Faster Smarter Better (Ultimate Online Marketing Blueprint)
4.0 (54 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
2,430 students enrolled
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Faster Smarter Better (Ultimate Online Marketing Blueprint)

Internet Marketing Training Course Teaching Tried & Tested Strategies Anyone Can Apply To Grow A Rock-Solid 6 Figure
4.0 (54 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
2,430 students enrolled
Created by Mark Lyford
Published 6/2012
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With this Internet Marketing Course, Discover The Real Secrets And Strategies You Need To Build A Solid Six Figure+ Internet Business, Become A Successful Online Marketer, Create A Cash Rich Business And The Lifestyle You've Always Wanted...

If you want to learn internet marketing, if you're looking to build a business that has a real consistent, dependable income but have been struggling to make money online so far, then YES you're in the right place...

You may or may not like everything you read on this page and some of it may sting a little, but I've never been ones to tell the truth with a sugar coating... Facts are facts and you deserve to hear it like it is...

And here it is, it's the real problem in the Internet Marketing community.

94% of marketers make $500 or less online each and every month

(and a large percentage of those make nothing or even lose money)

But why is that? Surely if everyone's buying the latest and greatest marketing tactics & strategies and the newest shiniest '1 click to riches' software, they should all be stinking rich shouldn't they?

Why are there so many people failing?

Think about it like this... Most marketers aren't lazy or stupid people, heck to set up your own business takes a desire and passion that most average people lack... So if they set out to achieve the internet marketing dream (a lifestyle of complete freedom and passive income) Why is the reality nothing like that at all?

Well here's the cold, hard truth: Most online marketers simply end up experiencing confusion, they spend way too much on crap 'systems' that don't work, they make meager or non existent profits and end up completely overwhelmed.

(People get desperate to achieve success and they keep buying product after product without sticking to one thing long enough to even see a glimmer success - Or they simply get sold garbage, untested ideas by the conmen and fake ass 'gurus' that are only interested in making a quick buck!)

And if any of this sounds familiar to you or has happened to you before you have to understand it's not your fault. It's simply the nature of the industry.

But look - If you've found yourself stuck in the trap of always learning and never doing, (and feel overloaded by all those offers that hit your inbox everyday), there is a REAL, PROVEN solution...

The real secret is that there is no secret, there is no "magic bullet".

You just need to focus on actually building a real, evergreen business that works!

And to do that (despite the constant hype) the best solution is to choose a business model that has worked in the past, that still works now and will continue to work for a long time in the future.

The reality is that the Internet is simply a tool and when you use it the right way you can leverage it to build a business, and a faster, smarter and better business!

The trouble is that until now no one has been showing people how to do this -

And that's why I'm so excited to introduce you to the Faster, Smarter Better Business Building System...

Armed with this powerful internet marketing training you'll have nothing left to figure out on your own. Everything is laid out for you in true step-by-step action list format and it's all geared up to you finally getting the results you've always wanted FAST!

Inside you'll get a complete system:

You'll know exactly what business to start

● How to get an unlimited amount of free traffic.

How to create killer evergreen products that are guaranteed to sell

● How to attract partners that will allow your business to grow really really fast

How to put your business on autopilot

● And how to scale your business to any income level that you desire.

By the time you finish this internet marketing course you’ll have learnt internet marketing and you'll own a ROCK SOLID, profitable business.

Your only decision will be to keep it or sell it.

Seriously you'll have a real asset, an asset that's worth selling for a lump sum of money.

How would you like a thirty thousand dollar payday? What would you do with that much cash?

Think about this right now: What's it worth to you to have the skill to build a business that could produce that type of money on demand...

... Or to own a profitable evergreen business, the type of business that we described earlier (high traffic website, thousands of subscribers, powerful JV partners and relationships)

Something that provides you with the total freedom to live the life you choose...

What are you waiting for... below you'll find we are giving away almost an entire hour of this course's life changing videos. In fact, you can watch over 60 minutes of this course (longer than some entire courses on Udemy) for FREE.

I guarantee, if you watch just the FREE videos on this page, you'll discover not only that this Udemy course is something very special and different, but you'll also discover something special about yourself that will redefine and clarify what "personal success" can mean for you, and how you can go about achieving it, in your lifetime!

Even if for some reason you can't take the rest of this course, you'll never forget nor regret this first "Faster Smarter Better" life lesson!

Press play below or enroll today, it's that easy to begin!

