Filmmaking & Video Production Hacks: Shoot & Market Ur Film
3.2 (37 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
3,756 students enrolled
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Filmmaking & Video Production Hacks: Shoot & Market Ur Film

Real World Video School. Learn how to make & market your short film & video production from filmmaking pros
3.2 (37 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
3,756 students enrolled
Created by Indie Film Hustle
Last updated 8/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • You'll be taken through all stages of making a film. Pre-Production, Production, Post Production and Marketing
  • You get an insiders look on how industry professionals put together award winning indie films on a budget
  • You'll understand how I marketed these films and played in over 600 film festivals
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  • This course is designed for filmmakers who want to take there projects to the next level.
  • Students who enroll in this course should have a basic understanding of filmmaking.

[Updated: April 2017]

*** Over 10,000 satisfied students have enrolled in my courses ***

Before you read what I have to say, see what my students are saying about my course:

This is an insightful and refreshing revelation of what it takes to produce a short. What a rich learning experience. Thank you. - Randy Hendricks

I think this course was fantastic and is great reference material and informative for new and old filmmaker a alike. - Kolton Caltrider


Are you ready to make your indie film a success and learn from someone who's still works in the film business and has ACTUALLY made successful films?

  • Don't have the money to go to an out of date, expensive film school that doesn't teach you skills need to make a film in today's world?
  • Do you want to see how award winning short films are put together?
  • Do you want to learn how I was able to make over $90,000 selling my short film?
  • Do you want to Enroll NOW and make your filmmaking dream come true? Let's get started?

Film School Hacks is a course that takes you into REAL WORLD CASE STUDIES on how THREE AWARD WINNING FILM were shot, marketed and distributed.


Save TIME and MONEY by learning from professionals who have gone through the filmmaking process. You'll learn NEW SKILLS that they don't teach you in film school.

This is a LIVING COURSE, I'll be adding and updating it often!

This isn't a classroom lecture. This course is in the field. You are actually on set watching and learning for film pros with credits like:

  • Jurassic World
  • Avatar
  • 24
  • Hawaii 5.0
  • Bad Boys II
  • xXx
  • Con Air
  • The Crow
  • War of the Worlds

As a director I alway try to work with high end professionals so I can continue to learn from pros in each discipline, and now you can too. I have over 20 years in the film business and have worked on and delivered over 1000 professional feature films, short film, commercials, music videos, network promos, documentaries and digital content.


Here's a bit about me and Filmmaking and Video Production Hacks:

This course houses a collection of short films by international award winning writer/director Alex Ferrari, founder of Indie Film Hustle. He exploded onto the indie film scene with his break-through film BROKEN.

Shot on a budget of just $8000 and boasting over 100 visual FX shots, BROKEN became an instant indie film classic. He went on to sell over to $90,000 in DVDs by self distributing BROKEN.

He followed up BROKEN with the sweet and spicy film CYN, followed by the adrenalin filled Red Princess Blues (Starring Academy Award® Nominee Robert Forster (Jackie Brown), Richard Tyson (Black Hawk Down), Rachel Grant (James Bond 007).

These films have screened in over 600 international film festivals and have won countless awards around the world. I also share you you my 6 Secrets to get into Film Festival Cheap or FREE!

The critics agree:

"BROKEN is essentially a demonstration of the mastery of horror imagery and techniques...effective and professional." - Roger Ebert (Chicago SunTimes)

Included in this collection is almost 9 hours (and growing) of a guerrilla indie film school (over 50 videos). Film School Hacks goes through pre-production, production, post production and what to do after your done shooting your indie film. The Ultimate Indie Filmmaker's Course.


