Face Reading
3.7 (66 ratings)
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Face Reading

Understand how other people think, and why they behave the way they do, without taking it personally. Communicate better
3.7 (66 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
2,690 students enrolled
Created by Joy Phoenix
Last updated 10/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • Understand how other people think and why they behave the way they do, and not take it personally
  • Improve sales figures on average 30% by knowing how to approach your prospect, what's important to them, how they best receive new information and more
  • Improve your relationships immeasurably - the most common comment I get after this course is "If I'd know this before I'd still be married"
  • Communicate more effectively and powerfully with everyone you meet
  • Rock internet dating
  • Have more compassion and understanding for everyone in your life
  • Make friends with your face
View Curriculum
  • A mirror
  • Photos of anyone you want to understand better or know more about

As far as I know the only place this science is currently taught is the U.S. Judicial System for criminal profiling and jury selection. That sucks! It's not right that this information is withheld. We should all be taught it in kindergarten!

I believe this Knowledge should be available to everyone, so I have created this course.

Half the problems in the world exist because everyone thinks that everyone else thinks just the way they do.

Face Reading will teach you how to read someone's face, and before a word is said, know everything from how they need new information to be presented, to whether they'd prefer to be greeted with a hug or a handshake.

This science has been verified with 98% accuracy. I've been teaching this for more than 20 years and found it to be more like 90% - 92% accurate.- Good enough to have made me a LOT of money as a sales person; and saved me a lot of grief in relationships.

At work or home this is the one tool that will put you on the same page with everyone straight away, and enable you to speak in a way that you will not only be heard, they will feel heard.

  • Communication isn't about what's said, its about what's heard.

Make Face Reading a game the whole family plays. Share it with anyone who needs to understand people better, and let's face it, that's everyone.

To be easily reading faces yourself with more than 90% accuracy, get the manual that goes with this course. It will help you apply face reading effectively in your life. It contains additional essential information, Trait Photos - including Type B - with detailed descriptions for each trait; Information on how the traits operate in relationships - with advice on how to manage them; and a JOYscription - fun ways to implement and learn the traits. It's only $29.

Print out the Trait pages, stick them on the fridge and on the back of the toilet door. Follow the JOYscriptions.

  • SHARE this information with people you want to understand YOU!
Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who is dealing with people and wants to understand them better
  • Anyone who needs to communicate more effectively
  • Sales people
  • Educators
  • Internet daters
  • counsellors
  • Therapists
  • Managers
  • Anyone in authority
  • Families
  • Business people
  • Everyone!
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Curriculum For This Course
48 Lectures
How Face Reading works
7 Lectures 14:59

The PDF will explain what Behavioral Genetics is.

The video explains why I teach it.

Preview 03:37

Do this for yourself.

You have just invested in the most valuable communications tool you'll ever learn. And like any tool it only works when you use it.

So, Play full out with us. Test it, investigate it, make this commitment to yourself, make it a game the whole family plays. inJOY it to the fullest.

You might as well!

To Give you a heads up, at the end of each 'supplementary material' there will be a JOYscription to help you learn the trait. It's my version of a prescription, but more fun :D

Also, in case you hadn't guessed, tact and political correctness is not my strong point. Don't expect it, I'm a New Zealander, I don't beat around the bush, it's just the way we are, don't take offense.

OK, Let's DO THIS! inJOY!

Preview 01:09

If you are serious about implementing Face Reading in your life and relationships, and to really make the most of the course, invest in the manual and read it as you go through the course. It is a separate course, the link is on the last lecture.

Preview 01:41

Choose someone in your life that you want to understand better.

Print a good headshot of them - or just look at it on your phone...

I reckon a print out is better, but hey, I'm old school, do whatever works best for you.

Just be able to clearly see the face of someone you want to communicate more effectively with.

Start testing this stuff out!

How accurate is Face Reading?

Choose someone you know really well and see how accurate you think each trait is.

Only do this with traits that are dominant.

Exercise & JOYscription: Get your photos out!
3 pages

Behavioral Genetics is not about typing people by the way they look, people are just structured differently, and the example that helped me understand it best, is not actually on the face.

So I'm starting with this bonus body trait that demonstrates how it’s about understanding how different people are built; and how best to work with that.

Stand up. Put your hand on your belly button. This is your center of gravity.

Are your legs longer than your body?

Do you have short legs and a long body?

Or are your legs and body are about the same length?

