Complete Beginner Guitar - Play Your Favorite Songs In Weeks
5.0 (7 ratings)
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Complete Beginner Guitar - Play Your Favorite Songs In Weeks

The Only Guitar Course You'll Ever Need. Learn By Playing Songs Of YOUR Choice! You pick the songs, I teach them to you
5.0 (7 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
331 students enrolled
Created by Kurt Berg
Last updated 8/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • Personalized instruction for 2 songs of YOUR CHOICE
  • Step-by-step method to learn any song you want
  • My entire focus is getting you playing your favorite songs as quickly as humanly possible.
  • Have the skills needed to play in front of friends, family, or anybody else
  • Completely new to guitar? This is the only course you'll ever need.
  • You will have the most fun and learn to play in the shortest time possible
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  • You should have a guitar, obviously...
  • That's about it! No skills or experience needed

What if I told you that you could be actually playing along with your favorite song in just 3 weeks from today?

That sounds pretty great, right? 

This course focuses completely on getting you playing your favorite songs as quickly as possible. It is the most direct method online to get you playing the songs you love. 

You'll avoid all the beginner struggles and headaches, all the long, boring exercises, and get straight to really playing what you love.


You choose the songs, and I teach you to play the guitar using those songs.

This is the only online course to offer custom content based on YOUR song choices. 

I know for a fact that you didn't get that guitar so that you could play boring exercises and songs that you don't know or like. 

That's why I'm going to get you playing the songs you want to play right away. We'll start you off by getting your hands used to the guitar, and then go step-by-step through songs of your choice to put it together.


What's included in the course?

  • 5 hours of video content. This course is purposely direct and to the point. You'll learn everything you need, without wasting time on boring, drawn out content. It shouldn't take years to learn guitar.
  • 2 personalized songs that you'll use to learn with. That's right, you tell me the songs you want to learn, and you get personalized instruction using those songs.
  • A proven, step-by-step method you can use to learn any song. You'll learn the process you need to be able to play anything you want once you're done.
  • Individual, priority support. Have a question? No worries, I'm always here to help you with any issues you have along the way!
  • A great system on udemy for keeping track of which videos you've been through, regardless of which device you're on


You will come away from the course with the ability to learn any song you want on your own. 

I'll walk you through the entire process of how to learn a song. This way, you'll have all the tools you need to learn as many songs as you want on your own, and you'll get to this point much faster than you would on your own.


Priority Support At No Extra Charge

If you have any issues at all during the course, I'm always ready and available to answer any questions you have. 

I know that people struggle with guitar, and I can help you get through your problems hassle free. I love being able to directly help students, so I'm always happy when my students send me questions!


100% money back guarantee within 30 days.

This method of teaching has worked for hundreds of my students over the years, so I am confident that it will work for you. You can try the course at no risk to you - if something just doesn't click for you, I'll give you your money back, no questions asked!


This course is NOT a magic wand, but it IS a targeted missile

Will this course give you instant guitar god superpowers? Of course not. Like any skill, it takes practice.

But what this course will do for you is set you on the absolute most direct path to being able to play the guitar well with as little time and effort as possible. You'll still have to practice, but everything you do practice will be incredibly useful, and get you much farther than you thought you'd be, in much less time.

So give the course a try, and I guarantee you'll be playing your favorite songs in no time at all :)

Who is the target audience?
  • If you want to learn guitar by playing your favorite songs, instead of boring exercises or songs you don't like
  • If you've never picked up a guitar before
  • If you started learning years ago, but got bored of lessons, or just want to get back into it
  • If you want to learn guitar the simple way
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Curriculum For This Course
73 Lectures
Section 1: Practicing in the Garage
22 Lectures 01:10:47

Learn a bit more about Kurt, your guitar instructor!

Preview 00:57

**IMPORTANT: Submit Song Choices

The course is split into 5 sections. The layout of each section is as follows:

  1. Learn relevant concepts
  2. Apply them immediately
  3. Reinforce them through exercises
Course Structure

Quick tips on how to succeed in this course.

How To Succeed

You will learn about guitar anatomy and how the guitar makes sound.