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Curriculum For This Course
74 Lectures
6 Lectures 01:38:34
Usually back in school you are given a graded aptitude test and an accompanying list of career choices. Supposedly your interests, combined with your aptitude, will point you to what seems to be the most likely vocational choices for you, and one in which you have the highest chance of succeeding. I…
Preview 04:38

Welcome, It all starts here!

Preview 05:58

In this video you’ll really begin to understand how the Faster Smarter Better system distances itself from all other online courses, you may have seen, (even those that may actually make money in the short term).

Here, you’ll begin to see the blocks of our foundation in building a unique and sustainable online portfolio of Real Business, and how you can set realistic and achievable goals for your financial freedom and independence.

Preview 21:26

If you ever needed a realistic, no hype reason to get truly excited about starting your own business, this will be the best eleven minutes you can spend this week!

Preview 11:35

For starters you’ll learn how to calculate your individual “Financial Freedom Number

Plus, how to break free from the ineffective and never ending cycle of purchasing  one so-called, money making “magic” solution after another.  Your first real lesson and project begins in this video!

Preview 25:32

Not every online business model fits every person, so in this video we are going to break down into five basic categories, each profitable online business model, and give you a surprisingly in-depth overview of each, in a very short time.

Here, you’ll quickly expose yourself to exciting online business models and ideas that are totally new to you, along with concrete plans that utilize skills and assets, which you have accumulated in the course of your lifetime (even hobbies apply)!

You’ll see how each model can be leveraged into several profitable online businesses when you first learn to recognize the “common denominators” and begin to methodically apply the best practices from our Faster Smarter Better core system!

You Have Options!
11 Lectures 02:22:03

This video helps bridge the transition between Module 1's introductory lectures to “Faster Smart Better” and begins to prepare you for building a solid foundation under your online business.

Laying the Foundation

This video will help you decide just how involved you need or want to be, when it comes to the actual nuts and bolts of constructing the websites that will be the face of your business.

You may be shocked to learn that knowing how to build a website is not required!  We will also discuss the fluid nature of online commerce, and introduce you to design elements that we will discuss further, in up-coming segments. 

Changing the Game and the Rules!

Hiring a webmaster is not probably something you will do everyday, nor will you need to.

You probably will not need a webmaster very often (when you are starting out) but on those occasions that you need one... Here are some of the most important tips you should consider.

Master of Web Masters

You will be surprised at the wide variety of great tool options that are available - Our next task will be to decide which of the up-coming tools to actually add to your toolbox!

What you place in your toolbox will determine the quality of your website, and how quickly, you can accomplish tasks.  This video will give you a better understanding of available tools and their power will help you create, alter, and hone your website at will.

Building Your First Tool Box, and Picking Out Your First Tools

Owning the right domain is vitally important because it is how real people will find you on the web and it will become an key part of your business brand!

Watch this video to learn how domain names really work, where and how to research and buy them and much more.  In fact, the tips in this video will make it easy for you to pick domains, like a Pro!

Becoming your own dot-com!

Your “host” is the company that will physically hold and display your website site to the world.  In the bricks and mortar world, this could equate to whether the ground under you is solid or not.  (Imagine, choosing to place your business, on an eroding landscape of loose, fine sand, just because it is the cheapest real estate you could find. That is no way to risk your future!)

Choosing your hosting provider is very important. This video will explain what to look for and how to get a truly great deal.

Hosting Your Empire

Customer service is one of the best ways to differentiate your business from everyone else on the web.  Great customer service means getting back to customers quickly (and potential customers), when they ask a question,

This level of service is how you will generate the trust with people they need to go ahead and make the purchases you want them to make.

Customer service, as you can imagine, can become a lot of work, as your business grows, however there are ways to automate much tasks involved and still retain that “personal-touch” that customers love!  In this video, we will introduce you to how you can have “world class” customer service without breaking a sweat!

Setting Up Your Customer Service

Why choose a website platform? - What is a website platform?...  A website platform allows you to create a full functioning website that can integrate new features, or delete and change features, seamlessly with the click of a mouse; all without affecting the rest of the website.

In this video, you will see how you can set-up a website platform all by yourself, right from the administration panel of your hosting site and instantly have a site you can work with!

Website Platforms

Collecting money from customers is the point to having an online business.  Over 100 billion dollars a year is processed via online transactions with credit cards and there are other options too.

The focus of this video is to introduce you to solutions that will allow you to collect payment from customers, (and keeping them comfortable paying with their credit cards online, using your safe, secure and automated systems).

There are many options to choose from, we'll show you the easiest ways to get started and accepting credit card payments from your site in record time!

