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Essentials of Finance and Investment in 2 hours

Learn the basics of Finance and Investment to score A's in university exams and become a wise Investor in just 2 hours
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What Will I Learn?
Grasp the basics of Finance, prepare for finance modules in university as well as CFA programme, have good foundation for further advanced finance programmes.
Understand what are time value of money, present value, future value, interest rates, essential rules in investment decision making, the Bond market and its interest rate risk.
See the beauty of finance and investment and apply to practice to make good investments.
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  • No prior finance knowledge is required.

I have taught many students Finance and Investment. I will show you the way to understand finance and investment in an easy way and apply the information to practice.

This course will provide you with essentials of finance and investment. You will grasp the basics to prepare for finance modules in university as well as other professional programmes like CFA. You will be equipped with a sound foundation for further advanced finance study and research. This course is best suited for university students who are studying business, finance, accounting, economics or any other finance related programmes. This course is also for anyone who is interested to know more about the beauty of Finance and Investment, how to make good investments. Remember No Investment, No Rich!

No prior finance knowledge is required. The course covers:

  • Time value of Money, Present Value, Future Value
  • Compounding, Discounting
  • Perpertuity, Annuity, Stream of cash flows
  • Interest Rates
  • Investment Decision Making Rules: NPV, IRR, Payback
  • Bonds: characteristics, zero-coupon, coupon bonds, yield to maturity
  • Bond interest rate risk (sensitivity), Duration, Convexity

Why should take this course?

You are a finance student. You are really struggling into finance related modules and lie on the verge of a fail. You would like to start from scratch in an esay-to-learn format and you want a motivation to love the subject.

You are a manager. You have to make investment decisions. You have to choose between projects.

You are an investor. You want to know more about investment and different investment markets.

You are just interested in finance. You want to know more about why finance and investment are essential in our lives and you are planning to make investments in the future.

The course includes videos of the instructor teaching at the whiteboard for you to understand more easily.

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is best suited for university students who are studying business, finance, accounting, economics or any other finance related courses. This course will provide you with a solid foundation which is essential for further study and research in finance.
  • This course is also for anyone who is interested to know more about Finance and Investment, how to make good investments. Remember No Investment, No Rich!
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Curriculum For This Course
Expand All 14 Lectures Collapse All 14 Lectures 01:51:40
Time Value of Money, Present Value and Future Value
4 Lectures 22:25

In this lecture, you will understand why $1 today is not equivalent to $1 tomorrow, what it means by Present Value, Future Value, Time value of Money, compounding, discounting, why your investment can grow bigger with compound interest. All of these concepts are basics of Finance at which you need to excel before you can go further in finance field.

Preview 11:34

In lecture 1, we talked about one cash flow/one investment. In this video, we'll go through a stream of cash flows and how to find Present Value (PV) of a stream of cash flows.

Stream of Cash flows

In this lecture, we are going to examine the first special case of a stream of cash flows which is a Perpetuity (cash flows last forever!) and how to figure out Present Value of a perpetuity and a growing perpetuity.


Annuity (cash flows last for a period of time) is more common in practice (e.g mortgages, bank loans, bonds...) than Perpetuity. By the end of this lecture, you will understand what it means by Annuity and how to compute Present Value of an annuity and a growing annuity.

Interest rates (APR, EAR)
1 Lecture 07:54

The 'true' interest rate that you get may be different from the bank quotes. We will go to see why. You need finance knowledge in this complicated world!

Why banks may fool you
Rules in Investment Decision Making. How to make a wise investment decision
3 Lectures 22:05

Imagine you are a manager and you have many projects to invest. But your resources/capital is limited, thus you need to choose. NPV is the first and most accurate rule leading to a good investment decision. NPV can be applied to almost all projects. You will study the rule in this video.

Preview 06:30

IRR is the second rule. It is quite widely used in reality by many corporations. Sometimes it does not agree with NPV rule, what should you do in such cases?

Internal Rate of Return (IRR) rule

The third rule in investment decision making. Payback rule is straightforwad, although it has many pitfalls. In practice it is extremely popular, sometimes even more widely used than NPV rule. Thefore, having a thorough grasp about it is essential.

Payback rule
3 Lectures 31:51

This lecture will provide you with a glance to bond's main characteristics, different types of bonds (zero-coupon and coupon bonds), yield to maturity, and mechanism to price bond accordingly. You need to excel in bonds before you discover other investment markets such as stocks, forex, derivatives, etc.

Fundamentals of Bonds. Zero-coupon bonds vs coupon bonds

Yield to maturity (expected return) vs coupon rate (what is actually received) and the determination of whether bonds are selling at par, at a premium or at a discount will be covered in this lecture.

Yield to maturity vs coupon rate

What if coupons are paid not annually but rather every 6 months or more often than that? By the end of this lecture, you should be able to price bonds in such cases accordingly.

Coupons are paid semi-annually
Bond Interest Rate Risk (Sensitivity)
3 Lectures 27:25

When interest rates increase, price of the bonds you are holding decline, you are said to be exposed to interest rate risk. This is not pleasant at all. We'll go to discover more about bond interest rate risk in this video.

Bond Interest Rate Risk

Measures of Bond Interest Rate Risk include Macaulay Duration and Modified Duration. We will assess these concepts step by step in this video clip.

Bond Duration

Duration is a good approximation only for a small change in interest rates. For a larger move, CONVEXITY should be incorporated to have a better forecast of change in bond price.

Bond Convexity
About the Instructor
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I hold a Master degree in Accounting and Finance from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), UK. For undergraduate, I graduated from Manchester Business School, the University of Manchester with a FIRST CLASS BSc (Hons) degree in International Business, Finance and Economics. I was in the top 0.5% student of the whole University of Manchester and was awarded a prestigious Outstanding Academic Achievement Award for my academic performance. I was also the top student of my programme (IBFE Programme Prize). I studied and researched in the UK with a 100% scholarship sponsored. Telling these things is not for showing off but I strongly want to teach you effective study methods which helped me to succeed so that you can apply and obtain similar achievements.

My courses are designed for you to easily organise the knowledge and be able to apply to studies, researches and real life. I focus on the understanding of students, not just learning by heart without proper understanding. I have taught many students in the UK Finance, Accounting, Economics, Business, Maths, Quantitative Methods, MS Excel previously. My students include those from prestigious institutions such as Oxford, Durham, Manchester and LSE, and they all gave me 5-star feedback for my tutoring. This motivates me to create online courses to impart knowledge to more people and I am confident that my experience in tutoring and education helps me to teach you in my online courses in an easy-to-understand and fun way.

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