Women Bloody Weight Loss Programme.
4.2 (28 ratings)
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1,029 students enrolled
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Women Bloody Weight Loss Programme.

Lift Like The Way A Women Should In 60 Minutes
4.2 (28 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,029 students enrolled
Created by Kan Weng Honn
Last updated 5/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • You will learn how to effectively train to loss weight by following your normal menstrual cycle..
  • How to plan a customize female phase training programme .
  • How to plan a successful weight loss plans .
  • How to lose belly fat for women .
  • How to structure a weight loss diet to loss weight effectively.
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  • This course is specially designed for FEMALE to maximize fat loss result, by using the science of menstrual cycle.
  • Permission from your doctor or physician to exercise.

" Are you training like the Men at the gym ?"

"Are you lifting like the Men at the gym ?"

"After lifting , you feel your arms growing like Arnold's one ?

" Your shoulder going broader than before ?" 

 " Well , men and women . we are 2 different kind of human . We both have different body structure , different hormones . So , we should also train differently also !  Women ,tend to store fats around their belly , arms and thighs .So by doing what the man does , will not give you the most effective result .STOP wasting your time on doing the biceps curl ! "

This course will show you how should a women should train and the reason behind it .

Anything You Need to Know About Period and Losing Weight !

Have you been struggling,stressing.....

  • To lose those female stubborn fat around your arms?belly?thighs?
  • From low confidence and self esteem?
  • With fitting into your favorite dress or jeans anymore?
  • Wondering how to lose weight on your period ?

So,you are looking for a training programme that able to help you to lose weight on your period ? 

 Female Menstrual Cycle Exercise and Weight Loss Course is definitely for you!

 About This Course

  • No previous exercise experience required
  • Full lifetime access
  •  I'm continuing to add new material to the course, and you get it for FREE.
  • Is all about period and losing weight 

Enrolling this course now,so  you can start losing weight during your period right away!

You'll Learn...

  • How you can take advantage of your menstrual cycle phases to maximize weight loss.
  • How to lose weight on your period 
  • Exactly what type of exercise ,duration,rest etc that you need to do to loss weight.
  • The science of hormones menstrual cycle.
  • 5 Simple tricks you can use every day to trim inches off of your waist line.
  • What type of exercise you cannot do during your menstrual cycle phases. 
  •  The exact way to calculate your daily calories to loss weight (simple and easy way)
  • The menstrual cycle changes and their impact to your training result.
  • Menstrual cycle phases EXERCISE programming
  • Menstrual cycle phases DIET Plan programmng
  • Calculate your own BMR,calories to loss weight ,the amount of macro-nutrient you should be taking.

I also prepared quizzes with answer to make sure you understand the whole course :)

 And so much more...


Who is the target audience?
  • Female that want to loss weight/fats the correct way.
  • Female that looking for a effective fitness programme that is specially made for women .
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Curriculum For This Course
1:To Your Success
3 Lectures 10:32

What is Female Phase Training ?

 Female phase training is a training method that takes advantage of the the normal female menstrual cycle phases ,follicular and luteal phase.Every woman each month your body goes through an event called menstrual cycle.

What most women don't realize  is the influence of this menstrual cycle changes on their  metabolic state and training results. 

Female phase training is  specialize for women that is looking for losing weight fast and effective.Get your pen and paper ready ,cause you will be jotting down some of the life changing information over here.

In this course you will learn how exercise and menstrual cycle is connected in bringing female the best training/weight loss result possible .

           Use the female phase training method to exercise during period to lose weight effectively.

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I have a vision and i hope that you could help me ,together we make the world a healthy place to live

  I stay in Malaysia ,the country that has the highest obesity  rate in Asia nearly 55% of total population is obese.And my vision is to help to have a zero obesity rate world wide.I will do whatever I can to make this drems come true.    Please connect with me and PLEASE help me and your country in this global fight with obesity by doing a few things.Let’s do thing together.  Share this course with your friends and family members.   Find activities, sports, and games,connect with  me if you need any help . Most importantly, if you enjoy this course and it is helping you work toward your goals, please give it a 5 star review. This will help me greatly in helping others transform their lives with health and fitness, and more importantly, help your country to fight these growing obesity statistics.

  Thank you so much for enrolling in this course. Thank you for fighting this growing epidemic, and choosing to pursue a healthier lifestyle. If you need ANYTHING or have any questions please feel free to send me a message or add to the discussion section. I am more than happy to make additions to this course to help you with anything that you need.

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In this lecture ,you will learn about the 3 main female menstrual cycle hormones that is vital in weight management ,this will be explained in a simple and easy way for you to understand:)

In this lecture,you will lean about, what is the 3 main menstrual cycle hormones and their function in women.

The 3 female hormone that you going to learn is 

1) Estrogen

2) Insulin

3) Progesterone

Scientific Terms and Meaning (easy to understand)
Session 2:Female Phase Training Introduction
2 Lectures 05:19

Before I get started ,just like others training programe, this training method may not suit everyone.This training method does not work for women on contraceptive therapy , with high insulin and/or cortisol levels.

So, who is this  programme for?

The bottom line is this protocol only works in the context of a low carb/insulin lifestyle,and also works with women undergoing normal menstrual cycles, who are not taking birth control and who are living relatively low insulin promoting lifestyles. 