Payment Processing

You may find that building a shopping cart for your site is an unnecessary step - However, having a smart shopping cart system in place is the best way to help customers make several purchases at once, and gives you an easy way to implement smart marketing concepts, like offering coupons, etc.

You don't want a shopping cart that is overly complicated, slow working, or has too many steps as they can scare off potential customers and lead to high cart abandonment.

Watch this video to discover how to implement a shopping cart that create a seamless and friendly experience that your online customers will be happy to use!

Setting Up A Web Based Shopping Cart

You will find there are no limits, on the amount of tools that you can collect.  However, simply collecting tools does not make a business profitable.  At some point, you will need to stop amassing all the latest and greatest scripts, plugins and gizmos and get down to work.

In this video, we will show you the remaining few tool options to consider adding to your box of tricks before moving into Module 3.

Additional Tools for the Toolbox
11 Lectures 03:08:39

We begin Module 3 with our proven process for creating profitable “made for the Internet” products and services.

As you will see, it is faster, smarter and better because it is based on techniques for finding and filling, existing needs and desires, guaranteeing a stronger demand than standard methods.

Product/Service Development

If you have any doubts about whether you have a talent or interest that could actually become the driving force behind a profitable and successful online business, then you will be pleasantly surprised with what you'll discover in this video.

Discover how to turn what you love into a business you'll profit from!

Tapping Into Your Talents & Interests!

Discover the best tools to use for mining and harvesting data about real people, seeking real answers, to real problems, on the Internet.

Problems, that you will later offer the fastest, smartest and best solutions to, in the course of building your online business!  It all starts with using these tools to listen in on what the market needs, and finding out, how bad they need it! We show you how in this video!   

Keyword Search Tools

In this section, you will discover how to find the keywords that are worth building a profitable business around.

Follow along as we step-by-step build, organize and enhance a keyword catalogue of data, using various online tools from the last video.

By example, we will lead you through the process of extracting targeted customer needs and pinpointing the keyword searches your customers are making.

Keyword Researching - Real World Examples Part 1

This video is a continuation of our keyword search process, started in the last video (Module 3 Lecture 4)

Here, you’ll discover even more methods for finding the best keywords to structure your online business around

Recognizing cost as an obstacle, for any entrepreneur in this phase of building a business, we have delivered awesome results using methods dependent only on free tools and inventive but proven techniques. 

This faster, smarter, better, approach to tailor-made keyword researching, will enable you to keep your money in your pocket, as you research your options and explore opportunities!

Keyword Researching - Real World Examples Part 2

How many times have you seen a wild eyed, soot blackened face, under a charred and smoking hairdo saying, “It seemed like a good idea at the time”?  

Unfortunately, too many mistakes are made when people make business decisions solely from the heart.   We don’t want that to happen to you! 

In this video, you’ll be given a proven litmus test to put your ideas through, so that you can find out if you should confidently move forward, knowing your ideas are validated or go back to the drawing board before you cause yourself a lot of heartache.

The Litmus Test

Like a gumshoe detective or private eye, we will show you how to find where your customers are hanging out online, and how to “listen in” on their conversations

This is how you’ll discover even more about your customer’s problems and how they describe them to others online. This is exactly the sort of marketing research that Fortune 500 companies were willing to spend millions to learn, before the Internet and these techniques became available.

You will learn how to focus your energy, communicate your solutions more effectively, and discover even more opportunities to explore.

Listening In On Customers Conversations

This section of the course will teach you some serious reconnaissance tactics for uncovering deeply hidden and valuable research data. 

You’ll easily find a wealth of hidden background information on your potential competitors, which they won’t want you to know about. 

Plus you’ll uncover a plethora of statistics, amassed online about your customers… it will make you wonder, if it’s fair to know so much!

This may be one of the biggest eye-openers, for anyone interested in marketing online! 

Search Engine Recon

In this short video, we will quickly discuss the pluses and minuses of various avenues to success.  

We will also make one recommendation for you to consider that will get you up and running, quickly, with the least amount of effort, in any niche

Developing The Money Making Solution

Starting from how to leverage a dropshipper and choosing the right partnering company, this video supplies all the information you need to proceed. 

You’ll discover how to get answers to the vital but tough questions, like what you need to ask a drop shipper, to feel confident that they will help build your brand, by delivering the right products, on time to satisfy your customer, while delivering to you the highest margin of profit.

You will understand how to avoid drop shipping scams, and other common obstacles to success.