Why this trait causes so many relationship problems

How to make it work for you instead of against you

Preview 04:40
Confidence vs Caution
4 Lectures 15:07

Who has innate self confidence

Who is cautious

How different people deal with the world, and with challenges, in different ways, and how to work with that so everyone is on board and feeling respected.

Preview 06:42

What about the people who have neither extreme obvious?

How the traits work in relation to other people, and why this is not about typing people by the way they look.

After this you can never again say you don't know how someone else feels.

Preview 06:53

This is what it means when no extreme is obvious.

Looking for dominant traits.

Preview 01:32


Go through your photos and notice the width of the faces of the folks you are in relationship with, and how confident, or cautious you are when you are with them.

Go back through your photos and see if your face is wider or narrower throughout your life.

Notice it’s got nothing to do with how much weight you are carrying, you are measuring across the eye sockets compared to the length down the rest of the face, you don’t store fat there.

If you do notice a difference see if you can remember back to what was happening to you in your life at the time.

Had you lost, or gained confidence at those times??

Preview 3 pages
Results vs Process
5 Lectures 17:54

Communication isn't about what's said, it's about what's heard.

How to present new information in a way that people can best receive it.

Different thinking styles require different presentation styles.

This trait shows you how to get your points across without annoying the person, and letting them know you are on the same page.

Preview 03:15

This was the precise moment I decided Behavioral Genetics was something I wanted to know a LOT more about!

The Trait that made me $30,000 in 5 minutes

What do you do when you need to present new information to more than one person at a time?

In this case a man who only wants the bottom line because results are his focus, and a woman who wants to see the whole picture before she proceeds, and needs every detail.

Here is how to respect both styles, let both people know you understand where they are coming from, and get your point across perfectly.

Sales people HAVE to know this trait, all by itself it raises sales figures disproportionately.

How do you present to two very different thinking styles at the same time?

How this works on all faces - including Muppets.

How the traits work together, and in relation to who you are with.

Reiterating how to use them to improve your communication and benefit your life.

How our faces change, and why.

We go over a few points for the long thin face, process forehead students ;)

Confidence and Thinking Styles Q&A


Who in your life is always impatient to get things MOVING?

Who needs ALL the details and the big picture before going ahead?

Take a peek at their foreheads next time you see them.

Check your own slant in the mirror.

Exercise & JOYscription for ​Thinking Traits In Relationship
1 page
To touch or not to touch
4 Lectures 09:30

To hug or not to hug, you do NOT want to get this one wrong!

You have just 15 seconds to make a first impression.

This trait shows you how different people prefer to be approached.

Who is touchy feely, kick back casual.

Who needs you to be more formal. WAY more formal, let them make the first move or else.

Preview 06:42

A glimpse of why I'm known as the Cosmic Ass Kicker as well as the Wish Granter.

HOW are YOU going to make use of this information to benefit you in YOUR relationships.

Huggy vs Hands off Q&A

  • Heather is a wonderful example of choosing to override genetics.
  • Understanding Behavioral Genetics helps us to make different behavior choices with more ease and compassion, and less self judgement.
Choice supersedes everything!


If you have very high eyebrows, consider extending connecting touch a bit sooner to safe looking new people, or at least understand beyond the obvious, their need to launch themselves at you.

If you have low eyebrows, hands off the high brows until they choose to let you in. Let them make the first move.

Observe what happens when you honor these traits, and when you go against them.

Safely and sanely experiment with touch and formality.

JOYscription for making the best 1st impression
1 page
Immediate Detail or Big Picture
5 Lectures 20:27

Different people have different points of focus creating very different ways of looking at the world.

This is what you need to know about dealing with each style so you can take it into account rather than taking it personally.

Preview 09:16

Don't take it personally, take it into consideration!

How are you going to use it?

  • More detail on this camera lens trait. Includes Q&A and a LOT of laughter.
Preview 06:09

A practical example of how the knowledge of this trait averted ill feeling and created perfect harmony for 3 families. But especially for Malka and Brian!

The advantage of choosing the traits you hang out with


Close set eyed people: When you feel the fires of indignation start to burn. Stop, breathe, look away, take a moment to consider what it is you are trying to achieve.

Other people aren’t as focused on the immediate detail, they have a different view, not better or worse, just different.

If you really must have something done right now, do it yourself.

Wide set eyed people: Set achievable goals, and make them happen, you know you mean to.

Leave extra time to get to meetings with close set friends and associates, it will determine how they feel about you.

Document what happens.