Film School Hacks includes:

8 Commentary Tracks covering:

  • Directing
  • Producing
  • Visual Effects
  • Music Score/Sound Design
  • Cast and Crew
  • Film Geeks Unite



  • Storyboards: The ENTIRE Collection
  • Storyboards: Comparison with Final Shots
  • Concept Art / Location Comparison
  • Costume Design Gallery
  • Rehearsal Comparison with Final Scene
  • Blocking Action in a Scene
  • Evolution of an Action Sequence
  • A Director's Best Friend - Finding Your Shot
  • Casting an Indie Film
  • Designing a Cinematic World



  • How to Produce an Indie Film
  • How to Get Pro Looking Guns with Little or No $$$
  • How to Make Robert Rodriguez's Infamous Guacamole Gun
  • Special Effects Make-up Breakdown
  • Indie Film Stunt School
  • Fly on the Wall: Shooting BROKEN
  • Breaking Down Stunts: RPB
  • Fight Sequence Breakdown: RPB
  • Black Arts: Practical Effects



  • Color Correction Comparison
  • Visual Effects Breakdowns
  • Title Sequence Breakdown
  • Visual Effects in Indie Film
  • Cinematography in Indie Film
  • Sound Design/Composing in Indie Film



  • After the Short: The Making of BROKEN
  • Marketing: Promoting a Short Film
  • How to Design a Film Website
  • Breaking Down the Marketing: BROKEN
  • Breaking Down the Marketing: CYN
  • Breaking Down the Marketing: Red Princess Blues
  • Trailer for Each Film



  • How to Get Into Film Festivals for Cheap or FREE!
  • The Art of BROKEN (Hard Cover Book) $50 VALUE

Also interviews, behind the scenes, and much more.


Important information before you enroll:

  • In case you find the course useless, don't forget you are covered by a 30 day money back guarantee, full refund, no questions asked!
  • Once enrolled, you have unlimited, lifetime access to the course!
  • You will have instant and free access to any updates I'll add to the course.
  • I will give you my full support regarding any issues or suggestions related to the course.


Enroll NOW and turn your filmmaking dream into a reality! Let's get started!

Who is the target audience?
  • Any Indie Filmmaker who wants to pick up tips and trick on how to shoot and market a film
  • Students who want access behind the scenes and see how professionals put together indie film on a budget
Curriculum For This Course
63 Lectures
Thanks for joining me.
1 Lecture 01:00
The Films: Watch the Three Films we'll Be Breaking Down
4 Lectures 44:05
WATCH THE FILM: Red Princess Blues


WATCH THE FILM: Cyn - A Twisted Tale

WATCH: RPB - Genesis (Japanese Animated Short Film)
Pre-Production: How to Plan Your Film
9 Lectures 36:43

Director Alex Ferrari shows you how you can discover awesome shots and angles while you are still rehearsing with your actors.

Finding Your Shot in Rehearsal

We breakdown how to get bad ass prop guns for your next indie action film. From where to buy them to how to get them for FREE!

Preview 03:00

Rehearsing with Actors

Technical Advisor Tony Gomez shows your what his job is on set.

How Not to Get Shot on Set

Alex Ferrari goes over how he and his team created the unique look and world of Red Princess Blues.

Creating the Look of Your Film

Costume Designer Ken Robkin breaks down the unique looks of all the characters of BROKEN.

Costume Design: Creating the Look of Your Characters

We breakdown the importance of concept art and how if can be used in promotion.

Concept Art: Developing the World

We discuss how he casted for Red Princess Blues.

Casting an Indie Film

Here we show you how important storyboards are to an indie film. We compare the final film to the original storyboards.

Storyboard Breakdown
Production: Going to Battle
12 Lectures 01:04:36

Producer Jorge Rodriguez goes in-depth on how you produce a short or feature film with little money.

Producing Your First Film

Director Alex Ferrari go in depth on how he shoot the crazy shoot out sequence in BROKEN.

Preview 09:35

Blocking an Action Sequence

Learn how to make Robert Rodriguez's Infamous Guacamole Gun.

How to Make Robert Rodriguez's Infamous Guacamole Gun

Breaking down BROKEN's Special FX Make-Up with Megan Graham

Special FX Make-Up

Director of Photography Angel Barroeta discusses his process while shooting BROKEN.

Art of Indie Cinematography

We break down the carney bar fight, FUN!