In addition, we will show you how to leverage affiliate marketing, where high percentages of the profits are delivered to you, just for sending business to an existing company’s products and services, which will take care of all the customer service for you. 

We will explore the creation of your own product or service, how to automate a process to near 100% profit, while protecting your initial investment.

We will explore membership creation based on informational content and consider merging more than one of the different business models, to increase and diversify your profit funnel! 

We will uncover a product development shortcut, based on pre-created products that allow you to quickly revamp and re-brand existing products, to quickly build a valuable product inventory.   

Plus our top industry tip for creating killer custom information products, that will get  raving reviews from customers, which  you’ll be able to accomplish by yourself  from start to finish, in about a weekend.

Following this faster, better and smarter method, will allow you to have more fun with the topics you love, than an entrepreneur should have!

Leveraging Your Many Options

Discover how to create a positive brand image that customers recognize and believe in, with these proven online strategies.   

It is NOT about spending money to blanket the web with your brand name! In fact, you’ll find that standard methods could actually be detrimental to your brands appeal. You will find the true essence of brand building here, and learn how to accomplish better brand recognition on the Internet.

In addition, at the end of this video we will give you some important parting thoughts to prepare you to go, where we are headed, in the future!

The Power of Branding Yourself
8 Lectures 01:49:37

In this video we will introduce you to the process of creating your fan base for your online business. Any business whether online or offline, needs a system to communicate back and forth with their loyal customers and follow up on potential leads, converting each lead into first time customers and fans of your cause.

As a successful entrepreneur, you’ll need to create a system that rewards loyal customers and keeps them interested in your brand. You’ll want to hold them close so that you can alert them when you have new offers available and encourage them to spread the word about your products and services.

These are only some of the reasons to open lines of communication, and as you’ll learn, there are many profitable reasons to construct a system capable of staying in touch with thousands of people at a time, right from the outset of your business.

This may all sound complicated and labor intensive… but then again you haven’t watched this video module yet :-)  And it all starts with this introduction!

Building Profitable Relationships

Ask yourself, "how do I build a customer fan relationship base?", "What do my fans want to hear from me?", "What can I tell them that they will want to hear?"

This video is all about creating messages that are valuable to customers and leads, that will help build more profits into your business.

We'll cover the TOP 10 psychological triggers and practical reasons that people will look forward to receiving messages from you, on a regular basis.

Top Strategies to Increase Your Profits

With all the choices in the world, why would anyone bother to give you their contact information?

In this video, we will show you how to make your offer stand out and how to “put the toy in the box of Crackerjacks” that makes signing up to your list irresistible!

Stand Out From The Crowd!

In this lecture, you will discover how to increase the desire for your opt-in by learning how to sell the sizzle and not the steak!

What do I mean?  Watch now to discover the proven elements for creating opt-in pages that draw visitors to sign up like bees to honey! 

Creating High Converting Opt-ins

This video highlights even more “best practices” and gives you the tools to implement KILLER opt-in’s that are impossible to ignore!

Placing Your Opt-in

In the previous videos in this module we've shown you how to collect the email addresses and contact information of thousands, upon thousands of customers and leads... But, what do you do with them after you get them?

How do you store, organize and use all of this information profitably? 

This video will introduce you to the systems we use to ensure the correct message is sent to the right person, automatically and without fuss.

Plus, we’ll show you, how to set up the first messages that you’ll want to send your contacts, immediately after they sign-up!

Following the advice in this lecture, you’ll easily be able to manage and automate a dependable system for collecting emails, organizing vital information and delivering content to your customers and leads, no matter how BIG your list becomes!

The Nitty-Gritty! Getting It Done

Have you ever deleted an email without opening it?

Don’t let that happen to your emails!

You won’t need to worry about your emails not getting opened, when you learn how to create magnetic subject lines that pull people in, using the strategies and techniques you'll discover in this lecture.

Knock! Knock!

Ever had an email that you wanted to read end up in your spam-box, where it’s hard to find?

Evil and dumb robots called “spambots” pre-read and sort what goes into the inbox, and what goes into the spam box, of most email accounts.

In this video, you’ll learn how to write emails that these “spambots” will deem acceptable for placing in the INBOXES of your list, every time!

Plus, we are going to introduce you to the TOP 8 methods for promoting your email opt- in and your business, so that you can grow your list quickly, once you have it set up!

Additionally, we are preparing you for the next module, where we will be moving your online business to the next rung up the ladder!

Robot Wars & Promoting Your List!
7 Lectures 02:16:40

In this brief introduction video, you’ll be exposed to an essential concept of online marketing.