Relevant Guitar Parts

Should you learn acoustic guitar or electric? Should you learn using left-handed guitar?

Types Of Guitar

How to hold a guitar and use a guitar pick.

Getting Ready To Play

Play your very first open string notes by plucking using your right hand!

Your First Notes!

Learn how to tune your guitar using a tuner app on your computer or mobile device. It is very important that you always practice with a guitar that is in tune, as it will train your ears to recognize the correct pitch.

Tuning The Guitar

Learn proper fretting technique and how to avoid common beginner mistakes that cause muted clicks and buzzing. 

Fretting Notes

Fingering diagrams tell you which frets to push down on and which fingers to use. We'll be using them throughout the course to show you what to play.

Reading Diagrams

Melodies and songs are just a series of different notes played in a distinct order. In this lesson, you'll practice changing between two notes.

Preview 02:42

Practice changing between three single notes. 

More Notes

Learn to hold notes for the correct length of time, using a metronome. Timing is almost as important as the notes you play - songs would be unrecognizable if they were played with different timing.

Basics Of Timing

Introduction To Exercises

Practice changing between single notes on the first string with proper timing.

Preview 08:04

Practice changing between single notes on the second string with proper timing.

Second String

Practice changing between single notes on the third string with proper timing.

Third String

Practice changing between single notes on the fourth string with proper timing.

Fourth String

Practice changing between single notes on the fifth string with proper timing.

Fifth String

Practice changing between single notes on the sixth string with proper timing.

Sixth String

Reminder: Song Choices
Section 2: Campfire Guitarist
16 Lectures 01:31:58

This section's focus will be on playing chords.

Introduction to Section 2

Learn the definition of a chord and the main types of chords that exist.

What Is A Chord?

Learn to read chords from a fingering diagram.

How Are Chords Displayed?

Learn how to play a simplified one finger version of G Major!

Your First Chord - G

Learn how to play a simplified one finger version of F7.

Your Second Chord - F7

We practice changing between G and F7, focusing on making the transitions smooth and keeping proper timing.

Changing Chords

Learn the difference between loose and light strumming vs. the tense and rigid strumming that beginners tend to use.

Strumming With The Right Hand

Learn the tactic of gradually increasing your practicing speed with a metronome so that you can learn any complex technique.

Gradually Increasing Speed

Learn a simplified one finger version of C Major.

A Third Chord - C

Exercises so that you can practice playing the one finger chords you've learnt thus far, and practice switching between them.

One Finger Chord Exercises (Part 1 of 3)

Exercises so that you can practice playing the one finger chords you've learnt thus far, and practice switching between them.

One Finger Chord Exercises (Part 2 of 3)

Exercises so that you can practice playing the one finger chords you've learnt thus far, and practice switching between them.

One Finger Chord Exercises (Part 3 of 3)

Learn to use two fingers for your chords so that you get a much fuller sound. We'll be using G Major, C Major, and A Minor.

Two Finger chords

Exercises so that you can practice playing the two finger chords.

Two Finger Chord Exercises (Part 1 of 3)

Exercises so that you can practice playing the two finger chords.

Two Finger Chord Exercises (Part 2 of 3)

Exercises so that you can practice playing the two finger chords.

Two Finger Chord Exercises (Part 3 of 3)
Week 3: Your First Gig
9 Lectures 27:35

In this section, you'll learn about timing variations, the key components of a song, and how to play your personal song of choice.

Introduction to Section 3

You'll learn more about strumming patterns, which are combinations of different timings you repeat for a single note or chord. 

Preview 04:27

Next up, more complicated timing variations that occur between different notes and chords.

More Timing Variations

Put what you've just learnt about timing variations to the test with these exercises.

Timing Variation Exercises

In this lecture, you'll be playing Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynyrd as part of a full fledged band! Kurt will be joining you on drums, bass, and lead guitar. It'll be up to you to play the rhythm guitar!

Preview 04:29

You'll learn what a capo is, along with when and how to use one.


After this lesson, you'll be able to tell the difference between 3/4 time and 4/4 time, no problem!