Breaking Down the Fight

Stunt coordinator Jeff Caliente breaks down the complex stunts in RPB.

Stunt School: Creating Crazy Stunts on the Cheap

Special effect artist Nick Blackwell shares with you the black arts of practical on set practical effects.

The Black Arts of Practical Effects

Production Design Carlos Osorio takes you through a journey on how he created the world of Red Princess Blues.

Designing the World - Production Design

Be a fly on the wall as we show you how we shot different scenes in BROKEN.

Fly on the Wall: Shooting BROKEN Behind the Scenes #1

Be a fly on the wall as we show you how we shot different scenes in BROKEN.

Fly on the Wall: Shooting BROKEN Behind the Scenes #2
Post Production: Bring It All Together
5 Lectures 31:13

VFX Team Dan Cregan and Sean Falcon break down some of the most complex visual effects in the film.

Breaking Down Visual Effects: 100 Crazy Shots

We discuss what is Color Correction and comparing different looks for BROKEN.

What is Color Correction?

Breaking down how we created BROKEN's bad ass title sequence with Alex Ferrari and Dan Cregan

Title Sequence: Telling a Story with the Opening Credits

Q & A on Visual Effect in the Indie Film World with Sean Falcon

Visual Effect in the Indie Film World

Dan Cregan breaks down the creepy visual effects of Red Princess Blues.

Preview 01:14
CASE STUDIES: How to Market a Short Film
10 Lectures 54:45
Breaking Down Marketing for BROKEN

CASE STUDY: In this never before released video, Alex Ferrari breakdown his marketing strategy for Red Princess Blues that got the film into over 150 film festivals and covered by over 100 international news outlets.

Breaking Down Marketing for Red Princess Blues

CASE STUDY: We breakdown the techniques used in marketing Cyn: A Twisted Tale and what worked and didn't work.

Breaking Down Marketing for CYN

We break down the process for marketing BROKEN and how to get the word out on your project.

After the Short: Marketing a Short Film in a Digital World

Even though BROKEN was a short film we had as many teaser posters as a major studio release. Check out the gallery.

Creating an Event: Poster Design Gallery - BROKEN

Here's the teaser trailer for BROKEN. Study it and see how it was constructed.

Preview 01:06

Here's the teaser trailer for Red Princess Blues. Study it and see how it was constructed.

Preview 00:49

Here's the teaser trailer for CYN. Study it and see how it was constructed.

Preview 00:35

Learn how I got into over 600 international film festivals without paying entry fees.

6 Secrets to Get Into Film Festivals for Cheap or FREE
4 pages
9 Lectures 02:21:22

Writer/Director Alex Ferrari goes in-depth in this director commentary on what it took to make this stylish indie action film.

Red Princess Blues - Commentary Series: Director

RPB: Genesis (Commentary Series - Director)

Writer/Director Alex Ferrari goes in-depth in this director commentary on what it takes to make an indie action film.

BROKEN - Commentary Series: Director

Producer Jorge Rodriguez breaks down how he was able to produce a low budget indie film and still make it look great.

BROKEN - Commentary Series: Producer

VFX team Dan Cregan and Sean Falcon discuss what it took to bring the over 100 visual effects shots to life.

BROKEN - Commentary Series: Visual Effect Team

Composer/Sound Designer Mark Roumelis discuss his process bring the musical score to life for BROKEN.

BROKEN - Commentary Series: Composer

The Cast of BROKEN have a fun time going down memory lane. They discuss the horrors of the hot set, working with mad man Alex Ferrari and fun stories from the production.

BROKEN - Commentary Series: Entire Cast

Film Geeks Writer/Director Alex Ferrari and Producer Jorge Rodriguez sit-down and jam with each other on the making of BROKEN.

BROKEN - Commentary Series: Film Geeks Unite! (BONUS)

Writer/Director Alex Ferrari goes in-depth in this director commentary on what it takes to make an indie action film in less than a week.

CYN - Commentary Series: Director
8 Lectures 24:18

Get ready to laugh at the BTS Gag Reel of the crazy cast & crew of BROKEN.