This is the all-important "broad-mouthed sales funnel", which literally scoops customers out of the web by attracting casual web surfers, by differing means and connecting with them in a meaningful way.

At several points across the internet, you will begin to collect sales leads, and funnel them back to your offers, generating your initial income, and also progressing them along the path of continual sales; wherein you supply them readily and steadily with the perfect products and services, based on knowledge you have gleaned throughout your relationship together.

Setting-Up Your Sales Funnel!

In this second lecture of module 5, we are going to more closely dissect the sales funnel.

Soon you will understand that the bigger and better the mouth of your sales funnel (or customer scoop) is, the more income you can make.

Since you will want to setup your sales funnel and “customer net” around several sectors of the Internet, to capture as many sales as possible, we will need to provide you with smartest and best information for, all sectors of the web!

Where other marketing courses teach tricks and schemes, leading to short-term profits, by exploiting loopholes and anomalies, the Faster, Smarter Better approach stresses long-term, mutually beneficial relationships to achieve more sustainable goals.

One of the smartest relationships you can court online is with the search engines.

A strong healthy relationship with the big search engines is paramount for securing that free traffic will continually visit your websites repeatedly.

Watch now to discover how beneficial working with the search engines, (rather than against them) can be, and you will begin to understand how you can accomplish giving search engines what they want and need, so they will happily send tons of free traffic to your site.

Dissecting The Sales Funnel!

In this short video, you’ll find the fastest, smartest, and best explanation of what goes on behind the scenes, and under the hood of your favorite search engines.

You’ll discover what you need to know about their inner workings, to prepare yourself for the tasks that lie ahead in upcoming videos.

Robot, Spiders & Algorithms

In this video, we will compare and contrast some of the big search engine players.

We’ll discuss who uses them, and why. We will also discover how we can utilize this knowledge to our advantage.

Then we will introduce you to an important tool for unearthing hidden information about how websites are ranked in search engines. Plus, how you can use this information to learn the best practices of your top competitors!

Search Engines Exposed

You may have the best information in the world on your website, but search engines won’t send people to see it if they don’t know how to categorize your content, to meet the needs of their searchable databases.

From the words you choose, to how your pages are structured, there are many things you can do, to make sure your website and content the most logical result, for a given keyword search on Google, Yahoo or Bing.

In this video, you’ll learn the major pressure points that maximize the various aspects of standard online publishing, so that your website, and its content can be readily categorized for prime listings, by the major search engines.

In addition, you will discover more tools for dissecting the hidden efforts that your competition is using on their web pages, for you to emulate and then beat! 

On Site Search Engine Optimization for Your Website and Content

Consider your website the host of the grandest party online!  If it were to take place in your own home, you would want to greet your guests at the front door, and show them around.  Right?

Of course there will be places you’ll want to be sure to point out, and possibly a few places (like the spare bedroom full of boxes or the messy closet) you’d rather they not see...  ... The same concept with search engines applies!

You will want to show them where all the best parts of your website are located, and possibly hide a few from their view.

In this video, you will discover how to create an invitation that search engines understand, so they can navigate your website, and help you show other visitors where to find everything on your website (that you want them to see)!

An Invitation to the Party!

It’s called a web for a reason!  Picture if you will, a vast sticky spider web spread all over the Internet - with you at the center ready to "embrace" every visitor the moment you feel their vibration.

We are going to leave this metaphor behind because; Faster Smarter Better is about profiting by delivering value and not being a "predator" on the web.

However, the spider’s web with all points leading to a center is an apt literary device to begin to describe the functions of off site optimization.

Just like a spider who attaches her web to all points of the compass, the strength of your off site optimization depends on where each point is anchored.

Your off site optimization plays a huge role in where you rank in the search engines, and it pulls double duty as the opening of your sales funnel, so when you are building your off site optimization campaign, you’ll want to do everything Faster Smarter and Better!

In this video, you’ll receive the tools you’ll need to anchor your web with quality incoming backlinks from various prime points on the web.

You’ll discover why all links are not created equal, and why some links could actually hurt your chances to prove your worth to the search engines.

We’ll also discuss winning methods that save time when creating content used to bolster the power of certain link strategies, and show you how you can attract real people at these link points, giving your search engine efforts double or triple the customer pulling power!

You’ll also discover the underlying purpose of more specific link building strategies that we will cover in upcoming modules, so that you are fully prepared for the next steps forward!