Time Signatures

Your First Song of Choice

Week 4: The Songwriter - How To Play ANY Song
11 Lectures 01:00:48

This section, we'll be learning full chords and how to learn absolutely any song you want!

Introduction to Section 4

Up until now, every note has been picked down. Here, you'll learn to pick up on the upbeats. 

Up Strumming

Practice what you've just learned in the previous lecture about up strumming.

Exercises - Up Strumming

We're going to try some complex strumming patterns by adding in up strumming. 

Complex Strumming Patterns

Practice up strumming in more complicated strumming patterns.

Exercises - Complex Strumming Patterns

The chords we've used so far have all been simplified versions designed to get you playing songs faster. Now we're going to add in the bottom strings to give our chords a fuller sound. We'll be learning Am, C, and D.

Full Chords - Am, C, D

It's time to practice stretching your fingers out for the fuller chords you've just learnt.

Exercises - Full Chords

Ultimate Guitar is the most popular guitar tabs community there is. You'll learn how to navigate the site and take advantage of the huge number of guitar tabs that are on the site.

Tabs And Ultimate Guitar Intro

You'll learn how to read a regular guitar tab on Ultimate Guitar.


We do a walkthrough of how to read a tab by using "Thinking Out Loud" by Ed Sheeran as an example.

Tab Walkthrough

Time for you to practicing reading tabs on your own and hone those skills!

Conclusion + Homework
Week 5: The Big Show
15 Lectures 52:32

Time for some final techniques that fill in any missing gaps! After this section, you'll be perfectly ready to learn any song you want.

Introduction to Section 5

You'll learn the positions on the fretboard and how to pick the most suitable position for the riff you are playing.


It is super important that you train yourself to use your pinky finger, even though it might be quite weak to start off with.

The Dreaded Pinky

In this lecture, you'll get lots of practice playing riffs and moving those fingers around.

Exercises - Single Note

Remember alternate picking for chords? The same thing applies to riffs as well. Here, you'll learn to pick up on the upbeats for single notes.

Alternate Picking

Practice what you've just learnt about alternate picking in the previous lecture.

Exercises - Alternate Picking

You'll often encounter songs that are simply too fast for you to play. Learn to start slow and gradually increase your speed until you can play at the original speed. This tactic applies for any instrument you are trying to learn.

Playing Fast

Learn what arpeggios are and get some practice playing arpeggios yourself!


Learn how riff patterns are typically constructed from their base chords.

Common Riff Patterns

Since timing is often not written into tabs, you'll have to use your ears to figure out the timing.

Riff Timing

Tips for getting your chords sounding good quickly:

  • use simplified chords when you're learning
  • remember your up strumming
  • focus on your timing by using a metronome to practice
Chord Techniques

2nd Song Of Choice

A few final pointers to help you in the your guitar journey moving forward.

Final Pointers

A recap of the process you should use to learn a new song.

Next Steps

About the Instructor
Kurt Berg
4.7 Average rating
11 Reviews
1,026 Students
2 Courses
10+ Year Pro, 100's of Students, 100% Success Guarantee

My name is Kurt, and I teach people to play guitar. Here's a little bit about my journey:

For some reason, by the time I was 5, I already knew I wanted to rock. It might have been that my dad played classic rock on the radio 24/7 for my entire childhood... It might've been that I was from Canada and sucked at hockey so I had to find something else to be good at. Who knows?

In any case, 5 year old me knew that guitar was my calling. The music studio near me told us that guitar is tough for really young kids though, so I waited not-so-patiently and finally had my first lesson the week I turned 10 - and I haven't looked back since.

I took lessons in theory and playing for 8 years, and ended up teaching at that same studio. I left to get my mechanical engineering degree, but I kept teaching on the side to help pay for school. I performed wherever I could, and played in several bands over the years. I still play guitar daily, and still love it over a decade later! Teaching guitar is my full time gig these days.

Over time, I created the method that I teach in my course. So many people start guitar and then quit. I quickly realized that the problem is not that guitar is too hard, it's just that the traditional methods of teaching it really suck. My goal is to get every student who takes my course to love the guitar, and come out confident and ready to play anything - without spending ages on boring scales, songs, and useless information.