BROKEN: Gag Reel

We shot another ending for BROKEN that never made it in. See what was left on the cutting room floor.

BROKEN: Alternate Ending

We watch eerie images from the set of BROKEN. The behind the scenes are pretty interesting to watch.

BROKEN: Art of a Creepy Short Film

RPB: Genesis - Making of an Animated Short

This is a Making of video of Cyn.

Cyn: Making of a One Week Short!

See how we put together the Art of BROKEN art book. Indie films don't have to be small. We sold a ton of these books in the eye of the "BROKEN" storm. It adds value and mystic to your project. Let me know what you think of it.

The Art of BROKEN (Hard Cover Book) $50 VALUE
114 pages

BONUS: What DO You Want to Learn Next?
BONUS: Indie Film Hustle Podcast: Survive & Thrive in the Film Business
5 Lectures 01:14:29

So I directed a small action short film a few years back called "BROKEN." I shot the film on MiniDV Tape (yes I'm old) on the Panasonic DVX 100a, the indie film workhorse of its day. My team and I filmed it in West Palm Beach Florida (not exactly the Mecca of the film industry) and it starred only local, non named actors.

Now once the filming was over I marketed the living hell out of that little short. It went on to screen at over 250 international film festivals, win countless awards and be covered by over 300 news outlets. That little film had a life of it's own. I even got a review of legendary film critic Roger Ebert:

"BROKEN is essentially a demonstration of the mastery of horror imagery and techniques. Effective and professional." - Roger Ebert

Now you must be asking,

"But Alex how the hell did you make money with it?"

Well, I knew that no one would pay real money for a 20 minute short film, shot on MiniDV, with no name actors and from a first time director to boot. So I planned to create a guerrilla indie film school with over 3 hours of footage, tutorials, commentaries and more.

For the whole story take a listen.

Preview 17:09

So many independent film creators just want to think of themselves as artists. That's fine but it's called show business for a reason. If you don't understand the business you won't be able to create the show.

In this episode I share with you what it takes to change your mindset and start thinking of your independent film not just as a precious piece of art but to also think of it as a product that needs to do well in the marketplace in order for you as the filmmaker to continue putting on that show!

Preview 12:27

This week we discuss my misadventures in Hollywood with my film BROKEN. I talk about how to be ready if and when the spotlight of Hollywood is on you and your project. What to do in those meetings and how NOT to waste the opportunity.

Preview 16:19

This is one of the major challenges facing indie filmmakers/entrepreneurs in today’s noisy independent film landscape. One fast way is to get an “influencer” to focus a little light onto you or your project.

Now this is much easier said than done. When I promote my projects I approach every online indie film influencer I can.

This includes indie film sites, niche sites (around your subject matter), industry news outlets, film magazines, movie fan websites, film festivals, podcasters, conventions, and movie reviewers.

In this podcast I tell the story of how the legendary film critic Roger Ebert was so amazingly kind to a young filmmaker.

Preview 11:20

So you want to move to Los Angeles and make it big in Hollywood. The question is should you? Do you need to? When should you if you do? What kind of plan should I have in place? What should I do if I live in another country? All will be answered in this episode.

Preview 17:14
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Indie Film Hustle is a creator, publisher and distributor of high-quality online courses covering all avenues of the filmmaking and marketing crafts. We bring together industry leading experts from all disciplines so you can learn from the best.

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Many filmmakers have walked through his doors over the years and he has had the pleasure of a front row seat to see how all these projects start and finish. From Sundance and Academy Award™ winners to the beginning film student, Alex has worked with them all. He's also the founder & host of the Indie Film Hustle Podcast, a free resource for all creatives interested in hearing the truth about the film industry.

You'll find his approach to my courses a bit raw and real. That's because I care about my students, fellow artists and filmmakers. He has seen and personally made many missteps over the years and he wants to help you avoid making the same costly mistakes. The industry is abusive to the new comer and he hopes Indie Film Hustle can help you navigate the shark infested waters of the film industry.