Off Site Optimization
7 Lectures 03:16:17

We begin module 6 by shedding light on a highly misunderstood method of creating backlinks, generating buzz, and increasing your standing in the search engines.

It is the online press release!

After watching this video you’ll understand how and why press releases will make your efforts to succeed work faster and better, by creating and distributing a press release about your business, product or service the smart way.

You’ll also discover where and how to submit a press release for optimal impact and where you can outsource the task, if need be, efficiently and effectively!

Get ready for a wild ride because while all good press releases always work to further your efforts… you never know who will pick up your press release!

Often press releases with a timely and interesting storylines lead to massive exposure overnight, and have the power to build fortunes with the fame they provide, while introducing you to lifelong customers, all in one fell swoop!

The Press Release

Everyone who has ever used Google has witnessed the power that videos wield in capturing our attention. Who hasn’t clicked on a video result, when searching online for answers?

Regardless, of the fact that Google has an entire separate video search, many keyword search results will contain a link to a video in the top 3 or 4 spot, ranked well above the websites of even nationally recognized brands!

What many outside of the Faster Smarter Better system don’t realize is how incredibly easy it is to get your own video into this spot and claim the traffic it provides.

This video will show you how to make a video easily or get it made inexpensively.

Most importantly, you will get the tools you need and learn how easy it is to get your video listed in those top spots and attract more attention in this way, than some of the nationally recognized brands in your niche!

The Video, Video!

You’ll surely be surprised by the diversity of opportunities this video provides for using social media to build links and capture the attention of potential customers online.

Faster Smarter Better will provide you with a long list of social media websites and communities, where you can build your business through relationships, in this video!

You are about to discover the prime places to go online, and the tools you’ll need to get started and stay productive.

There Is More to Social Media Than Facebook!

There are right and wrong ways to use social media, and they are far less obvious than the standard example of finding out on the day of surgery that your surgeon has posted pictures of himself - wearing a lampshade and pumping a keg straight into his mouth at an office party the night before!


Social media mastery is a delicate matter. You’ll want to arm yourself with our 5 step self promotion strategy, and no nonsense tips and examples, for Faster Smarter Better social media results

Social Media Psychology

We have spent a lot of time on sending people to your door, and I bet your itching to make tons of sales.  Well, consider this video the doorway that leads to you clinching more deals, and capitalizing on all the work you have done so far!

In this video, you’ll discover how to draw from everything you have built, to create the best sales copy that will convert more of your visitors into paying customers!

We will go beyond the basics and teach you how to isolate the elements of your products and services that will create the highest level of longing and desire. 

You’ll also learn how to set or raise the price of your products, to generate the most profit and all the while creating in your brand a higher level of perceived value and real worth!

Converting Visitors Into Customers

Pulling together, all of the ingredients, out of that cupboard you just discovered in the last video installment on copywriting, this video, will layout the proven step-by-step process for cooking up Faster, Smarter, and Better copywriting confections!

Oh, how sweet it is!

You’ll find it’s easy to create killer copy that positions your products and services as the only logical solution to your customer’s needs!

In this video, we will showcase three separate examples of proven profit pulling sales copy and overlay each with our own special Faster Smarter Better copywriting “recipe”.

You’ll see how each proven example uses our same basic recipe with slight tweaks.

You’ll discover how you can tweak each ingredient, ever so slightly, to fit your own products and services, instantly creating sales copy that addresses your customer’s psychological needs and generates a strong burning desire in their hearts that only purchasing your products and services will quench!

The Recipe For Cooking Up Killer Copy!

How do you know?  Will changing the lead-in headline, double or triple your sales?  Will choosing another background color increase sales or not?  Are your images helping or hindering your campaign?

If you sold your business today or tomorrow, how much would it be worth?

Discover in this video, how to test your system thoroughly with Faster Smarter Better onsite and offsite diagnostic tools!

You have the ability today, to monitor and evaluate every action you make and counter re-action your visitors make.  Leaving any change you make, up-to-chance would be totally irresponsible!

You’ll discover almost immediately what it is that is working well, and what you could do to make it work even better, by split testing incremental nuances in your sales copy, etc., until you reach the maximum amount of sales conversions possible!  And then learn how to beat that too!

You’ll move on to the next module with a greater sense of confidence, when you witness the statistical proof of the power the system you have set up produces!

Tracking Your Results
3 Lectures 02:07:52

There comes a point when every lonewolf entrepreneur needs to decide do they want to go it alone so that at the end of the day they can say they own 100% of possibly a million dollar company or…

... Is it better to own 20% of a twenty million dollar company and do only two tenths of the work! (That’s 4 Million if you were working it out!)

