who love it.

FACT: Money is repelled by those who fear it.

Feeling good and making friends with money attracts it.

Supporting and positive beliefs about money attracts it.

Feeling bad, negative or hating money repels it.

Limiting or negative beliefs about money repels it.

Let go of all limitations to do with money.

Money is just an energy like the air you breathe so be at peace with it.

When you enjoy earning and spending money, it generates a magnetic frequency to the universe that gives permission for more money to flow in. Tune into the flow!

Learn to love money as an abundant river of energy that just keeps flowing and you can enjoy as much or as little as you choose.

The keys to abundance are…

  • Feeling good about earning & spending money.
  • Feeling good about charging for your services.
  • Feeling that you deserve the energy of money.
  • Key 3 How do you feel about money?

    KEY 4 - Release ‘resistance’ allow money to flow!

    What do you believe about money?

    3% believe great things about it.

    97% believe bad or negative things about it.

    Become aware of your money blocks and use the amazing EFT tapping technique or emotional freedom technique to release your limiting beliefs or money blocks.

    The EFT tapping technique is revolutionising the way we develop ourselves. What used to take years to release in terms of emotional trauma now takes minutes using EFT.

    EFT works with the subtle energy system of the body and helps you quickly release negative emotions and rebalances the body energy system.

    Eft enables you to quickly reprogram your vibration so that you can tune-in to the energy of success and happiness.

    EFT is changing the world. People are learning this simple technique and transforming their place of feeling.

    Money Mastery contains all the latest cutting-edge EFT tapping routines to help you complete reprogram your belief system for abundance and success fast!

    The real power of the EFT tapping technique is in creating new empowering money beliefs that transform your fortunes.

    Money Mastery also includes the most comprehensive step-by-step video guide on tapping abundance affirmations ever seen.

    EFT is transforming the way people feel about money… tap into it!

    Key 4 Release ‘resistance’ allow money to flow!

    KEY 5 - Know what you want & move towards it!

    Life feels good when you are living your truth.

    However, a stressful, boring or unethical job can lead to fears, addiction, depression and serious illness.

    These are all common manifestations of NOT living your truth.

    The condition ‘ME’ is a classic example of this.

    Trust your intuition… what feels right in your heart?

    Make a list of all the things you used to love doing when you were younger. What were your dreams?

    Search your heart… find out what feels great when you think about it and move towards that dream one step at a time.

    Focus and move your energy towards your truth. Don’t worry about all the details or how it will all unfold.

    Your job is find something that feels good and explore the potential.

    Worry creates ‘inner resistance’ that sabotages your dreams.

    Let go of worry and go with the flow. Allow it all to work out well for you.

    Take small steps at a time to empower yourself. You don’t have to see the top of the stair case, just take the first step.

    All will be well when you just trust the intuitive guide from within.

    Feel good about what you do, do it well and abundance will flow to you in any way that you desire.

    Key 5 Know what you want & move towards it

    KEY 6 - Focus on your wants & they will come!

    Are you focused on your ‘wants’ or your ‘don’t wants’?

    The Law of attraction states – ‘thoughts create reality’

    The most potent form of energy known to man is thought.

    Thoughts attract like energy.

    You create your reality every day using your thoughts and feelings.

    You are a master at attracting what you don’t want!

    When you say ‘Yes’ to something, you include it in your vibrational frequency.

    When you say ‘No’ to something, you include it in your vibrational frequency.

    Thoughts create feelings and feelings create matter!

    The power of the manifestation or attraction process is in the ‘feelings’ we offer from our every day thoughts.

    The world’s heavily ‘controlled media’ is designed to focus your thoughts and energy on what you don’t want… break free from the TV!

    Focus your thoughts on your wants and they will come.

    Focus only on what feels good and all will be well.

    Key 6 Focus on your wants & they will come

    KEY 7 – Affirm, visualise & ‘feel’ the power!

    Learn to connect with your inner power using an amazingly easy to use technique called… The Balance Procedure

    Money Mastery will also introduce you to the balance procedure to help you balance your feelings towards money.

    This incredibly simple energy technique works with your heart chakra to release limitations and returns the body’s energy system back to balance and harmony.