What if I am not on A Low Insulin/carbs lifestyle?

If you are looking for a healthy lifestyle, permanent weight loss and reducing your risk of getting chronic diseases such as ,heart attack,diabetics , cancer etc IT IS TIME FOR YOU TO CHANGE. Although this programme have shown result for people that is not on low carbs /insulin lifestyle, but i am STRONGLY suggest that you need to get into a lower carbs and insulin lifestyle for your own health benefits.

Overview of Female Phase Training

In this lecture,you will learn what actually happen when you exercise during period and also exercises that you should not perform during your menstrual cycle phases.

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Section 3:The Science of Female Phase Training
2 Lectures 05:48

In this lecture,you will learn how you can get the best workout and lose weight effectively on this menstrual cycle phase,by understanding what is happening to this menstrual cycle hormones  .

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In this lecture,you will learn how you can get the best workout and lose weight effectively on this menstrual cycle phase,by understanding what is happening to this menstrual cycle hormones .

Beside that, you will be able to know what is the different between these two menstrual cycle phases(follicular and luteal) and have a better understanding on how you should construct you weight loss programe ,so it can deliver the best possible result.

The Luteal Phase

1) Which Phase in the menstrual cycle can tolerate a bit more carbohydrate.

2) What is the function of estrogen in menstrual cycle?

3) Which Phase in the menstrual cycle need to train in a lower intensity?

4) How many phases are there in menstrual cycle?List them down.

5) What type of exercises are not suitable during menstrual cycle?

How Are You Doing So Far?
5 questions
Section 4:Phase Diet and Exercise Programming
7 Lectures 23:57

Alright,i am sure that you already have a good understanding on how these menstrual cycle phases work ,and how it can impact your weight loss result.

Well,by understanding the concept is not enough to loss weight, you need a blue print to follow to make things happen.

In Section 4, you are going to learn the step by step method how to programme your weight loss exercise and diet plan in these 2 menstrual cycle phases, by taking advantage of the hormones menstrual cycle .


Introduction to Female Phase Weight loss Exercise programme

In this lecture, you will learn how to calculate your calories intake, macronutrient, BMR in the most simplest way so you can have a precise answer on how much you need to consume daily to loss weight effectively

Without knowing the precise amount of calories you should be taking to lose weight ,is like flying a kite without the string,OUT OF CONTROL!

By knowing how much calories you need to loss weight and implement it into menstrual cycle phases training , you will be able to have a better ,and i mean a whole lot better control over your weight and training result.

Introduction to Female Phase Weight Loss Diet Plan Programing

1)How many calories equal to 1 pound of fat?

2) What is BMR

3) Calculate your own BMR ,BMR with Physical Activity.

4) Calculate how many calories you need to maintain your current weight.

5) Calculate how many calories you need to be deficit to loss 1 pound of fats in a week.

How Are You Doing So Far?
5 questions

So, you  got all the information about how much calories you need and how much calories you need to loss 1 pound of fats or more , in this lecture you will learn how much exact macronutrient that you need each meal to get the best weight loss.


All you need is just a calculator on your phone to do the calculation.Yes ,it is just that simple.

When you got the exact number on how much you should consume, pluck them into your menstrual cycle phases training , and see your body change!

Female Weight Loss Macronutrient Planning

1) to loss 1 pound of fats in 1 week, how much daily calorie deficit need to be decrease

2) In which phase,the carbohydrate(carbs) consumption will be lower?

How Are You Doing So Far?
5 questions

Alright, you got the diet plan and calculation done .What is next? Exercise programming!

In order to take advantages of the menstrual cycle changes ,you need to have a total different kind of exercise programme that able to harness the weight loss/training  benefits in these menstrual cycle phases .

In this lecture, you will learn how to programme your own weight loss/training routine like a PRO in the most easy and simple way.

Complete Female Phase Weight loss Exercise Programming

Im a great fans of Pinterest.  Check out these Pinterest board for some easy and huge collection of effective exercise that make losing weight seem easy.

More Exercise List

In this last section, you will learn the top 5 tips and tricks that you can implement on your daily life to loss your belly fat.Enjoy :)

How to loss women's belly fat

Bonus Material
5 Lectures 01:02
Bonus! Women and Weight Training PDF

Bonus!300 Healthy & Tasty Low Carb Recipes

Real People.Real Result

Bonus!Baby Food Recipe

This 21 days to six pack mind set programme is able to help you to stay focus and stick to any of your workout programme, until you achieve the result that you desire.It is a 36 pages workbook ,that require you to write and plan ,so that you could have a winner mind set ,that able to achieve any goal in fitness and life.

21 days to six pack mind set workbook
About the Instructor
Kan Weng Honn
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Hey, Im Weng .I am a Sport Performance coach for Malaysia SEA games gold medalist team . I have a passion in sport and also in knowing how the human mind works. And this curiosity lead me to further my study in the psychology field . 

Beside that , im also running a success blog on wenghonnfitness dot com , that share about passion in life .

Feel free to check out my courses , if you have anything that you want to learn in mind , and it is not on my list feel free to contact me on any of my social media platform. Talk to you soon.

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