Joint Ventures have that ability!  Often combining your assets with someone else’s assets allow you both to provide better products to more people for a bigger piece of the pie!

This is why Coke and Pepsi both compete fiercely for the right to Joint Venture with McDonalds and other popular chain restaurants!

Are you ready for a Joint Venture?

  • What should you watch out for so your Joint Ventures don’t go sour?
  • Where do you start?

Well start with this video :-)  

Introduction To Joint Ventures

  • Who should you join forces with?
  • Where do look to find them?
  • How do you organize your search for Faster Smarter Better results?

This vide shows you how!

Finding The Right Business Partner

Faster Smarter Better is about finding systems that work and automating them so you can accomplish more!

In this lecture, you’ll discover the systems you’ll need for Joint Venture success.  Plus, you’ll learn some sure fire ways to contact, and secure the biggest names in your niche so that they’ll beg to be partners with you!

We’ll give you multiple ways to get the Gurus’ full attention, and go so far as to  even show you step-by-step how to create a killer letter of introduction for yourself!

Joint Ventures have the highest potential of changing an entrepreneur’s life over night so watch closely; there is a lot to digest in this videos

Joint Ventures - from Infrastructure to Introductions
6 Lectures 01:26:41

In this video, we are going to introduce you to tactics that will take you way beyond Google Adsense.

Step-by-step we are going to walk you outside of your comfort zone, and show you how to reach a bigger audience, instantly!

You’re going to reap the rewards of buying media on the cutting edge.

  1. We’ll show you where there is less competition!
  2. Better ROI!
  3. Teach you how you can make your media partners treat you like the valuable customer that you are!

While your competition is still buying media with a shotgun, you will be using pinpoint laser accuracy and reaping the rewards of buying only the best media value available!

An Intro to Underground Media Buying

Don’t be satisfied with getting just a list of advertisers to try…  Here you’ll discover were and how WE buy our own ads!  

Watch as we break down your options and explain pricing and tell you how to understand conversion tracking!

You’re advanced lesson begins here with our favorite Ad-networks!

Ad-networks Exposed

Jump into the HOTTEST, most important sector of media buying - now available!

Go beyond Facebook and discover a sleeping hidden social niche that is smoking hot!  You’ll also learn more about Facebook marketing than many fortune 500’s, like how to spy on them and anyone else who is your competition! 

We will also show you how; with over 150 million members, and eleven hundred targeting options, that MySpace is still a surprisingly relevant and profitable powerhouse, when it comes to media buying! 

Social Media Explosion

Don’t ever be fooled by the simplicity of co-registration. This is one of the most overlooked and misunderstood, powerful methods of attracting attention, and driving new targeted customers to any offer.

Here are our top picks, tricks and prudent warnings!

We’ll also discuss buying space from more established pre-qualified email marketing lists and so much more!

Co-Registration & Email Buys

Intro to Portals & Direct Buys:  Sold in cost per thousand, this is not for beginners and there is more risk than in the many other methods we will discuss.  However, you must know the players because when you have a proven product and offer, this can mean a huge difference to your bottom line!

Here the usual minimum contract and insertion order is $5000.  But, the larger the contract you buy, the lower the cost per click you’ll pay and the profits can be astounding!

Learn how to get inside the system and discover how to make it work for you!

MOBILE’s Edge:  The demand is there, and the tools are available.  We’ll introduce you to players with over 511 BILLION impressions successfully served!  You’ll discover how this will be the natural progression for some offers, after you have cut your teeth in Facebook!

Portals, Direct Buys, and the Cutting Edge of Mobile Markets

Now that you know where to buy ads…  Learn how to build your own ad’s text and images; write ad copy, building a swipe file…

Here is where you’ll get proven ideas that work!  Discover the secrets to successful testing and tracking!  Find your media buying search words, and how to create search words that weed-out free loaders!

PLUS You'll discover how to isolate your most profitable tactics for fine-tuning and then scaling up. 

Underground Media Buying Strategies
3 Lectures 01:16:44

The first thing you need to understand is what makes Affiliate marketing different from working with a Joint Venture Partner. 

After we explain that, we’ll break down what it takes to recruit your own affiliate army and what you can really expect from this different kind of lead generating force. 

We’ll also give you the resources that we ourselves use - to find new affiliate marketers! 