JOYscription to enhance working with different perspectives
4 pages
Adventurer vs Homebody
3 Lectures 07:29

Some people love to be at home, they'd never travel just for the sake of it.

Others NEED physical change and adventure. To them a groove is just a few feet shallower than a grave.

An important trait to note when internet dating...

The trait of Adventure, and relationship challenge

Conversation between high and low cheekbones. Listen to the traits talk.

Guess Whose Talking


Check out the facial structure of different nomadic tribes. See what you notice.

How many of your high cheekbone friends have passports compared to your no cheekbone friends??

JOYscription for keeping relationships juicy
1 page
Administrative vs Ministrative
4 Lectures 14:21

It's all in the nose bridge: Specifically Convex and Concave.

Are you a 'Beaky' or a 'Scoopy'?

Doctor or Nurse?

How different people show they care

What about the people who have straight nose bridges?

What it means to be a scoopy and a beaky.

More about noses

Hemispherical Variation really does divide the face, and the behavior.

The Amazing Malka has 2 different noses!


Beakys: Give your Scoopy friends the gift of quality, one on one time, it’s how they know you care about them.

Scoopy’s : Physical closeness is not always necessary for emotional closeness, be aware that your Beakys may have other considerations and don’t take it personally if they need to be off and making sure everyone else is cared for too. If you get the chance observe:

I hope you never have to, but if the opportunity comes up observe how many doctors have beakys vs scoopys

How many nurses have scoopys vs beakys?

JOYscription to help you care in a way it will be most welcomed
1 page
Verbal vs Concise
3 Lectures 12:41

Arguably the most intense trait of them all. It took me years to teach this without crying.

How to change your face by changing your behavior - without plastic surgery, I'm living proof.

This still blows my mind after more than 2 decades of teaching face reading.

Preview 08:59

Deeper understanding of how to relate to these traits.

More on Verbal Style


Thin topped lip people, your JOYscription, should you decide to accept it, is to open up, even just a little, and talk to someone trustworthy about how you feel about something important to you. Play with growing your lip.

Big top lipped people, your JOYscription is to listen without interrupting.

JOYscription to help the people in your life who don't talk about their feelings
1 page
Unconscious vs Conscious Giving
3 Lectures 06:29

Oh you are definitely going to want to know about this one!

The trait of generosity

It works for more than just icecream

How an 8 year old used this trait to immediate advantage


Thin bottom lip friends, your JOYscription, should you decide to accept it, is to practice being a little more trusting and giving to see how it feels.

What if you don’t get taken advantage of this time? What if the world starts opening up instead? You’ll never know unless you try...

Big bottom lip friends remember, charity begins at home, give first to yourself so that you have it to give.

Consider YOUR priorities before leaping in to fill that perceived need.

JOYscription for Giving and Sharing
1 page
Reflective vs Determined
2 Lectures 04:07

Chin challenges and how to overcome them.

The determination trait


If you have an extreme forward jutting chin, remember to tuck it in if you are finding people seem to be unaccountably threatened by you.

Let them see your lovely eyes instead.

If your chin happens to be very recessed, you might have a tendency to believe you are going to be overlooked, even when it isn’t necessarily the case.

You DO have an equal opportunity for authority, let yourself stand up and be counted.

1 page
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JOY is a life transformation specialist from New Zealand famous for teaching how to live More Joyfully and Less Stressfully in 3 minutes or Less. She embodies how to experience joy regardless of circumstance.

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The first time she died was at 15 years old after flying off a cliff on a
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Within seven years she had overcome massive odds, including a pain killer
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At 24 she was hit by a drunk driver and brain injured in a car accident.
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Finally she turned to alternative healing methods. As a Specialized
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By age 30 she had co-created Australia's first computer software support

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At 34, personal tragedy saw her lose everything for a third time. She went
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Five years later she was a Member of the Australian Association of
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She re-created herself again as JOY. Her passion had become
psychoneuroimmunology: How the way we think affects our physical health and
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In the new millennium JOY received a spiritual calling to travel the world,
teaching the many things that she had learned about self healing, personal
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In July 2000 she arrived at LAX with two suitcases, a briefcase and her
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*In May 2004 she left her home in Austin Texas to go to Mexico for the day.
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Her latest book 'No Worries, Mate!' details the 'De-worrying Process' she
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JOY’s passion for the last 20 years has been collecting ‘emPOWERment
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Everything she teaches is simple enough for a child to do and produces
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