    For thousands of year we have all been using this technique at an ‘unconsciously’ level. Look around you and you will see examples of this everywhere…

    Pharaoh’s were buried with their hands covering the heart chakra… We even use it when we pray and when we pledge our allegiance.

    We use it when we experience any overload of emotion, our hands automatically and unconsciously cover our heart chakra without us even noticing it. Even animals and in particular moneys have been filmed covering their heart chakra’s in time of stress.

    The action of our hands covering the heart chakra in time of emotional overload is a completely natural and instinctive response. We all do it to balance the energy in the heart.

    Now for the first, you are being introduced to this new technique and will learn how to apply this powerful technique ‘consciously’.

    If you really want to add awesome power to your attraction process… balance your wants and watch them flow to you.

    Later in this program you will learn how-to balance your energy and add incredible power to your manifesting process.

    Take time out each day to ‘balance’ your energy and tune it in to the frequency of money and abundance.

    Key 7 Affirm, visualise & ‘feel’ the power

    KEY 8 - Allow everything… it’s meant to be!

    The ‘KEY’ to abundance is allowing it all to flow to you.

    Release ‘inner resistance’ that blocks money flowing.

    Allow yourself to enjoy the energy of money! Life is meant to be fun and abundant… this is your truth, move towards it!

    Allow everyone else to have their experience of money, what ever that is.

    The only important thing is what you think and feel about money…

    if you want more of it, make friends with it and enjoy it when it flows to you.

    The art of allowing is to be in the now appreciating the contrast.

    There is no right or wrong and everything is mean to be just the way it is right now.

    Appreciate the contrast and move towards your truth.

    Contrast is simply teaching us to move away from our fears and move towards what feels right in our hearts.

    Allow all expressions of energy to be. They are all an expression of you.

    All is one.

    Don’t judge energy as it’s a total waste of resources!

    Simply allow yourself to be abundant and feel good about it.


    Key 8 Allow everything it’s meant to be
    What is EFT Tapping & How To Release Money Blocks
    7 Lectures 51:38

    'Money is the root of all evil'

    'I'm Not Worthy'

    'People in my profession struggle to earn'

    'I can't afford that'

    'I am always in debt'
    EFT Taps: Top 55 Abundance Affirmations To Change Your Beliefs About Money
    12 Lectures 01:00:57

    I love and accept the wonderful energy of money

    I receive money just by thinking luxuriously

    I am prosperous, healthy and happy

    I focus on what I love and draw it to me

    My energy is focused on my goals

    I am creative and capable

    I am a special unique person with much to offer the world

    I picture success for everyone

    I allow myself to dream

    I focus on my goals everyday

    I love and accept my abundant self
    1 Lecture 23:37
    About the Instructor
    David Childerley
    4.8 Average rating
    69 Reviews
    3,533 Students
    9 Courses
    Performance Coach

    Hello, my name is David and I am a qualified EFT Performance Coach from Cambridge England. My background includes sales and business development coaching.

    My area of expertise focuses on the mind and our attitude to success. Skills are useless if you do not have the right attitude to apply them. This is the difference that makes the difference in your success.

    In 2005, I qualified in EFT Tapping (emotional freedom technique) and it changed my life forever. This simple to use tool helped me develop my attitude to succeed. All my old fears of failure faded away and with renewed confidence, I started filming short videos for YouTube in 2006 and have since inspired 14 million views from 200 countries.

    EFT Tapping or the emotional freedom technique is a personal development technique approved by the American Psychological Association (APA) and is like acupuncture but without the needles. In simple terms, acupuncture points are tapped while the mind focuses on positive change.

    Moving EFT Tapping into the Mainstream, the UK Faculty of Health Sciences is currently rolling out the EFT Tapping or Emotional Freedom Techniques across the whole national health service in the UK. EFT is a new psychological intervention and research is fast emerging regarding recent cutting edge scientific research highlighting the value EFT has within the NHS.

    Recent student feedback:

    "This is the best course I've seen for money / wealth affirmations. If you aren't wealthy, most like you have limiting thoughts about money, this course helps replace those limiting and negative thoughts with positive thoughts about money. Simply it's the best course to change your negative beliefs about wealth and money". by Quang Van

    Money Mastery: "Great course and I like the approach of clearing all the limiting beliefs first so that they don't sabotage attracting abundance. Clearly a lot of research has gone into preparing this". by Tony Williams