You’ll also learn the five star maneuvers it takes to keep an affiliate team marching to the beat of your drum and the big DON’TS on the battlefield you’ll want to avoid, so your affiliate army doesn’t turn their guns on you! 

All this in Module 9 - PLUS a new “controversial” but ethical strategy for building an army from your existing customer base and more…!  Let’s get started!

Your Intro to Advanced Conversion Tactics

Designed around an obscure, university psych department’s study on what really motivates people, given various choice metrics - we have uncovered a technique that will help you, help your customers, clarify what their own favorite choice is by leading them to the products that YOU want them to buy!

It’s not a trick, It works GREAT and this method actually makes customers feel better about spending more!

You have watched it work on yourself, you just didn’t understand how or why!

Now, we’ll release how and why it works, and we’ll give you plenty of real world examples so you can understand and put it into practice immediately! 

Underground Up-sale Multipliers Exposed and Real Life Examples!

What is a “Side Pocket Continuity Funnel?  How will it triple the revenue you receive from affiliates without ethically needing to share the extra profits with them?
You will want to pay close attention to this video, because to do it right you’ve got to walk a tightrope! However, like the circus tightrope walker, you’ll have everyone looking up to you, and  when you’re done you’ll get all the applause and the profits!

Enjoy these Module 9 tweaks and techniques! Test and track and enjoy your outcomes and we will be ready for you in Module 10 to take you even higher!   

Playing with Side Pocket Continuity Funnels
7 Lectures 01:41:33

Does your “Freedom Number” make you free?  Up until this point, we have focused on showing you how and what you need to know, and do to succeed.

As you know, it can be a lot of work owning your own business and we know you never intended to trade a life of toil, working for someone else, just to become a slave to your own business! 

In this video, you will begin to discover how to leverage other people’s hard work, to achieve much more than your - “Freedom Number”.

You will discover how to get your “Freedom Time”!  (After all, don’t you deserve a break?)

By now, you know what you like to do, and what you don’t.  You also know what you’re good at, and where you could use a helping hand.

It’s time to concentrate on getting help - to free-up your time and stop doing the things that you don’t like to do, so that you can do more of the things that you absolutely love!

Making Your World Bigger!

WARNING: Don’t outsource just to outsource! This is the second biggest mistake you can make, just behind the mistake of burning yourself out, trying to do it all by yourself!

We want you to understand how to respect time, your greatest asset!

We want to show you how to recognize the biggest time traps, and eliminate them!   Additionally, we want to help you recognize, define, and embrace the most impactful tasks on your to-do-list and give you more time to concentrate on them.

Your business is unique; you can’t follow a “one size fits all” solution to outsourcing.  Discover the wisdom to discern where “key” outsourcing will unlock the most potential!

Time - Your Most Valuable Asset!

If you have a full head of hair now, and plan to keep it, this is the video for you!  

Learn from the mistakes we made that had us pulling out our hair, before we learned to avoid these seven common outsourcing mistakes!

The Seven Deadly Sins of Outsourcing

This video will not only be educational, it is going to be downright shocking!

You couldn’t have imagined in your wildest dreams, the options that are available to you in this global economy, that we are going to share with you! 

Just wait until you see the faster smarter better system for finding, paying, and managing outsourcers from half way around the world!

Think you can’t afford to hire a college educated person who speaks your native tongue and keep them working hard for you? 

Then think again, oh, you are in for a surprise!

Building Your Freedom Machine

Follow along as we create an account at and go through the process of hiring an outsourcer! 

In addition, we’ll throw in the best practices from our own experiences to make sure your first experience outsourcing is memorable, for all the right reasons!

Step-by-Step Through the Process - Part One!

If you have never had throngs of people breaking down your door, asking you to hire them, it sure does help to have an idea of what to expect.

Here you will see what to look for, as the bids come rolling in, so you can pick the best offer from among the horde of qualified applicants.

You’ll also discover the steps you’ll need to protect your projects success!

Step-by-Step Part II, Through the Process!

This is going to be a short video, because as you will see, the faster smarter better way to manage outsourcing is so very easy! 

As we rap up this module your first inclination may be to get upset with us, when you realize how much easier it would have been to use outsourcers from the first.

However, keep in mind that while it might have been faster, that would not have been smarter and better.

You really needed to learn everything that you did up to this point, through experience, so that you could make the kinds of wise outsourcing decisions you’ll be making at the end of this module. 

However, we’re only beginning to make your life easier, and your business more profitable, so have fun with the gems you find in this module and get ready for a real shake up to come in Module 11!

Managing Your Many Outsourcers
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